PlayStation 4 To Allow Live Commentary During Streams, Will Maintain Anonymity

Those looking to take advantage of the PlayStation 4’s live streaming capabilities either on Ustream, or the recently announced partnership with Twitch, will be happy to know that you will be able to perform live commentary during your streams.

The feature has been confirmed by Sony’s Worldwide studios president, Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter recently. Additionally, Yoshida also confirmed that when your streaming, none of your private information will be available, allowing you to maintain anonymity on the internet.

As we previously reported, PlayStation 4 recording and streaming capabilities will be available to both PlayStation Plus and non PlayStation Plus members alike. PlayStation 4 is set to launch in North America on November 15, with the European market officially getting their hands on the PlayStation 4 November 29.

Do  you intend to use the streaming capabilities on the PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • zacflame

    good for commentators, I guess.

  • paulinacio

    I will be using this feature since I have been wanting to do commentaries for Battlefield for some time now and live stream my games and clan matches =)

    • mus1CKFps

      yeah i though this was a great idea as well

      • paulinacio

        Yep, no need for extra recording equipment and no need setting up equipment to your pc just to live stream =) I cant wait and extremely happy Twitch was added

        • zacflame

          I don’t see why people complain about not being able to use their own recording system. I bet they (console publishers) will extend the amount of time you can record, later in the platform lifespan.

          I also don’t see why people watch Twitch-with the exception of if the game was not released yet.

          • QwietStorm

            I watch Twitch because it’s interesting seeing other people game, sometimes being a game that I never bought, but interesting nonetheless, like a random movie. It’s that simple. Competitive matches, whether it be Battlefield or Street Fighter, are also stat quo.

            • zacflame

              I see what you mean if it’s a game you don’t intend on playing as well.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Unless you have recently upgraded your internet, I would recommend that you do not live stream. Going on previous conversation’s you do not have the bandwidth to do it without seriously affecting your connection to the BF server.

          • paulinacio

            I will be upgrading my internet soon when they get fiber here which should be soon. PS Did you dislike my comment?? not saying you did but I’m curious because it truly pathetic when people right something simple and get disliked for it LMFAO I swear if someone likes a feature on Xbox One or PS4 someone will down-vote it

            • DanDustEmOff

              No I didn’t, at least I don’t think I did. I will check when I get home, as my battery has died on my phone (using the disqus site to reply MP1st is blocked at my work). Good news on the fiber internet. What sort of speed’s are you looking at getting in your area? We have had common fiber access for the last 5-10 years in the UK and I honestly couldn’t use anything else.

            • paulinacio

              Yep, the dislikes get a bit crazy. The speeds we get here with fiber is like 100Mbps/10Mbps which will be AWESOME for gaming and I cant wait =)

            • DanDustEmOff

              It will be Awesome especially if you have other family members using the internet too. I used to use 100mb/10mb but recently downgraded to 60/6 and use that soley for gaming.

              The old phone line connection is now being used to serve the other people in my family, therefore I don’t have to demand an internet black out when I am playing. I would advise that you try to find out where your nearest BF server data centre is (it may take some digging).

              Use to ping that area using the connection of someone else who lives in your local area, with a fiber connection first. When it comes to gaming ping is much more important.

              You need a good amount of bandwidth too but getting low pings are essential to keeping lag as low as possible. You would be suprised but I have known fiber connections actually have worse pings than phone line connections.

            • paulinacio

              Yep, I have like 3 computers, 2 PS3, 1 Xbox and 2 mobile devices that get connected to the net =/ So the extra speed will come in handy. My ping is usually around 50ms but when I play lets say Medal of Honor WF its shows to be like 140 but I’m not sure if accurate or not

            • DanDustEmOff

              The server will be located further away, it will be pretty accurate. I take it that is your ping on your current connection. That is al lot of traffic even for a fiber connection, are they often all on together?

              From my experience, I would suggest having both the fiber (for gaming) on a lower package and the phone line net, if it’s feseble (for everything else). I have a much better time especially with CoD with my current set up.

              Keeping the one line dedicated to gaming has made a bigger difference than any port forwarding, DMZ, cache clean or any other technique for stopping lag and packet bottle necks.

            • paulinacio

              I just usually have 2 PCs connected and my PS3. Do you know anything about Singing a public IP to a PS3 and is it the same a DMZ?? I tried doing it once but my PS3 always fails to connect to the internet

            • DanDustEmOff

              Do you mean a static IP? I can do it on an Xbox but not sure about PS3. All you do is assign an IP to the console under the network settings. Then go into your router and tell it that the port is assigned to that IP address.

              Once you have done that you can tell it that the port is a DMZ. has some great guides for nearly all routers. It can make a big difference to the connection quality but it isn’t a cure for lag.

              There are many settings that can be improved upon but I spent A LOT of time researching it for my equipment. You would have to do the same. This video is a good starter guide.
              Warning: Patience, trial and error required. Ensure that you can reset your router if it makes thing worse.

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Hopefully people can take my gruff, sexy voice.

  • John A

    This interests me like the Kinect which means I could care less about this. See this stuff will be a curse for multiplayer because now we will have people doing retarded shit in BF4 just so they can record it and post to you tube. Guess I will be the only on PTFO again. Grave days is coming folks.

    • QwietStorm

      Be a little more dramatic and pessimistic. You almost got it.

      • John A

        NOOB. I was just trolling man besides they already do stupid shit in Bf without this.

  • CaptainZwabber

    Can you actually do live commentary whit making just a video? or even better, does it record the comms in BF or so?

    • KC R3dn3ck

      Sounds like it will record all voice comms.

  • B_Boss

    Amazing how both consoles can accomplish this. No more need to spend a dime on a video capture device to get console gameplay on video ;)..

  • H’m

    Yeah but what about peeps who dont want to live stream, but instead record and export to Pc for editing… I have roxio game capture thats uses av connection… And as it has hdcp block i cant even upgrade to a hdmi capture device……. 🙁

    • KC R3dn3ck

      You can get the setup for around $50 on monoprice. Search for HDMI recording on PS3

  • Camfak will definitely crash at some point when X1 and PS4 comes.

  • Shinfo

    Have they released what native resolution the integrated live streaming will be in?