Game Rentals Appear On The PlayStation Store

It seems that Sony may have snuck in a new feature to the PlayStation Store.

For those who may not have noticed, the PlayStation Network received an update today that was originally scheduled for last Tuesday. The reason for the delay was that there was a bug in the system. However, it appears another reason could have been for more time to add extra features to the store, as some rental options have appeared for certain titles.

psn 3


psn 1

Screens taken from our PlayStation 3.


We came across the following on NeoGAF, and it appears that this is actually a part of the PS Now service.


That was taken by GAF user Chesskid1, via his web browser. We have also confirmed this to be true via our PS3.


  • Gannon

    Is that a game or is it porn?

    • Jason Mounce

      Not sure what kind of porns’ you watch.

      It’s a game.

      • DarthDiggler

        Hard to tell with Japan. 🙂 Lots of porn cartoons in the land of the rising sun.

        We are talking about the country that has vending machines for panties.

    • jameslara

      It’s a game, but it comes off as an Adult theme

    • Synthetic Construct

      Censored softcore tentacle hentai, minus the tentacles(?)

    • awkenney

      It’s actually quite an entertaining game. Mostly puzzle-type stuff, but otherwise just some more adult humor.

    • Zacflame

      Sexualized game.

  • Thinkaboutit

    Thats awesome. Ive been wondering why they dont do this for awhile now.

  • bo2y

    This game is porn I swear.

    • Joshua Brackeen

      Hardly. It deals majorly with the emotional side of relationships which porn does not. Also, there is zero nudity.

  • Steph

    Very cool, hope it comes to next gen soon too.

    • BalramRules

      *sigh* why are you everywhere? Trolling PS4 24,7.

      • Brandon Griffin

        Are you joking…?

      • DarthDiggler

        It doesn’t seem you know what the definition of trolling is.

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  • Gustavo B. Passos

    What PSN is this? North america? European? Mine doesn’t show this option :(!

    • TheViper4Life

      Well the images show a “$” so it’s obviously the U.S. version…but yeah mine doesn’t have this feature either.

      • dapaintrain

        We’ll I’m in Australia we use the eu psn and we see $ here because we don’t use euros or pounds so not having $ would be crazy to expect people to translate

        However the interface looks more US then the normal EU gui

    • jameslara

      Tested on our North America account

  • Guitario666

    I was just thinking about the idea of renting the other day.
    Why buy a game thats around 6 hours long when you can just rent it and beat it during the weekend

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  • Demetre HG

    Pure garbage

    • You are flat out wrong

      I know the Xbone is, Demetre, but what does this have to do with it?

      • john smith

        Grow up

        • chrisredfield31

          lol Xbots! You tell You are flat out wrong to grow up when he’s only making a joke out of Demetre being a total ass? Seems like you and him need to grow up.

          • john smith

            I need to grow up? I find you’re 1+1=3 logic here amusing. I’m not the one acting childish calling people silly names over a stupid video game machine.

            • chrisredfield31

              Think about it. You’re defending a guy that is a known troll and you’re criticizing a guy who is just making people smile.

            • john smith

              You guys are no better than he is I’ll bet that you’ve both done you fair share of trolling.

            • chrisredfield31

              Feel free to right click my icon and check my post history. I dare you. Go ahead and do it. Then go check out that other guy’s post history. Let’s face the fact right now. You’re an Xbox fan and/or fanboy. You’re defending a fellow Xbox fanboy. That explains your motives right there. You can’t turn this around on me.

            • john smith

              Yeah, you like to attack people who defend Xbox. I didn’t need to look at you’re comment history to know that.

              Btw, “Xbot” is a disrespectful label commonly used by Sony fanboys and is intended to demean people who prefer Xbox. Personally I think that it’s silly and overly abused.

            • chrisredfield31

              LMAO! Shut up. I saw your post history. You hate any Sony fan, doesn’t matter if they’re Sony fanboys, fans or anything. You hate Sony. Don’t try the high horse crap with me. You don’t have a single leg to stand on. You’re just as much of a fanboy as the guy that you’re defending.

              Like I said, you can’t turn it around on me. You’re defending a fellow Xbox fan (notice I did not use any names) versus criticizing a guy that’s just poking some fun and getting some laughs on someone that is a known abuser of Sony fans. I have proof that you hate Sony fans so that’s why you’re staunchly defending this guy.

            • john smith

              Why don’t you shut up? You started this bullshit with your silly name calling remember? And I’m not defending anyone so get off of it. I read the article scrolled down and seen a comment with “Xbot” so I told the poster to grow up. That’s it! I didn’t care who he was replying to.

              You’re the one turning things around here. Seriously, you started this and now you’re pathetically backpedaling to save face by accusing me of hating Sony and blah blah blah! Are you a fucking clown or something?

              My comment history doesn’t say shit and the only reason you’re making such a big deal out of it is because you’re sensitive to any slight criticism(s) towards PlayStation hmm.. I wonder why that is? And why are my comments about hating Sony fanboys so relevant to you? Aren’t fanboys in general considered to be scum? Would it matter if I said that I hated Microsoft fanboys? No. The way that you’ve acted towards me since my first comment here strongly suggests that you are a fanboy so stop being a fucking little tool and denying it! None of this shit would be important to you if it wasn’t true. You should stop playing internet cop too btw because your hypocrisy is obvious.

            • chrisredfield31


            • chrisredfield31

              I started this bullshit? If you didn’t tell that guy to grow up because of YOUR sensitivity to Xbox jokes then I wouldn’t have had to uncover your true motives. I did that because You are flat out wrong was simply creating some light hearted humor that wasn’t intended to be hostile to anybody. You still don’t seem to get the fact that you attacked someone for trying to make people laugh.

              I’m backpedaling now? I’ve never stepped a foot backwards since. I’m calling you out on you saying that I’m trolling people when there’s no evidence of such. I pointed out the post history feature and then you reeled and started pulling out a bunch of useless crap to steer the argument in another direction.

              Your comment history doesn’t say anything? It says PLENTY. What I highlighted ALONE was enough to put you on your backside and drop your credibility so far down that you can’t even see the bottom anymore. And with that, I’m done. I win. Sucker.

            • john smith

              You’re just too fucking stupid to give up aren’t you?

            • chrisredfield31

              And also, I don’t “like” to attack people who defend Xbox. I attack people who make incorrect statements and then use that as a trolling tactic. That’s the kind of people I was arguing with if you saw my post history.

            • chrisredfield31

              Hmm. Let’s see. I checked YOUR profile. I’ll post it for everyone to see. Looks like I was right about your motives:

              Sony fanboys aren’t gamers they’re haters.
              Sony fanboys are bottom of the barrel and the most pathetic of all.

              Not to mention your various anti-PS comments and pro MS comments even though you were completely wrong and had no facts to back that up.

            • john smith

              Well, you just proved that you’re a disputatious kind of person who obviously enjoys trolling people and has plenty of free time to do it so congratulations.

              As for those comments, that’s exactly how I feel and I stand by it. Though I admit that the second comment was a little heavy-handed, I think that you’re intent to smear me by posting those two comments makes you look kind of silly. After all, can you prove that those two statements are really incorrect? Go ahead and do you’re best. I think that there is enough information on that particular subject across the Internet to prove my point. We can start with the Jim Sterling article “Ps3 fanboys are the worst.” The fact that you’re even sensitive about it is very telling; and you accuse me of defending fellow fanboys.

      • Mr. Thuggins

        He makes no reference to Xbox and yet you still manage to attempt to turn the conversation towards a fanboy argument. You need to make sure you have a soft place to land before jumping to conclusions.

        • You are flat out wrong

          Ol’ Demetre is a known Xbot, and a scummy one too. Here’s his twitter for demented fun and games:

          • blzzy_gie

            Surprised you are not telling us this is Sony’s greedy attempt at killing the secondhand rental market, as I am sure you would have done if this was news by MS.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Why would expanding options kill the rental market, you doughnut?

              If there were conspiring with Gamespot in some way to control it, you might have a point. Xbots were never good with analogies.

            • Martijn

              I wouldn’t mind. In Belgium there were no retal licenses for games so instead of creating them, they just banned it alltogether. So renting through PSN would be welcome here.

            • DarthDiggler


              It’s nice to have options, isn’t that right @blzzy_gie:disqus ?

            • DarthDiggler


              Rentals don’t kill the used market it just gives consumers another avenue to play games. A marktetplace full of choices will benefit more people than monolithic sales strategies. Used game vendors will have to compete with the rentals which means pricing for used games will likely go down.

              Also you characterization of Sony as greedy demonstrates very immature thinking. Sony just like you and any other company likes to get paid for it’s work. Greed is a human characteristic.

            • blzzy_gie

              I didn’t characterize Sony I was simply showing how the Sony fan his would react if this news would of been MS instead of Sony.

          • Mr. Thuggins

            Ah, gotcha. Carry on, then haha.

        • chrisredfield31

          This guy trolls like every PS4 article on every Disqus capable website. You sure you want to defend this guy?

    • Zatanna XOXOXOXO

      How so? I would love you to explain how an optional rental program is “garbage”.

      • blzzy_gie

        Well if I was a fanboy I would say “this is Sony’s attempt at killing the secondhand game rental market”.

        But as I don’t want to sound like the biggest troll on the net “You are flats out wrong” I won’t say it.

        • DarthDiggler


          Please explain how you came to this conclusion?

          • blzzy_gie

            Simple logic, I read the news but changed Sony to MS i.e.

            “DIGITAL” Game “rentals” appear on the Xbox Store”

            I then imagined all the replies and what they would say.

  • jakdripr

    That’s awesome, I’ve wanted to be able to try before I buy for a very long time, glad to see sony bringing it. I hope all the games are actually free to rent though and it’s applied to every game.

  • Zachary Carter

    Update: we posted bull !@#$, and wanted to let you know that this article should have been pulled than waste your time. FU, and have a nice day.

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  • Brandon Hardaway

    Catherine is SUCH a good game. It’s hard, but the way the story is told is phenomenal!!

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  • Mike

    I troll the PS4 and I have one.

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  • Placebo

    Needs adding to the PS4 and in the EU, there’s a few titles I don’t want to buy but would gladly pay to rent!

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  • Ryumoau

    awesome!! i love the idea of renting games on psn. I just hope the prices for a 7 day rental isn’t absurd and i hope the game selection has alot of good third party support.

  • d0x360

    Such a good idea I’m concept but streaming games (the way gaikai) did it just doesn’t work. Too much controller latency. Now If the games are downloaded to the console that would be awesome but I don’t think that’s what they are doing. I also wouldn’t expect games that are new to appear on this service. Publishers make all their money in 2 years then they give up. Most of that money is made in the first 6 months. They aren’t going to cannibalize sales to allow people to rent.

    • Grif

      I’m pretty sure the games would download to the system. Just like the 60 minute game demo, it downloads to your system, but after 60 minutes, you can no longer play that game.

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  • Devin Jackson

    Will infamous second son have a demo or anything?

  • Cody Glisson

    what yeah ok

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  • TriPpKinGs

    If I wanted to play previous gen games, I would snap my 360/ps3…I don’t understand all the hype behind streaming old games. Buy it digitally for 19.99 or buy it used on ebay for 2.99…

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  • Feonacy Tyson

    Ahaa, it’s nice conversation on the subject of this post at this place, I actually have read all that, therefore at this time me additionally commenting at this place.

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