PS All-Stars – Fans Revolt With #ReleaseAbe and #ReleaseDart Campaigns

Do you hear them Santa Monica? The fans are coming and they’ve brought the titans to storm Mt. Olympus.

Okay. Maybe not storming, but this certainly isn’t something that should go unnoticed.

After Sony had cut ties with SuperBotEntertainment, pretty much all pre-planned DLC for PS All-Stars had been cancelled, with the exception of the first four character packs. While this is most likely due to poor character DLC sales numbers, it’s important to note that the recently released “Zeus” and “Isaac Clark” DLC were characters no one was expecting, nor wanted.

In fact, many fans were lusting for some more Iconic PS1 characters, and while Crash and Spyro were most likely out of the question, characters that were originally planned as DLC such as Abe (Oddworld’s) and Dart (Legend of Dragoon) were exactly what fans were hoping for.

There is now a community trying to make that happen.



So if you guys want to help out with getting these characters released, send those tweets over to Santa Monica and Seth Killian. Let them know that there are people out there who still support the game!

Thanks, Linkters, for the find.

  • That guy you might know

    PS All Stars was a good game, but the problem was most of the characters seemed to contradict the title of the game to me.

    It seems more like a huge deal of advertising new games. “New” Dante for DmC(I have that game, it’s awesome), Raiden for Metal Gear Rising, Issac Clark.
    It was more of a “Buy my game, here’s a bit of this to convince you!”

    Zeus was a bad idea all around, two God of War characters is so not needed.

    • dieger

      i would have bought it…if it was a copy of super smash bros. in gameplay but having to chain supers to kill someone got really boring (i only played the demo)

      • oofy

        I heard people hated that it didn’t have ring outs.

        • Carlos Luis Ayala

          Fuck ringouts I loved that they were not in this game is different I am buying smash and I have all stars cause I love both and nobody knows anything about Abe the developer said he was never confirmed.

          • Oliver

            Ringouts are fun, but full of cheap KOs! Both games have their unique style in the same genre (mascots fighting each other of course) lol 🙂 I got all three games of SSB, still play them, but not as much as PSASBR, that game is sooo much fun to me!

        • A Happy Health Potion

          Of course people would complain about ring outs. First it’s too similar to smahs, now it’s not. I mean really? I actually happen to LOVE the fact that there’s no ring outs. It gives us a chance to focus more on combat, rather than just knocking eachother off the ring. Don’t get me wrong, I love both Smash bros and Allstars. And I love the gameplay differences between them.

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  • zacflame

    so they had 4 extra chances, and still no snake.

    • Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns

      Snake is in Smash Bros. There’s an issue with having him in both this and that.

      • zacflame

        cole mcgrath is in tekken.
        kratos is in mortal kombat.

        • Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns

          Smash Bros. is Nintendo’s flagship fighter and a really big thing. Tekken (Street Fighter X Tekken, actually, which also includes Toro and Kuro) and Mortal Kombat (Kratos also appears in Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny) are from 3rd Party studios, and the appearances of the guest characters only exist on the PlayStation platforms.

          Pulling a character from a rival’s party fighter to have in your party fighter is going to snag up somewhere along the line. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hideo Kojima himself just said “No.”

        • Dhruv Rajyagor

          Street Fighter X Tekken, actually.

      • Well Nintendo has a completely legitimate reason to include Solid Snake in Supper Smash Bros. Solid Snake, was on NES before the Metal Gear Solid series even started on PlayStation with Metal Gear, Metal Gear: Snake’s Revenge and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The Metal Gear Trilogy

        • bigevilworldwide

          Except they aren’t really Kojima games SOOOOO nobody cares about them and they were both garbage NES games at that

          • Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns

            You’re wrong there, Kojima was indeed the creator of the first two Metal Gear games. There aren’t many titles in the series that he didn’t have a hand in.

        • Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns

          True enough, and besides that, Hideo Kojima had already wanted him in Smash Bros. Melee, but it was too late in development to include him in the roster, so they added him in Brawl.

          Still, one might argue that Metal Gear Solid is the most renown title in the series, or at least relate the franchise more strongly to PlayStation at this point. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see so many people requesting him.

          I also read that Kojima said he would not allow Solid Snake and Raiden to fight against each other, and with Raiden’s inclusion in All-Stars, it seems that Solid is out of the question.

          Personally, I would be fine if Big Boss/Naked Snake showed up.

  • jj16802

    Still no Nathan Hale from Resistance? Sigh….

  • Jonathan Desjardin

    i want abe and dart to be in the game! =D

  • Fab

    How about let’s not get absorbed in what happened in the past with All-stars but focus on the present? Dart is within our reach!

    The petition is right here. If you guys want actual classic characters to join this roster, please, sign this and spread the word to everyone you know!

  • Oliver

    Really guys? Stop comparing Super Smash Bros. with PlayStation All Stars! Okay, so you don’t like it because the gameplay is not like super smash bros? I’m pretty sure if it was the same as SSB people would also complain about it! “Nothing new” “Not fresh ideas” Guess what people, this is a “love it or hate it” game. Most of my friends have grown with Nintendo, and they were expecting the worst from this game. As soon as they played it, they LOVED it! and yeah, they still prefer smash over this game. The thing is that only because you don’t like it, or you don’t know who are those characters, doesn’t mean is a bad game. People who suck at playing it get easily frustrated and blame the game. I love SSB but I own a PS3 and I was hoping and wishing for a game like this to come out for PS3 🙂 Now, I’m more than happy with it! I play it even more than SSB.

    • Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns

      People either complain that it isn’t like Smash Bros. or that it is like Smash Bros.

      There’s no winning when someone charges in to hate.

      • Oliver