PlayStation 4 Pro Will Have Additional 1GB of Ram, 10% More Memory

Along with an upgraded CPU, the PlayStation Pro will also feature an extra 1GB of slow conventional RAM, offering developers access to more faster RAM.

According to an interview Mark Cerny did with IGN, the PS4 Pro will take that additional the slow 1GB of RAM for the operating System when it comes to operating games.

“He went on to note that on the standard PS4, when moving from application to a game, that application remains resonant in the system memory to allow for fast swapping between the two. With PS4 Pro, that application is moved to the extra 1GB of RAM when swapping to a game, freeing up nearly an entire gigabyte of the console’s remaining 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.”

This will give developers an additional 512mb of RAM to use at their disposal, bring the total to 5.5GB of GDR5 RAM. According to Cerny this will boost the consoles memory by 10% that equates to games looking “a heck of a lot better on the new console”.

PS4 Pro is set to release on November 10th

  • xHDx

    I hope they add at least what Scorpio has which is 12GB. That’s nearly double the RAM for games. It’s gonna be quite an improvement.

    • Just saying

      I think, by now, we can say that PS4 Pro isn’t competing with Xbox Scorpio. It’s just a mid cycle upgrade unlike the Scorpio which is going full power regardless of what we are used to on console. Keep in mind that PS4 Pro is $399 while Scorpio will cost probably $700+ (just a guess).

      • xHDx

        Yes you’re right. I meant the better console that they will release after the Pro. My fault for not mentioning it :]

      • Barry Harden

        Yeah likely looking at late 2018 or early 2019 for a PS5 release. That one will likely do native 4K @ 60fps gaming unlike the Scorpio.

        • jameslara

          Scorpio is maybe able to pull native 4k at 60fps, given the pro is capable of faking 4k at near that fps for some games.

          However, I say maybe because stable 60fps with 4k resolution on pc is tough, assuming you have everything maxed out

          • Barry Harden

            That’s the point. The APU the Scorpio is likely going to use is a mobile version of the RX480. It definitely won’t do native [email protected] if we’re talking about the graphics from AAA titles. Either it will do some form of upscaling or it’ll settle on [email protected] games at the most.

            Add to that a $499-$599US initial price and it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll do in the market place.

            • xHDx

              I think it will however we can’t really predict considering the amount of optimization can’t be measured as performance drastically increases. However I do know that the amount of memory in the current XB1 is a limiting factor with only 5GB being given to games.

              We’ll just have to wait for the first games or behind-closed-door reviews to release.

  • Johnny Neat

    PS4 Pro is definitely a med gen hold over till PS5 shows up on 2018 or 2019. It won’t do native 4k/60fps, no way. Scorpio won’t even do it imo. Plus Scorpio is a strange beast. Is it a mid refresh or a new gen, MS is being coy?

    Scorpio should be able to do 4k/60fps locked, but it won’t and that will be a sore spot for Xbox gamers. At the very very least, it will do 1080p/60fps with straining or dropping a frame. And maybe, it’ll upscale that experience to 4k screens.

    • Tri-Edge

      Pro is nothing more but a machine made for the VR. The scorpio competitor won’t be out for at least 2 more years.