PlayStation Network Currently Down For Maintenance

No planned maintenance has been announced, though it appears that the network is down as of right now.

UPDATE – The official status page has been updated showing that gaming and social networking are down. Asked Playstation official twitter has also acknowledged the issue at hand.


Original –

The official status page states that account management is having issues and everything else is up, though

We can confirm ourselves that the “undergoing maintenance” error appears when attempting to log-in.



Reports are also coming in from twitter and reddit, pointing that it’s down in both North America and Europe.

Seeing that the PlayStation event is tomorrow, this possible maintenance could be in preparation for the new firmware update 4.00. The firmware is set to launch a whole list of new features that the community has been requesting, though no date has been given for the release of the firmware.

  • extermin8or2

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s for the new firm. I have the beta and it’s a massive improvement.

    • LordCancer Kain

      like what? i registered for the beta and none of the features listed were worth giving up shareplay with my brother. i didnt see usb storage on there.

      • jameslara

        the share play was only given up cause of the beta testing, its a NDA. they aren’t taking it away from the final release. This FW is very welcomed as many have requested folders, and the new in-game ui is a lot sleeker than the current one.

        There’s plenty of improvements.

      • extermin8or2

        Well shareplay will work again soon as the update goes public. The folders feature is pretty neat, as is the UI redesign imo. The party management and such is so much easier now than it ever was before….

      • uwantSAM0A

        Shareplay hasnt worked in Hawaii since v2.0

        • LordCancer Kain

          maybe you should try living on land sponge bob.

  • Suicidal1

    I guess I was logged in before the maintenance started because I was on the PSN all night long.