PlayStation 4 Reported To Stream PlayStation 3 Games, Latest Controller Specs

This Wednesday, February 20, Sony will be holding a special press event in order to make an important announcement, expectedly revealing the successor to the PlayStation 3.

The “PlayStation 4” is coming and the internet is riddled with rumors and speculation. Recently, we reported the possibility of Killzone 4 being a launch title for the PS4. We also rounded up the latest rumored specs of the next-gen hardware. Two more recent developments, however, concern the actual PS4 controller, as well as the PS4’s ability to stream older titles.

The PlayStation 4 Will Stream PlayStation 3 Games

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the PlayStation 4 will stream PlayStation 3 games.

Sonly will allegedly use Gakai’s streaming service, a company Sony purchased last June, to stream PlayStation 3 games, rather than building the hardware necessary to make the PS4 backwards compatible with PS3 games. Because the PS4 is expected to use AMD x86 chips, the hardware would not be compatible with the architecture used in previous PlayStation systems. Using Gakai’s streaming service would prove to be a cost-effective way to allow users to continue playing PS3 games, though it may not be ideal for actual PS4 games which are still expected to ship on optical discs.

Source: The WSJ, viaΒ The Verge.

The PlayStation 4 Controller

These images of a the rumored PlayStation 4 controller were recently sent to Destructoid and have been confirmed by numerous sources to be real. EuroGamer reported, via Digital Foundry, the following:

  • Part of a complete Orbis dev kit (50GB Blu-ray Dive with 2 USB 3.0 ports.)
  • Very recent. Not an early prototype.
  • “L” and “R” buttons are set lower than the DualShock 3.
  • New D-pad and analog sticks.
  • Analog sticks are now concave, matching the Xbox 360’s analog sticks.
  • The blue light is reported to be an inticator for PlayStation Move, now integrated into the pad, tracked by two cameras.
  • The controller will feature a two-point touch screen but with no PS Vita-style touch screen on the back.
  • Headphone socket at the bottom. Party chat and cross-game chat now a possibility. May ship with a wired mic and headset.
  • Integrated Speaker.



Source: Destructoid, via EuroGamer.

What are your thoughts on the rumored PlayStation 4 controller? Is it what you expected? Is it something you’d like to play your games with? Let us know in the comments below!

  • I didn’t like the idea of the touch pad when I first seen it. But now I realized how much stuff devs could do with it. You could use it for doing stuff like crafting, opening an invintory, scrolling through something, calling in killstreaks, entering vehicles, arming/disarming an objective, etc… all by tapping or swiping it. I LIKE IT! πŸ˜€

    • or use it like most games use F1,F2,F3, and F4 and use it as a quick use in games like skyrim or stalker as a quick item use. i can see it being used as a numbered touch pad as well for games that have to many controls like arma

    • sekje

      And maybe even for a radar in fps’s!

  • I was hoping its a mic on the bottom. Everyone has a speaker in their TVs.

    • Alkanida

      first of all..this is a great fucking idea.Integrated Mic on the Controller!!!
      i checked the picture again and unfortunately it really looks like a headphone socket.

      But what if the integrated “speaker” is the microphone? That could be possible, right?

    • Would you really want that? Now every squeaker on the internet has an easy way to talk.

      • pete

        a build in mic would be much more helpfull then a touchscreen imo…
        if i wanted a touchscreen i would buy a psp or tablet or something

      • Dirtknap

        If we’re being optimistic they’ll learn to communicate effectively sooner rather than later. Its up to us senior citizens to teach these kid to be gents, they clearly aren’t getting it form their parents.

        • The 360 had a mic, with every console, and squekers owned lobbys in games like CoD. They dont care about “senoior citixzens”, they will just shout and scream.

          • Dirtknap

            I only have a 360 for Halo so don’t really get too much of that, over on PS3 I’ve never had huge issues, I even have some random “squeakers” on my friends list who aren’t obnoxious and know how to PTFO.

            There was a time in all of our lives where we’ve wished people would give us a chance instead of running off of incorrect and preconceived notions. If you don’t want to give any of these kids a chance you can always hit that magical mute button.

            • Why would you give a kid a “chance?

              The games I hear them on are all M 18+, they shouldn’t even be playing.

              I hope new consoles have software that wont allow anyone under 16 to play adult games.

            • Dirtknap

              Do you view everything in such a polarized manner?

            • I believe that anyone under 16 shouldn’t be playing mature games. I don’t want a bunch of kiddies messing around in my experience, they can go play kinectamals or something.

            • Dirtknap

              That’s a fair opinion, however, how would that get policed? I don’t disagree with you, but like or not, we belong to this diverse and dysfunctional community. It’s what we do with this community we’re given and how we choose to conduct ourselves that sets the tone.

    • it could be a mic jack even tho it does look like a 3.5mm jack.. Sony might have there own mic the will come packaged with the PS4. The rumors are that SONY is focused more on “SOCIAL” gaming so anything is a possibility

      • I ment the speaker holes under the touch surface looking err… surface would be the mic, and maybe also a speaker. For those who dont want to invest in a proper headset it would be ideal. A two way radio if it makes more sense that way. I asume those little speakers would be no match for a proper surround sound equipment anyway.

  • Not gonna happen

    I call major bullshit. First how will it work I doubt they are gonna let us stream every PS3 game for free. Then they tried this with that Onlive console and found out that Internet bandwith is way to low for a lot of people to even stream the games. Also what do we do with the PS3 games we already got just throw them away. This just sounds like hype to me. It will not work trust me.

    • You do the same thing with your PS3 games as you did when you faced this problem when the PS3 first came out and didn’t play PS2 games. You already have your older system, just keep it.

    • it will work it just won’t be huge hell if MS can still charge for LIVE in 2013 then i can see the streaming service either being bundles with PS+ or a app like crackle.

    • JK Monroe

      Very simple. If you own PS3 games in your library you get to play these streamed games for free on the PS4.
      Just slip the discs into the PS4 and let it confirm it’s an authentic PS3 disc and you’ll start streaming the game soon enough.

      • Sgt. Mofo

        If that’s the case, I’ll make sure to reopen my Gamefly account.

    • Dirtknap

      I hope if

  • Love it! Make your fans buy their PS3 games again!!!

    • jj16802

      Would you want to pay $500 dollars for a next gen console bundled with old expensive tech? This happened to the PS3 and that’s why they dropped backwards compatibility in the later models. Emulators wouldn’t work because the hardware is too different. As much as I like for the PS4 to be able to run PS3 games, this is as close as we can get.

    • If Xbox switches to Bluray you will either have no backwards compat or have to dl it.

  • and i won’t be able to use the streaming because streaming services have HUGE MBPS requirements (20MBPS)…and i got 6MBPS…

    • lol i got 4mbps feel proud

    • 6 megabits or megabytes?? if it is megabytes then I would think it would be plenty because I only get like 2 megabytes and I used Gaikai no problem with demos they had available before SONY purchased it

      • megabytes XD and really? tried to use onlive once bought the console and everything then i try to play it nope.avi :C hmm will have to try some of those demos and see if they work πŸ™‚

        • I really hope I can stream PS3 games since I plan on selling my PS3/xbox360 for a PS4!! I wish they would make it so if we own a ps3 game disc or Digital D that we can stream the games without re-purchasing the game

  • inFamous2-VIC

    Omg, PS4 will be so sick, and will send the next Xbox or aka “AdBox” packing. The controller is so awesome! I know it isn’t finalized, but damn! πŸ˜€ THANK GOD FOR PARTY CHAT

    • inFamous2-VIC

      3 more days!

    • Why do people have to down vote every little small negative comment about the xbox?? xbox does have ads so the inFamous-VIC isn’t lying lol

      • inFamous2-VIC

        Rightly so Paul! Down vote me for speaking the truth. I don’t care! Lol Haha

        • lol =) people are too quick too hit the dislike just because they feel as if you are attacking there precious console/game. I cannot wait to see what the PS4 will bring!! if all that has been said about PS4 and “Adbox” =) is true, then PS4 will definitely be the preferred console for 3rd party developers and gamers this Next Gen

          • inFamous2-VIC

            Right! PS4 will probably take some market from Microsoft simply for having free internet, + Party chat! Now mostly everything that was on a xbox, is now available on the PS4 for free.

  • Concave analog sticks? OH HELL NO

    • nightwing

      easily rectifiable, if the PS4 controller has the same build as the PS3 controller, all it needs is a phillips screwdriver and you can change any part of the physical look of the controller, like the convex instead of concave, change them out, you can buy the parts for around $3-4

    • are more comfortable cuz ur finger doesn’t slide

  • That controller looks clunky. That first picture reminds me of the first Xbox controller in a way. Im not sure how I feel about it.

    I dont know if i like the sticks being concave. The sticks were one think about PS3 i much preferred over xbox. Same with the triggers. I hope they didnt change them too much. Sure they arent as “trigger”-like as Xbox, but they sure are a hell of a lot more ergonomic. And thats all I care about.

    And speaking of ergonomics, I wish they would have set up the buttons differently. Have the triangle over the square and the circle over the X, similar to the SNES. Again, not as pretty, but it makes for quicker movements.

  • Also, Im gonna be disappointed if the new gen systems arent gonna have good 3D. Right now 3D sucks, I know. But if it was improved to the point of playability that regular games are at now, I think it would be some wicked fun.

    • Most people on PC that have 3d said, it it good at the start, but overtime you realize it is more of a novelty.

  • WarHero

    Very excited of what Sony will offer for the PS4, I don’t get why MS is focusing on the Kinect so much and it’s even rumored that the PS4 will look better than the “Xbox720” due to focus on kinect..

    • DanDustEmOff

      same reason sony focused on the move casual gamers

      • WarHero

        Yes I understand but the Move is just a wii remote with a giant ball on top and works most of the time really well,kinect in my eyes is great for butchering games because it simply does not work and just fights you until you tire out. I’m just saying MS shouldn’t focusing TOO much on kinect which just hinder them at making greater performances.

        • DanDustEmOff

          the kinect works really well I have one the kids use it more than me because its just a gimic now but it has great potential and I think thats why ms are going all out on it

  • ha

    Fuck that, Keeping my PS3 as a blu-ray player and i will continue on being a pc player.

  • Blaine

    In the days of PS2 vs Xbox, I thought the PS2 won. In the days of PS3 vs Xbox 360, I thought the Xbox 360 clearly won (at least at first, I’ve gone back on that). This time around it’s definitely looking like Sony has the edge again. While I’ve moved on to PC gaming and likely wont be buying either console, I like what I see with the PS4. I hated the PS2 and PS3 controllers honestly, these new controllers definitely look like an improvement (although still not as ergonomic as the Xbox 360 controllers, IMHO), and I really like how the sticks are kinda both concave and convex at the same time.

    Overall i just like how with this generation, Sony seems to be more focused on making a real gaming machine, unlike Microsoft who are more concerned about making an all-in-one home entertainment system with watered-down gaming capability.

    • DanDustEmOff

      the ps 2 came out way before the xbox and when the xbox came out it was a revolution in gaming introducing online gaming and a hdd to the console market for me the xbox won my heart after they improved the contoller design. The xbox 360 continued on that path with the best controller design ever awesome online capabilities and game devs loved to make games for it making the port station inferior for running AAA x platform titles and with a lack of ram, an unusual processor, 90s throwback controller, poor online services and no ability to store full games on hdd I dont have any love for the ps3 and the 360 is to me a clear winner. But this one had got my attention but I think you’re wrong about the xbox being a watered down gaming system

      • Fanboy boy much!! Half of this shit you said isn’t true lol the controllers are just preference and I much prefer PS3 controller over XBOX due to the fact of the battery pack cramps my fingers on 360.. PS3’s online service is just as good when comes down too performance and the only negative thing about PSN in the small downtime we occasionally get. I own both console and play both online and I know for a fact that there is no difference unless your playing COD because Activision gives some shitty ass ports and there is no point for this issue since they have been using the same engine for years so they should have perfected it on PS3 but there lazy

        • DanDustEmOff

          yes I think its safe to say I am a fan of the xbox 360….. Everything I said is true the controller on the ps has no ergonomic features what so ever it was designed in a time when ergonomics didnt matter and sony were too cheap and lazy to update it hence the updated controller they plan to ship with this one as a true gamer I always use a wired pad so I don’t get the battery pack issue. Psn is always down for maintenance and lets not forget the massive hack that brought it to its knees also letting the hackers have access to your bank details come on u gotta admit thats a major fuck up on sonys part. I can name a load of other games plagued with bugs on the ps as I have friends with them that always tell me about them.

          • lol Many people would like to keep the current ps3 controller.. me included. PSN is rarely down and the credit card info was useless because it was encrypted. Why are you in this forum if it is just to talk shit??if you owned both then you I wouldn’t mined hearing you thoughts but since you only own a 360 you are too one sided. I own both so I cant compare my experience with both. PS. Do you remember the horrendous xbox 1 controller?? That sucker was massive and people with small hands probably couldn’t reach buttons lol =)

            • inFamous2-VIC

              Lol remember the black and white buttons? XD that was the real killer

            • LMFAO Yea, I never understood why Microsoft thought it was a good idea to use 2 more buttons when even today there is games that doesn’t even use all the buttons on current controllers. Microsoft isn’t very good when it comes to making small/compact stuff.. The 1st xbox was huge along with the controller, then xbox 360 came out with a massive power brick lol I still remember the 1st time I open up my 360 and I was like ” WTF is this massive brick” LMFAO =) I like having my stuff very compact and out of view and it has been proven difficult to hie the 360’s brick LOL=/

            • DanDustEmOff

              I play at a desk so I have no problem hiding it it was also a smart move it means they make one type of xbox and several power pack types reducing producton costs and you then have the ability to take your xbox any where in the world. Ps needs to be made for each countries voltage as there is no global standard

            • Most game that are NTSC wont work in a PAL console so that isn’t the reason they decided to have a huge power brick. I live in Portugal and my xbox and PS3 are both NTSC hooked up to a power converter box and I can purchase PAL or NTSC games for my PS3 but for the xbox there is a site that provides info on if your xbox will play NTSC/Pal games

            • DanDustEmOff

              NTSC and PAL have nothing to do with power they are display types which is down to whichever type your country choose to broadcast analogue TV here in Britain we use PAL so the xbox and ps sold in this country needs to display on PAL settings for it to work on an analogue television. The PSU has nothing to do with PAL or NTSC all it does is take the native voltage and convert it in to a voltage that the Xbox can use saving internal space and the need for Microsoft to manufacture Xboxes for each country they just make one type with different psu packs.

            • lol Exactly what I said even tho I didn’t get into detail!! All I was saying was that what you said was irrelevant to why they added a power supply brick. Your a Fanboy that is too dang 1 sided!! your like one of those gay ass gamer fanboys who think they need to stay loyal to one game or there committing a crime lol I don’t go by what others say like you do but I go but my own personnel preference/experience

            • DanDustEmOff

              How is that anything like what you said i have tried to civil towards you even though you have been a total idiot. It is still much cheaper to make 2 types of xbox rather than 1 for every country (206) you retard, your the one behaving like a real fan boy i told you the ps4 had my interest i have no loyalty towards Xbox i just prefered it to the PS if this next one is the best machine thats what i will buy. You seem to be the one obsessed with the playstaion defending it like its your boyfriend i have owned many consoles and PC’s over the years starting from the nintendo NES so why would i give a toss about microsoft, and for you to be banging on about PAL and NTSC you must be really poor cant you buy a Digital TV from anywhere hell i’ve got a spare knocking around somewhere you can have, no wonder you dont have an xbox you cant afford to go online…. Its all falling into place why you are so butt hurt, its not my fault that you are poor blame your parents for ditching you at a special needs orphange and get the hell off my dick before i tell your neighbours that you are stealing their wifi.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Well people like you will end up with RSI and Carple tunnel. PSN is forever going down and if they are smart enough to hack sony they obvioulsy they can get round an encryped file they had access to the entire network.I am in this fourm to voice my opinion if you read my comment just cause i dont own a PS3 doesnt mean i know nothing about it and like i said the PS4 has got my attention im considering getting the ps4 as they have used regular archatecture to build the system (Like a PC/Xbox) rather than the way they built the PS3. I have forgoten more about gaming than you will ever know mate i bought the best designed system and that just happens to be the Xbox if they did a better job making the PS3 I would have bought one but they used the cell processor console style architecture (which is why some periferals dont work as well on the ps than they do on the xbox) and didnt put enough ram into it (thats why you have not got party chat and cross game chat). I do remember the original controller and yeah it was shit but they released a smaller version soon after and it was a good controller.

            • *Carpal

            • DanDustEmOff

              u got the jist of it im not the best speller

          • Ps3 controllers are way more ergonomic than xbo in some ways. I’ve owned both. Ps3’s L and R are much easier to reach. Also the buttons are easier to switch between.
            Xbox’s D-pad is more ergonomic in the way that you can reach it with your right hand. However, the PS3s D-pad is much nicer imo.

            • DanDustEmOff

              nah u fit your hands round a ps3 controller a xbox pad sits in your hands and the d pad is fine but I guess if you have small hands u may find it better its the shape and feel I dont like

            • I get what you’re saying. Xbox controllers fit more naturally. But imo, PS3s definitely have 1up on the xbox with the buttons and bumpers. They are definitely easier to switch between. Like i said, xboxs location of the D-pad is better, but the D-pad itself isn’t.
              Now that I’m used to Ps3 controllers i honestly do find it more comfortable than xbox. But initially xbox felt more natural. No argument there.

            • I agree man!! PS3 d-pad is great compared to xbox since the xbox’s d-pad is too flimsy and you can hit right and it might click down!! The bumpers on the xbox are also very unnatural and begun to not function over time

  • Sorz

    Yeah, Im pretty sure they are gonna charge us about our old PS3 games if we want to stream them…

    Kinda how it went with Xperia Play (and I know it was SE/ Sony Mobile).
    Bought PSX games +10 years ago ? Want them on your PS3 HDD ? Thats okay, you can buy them again if you want…
    What, you want to use those PSX games you bought for PS3 for your XPlay too ? Thats too bad because you need to buy them AGAIN.

    Nobody really gave a F though, “hacking” the native emulator was easy and get up running with your own rips.

    We will see….

  • That is so cool!

  • NO!!

    Analog sticks are now concave, matching the Xbox 360β€²s analog sticks. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gph456

    I think I like the new PS4 controller. Of course though, I’ll wait a couple of months before I get the PS4 so that any breaking bugs can be fixed, and to hear if it is overall negative or positive. I don’t want to buy a console I wouldn’t use.

  • DanDustEmOff

    I had hoped that they bought gakai to support cloud gaming whichever console has that has my money. Glad to see improvents to the controller last one was a 90s throwback and the use of conventional tech to make x platform games run better this might actually be a console worthy of my money just need to see who the devs choose to build games on and my choice is made

  • Onlive does this for PC games, sadly, only a fraction f people have good enough internet speed to Stream games 95% wont be able too on the Ps3

  • MrJDGuns1

    cant wait for party chat have been wanting this for a while πŸ˜€

  • KennyKyle

    plz let me use eagle eye!

  • Guy

    Looks cool

  • iiKaRmAx

    I really hope these controllers won’t be wired ones. Anyone got any information on that?

  • DennisB407

    I love “Sonly”

  • Hilmar

    wtf is this looks like shit i like the original way ever since ps1 sorta disappointed

  • Casavult

    So we will have to purcahse our PS3 games again or not? If that is the case then fuck off Sony. I already had to re-buy some of my library of PSP games to play on my Vita. -_-

  • JK Monroe

    Wiring a headset to your controller for chat? C’mon Sony, that idea sucked pretty bad for Xbox360 users. The Bluetooth headset is an will be the future of wireless chat. Not the ridiculous headband with boom mic and a cumbersome cord connected to a Xbox360 controller.

    Leverage the power of Bluetooth 4.0 and drop the wired mic & headset idea.

    • Hey you dumbass xbox 360 is older than ps3 you idiot. Xbox from 05 and ps3 from 06.

      • how is this relevant?? Bluetooth existed in 2005

        • But it wasnt as much as it was in 06, anyway still older and I accept the facts it’s obsolete now.

    • I hate the wired mics as well but it will allow a much larger audience to play with mics on PS4 if they add this and the PS4 might come with a mic in the box like 360 and I’m sure PS4 will continue to support Bluetooth headsets

    • DanDustEmOff

      the advantage for a wired mic is that you dont have to charge it so you don’t have to buy two mics and a charge lead. It also makes it easier for headset makers to make headsets for your platform most good ones are wired any way my a50’s are not as good as my a40’s Sony tried to be unconventional when they made the ps3 and it hurt their profits this time they are following the conventional way of doing things which is a good thing I expect the ps4 to be as good as the next xbox or even better.

  • Swailem95

    typo in
    “The PlayStation 4 Will Stream PlayStation 3 Games”

    first paragraph, first word is Sony not Sonly πŸ™‚

  • finally sony does a comfortable controller.

  • Pumped but I’m imagining on how much will this cost, knowing how cheap sony is..

  • Izzo