PlayStation 4 – Key Takeaways From Sony’s Big Announcement

Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 4 during their highly-anticipated PlayStation meeting earlier today.

There’s a lot to sort through, so we’ve highlighted some of the key takeaways from the presentation which you’ll find below, starting off with the official tech specs for the PS4.

Be sure to catch some of the first in-game PS4 footage from titles like Gurrilla Games’ Killzone: Shadowfall, Evolution Studios’ Driveclub, and Bungie’s Destiny as well.

Without further ado, let us introduce you Sony’s PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Technical Specifications

Main Processor
  • Single-chip custom processor
  • CPU : x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores
  • GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine
  • GDDR5 8GB
Hard Disk Drive
  • Built-in
Optical Drive (read only)
  • BD 6xCAV
  • DVD 8xCAV
  • Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0) 、AUX
  • Communication Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR)
AV output
  • HDMI
  • Analog-AV out
  • Digital Output (optical)

The PlayStation 4’s hardware was not shown during the presentation.

DualShock 4 Controller

PS4 DualShock 4

The DualShock 4 will sport the following:

  • Enhanced Rumble
  • Improved Latency
  • A touchpad
  • A share button
  • A built in speaker
  • A headphone jack
  • A lightbar for Move-style motion control
  • Ships with the Mono Headset
  • Ships with the “PlayStation4 Eye”
  • PlayStation Eye will allow users to log in using facial recognition

Sharing Functions and Gaikai

  • Gakai is creating the “most powerful network for gaming in the world”
  • Players can purchase games through the PlayStation Network, eventually including PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles
  • A “share” button on the DualShock 4 controller can be used to capture video and images to share with friends
  • Players can share through third-party devices and services like Facebook and Ustream
  • Players can begin playing purchased games immediately as they download in the background
  • Data captured about gamers allows the PlayStation 4 to “predict” future purchases, pre-installing the game before-hand
  • Players can view live game footage of what friends are playing

PlayStation Vita Integration

  • Will become the “ultimate companion device for the PS4.”
  • Players can pause a game on their PlayStation 4 and transfer it to their PlayStation Vita using Remote Play, and vice-versa.
  • Sonys goal is to make every PlayStation 4 title available on the PlayStation Vita.

Announced Titles


PlayStation 4: Official Announcement Sizzle Trailer
Quantic Dream’s PlayStation 4 Tech Demo

What are your impressions so far of Sony’s PlayStation 4? Sound off in the comments below!

  • I am so ready for this shiz.

  • Quad Brotherhood

  • UnknownUser28

    I hope they allow us to turn change the graphic settings. I can’t stand playing fps games at 60 field of view. 8gb of ram is a huge leap, and the gpu is about equivalent to a 7850. Which is nice. 😀

    • hey

      NOPE. It’s a console you have limited choices.

      • UnknownUser28

        so what if it’s a console?

        • hey

          Look at the consoles now, you run at 30 fps with 24 players you CANNOT handle low, medium or obviously ultra settings so your choices are very limited. (talking about battlefield 3)

        • QwietStorm

          So what? It means consoles don’t have the same configuration options as PCs. Its always been this way. You would need access to system files. Consoles can’t even custom button map. What makes you think you can change the FOV?

          • UnknownUser28

            Actually borderlands 2 had a custom button map on ps3.

            • QwietStorm

              Yea Brink had it too, but that’s my point. It’s on a game to game basis, and very few at that. It should be a system wide feature.

            • UnknownUser28

              Yea I wish it was.

  • vikerii

    Did they give a release date?

    • UnknownUser28

      Yep, this holiday 2013

    • ‘Holidays 2013’ so depends in the world you are – In Aus we probably won’t get it till about March 2014 if the PS3 launch is anything to go on…

  • lrishjake

    Its so good.. I just might freak out.

  • If there is no Parapa the Rapper game at launch I might just have to give up on Sony…

  • hey

    The only good thing about this is…
    Now PERHAPS, they’ll increase the graphics for the PC masters, it’s obvious that most games are console ports (E.G BF3) so if the PS4 can handle bf4 properly, we might have 128 players with increased destruction and graphics.

    • Most games are ported from Consoles to PC these days. Sad, but true. BF3 & Crysis are the rare exceptions. That being said, the PC Games will always push the envelope. As long as someone has the money and desire to drop several grand on a custom top of the line gaming rig, there will be games that push what a desktop PC is capable of.

      • hey

        don’t be silly, compare bf3 alpha to retail bf3, you’ll see what i mean.

        • I’m not sure what you mean by that, but I actually think we agree. I re-read your post and I don’t know that I was disagreeing with you. Sure all the games are built on their custom platform PCs or MACs, but built with the limitations of the Console in mind. Even BF3. Maybe not Crysis. Most of the biggest games are finished Console products that are then ported to PC. Increasing the console hardware’s power will increase the heights that the games are able to reach and therefore the original game design can reach higher. But they’ll still be built for the Console first. They’re not built ON a console, but for a console.

    • I would like to point out that games already take 4 or even more years to develop by hundreds of artist and programmers. They cost a fortune. GTA5 was recently reported to cost 130Million dollars to make.
      Those destruction details, graphics are had to be modeled, textured, and coded into the game by someone. There is a point where the whole thing becomes too expensive in time, money and manpower.
      Also take in consideration, that sending over every movement of 128 players + vehicles, destruction, and all those bullets fired by so many people has to be sent over the network almost real time, and we still live in a world where half the players have the equivalent of a dial-up network. Player count can be also a game designer choice (128 would be a cluster f*)
      Dont be surprised if PC games dont take a giant leap forward. We already reached photo realism, where can you improve on that? Is 130 Million dollars plus worth of an investment? I know PC always will be the “Master Race”, but console sales pay for the awesome graphics you guys enjoy.

      • acealchemist

        If they can handle MAG with 250 players i’m sure next generation will do better. Nuff said.

        • Mac

          I hate when when people mention MAG and ‘256 player matches’. I own it. You are being tricked. Never do 256 players square off. 64 at max. The way the map is divided up makes it basically 32 v 32 on 4 different sections with ps2 era graphics. Its not tge masterpiece in multiplayer people make it out to be. Just go to youtube and warch a few games of the 256 games and Tell me you’d trade quality and destruction for player count. MAG is fun in its own way, but it’s not even close to the level of BF3 or even CoD.

      • Zwabber046

        128 could be possible if they make fucking big maps though, so it wouldn’t be a cluster f* then.

    • 128?

      Taht would already be on PC if DICe would do it, as tey are still more powerful.

  • Very nice and exciting announcement. Great specs and some of the technology demos were excellent. None of the games really marveled anyone, but we can hope E3 will bring us more. Two big bits of news…Sony now has a Kinect. And the Move still looks as stupid as ever.

  • yay! i guess

    i wish i knew what the fuck all that shit they wrote meant but other than that it sounds better. graphics are better, i guess it will just be a ps3 on roids

    • lol me too

    • asgaro

      Yes, the PS4 is a nice beast. Lets take the memory (RAM memory): the PS3 has 512 MB (which is half a GB), while the PS4 has 8 GB. That 16 times more so there is hell of a lot of potential in this machine!
      Ever seen texture popup like grass in BF3 or so? Or surfaces that first look low resolution and after a while everything finally loads how it should be? This will be a thing of the past.
      I’m a PC gamer myself and maybe I notice that more since I compare with PC visuals all the time. But this Killzone footage looks really really good.
      Fellow PC gamers will hate me for saying this but: I’m pretty sure the first few years the PS4 will beat most PC games in terms of visuals. And rightfully so, it’s a beast Sony made. And they listened to a lot of developers’ issues with the PS3.

  • Is there any info about it costing money to play online like xbox?

    • jameslara

      It’s free online

  • Trevor

    unbelievable…im completely amazed and overwhelmed with all this…I am so ready but not worthy of the next-generation of video games…

  • Blaine

    what the fuck? Where did you get the memory information? GDDR stands for “Graphics Double Data Rate” – meaning it’s only used by GRAPHICS CARDS, not system memory for the CPU. Plus no game on the PS4 is going to use more that 2 gigs of GRAPHICS memory. I’ve seen so many uninformed people talk about “GDDR5” being used for the PS4’s system memory which is a physical impossibility. I’m assuming its DDR3 memory, of which 8 gigs is not bad… but not great either. Probably really low speed ram too…

    • Holy tits you’re ignorant. The PlayStation 4 will use GDDR5 RAM and it will be shared (“unified”) across the CPU and GPU. Check out the full press release here.

      Oh, and it’s really fast.

      • Beastshaw

        Actually you are the ignorant one. OP knows exactly what he is talking about GDDR5 is VIDEO memory. There is no such thing as GDDR5 system memory or even DDR5 system memory at that. Build a PC and get some knowledge before you hate on others.

        • I thought that it was the vram that would be GDDR5 RAM

        • MikePembo951

          Actually you’re both kinda correct:
          If you read AMD’s leaked roadmap for the next couple of years it predicts that soon PCs will have unified memory for use by both the GPU and CPU at the same time – so it’s perfectly plausible that its CPU can use GDDR5 RAM.

      • Blaine

        I dont care what Sony says, they are probably just as ignorant as you. DDR5 for system mainboards doesn’t exist – not even DDR4 exists yet. There is literally not a single manufacturer selling sticks of DDR5 right now, let alone DDR4 because the timings of any RAM above DDR3 are atrociously bad and outweigh the higher speeds. DDR3 at current timings and frequencies are faster than prototype DDR4 memory sticks. Oh and one last thing, any RAM above DDR3 at 1333MHz and 9CS Latency has literally 0 effect in gaming performance.

        • Blaine the retard

          Holy tits you are a moron, the specs came from sony, and you?who the fck are you? Nothing but a pinhead

          • DanDustEmOff

            the guy is right in what he is saying DDR 3 is currently the memory of choiceand gddr is a ggraphics card spec

            • AL_GR33N_

              No, the guy is right in that FOR PC’s, DDR3 is CURRENTLY the memory OF CHOICE.

              That DOES NOT MEAN that GDDR5 cannot be used in a bespoke system where compatibility with different components/manufacturers etc has to be considered.

              The memory is shared GPU and System. Using DDR3 would limit the graphics architecture. Using GDDR5 will not. And while no one is selling STICKS of GDDR5 for PCs, do you really think they’ll be building the PS4 with off the shelf PC components? I think not.

            • DanDustEmOff

              My apologies after looking at the offical specs it seems like they are using the graphics card to do the system memory too. This dissapoints me i didnt want the ps to be besoke as that was the reason i didnt buy a PS3 i thought sony would have learnt by now and just used standard PC architecture. That give devs no reason not to use the PS4 not to develop games on it.

    • during the announcement the guy said gddr5

    • jameslara

      It’s DDR5

    • UnknownUser28

      Nope it’s listed in the official specs.

    • The PS4 combines the CPU and GPU into a single-die APU, which is using 8GB GDDR5. There are key engineering decisions which allow the CPU to address GDDR5.

    • Sony does not go to PC World to buy their ready made memory blocks. They go to the supplier and buy the IC itself. From that point they use it as they want, even ways its not intended. If you have a small company you can get your hands on it any time:

  • WarHero

    I was blown away,Microsoft will need to step up their game.

  • Hol_Up

    Will be waiting on MS’s move. If they don’t deliver, then I’m switching to PC.

  • 3DArtist

    After watching the whole presentation that took 2 hours and seeing lots of stuff i asked my friend: “We have seen lots of stuff and heard lots good blahblah, but didn’t SONY forgot to show something important,like console self ?”

    • There probably waiting for E3 where they will announce price and exact date for release

    • QwietStorm

      They might not have finalized the case, but really, what it looks like is not nearly as important as everything else they did show, especially the inner architecture and ease of development.

  • tru



  • Cross Chat?

    Still did not see cross game chat but I might have missed it. Anyway like that they bumped of the memory of the system. Developers was having the hardest time with memory on old consoles. Now seems it wont be much of a problem anymore.

    • They mentioned that and a whole lot of other stuff you can do too interact with friends

  • Hope

    Man wish they would change the controller like Xbox. Playing FPS on PS3 is such a chore. Oh well.

    • QwietStorm

      The new controller is obviously updated, and it looks more ergonomically built, so I would wait to actually hold it, but what about the current controller makes it a chore?

      • Retro

        To me the new Duel Shock actually looks a little like a mash up of the old duel shock and the 360 controller.

      • It looks a lot more comfortable. It doesnt look more ergonomic to me though. I wisht they would find a controller design that would switch the positions of the D-pad and the buttons with the positions of the sticks. I know it sounds crazy, but if they could find a design that makes that work, it would be amazingly built, ergonomically.

        • The Army Ranger

          That’s fine with you. For me, I’d still like the analog sticks to be on the same latitude.

      • FPS

        Just for FPS. When you play on a 360 controller for a FPS its hard to go back to PS3. But other games the PS3 controller is golden.

    • I loved my PS2 controller and found the Xbox controller to be awkward when i first got my 360. One week later it didn’t matter. If i jump back to Sony, it’ll be just as easy. We started on joysticks with a single button. We can adapt. You can too…if you like the games. Price, online cost, hardware specs, and of course games will drive the choice. I doubt the controller will impact purchases much. Then again, some people bought the new NES and I guess that was for the controller.

  • I feel that with this generation of consoles, the state-of-the-art computer gaming has reached its pinnacle. We reached photo-realism, and even beyond both with home consoles and PCs.
    And unnoticed we slipped into the age of gimmicks. By that I mean the Smart TVs, 3D displays, that makes people sick, 4K resolution, that our eyes cannot process, Kinect, Move and all sorts of cameras and sensor bars, displays on controllers and touch surfaces. All those things that promises “New Interactive ways to engage players” and “introduce new audiences to the media” and other meaningless catchphrases.

    • shimme

      dont know what u just said but ps3 could not handle bf3. nuff said

      • That with the arival of the next XBOX and PS4, we reached the point where it makes no sense to make faster machines, and instead they try to mix up the formula, even tho we dont really need to.

    • asgaro

      I agree with most of what you say, but we are really nowhere near photo-realism. That will still take a long time, even on gaming PCs.

    • Niosus

      I have to strongly disagree. The photorealism claim has been made quite a few times before, and each time it turned out things can still improve.

      A game is more than just the graphics. Things like AI still need a lot of work and will need a lot more computing power to increase it to react human-like. Physics calculations are heavily simplified. Ok, we got rigid body physics under control, but how about fluids or soft body interactions? How about deformation and real procedural breaking of objects (not the predefined things we have now).

      The 4K argument is moot. 4K definitely has an advantage on larger displays. The average TV size will only increase as time goes on so I wouldn’t be surprised to see 4K make a meaningful entry before the end of the PS4 console generation.

      And even on a pure graphical level things can improve. Lighting and shading are pretty good, but the polygon count still needs a lot of work. Even with Crysis 3 maxed out, a lot of things still don’t look convincing when you look at it up close. You might say that we can already make the long distance shots look real, but that’s not something new. I’ve tricked people into believing Crysis 1 screenshots were real. The trick is to make them ever so slightly blurred like a real photograph and the human brain will take the bait. That’s 6 years ago. For games now you usually don’t need that extra blurring because they already do that with depth of field effect or fog. This is intentional. By taking detail away but hinting at the existence our brains will fill in that information in a way that seems real to us, so we won’t question how realistic it looks. Take all the flares and blur effects out of modern games and you’ll see that there’s still much to improve on.

      I’m not saying those effects are cheating or bad practice, they work great and make people believe the game is more beautiful than it actually is. I like that. But it doesn’t take away that there are still things to improve on.

      Until we can render Pixar movies or movies like Avatar in realtime there will always be things to improve on. If we’d achieve full photorealism on our sub 1k$ devices they wouldn’t invest in massive renderfarms. We can get close, but to go all the way is a whole other thing.

      • First of all, im happy that I was able to provoke some thoughts and discussion about this subject.
        But is it worth spending millions on GAME AI research, if you can pit players agains each other? I cannot imagine an adversary or teammate more creative, witty, lifelike than an another person.

        All im saying that we have games right now that look amazing, able to tell convincing stories, have characters that behave,feel lifelike and has very few limits for artists and game designers.

        I agree with blocky models and pixelated textures. If you look around in the world of tech demos, these problems are solved already on the technology side. we can have breaking objects and fluids raytraced:
        The problem is that in todays games there are so many textures and models and art that its getting incredibly expensive to create those massive worlds over and over again.
        Just take Drive Club reveal. If even fraction of what the guy said is true, the developers went OCD about the details. Now imagine 5 years after releasing that game, they are in the development of the sequel. What the hell will they do in more detail? Its already cheaper and faster just to assign an artist to create a reasonably good looking shader for the car paint, instead of using their special cameras.
        Developer studios already have their engines done for next generation: Someone at EA said, that their transition to next gen will be cheaper than last time. They already poured their research budget into Frostbyte and Cryengine and I dont see they replacing those any time soon. Even the slightly improved Unreal 3 engine is still used in recent games, and that was released 6 years ago or so. And if you do some research, the Unreal 4 improvement list seems really slim.
        I know that sometimes a GTA5 of BF4 comes around, im not denying, but “pushing the limit” will be the exception and not something that most studios will be able to do.

        • Niosus

          That more detail costs more money is correct, but more processing power makes it cheaper to make more detail.

          Think about it this way: I want to make an animation or cinematic of someone pouring a glass of water and throwing it against the wall. If I have full fluid simulation and procedural destruction support in the engine and I have enough performance headroom, I can just make the bottle and the glass, spawn a fluid body inside the bottle and just animate the bottle. The fluid will behave according to the laws of physics and get poured into the glass. If I want to change the scene later there is no additional work.

          In current engines that is not possible. You have to model it in 3D modelling program with support for fluid simulations. You have to animate it in there, bake the fluid animation and import all that back into the game. First of all that is not a trivial thing to do (which is why not a single game on the planet seems to be able to pull off a realistic glass of water) and second of all, if you want to move stuff around you have to do all the fluid stuff from scratch again.

          Same goes for other things. You can use fractals and other mathematical functions to generate more detail for textures. Plants also have many characteristics of fractals and have many other mathematical properties. Instead of having to model a plant you get let it generate plants depending on where and how much sun reaches it, you could simulate water and maybe even pollution levels in the ground… It all sounds cumbersome but all that needs to happen is to implement that on engine or plugin level and every game developer can benefit from it.

          Think about hyper realistic flight sims or racers, or maybe a very advanced physics sandbox. There are a few very cool flash games in which you can experiment with physics, but how about a AAA one with real simulated chemistry and forces. In a game like that you could literally build your own plane from scratch and have it fly because you designed it right, not because it’s a plane. Make it multiplayer and I’m willing to bet that some people will recreate the moonlanding.

          I’m not thinking about how will more power benefit games today, but how does that power open new doors which used to be off limits. If nothing else, it gives indie developers a lot more headroom to experiment. That alone makes me really excited.

  • Hope

    Does anyone know if the 6x Blu Ray drive is faster than the one in PS3. Just wandering for loading reasons.

    • QwietStorm

      Of course it is. I don’t think the PS3 drive is even 2x.

    • Jamic

      ps3 has 2x BD drive.

  • now this is a console that will last for a long time, with plenty of room for expanding games evolution without having to sacrifice things as they do with current gen.

  • mackan

    do anyone know how mutch ghtz the cores have

  • Zwabber046

    Nice and it will release November or so probably right?
    I really want to know what the price will be

  • I’m sooo overwhelmed by the Playstation 4 announcement that I’m having trouble staying focused on anything else!! Even hardcore Microsoft fans cannot deny that the PS4 seems like one heck of a machine

    • Jason

      Im a Xbox Owner, and I approve this Post! PS4 looks BEAST, Microsoft, your up!

      • Yep, now Microsoft needs to do what Sony did and show that there getting a lot of support from 1st and 3rd party developers as well and give us reasons to purchase there console and why they think it will be best for gamers Next Gen. That is where Microsoft has me nervous since they haven’t really focused on all the hardcore gamers this Gen and focused way to much on getting casual gamers and people who want a video/music entertainment box and are forgetting why people by gaming platforms in the 1st place.. and that is for the gaming experience. I’m very excited to see what Microsoft does tho

    • The Army Ranger

      Yep, it looks like the PS4 will be great. I just hope Sony shows what the actual PS4 machine looks like soon.

  • Dan

    so far, so good. The specs seem to be slightly better than most people expected. The only thing that pisses me off is that the controller doesn’t have convex sticks anymore. So the first thing you have to do after you bought it is to mod your controller :/

  • kida

    There’s an important detail we need to know…what will the price be?

    • joezafein

      For sure . And games? 80 90 100?

    • Who cares

      Nobody cares. If your a gamer you ill buy one of the consoles. Nuff said

  • Thomas

    I’m seeing comments about people being overwhelmed by this announcement. We’re still talking about video games, correct?

  • mrup2nogud

    I’ve never forgiven Microsoft for there 360 breaking on me while I was playing crackdown(great game) so moved to PS3 not one problem with that and I want Microsoft to suffer so hope that the 720 uses blu ray(sonys format) so they can pay Sony a royalty from every 720 sold and Sony can use that royalty and pass it on to us playstation fans in the price of the PS4.. The only worry I have is that the 720 is way better than the ps4(unlikely imo) forcing me to buy it after the experience I’ve already had with Microsofts dodgy gear.. Come on Sony bury them..

  • I’m seeing some great graphics things going on in the announcements, and some gameplay opportunities that are compelling. On the other hand, I heard keyphrases like “immersion”, “creativity”, “imagination”, “experience”, and “play” several times from several speakers. This needs to be rebutted by Microsoft with “challenge”, “competition”, “online” and “core gamer.”

    • Oh yeah.. another buzzword I hate: “cinematic.”

  • thebulky1cometh

    Anyone think the system “learning your tendencies” is a bit creepy? If not, go read 1984.