Sony Teases “See The Future,” PlayStation 4 Announcement Next Month?

Rumors of next-gen consoles have been appearing all over the internet these past few months, and while none of them are confirmed yet we believe that it’s safe to say that the next-gen Playstation and Xbox are right around the corner, and perhaps literally.

Today, Sony released a teaser trailer on their blog site with no other details whatsoever other than the heading title “See the Future.” Normally, if it was a game tease, it would have some form of text or at least a hint of the title. However, this seems to indicate that Sony is prepping up for a major announcement set to happen February 20th.

Micahel Patcher, a gaming Analysis, has confirmed that media outlets and investors will be at this meeting.

Also, if you remember the last time Sony had a PlayStaion meeting back in 2011, they announced the NGP, which is now known as the PS Vita.

What do you think?

  • FUCK YEAH!!! I want this now, I’ve had almost every Playstation at launch and unless they royally fuck this up ($599) I’ll be all over it! #BF4

    • You know how overpriced is Sony, so don’t expect is under $500

      • If Microsoft is still gonna charge for multiplayer and sony isn’t, i’d be happy to fork over around 500.

        • same plus no ads on PS3

        • Alex

          I would rather pay for an excellent online service than have a free crappy one. You get what you pay for

          • Jason

            I used to have a PS3 and the Online is not “Crappy” what so ever, I will say that that Xbox Live is a little Better, Faster and Offers More, But PS+ users get free games from time to time which is cool. I won’t be surprised if Sony does start to charge for PSN after seeing how much profit Microsoft has made on the Live Marketplace, I hope they don’t for the consumers sake, but I’m not holding my breath!

          • lol I own both and the online experience is the same. Where it use to fall short was when developers new very little about the PS3 and gave it shitty ports. Call of Duty has and most likely will be shitty on PS3 since Activision is money greedy whores and gives shitty ports to the date!! I think people judge PS3 Online service due to how bad and laggy it is on CoD games but you can play Exclusives without any issues

        • Deal with it (:

    • hey if the rumors are true and it supports 4K then pray its not $700

      • MegaMan3k

        I hope it doesn’t just “support 4K” like current consoles “support 1080P.”

        But I will gladly accept today’s graphical fidelity if it ran at a constant 60FPS, 1080P, and with proper amounts of AA. I’d consider that “next-gen”, even, and deem it preferable than a million layers of post processing and a game that struggles to run at 20FPS while upscaled to an interlaced pseudo 1080-lines.

      • henry

        i doubt it will support 4k. they said that it could take up to 10 years for 4k to catch on and by that time who knows what will be out, problably the PS5

  • MegaMan3k

    While the first conclusion is certainly the reveal of a new console, I wonder if it could be something else entirely – like some sort of implementation of their acquisition of Gakai. This could possibly be something relating to a cloud solution existing between owners of PS3 and the Vita.

    Certainly the PS4 is crucial to Sony’s success, but they’re also desperate to resolve the Vita solution. As good as it is or is not (I don’t have one, so I can’t say), developers seem to be avoiding it like the plague and last I looked, sales were low. Maybe this is a conference to drive attention towards the Vita – maybe by way of streaming PS3 games to it through some sort of Gakai like implementation? – prior to E3.

    … Or heck, maybe it’ll be our first taste of the next gen, which is an exciting proposition.

    Either way, I’m extremely intrigued at finding out what Sony has in store for gamers.

    • jimmylara

      reason why I don’t think it’s Gaikai is I rememebr reading them saying they’ll show it when Nextgen comes. At this pint, I still don’t think they have a working product with it yet, just concepts. Plus Stream PS3 games with Vita Through Gaikai, to me that just doesn’t seem investor worthy, consdiering that Sony has pushed for Remote play (which is possible on every PS3 game, just needs patching).

      I’m not getting my hopes up, but still can’t wait for the 20th.

      • pot51e

        The failure of the Vita is more likely a reflection of Sony’s suicidal approach to pricing and a lack of dev support in a AAA title world. How many studios have actually gone for it? why would they, when they are under the same pressures – easier to crank out a PSP game than a vita game, and a much larger user base.

        • failure of vita! wtf u talkin about !?

          • pot51e

            sales. wtf you think I was talkin about ?!



  • inFamous2-VIC

    I am anxious to see what’s in store.

  • This video is brainwasher, lol.

  • This is promising. I will definitely have my eye on the 20th.
    Please let it be the next gen.

  • just saying


  • ABOUT DAMN TIME. Wayyy overdue. This should put some pressure on lazy-ass Microsoft

    • Lufamos

      You know its only the announcement right, not proving that it will release before the new xbox, plus if they would have rushed it earlier with strong tech, it would have been much more expensive and less appreciated. The only prob with the current consoles is that the games have surpassed what used to a console thing. Whenever PC gets ahead, its time for a new console and that my friend is now.

      • MikePembo951

        PCs are pretty much always head. You can’t except (even a brand new just released) console to outperform a high end gaming PC.

        Right now, imho, Microsoft won’t be able to build a Console that can beat a current high end gaming PC if they plan to keep the same price as the current 360. Its just impossible unless they plan to sell at a major loss.

        • pot51e

          While I would tend to agree with the sentiment, there are a couple of things worth noting. 1) Sony/MS will sell “n”million of their product – their economies of scale far outweigh PC component manufacturers (who will also be supplying them) – so they actually could build, ship and sell at an eye watering low price – and still make a profit. 2) both the 3 and 360 had major marketing and manufacturing flaws that limited their power and scope. But they are still immense platforms all these years on, only failing under the latest engines (since Frostbite 2 and CryEngine 3?) and have massive penetration. Imagine would would happen if they got it right?

          • Lufamos

            I doubt with this market and pressure, they would ever get it right

            • pot51e

              This is true 🙂

        • Lufamos

          Dude, i never said consoles are ever ahead of PC, its the consoles that keeps the limit on games most of the times, what I was saying was when there is such a diff in PC vs consoles that consoles look like a crappy old hardware, it is then when they come out with new consoles so they don’t have to miles away from PC nor do the devs need to hold back on the visual qualities.

    • Donut212

      You must not hate them that much if you said “While I’ve moved on to PC”. Love/hate thing going there huh?

      • MikePembo951

        A gaming PC doesnt necessarily have to use Windows, or any other Microsoft product at all.

        PC gaming is moving towards linux and theres quite a few games out for Linux on Steam right now.

  • DatKidNick

    lmao wait a couple of months after release for the slim ps4

  • PS44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444!!

  • Backwards Compatible Please

    Being honest guys there is one thing that is holding me off to decide which console I am going to buy. Which ever one Microsoft, Sony does backwards compatible that is the one I am going with. If both of them dont then I will just pick one but considering I own more games for 360 I hope Microsofts next console is backwards compatible. i will not hold my breath but being able to play all the games I got and love on my new console means a lot to me. I know I can keep my old consoles but when they announce these I plan on trading my old console in for a down payment but if they are not backwards compatible guess I will have to rob a motherfucker. Not really

    • MikePembo951

      Ask yourself: How many original Xbox or PS2/1 games do you regularly play on your 360/PS3.

      • The Classics I play.

        Yes but your talking about non HD games from PS2 and 1. Todays games are HD with really good graphics so they will hold up longer than the PS2 and 1 games. I mean will I play online multiplayer from the old systems of course not. I am talking about the classics I got like BIoshock, Dead Spaces, God of Wars, you know games that are true classics that you can play over and over. Not to mention all of the new games coming out this year.

      • pot51e

        None – But I played a shit load of PS1 titles on my PS2, and I would have played PS2 titles on my PS3, had I had that option.

  • Chuckz28

    Hell yeah!! Time to start saving some coin.

  • One place you read there is gonna be BF4 announcement in 90 days, another place you read PS4 might be announced this month … Too much to take!!! only way to release the tension is to masturbate and feel relax!

  • Sirdiealot

    Literally? The PS4 is LITERALLY around the corner?

    I don’t think you know what that word means.

    • I noticed that too.
      Its gotta be the most misused word in the english language.

  • It would take some balls to reveal anything else than the PS4 right now.

  • I love Sony.. they are preparing for something AWESOME

  • dpg70

    Man, if this isn’t the PS4 people are gonna be pissed! lol! I wasn’t sure how to read this and then I saw the BF4 “90 days” deal and it makes sense. If they’re doing a reveal on BF4 in the next few months, they’re going to have to say which systems it will be released on, and they can’t really do that unless those systems have been announced. I guess they could just say “next-gen”, but that’s not how you want to do a reveal on your next big game. How could you announce any of the details (player counts, etc)?

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Hope they don’t go the way of Microsoft and make us pay to play online or something bizarre like that.Will be neat to see what the console will look like and what is in the rig itself, hopefully a lot better.

  • Hol_Up

    Don’t get TOO hype just yet. This announcement could be for anything really. I’m not ruling out the PS4 reveal, but remember when Sony bought Gaikai? It COULD be a reveal of could gaming and such for the PS brand. I’m not ruling anything out but this guy made a pretty convincing stance to why to MAY NOT be the PS4 reveal.

  • hell yeah I’m so exited to see next gen. of consoles !!

  • PC players argument invalid

    This is for all the PC players who truly think that consoles are behind Computers. Watch this than prepared to be proved wrong. BIG TIME

  • Zwabber046

    I actually don’t care if they will ask money for online service if it’s not too high, I just hope some cool games from xbox marketplace will be available for PSN cause I would love to play trails evolution but overall I will buy the ps4 whatever way they are gonna go I just hope they will immediately make it about 400 bucks other wise I’ll wait some months and even if there are no games I would like to play I think I’m just gonna wait for Christmas if it releases way before that.

    and I hope they are gonna call it something sexy just for name sake.

    sorry for bad English. from Holland

  • Dominik

    I have PS3 and the Xbox 360 console and guys believe me, you will have the most fun with the console your friends have. Sure there are on both sides some pros and cons but you will match with them.