Player Banned for 5000 Days from Modern Warfare 3

Update 2: Bowling explains further: Modern Warfare 3: 5000-Day Bans Explained by Infinity Ward

Update 1: Robert Bowling explained that a 5000 day ban is effectively a permaban.


When the team behind Modern Warfare 3 talked up the new banning system, they meant business.

One player, who shall remain anonymous, has been banned for 5000 days. That’s about 14 years without being able to access the Modern Warfare 3 servers. As you can see below, he has served the first two days of his sentence.

The gist of this story is to never cheat, boost, or look at Robert Bowling the wrong way.

New Modern Warfare 3 Update Details Announced

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  • Brings a whole new meaning to the word “temporary” 😛

  • Michael Kelley

    Now if they could implement this system in CoD4 and MW2, the widespread modding might slack off

    • Quentinburke98

      ExcePt for the fact that no one would be playing cod4 if they did that. Modern warfare 2 would still be played though. Everyone who plays cod4 hacks that’s pretty much what it is there for now

  • HM

    cough cough bahaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaahaa.
    ha ha ha ha breatheeeeeee…..ha!
    now that will teach those dirty cheating dogs who ruin it for all the decent players, but then again why would you play cod anyhow if you have BATTLEFIELD 3!

    • Because BF3 sucks? Just a thought.

      • Fsdgsg

        Nope, you’re just a faggot

        • Nnn

          My opinion is different than yours, therefore you must be gay.

          • Mark

            Yup, faggotry confirmed

          • nigra

            Your Opinion is a faggot.

      • Mickenack_2009

        i Agree bf3 is a campers only game it seems

        • violents


        • and if you believe that then you should stick to cod and leave BF3 alone

          • Effigylord

            CoD was fun until it came out with the same multiplayer every year like Madden. Battlefield 3 has destructible environments and vehicular warfare, something CoD should have done in the first MW.

            • modernface!

              theyve done that since the first battlefield talking about no change

            • Pathetic…. You’re only proving how BF has been better since the first Battlefield. “Different game types, an actual emphasis on Strategy, A BRAND new Engine to make your eyes bleed, and updated and by far the best dolby dig sound, etc. LOTS of change, no recycling minus new maps.

            • See ever since CoD went then whole Modern Warfare route I get headaches from the ridiculous multiplayer and retarded camping and repetitive gameplay. Now with Battlefield 3, the graphic were sooo intense the first time I played that my brain had a meltdown which resulted in me having a massive headache the next day. So here’s how I see it; if a game gives you a headache because shit is just plane stupid, then that’s a bad game. However if a game gives you headaches because there shit blowing up and epicness going on, then that’s a good game. 

        • Campers? in MW3 maybe

          Majority of the maps are too large for someone to camp in one spot, and besides if there are campers you can just blow the hell out of the corner that they’re camping in… or better just go take their dog tags… I’ve had few camper experiences… Played a few games of MW3 last night and was camped more in one game than i was in a sitting of Bf3… to each his own, but PTFO in BF3….

        • Anonymous

          you act like mw3 people dont camp when they camp even more!

        • nigra

          You obviously don’t play BF3 if you think its a campers only game. Its virtually impossible to camp in that game due to the size of the maps. Campers get spotted and taken out by a jet strike or a tank comes along and blows them up. Campers don’t get anywhere.

          • Adolf_Hitler

            when i camp in bf3, i get knifed in the back after 15-30 seconds… when i camp in mw3, i get moabs…

          • Matthew Dirtywood Wood

            Bf3 the only campers are snipers try running like u do in a game but in Afghanistan lets just c how your non camping succeds u ill watch then ill laugh after u get poped 4 someone who is camping lol

        • On the contrary, COD is known for campers, Tubers, and boosters. BF3 you have Snipers that camp as would any REAL life sniper. Besides all maps in BF3 are designed to be able to flank any sniper. When you play Bf3, forget about COD. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight right? 

          • Btorville718

            Only if you want those damn dogtags in BF3.

        • 72VirginExpress

          You are kidding right? You want to play comics and 1998 gfx games as opposed to full scale destructible – fully driveable/flyable maps with so much attention to detail? Oh wait you are a douche and all MW3 players are douchebags……have fun playing barbies…..

      • Rayguess11

        Being a COD fan since the first of the series and BF3 being the first of the series I play/own I can say BF3 is a WAY more better game. Very much more tactical, challenging and on a way bigger scale. I play MW3 only when I want an arcadey feel and quick kills. Cod is a small tiny But FAST Corvette where as BF3 is a SR-71 Blackbird, Huge, fast, and highly advanced. BF3 FTW!

        • Bub Rub

          The SR-71 Blackbird was decommissioned.  So BF3 was like something no longer used?  I don’t get the analogy.

          • A D M Prv

            lol. fail.

      • Ckotherletters

        cod is dead bitch, black ops 2 will be just as bad as the others. sit in your camping spot and stare at you fucking 6 year old engine and cry about how shitty it is.

    • Battlefield3 sucks,  you moron….   why would you play Battlefield3 once MW3 was released???  BF3 was only popular for 2 weeks…  once MW3 came out, it was over for BF3   LOL LMFAO…   deal with it bitch….

      • hahaha relax buddy, we’re all mature ADULTS here. It takes a big learning step to know how to play a masterpiece such as BF3. I’ve only owned, WAW, MW2, and Blackops for the last 2 years or so. BF3 is the ONLY game to of captured me MORE and even convince me to return my MW3. BF3 is on a WAAY bigger scale than COD. You want quick, same shit every year arcade combat, MW3 is the way to go. You want Realism, something FINALLY different and better, BF3

        • Chris F

          All of u are completely arrogant. U seem to forget that there jus games. I personally like mw3 better but u know what, I wouldn’t care if some guy were to say he likes bf3 better. The thing that irritates me is that u all believe that ur right and won’t accept another’s opinion. Bf3 is an great game and so is mw3, the sooner u get that through your thick minded head, the sooner you will be able to enjoy a fucking game.

          • A D M Prv

            thanks for all the compliments.

          • Ol1VI3R

            LOL MW3 ok kid mw3 is probly the worst cod ever made. It what a set back from black ops1 and it was release two years after bo1 what a joke…

      • Wiz2012

        Last time I checked the number of trade ins for MW3 is greater the BF 3 trade ins .. Meaning more ppl are trading in MW3 then ppl trading in BF3 . I honestly own both games and really thinkin about trading MW3 in . To think about it I was a COD fan until I played BF3 now I barely even play MW3 except with my clan.

        • Samtrago013

          Last time I checked, MW3 had broken the record set by James Cameron’s Avatar of making $1 billion in 17 days of release. MW3 made $1 billion in 16 days of its release. And MW3 has over 30 million players, and they have redone the whole multiplayer experience by balancing out everything like noo tubes do like 1/4 the damage they did in MW2 and scavenger only resupplies your noobtube if you scavenge from someone that is using the same gun as you. And the number of returned copies of a game means nothing. Some people will buy a game, beat it, then trade it back in for a new game. And since more than 6 games came out in November, such as Skyrim, Assassins Creed Revelations, and Halo Anniversary, tons of people were trading in for other games.

          • Face

            Last time i checked, MW3 is a game, and Avatar is a film. You don’t pay £45+ to see a film.

      • Ben Bourjois

        That seems like it was written by a fat autistic man-child… *looks at picture* … BINGO.

      • Azrael

        Maybe you enjoy rehashed gameplay with the same graphics (and in fact some of the exact same assets) they’ve used for the past several years, but don’t give me this bullshit about BF3 not being popular.  Maybe it isn’t popular for the 10-15 year old crowd, or the fucking retard crowd, or whatever other groups you hang out in, but considering how many people I see playing at one time on the PC, and probably double that on the consoles, I’d say it’s far from unpopular.  Perhaps you enjoy a generic arcade shooter, and honestly I’m very happy that you and the throng of prepubescent punks that you play with have a game to keep you occupied.  It keeps you from stinking up our servers with your unwashed basement dwelling stench and your monosyllabic drivel.  Now deal with THAT you fat fuck!

    • Thoughtful

      I see MW3 as more of a fast-paced, arcade shooter while BF3 is more of  a tactical simulation.

      Comparing MW3 to BF3 is like comparing Apples to Oranges that have both been painted blue.

      • Face

        They’re both first-person shooting games, based around shooting people and completing objectives. Both have a short singleplayer, and a popular multiplayer, with various maps and game modes. Both contain real weapons, and real factions. If it wasn’t for the pacing and ballistics, they’d be identical.

        I hate it when people use this argument. Comparing MW3 to FIFA is ridiculous, but comparing two games in the same genre is perfectly reasonable.

        • Stonertheowner

          I don’t agree at all. I feel very much that they are completely separate and feel that u cannot make a comparison of the 2 as they are so different.

  • now thats how you deal with hacker and booster ban em not permanently just for about 2 years 😀

    • proshoxX

      more than 2 years dude 13years 6months…. easy way around this is to change ISP and to create a different account on a different system, changing variable data such as a middle name or one day over or under your d.o.b

      • it still is good punishment 🙂

      • Toronto

        except that they probably are using your ps3’s unique hardware-identifier for bannings. This will require you to actually get a new PS3… ISP-Changing will do nothing…

  • Nobody

    Seems like a slippery slope to me.  I hate people that cheat as much as anybody, but I don’t see how IW can take away part of the function of the game that the person has already paid for.  The real solution is to keep cheating from happening in the first place.  Put in better systems to prevent it, and if boosting is suspected, don’t give the play any XP for that session.  Banning somebody for 14 years for a service they paid for is complete BS. 

    • dennett316

      You violate the terms of service and ruin the game for others, you deserve everything you have coming to you.  They should do this to more modders and cheats.  Simply denying someone XP isn’t enough when it’s ruining the enjoyment of others in the game, they have to take a hard stance.

    • CandyCaptain

      Nah, I’d rather take the person who has that sort of mind set to begin with out the of environment. In any case if he is on ps3 he can easily make a new acc and just play on that lol.

      • scareface1970

        You have a IP adress so they can find you always i thought. But it’s GOOD to BAN gamers that cheat and do other unfair things on multiplay games. I don’t like cheaters and i don’t like to cheat. :D:D:D

        • violents

          You are correct, if they ban your ip address no one can log on from that location.

          • OntarioITDude

            Right, but if they ban your MAC address — no one can ever log on from that console

          • WUB

            That’s why I use Dynamic >:D

    • Brookend

      No slippery slope whatsoever. Online is a privilege that can easily be taken away if one doesn’t play well with others, which is exactly what took place here. Granted, we’ll probably never know what exact actions were taken to be rewarded with such a stern penalty but even if we did, I think we can rest assured that the community on whole won’t be missing the said individual.

    • Terms of Service. When you abuse them you lose the right to access said service.

    • Actually they bought what you get on the disk. What they didn’t buy was access to the servers.

    • This guy

      i don’t see it like that yes that guy bought the game but he can still play the game all he wants he just can’t play online. every1 playing online agreed to the online policy if you break it you will be dealt with.

    • violents

      they violated the terms of service by manipulating the xp system,  they got what they deserved.

    • dtec

      “slippery slope”? more like a slope only a dumbass would fall down. wonder how cheap he’ll sell a ps3 for though

    • ChristianDodson

      It doesn’t matter what they try to implement. With the huge sales and the realities of life, someone is going to find a way to hack/ break/ mod the game and put those effects into an online server, thus ruining it for everyone That’s like saying that jail is wrong and we should just try to prevent crime in the first place. It’s true on a theoretical basis but ignores reality entirely. And taking away XP does nothing either. People are cheating for either fun, trolling, or K/D. Very rarely do people cheat for XP, and when they do, they just instantly max everything. And the person who buys the game only buys access to the online portion if the agree with ToS. That’s also like saying, “I pay taxes, so I can break the law and steal if I want to.”

      He fought the law, and the law won (so to speak).

    • Ol1VI3R

      If you dont cheat why would you care… Suspicious… exemple you buy a Porche 911 you get cut by the popo going 160 in a 70km zone well your cars will be taken away until you serve you sentence even if you paid for it because your too stupid to follow the rules and could kill or hurt someone real bad… Is that to hard to understand cheater….

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  • Taynez6392

    The player who was banned bought six PS3’s and six MW3’s and boosted by himself. Accordin to what the player said on twitter.

    • Randy


    • violents

      that seems like a horrible waste of money.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe it. That can set you back over a Grand. If that’s the case, Sony/Activision should reward an idiot willing to spend that much money on a game, not punish him.

  • I am all for this.  I had my entire Emblem and Badge achieve’s wiped out by getting in a wrong lobby, MW2.  It’s not fair to the people who play honestly.  These people can mod all they want, just don’t bring that junk in my house.

    • Crisisred

      likely story

  • scareface1970

    It’s GOOD to BAN gamers that cheat and do other unfair things on multiplay games. so it’s your own fault if you do things like that and they BAN you. I don’t like cheaters and i don’t like to cheat. :D:D:D

  • he just got M.OA.B’D on.

  • Conkurze

    I have nothing against modding per say, but with that said I believe that if you introduce your mods to the online multiplayer network you are essentially sticking your own foot in the bear trap. Fourteen years? A bit harsh, maybe, but at least he/she won’t be harassing people so much.

  • It’s only fair. If you cheat then you deserve it.

  • Zzzzz

    1601 down….998399  to go…

  • Trevor

    They should not only be banned from MW3 servers but entire COD servers! Learn not to cheat by being banned for 5000 days while all the new COD games come out! Seems fair to me since what they are doing is wrong and they will try on the next game!

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  • HYFR

    You know what the banned player will do? Make a new account and carry on with his life.

    • Whoppertriceps

      Nope they banned the Ip address. If he wants to play he can move house XD

      • Cod sucks any ways

        he can just change his ip  lol  its not that hard 

        • Crisisred

          they dont ban your router’s ip, they ban your ip that your provider assigns you, that is not easy to change

          • Kymothy

            actually, if you’re on a dynamic IP, it’s as simple as unplugging your modem for 15-30 mins.
            If it’s static IP, you ring your ISP and ask for it to be changed.

            • DragonX

              Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble as it goes for banning in cod I was banned from MW2 it was a honest mistake on my part.

              Here’s how it works on banning your ps3 Info is tagged on a ban as well as your ip address you can get you ip address changed in the ways mention but that will not un ban you the only way to play call of duty you were banned from online again is to play it on a new ps3 heres the funny thing I found after being banned from 2 when I booted up my other ps3 with new ip address I was able to play with my banned profile. Needless to say I stayed out of certain friends lobby’s after that.

    • NathanShan96

      his ip server for mw3 is banned so he will never be able to play mw3 on any ps3 unless he moves area

      • 456094360-09

        people can change ip’s very easly if you know how 

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  • xStealth Kitten

    maybe people will open their eyes and learn… I am amazed at how many
    people post on the forums whining and crying about how they are banned
    forever from XBL. You were warned… You didn’t listen… You deserve it

    • Michael Kelley

      So I’m guessing you frequent Why Was I Banned, as well?

      • xStealth Kitten

        Haha.. Yes… I think it’s hilarious. 

  • Bigshane1

    wow this is crazy whats this guy’s user because i rember this guy that reported my friend and he was banned for a week but thats nothing compared to 5000 days

  • Good enough for the loser! They should hand that ban out for any sort of cheating!

  • G Sider

    This shouldn’t be a problem. There aren’t any MW3 (dedicated) servers anyway…

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  • Anonymous

    Two problems with this;
    1) The next CoD DLC comes out in around 337 days
    2) The world ends in around 373 days
    Jokes aside, it’s good Robert Bowling doing about about cheaters, more people should start taking less shit from stupid people.

  • HAHAHAHAHA .. HAHAHA .. HAHA .. HA .. idiot :/ ..

    yano its about bloody time people are getting banned for that shit .. just look at MW2 .. that game was destroyed .. and it was terrible online .. it got to the point where i just got a bunch of mates to be online at the same time and play privately .. because the public games were so bad not only for cheating, but camping, kill stealing, noob-tubing, constant campy snipers .. and so on .. so good go COD peeps .. and I’d jus tlike to add those of you who cheat ..

    Your not gamers not realy gamers your sore losers who can’t deal with sucking at a game and just getting on with and getting progressively better as you play ..

  • Bob

    I wonder if the guy that got banned subscribed to COD: Elite….if so this would be hilarious!

  • BFsucks

    Because BF3 sucks maybe

    • ha! Bf3 is all about all thing Big, REAL, and Epic. COD is a great shooter but it is aged terribly. Time to move on, and you should to. Never bring a knife to a gun fight : D

      • Daddyjay1724

        My knife takes u out in 1 shot your bullets barely hit me. I Win! me takey knifey n e day

  • Phatty216

    That’s what you get for buying a game for the wrong reasons.
    Boosting and cheating is kid shit just to piss people off.

  • hahah should of learned 

  • I like playing without the hacked people -_-

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  • Btorville718

    Hope to hell someone takes a look at the Leaderboard for Team Defender. Some very suspicious scores in the Top 3 spots. I’m working my way up legit and would hate to be stuck forever behind those cheaters/stat boosters in the top 3 spots. Over 100m score points and just 1 kill each?? Yeah, right.

    How about some permbans for those bozos, Mr. Bowling? I’d also love someone to take a closer look at some of the rest of the Top 20. At least five or six others have some rather questionable stats to be ranked so high on the Leaderboard.

  • Nemesis54

    Only a dipshit fuck loser would play CoD.

  • xandraba

    he got banned for 5k days because he plays on ps3.

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  • Ph33r_of_rage

    oh no, looks like someone has to make another free one month account, or buy a new one… Is it really worth it? =P im kinda dissappointed in MW3 i mean, Whats NEW about it. Gears has only added better elements to its story and hoard and yay for Carmine lol. then BF3 has even better multiplayer and a same kinda bases for back story, oh no the comunists are coming, just saying and lets not even get into skyrim… but mods gotten pretty repetitive especialy with all the middleschool fanboys =/ I miss the good old days =/ but its safe to say it made a lasting impact on onlie multiplayer as did halo, wich also got over played and burnt out but then again ubisoft only had a few yeah left to finish their legacy with it so i can understand that a bit.

    • anonymous

      “ubisoft only had a few yeah left to finish their legacy with it”

      are you talking about halo?

  • Fudman

    all he needs to do is create a new XBL account and the ban is gone….

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  • CheekyMunky666

    in theory he only has to wait till next november when the new call of duty comes out bit pointless banning him on just that game 

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  • Syphon32

    Dammmmmmnnnnnnn, he might as well get a new xbox and a new gamertag

  • At least its only temporarily  lol

  • Hurr

    Haha, totally deserved it

  • Jesus Rodriguez
  • Oh wow. Just make a new account. I hate cheaters btw but this just doesnt work.

  • Guest

    You kids and your ps3 and xbox. AHH they are so cute!

    • Xboxfunnyguy

      Bit of a contradiction there considering your insulting people who play the game yet your comment is on a mw3 forum. Hmm. To me that would seem CHILDISH

      • Guest bro

        MW3 on PC?

        • Number 483271236

          Is your mommy too poor to afford a PC, XBox and PS3? AHH you’re so… retarded.

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  • Retail fail at it’s finest!

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  • Lithium Ink

    Gerard Approves!

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  • does it count if your versing newb’s and you own them?

  • Dood

    I’m glad they banned him, but sadly, all he has to do is change his gamertag or PSN user name, right?

  • Spastic Gamer

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Those stupid hackers ruining it for every one who just wants to play the game and have some fun. Got what they diserved

  • MW3 Suck’s……..just ban everyone…….lol………BF…….

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  • 72VirginExpress

    I Love It….I think that people who cheat at a game will also cheat their way in life as well. Can we give them a Bronson/Eastwood style permaban in real life too?

    BTW COD sucks AZZ

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  • Gyges

     COD is nothing but a mindless shoot-fest, there’s hardly any element of strategy to speak of whatsoever.  BF3 on the other hand has much larger battlefields, more strategic combat, and… oh yeah, VEHICLES.  What do you have, COD?  Besides a ton of people who STILL get away with hacking, that is.

    • Chris F

      Mindless bf3 fanboy……..

    • Betwixtroxas

      Lol wow I tried bf3 and I died because my friends head landed on my foot and cod does have strategy you run into he middle of a room you are going to get shot and yes we don’t have vehicles persay but our singleplayer experience is so much better and as for multiplayer if you don’t like it JUST SHUTUP and deal with it your not playing cod so don’t sit at your computer and rage hate on a game you know nothing about. Just saying

  • Rene

    Comparing MW3 with BF3 is like comparing Gran Turismo with need for speed.

    its just what you are looking for in a game.
    both are good.
    But i think the singleplayer of COD has always been better than the last 2 games from BF.
    The multi is different. I play BF3 because i like it and COD because i dont like it

    just let everyone enjoy their gaming 

  • They need this for Wii.

  • Joakim

    holy shit. fanboy  war already. grow up ppl

  • T-guy

    Hahaha!! I love it! I LOVE IT!!

  • Trueeshame

    lol thats HotShot_01 :L

  • Rybalaw

    What the hell did this person do hack the game or did he drop some f bombs

  • Ratgod325

    Jesus is this the best everyone can wine about, which is
    better that the other. Dam a bunch of whooshes. Adapt and overcome a good shooter
    knows this. 

  • Quentinburke98

    That was Hotshot_01 he was banned because he bought six ps3s and six copies of the game and boosted to 10 prestige needless to say he was an idiot who didn’t think he would get caught but the ban is kind of harsh just for boosting.

  • Ckelpin1

    So many Fanboys here.

  • Daddyjay1724

    Ok u guys are stupid and so are the assholes who did this to this player. U all act as tho u never cheated in a game ok firstoff lets define cheating in a gamers pov.. Anything that gives u an advantage over others by irregular means… Ok so none of u took a special moves cheatsheet to the coin op to beat the crap out of the compitetion in games like street fighter mortal kombat ect? Thats givung u an unfair advantage ( CHEATING ) over the person your going agianst if he doesnt know it. Or what about all of oyr dear,friends mario and sonic you know.. All of those shortcuts and warp pipes? Or the shortcuts on racing games or lets get back to the game on topic how about this mtn dew dorritos promotion? So if a snot nosed rich kid getd mommy to buy him 24 hrs of 2x xp vs the poor bastard who cant isnt that giving the later an unfair advantage? But I guess thats,ok cuz your paying for it? People who boost ect arent cheating anyone but themselves. If a player boosts to 80 and gets all the unlocks they r still going to suck on a regular game reguardless of what weapon they r using take me for instamce. I do good if I get 10 kills per match so if I got a fad or a scar im still going to be bested by the vets weather I boosted or I bought 750 2x xp codes off 12packs or whatever the case may be to put it sime play your way leave others alone and for god sakes grow up and quit whining! P.S bf3 sucks ass on 360 nothing but a bunch of team killers fighting over vehicles servers full of lag and crappy graphics just another possible good game ruined by EA

  • seira

    This is very odd, because if you REALLY got banned, then shouldn’t they be sending you to get help here sense does not exist.  Funny that they would tell you to go to a site that has 404 page not found.

  • Jordanbmanu

    Infinity ward dont give out bans ask them on the support section on their website

  • Wmoses78

    i hav the glitch infinity prestige tokens and none these bitchs can stop me hahaa suck it

  • Wmoses78

    modern warfare is way better thn battle filed bc battle filed u get to c maby 20 guys a game and die 10 of thm so it sucks mw3 is way better bc kill streaks no tank to just run u over or stupid team mates to crash u in a heli down

  • Hackers Wont Stop

    People are stupid. Rulese are meant to be broken, n they will continue to be broken. Hackers dont hack for the skill, they do it for the challenge. just go get past the n beat the system is thrill enough. The more you rage at them, the more they are encouraged. You cant stop a tidal wave with an umbrella. Good Luck Activision.

    • A D M Prv

      Exactly, but you failed to make a point. The point would be that even if hackers won’t stop, it doesn’t really matter, because will wind up getting caught or punished for it, eventually.  You play the game… and the game plays you.

  • Mjgrove798112

    what’s funny to me is you guys think the game has anything to do with camping. all war games have campers actually it’s part of war. are people supposed to run down the middle of the street asking other players to kIll them. the point of war is being sneaky so you don’t get killed yourself. put on your big boy pants and stop complaining it’s just a game.


    robert bowling can get cancer in his head with his fake promises like there are no campers anymore in mw3 and with his stupid respon next to the enemy i waited 1/5 years for mw3 to cum out and first i wanted was extreme conditioning to unlock an when i did ther was no full time running in the fucking game UN like BLACKOPS MW2 MW1 AND EVEN WOW , IHATE THIS GUY SO MUTCH THAT IF I SEE HIM ID KILL HIM REALY I KILL THIS GUY FUCKING JEW !!!


  • ddowdy

    stupid . , they should thank the players for finding their fuckup!!!!! if its in the game use it. alot of good playrers are going to stop playing. personally i think the matchmaking sucks. to inconsistent. this one really ruined my cod. 

  • Bemanmc

    whats to stop a banned player buying new game and opening new account

  • thats funny but hey you cheat you deserve it

  • Matrixsniper

    please check this profile he has 6 days play and he is almost 13th prestige his gammertag is JWxLEG1T

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  • guest

    WOW i know who that guy is his name is Hotshot_01 i seen him in tdm

  • the code


  • Im_a_Noob_2012

    Trololololo! 😀

  • 6mb 2-500ms lag guy.

    too many people hating on cod, cod’s a game where you dont REQUIRE a decent connection to do well, it helps, but its not as bad due to the map size, and lack of detail.

    i play mw3, and sold bf3 for that reason.

    mw3, i dont camp, i run and gun, yet i still easily get a 2k/d per game average.
    situations are fast, and one player can effect how a game plays out.

    bf3 however… i litterally couldnt play as a “soldier”, i had to use a vehicle or snipe, if i wanted to get kills, i could shoot a clip at someone and nothing.. my connection just didnt have the latency for bf3. simple as. and sniping on bf3 is also very difficult before you unlock the M98B, which took me around 18 hours of gameplay. especially on core mode. where its bassically snipers vs snipers, and soldiers vs everyone.

    the reason i prefer mw3 over bf3 mainly, is due to the ability to pick up and use other people’s guns, which, if added to bf3 would make the game as close to perfect as possible… and the fact running from your spawn to the action in mw3 takes less than 30 seconds. on bf3 it can take minute’s.

    if i had a better connection, i probubly wouldnt have sold bf3, but whats the point in owning a game, good or not, if you cant play it properly.