PlayStation Network Down for Maintenance Today

In a few hours, the PSN will undergo a long scheduled maintenance, which was postponed from March 1, for about 14 hours.

As detailed on the last post, these are the services that you won’t be able to access:

  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation Home
  • Account Management
  • Play online

Sony explained, “unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already signed-in to PSN will be signed-out, and consumers will be unable to sign in for the duration of the maintenance window.” Also, the PlayStation Blog won’t be accessible, as “PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users.”

Time frame:

PSN maintenance period is should begin at just after noon Pacific (3pm EST/8pm GMT) until approximately 2am Pacific (5am EST/10am GMT) on Monday, March 5.

Source: PSBlog

  • Anonymous

    I think all their really doing is shit for the Vita anyways. Still love this site for the great updates!

  • I hope they’re checking their security system during maintenance. 

    • Duhasst123


  • outlawz

    Oh wow… on a Sunday.. really?! Could’ve done it during the week but nope. Ruin my weekend. 

    • well .. its not weekend in my country .
      my weekend is Thursday and Friday …. and u know what that mean !

  • Themunchmaster

    fuck!!! this sucks, im on the east coast and waiting till 5 in the morning is fucking bullshit

  • FacesForRadio

    I’m in Alaska and I am still able to play online. There are about 84,000 people online according to MW3… a measily 1900 playing Hardcore Team Deathmatch.  Have yet to have a full strength team… smh.  Who does this crap on a weekend?

    • Colin_368

      lmfao. 84000 ppl online including pc and xbox gamers actualy.