PS3 Input Lag: Battlefield 3 Vs Bad Company 2

Input lag on the PlayStation 3 has been affecting Battlefield 3 PS3 players differently. Some experience a lot, while others, only a little. It depends on a number of factors including your TV set up, or perhaps even the controller you’re using. Then of course, there is the issue with the game itself. Most likely, you’ve read numerous reports on the issue as it has been apparent since the launch of Battlefield 3. Though DICE has yet to announce a fix, they have suggested a number of things to help improve the situation.

However, there are still those who aren’t sure what input lag looks like, or if it even exists. Thankfully, our friend TheEnd004500 has crafted a video demonstration of the differences between Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, clearly showing that Battlefield 3 dose indeed suffer on the PS3.

Check it out below, and make sure to subscribe to his channel for some amazing Battlefield content, including Bad Company 2 and 1943. Afterwards, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • Stef

    I ordered an xbox today just to play BF3 hahah. Im done with waiting for a fix, cant wait to play!! 

    • PHATL2028

      could of bought a decent graphics card for that for a PC and had real version of BF3 to play, it’s ok since PS3 players routinley have highest average of online support and get shit version from DICE, PC players have second most then SHITBOX. has it update and people can see how many users at any given time.

      • PHATL2028

        PC online78 751 PS3 online94 470 360 online85 004 just incase of haters, : D

      • Stef

         Not in my country. Pc’s are to expensive I got the xbox and mw3 included (Wich im going to trade for BF3) for 265 dollar.

        • PHATL2028

           i can understand the cost if you don’t already have a solid PC, just saying adding a decent card to a solid PC would NORMALLY be better.

          • Stef

             Yea thats true offcourse, I only have a laptop made for web browsing.

          • PHATL2028

            where ya from

    • Anonymous

      Did you try different settings or a different TV before making drastic decisions?

      • Stef

         I tried everything a man could possibly try 😛

  • Manc-hater

    Thanks for highlighting this in its own article David.

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  • Cyborg6971

    That sucks. I wouldn’t play if it was like that. I tried my arkham city Batman controller and it was a good second and a half lag. So there is somethin to the controller you use. My ds is fine luckily.

  • Jasper

    i just wish more sites would highlight this problem, i just wish DICE would listen and help, its their fault afterall

  • J_mcaky93

    inferior console tisk tisk 

    • PHATL2028

      GTFO, lazy devs porting shit is why. How come all sony exclusives smoke the SHITBOX, graphics and better gameplay , have you seen ” QUANTUM DREAM” new demo of graphical power still left in PS3. PS3 should of made a simpler architecture so lazy devs could copy and paste like they would prefer, go play COD and SHITIVISION titles. I won’t go into SHITBOX articles trolling so have a little respect for others.

      • Anonymous

        Was it that easy to get baited? Shit you sound even more stupid than he does.

        • PHATL2028

          Here we go go with your sorry two cents… again. My bad for standing up for my system. My point was don’t come into PS3 discussion if your trolling , I wouldn’t go into  SHITBOX article.

          • PHATL2028

            nope 32

        • PHATL2028

          you still won’t post under your gamers tag and prefered platform, always coming at me , I think you like sausage in your mouth and have a man crush on me XD

          • Anonymous

            Are you going through puberty? You cannot be a day over 14 years old with this crap you come up with.

      • Anonymous

        Was it that easy to get baited? Shit you sound even more stupid than he does.

      • dakan45

        my god you are an idiot, take a look at mw3 on pc, it looks miles better than any console game.

        • PHATL2028

          Your the idiot , did I mention anything negative about any PC titles, no I didn’t. It should look better than console it’s freakin PC. Keep supporting SHITIVISIOB’S garbage so FPS will stay the same crap , your even worse wasting your PC on COD TRASH.

      • dakan45

        my god you are an idiot, take a look at mw3 on pc, it looks miles better than any console game.

  • The Klendagon

    Didnt they switch lead platform to PS3 after PC? Funny how it still has problems that the PC or even Xbox 360 doesn’t have…At least you guys get a real VOIP 🙁

    • No they didn’t they announced that PS3 became lead CONSOLE development, DICE always makes PC development first and foremost. As well as coding for PS3 is apparently more difficult than 360 coding due to blu-ray formatting. 

  • T-BAG

    I can’t believe some people are  saying there’s no input lag…


    • AL_GR33N_

       I do not experience lag on PS3 except on one budget LCD which cannot disable processing modes  (I use my PS3 on any one of 6 different TVs).

      I’m not denying that it exists.  I just don’t see it.

      So people aren’t saying there is no lag, just that they don’t get it.

      This is the problem with this, not everyone gets it, which makes it very difficult to find out what the problem is.  No-one has been able to correlate this behaviour with specific hardware configurations.

      There has to be some variable which causes it to appear in some setups and not others.

      • Oscarrc_sb

        theres a reason th bf3 guys found that fixed the issue, sometimes its due to the tv settings, you know, game mode, vivid, standard, and they found that playing with that you can get to fix the lag… as far as I know they’re still looking for the main reason, but that can help some people while they get it

  • ostrichbean

    I don’t get any input lag on ps3

  • better quality version this is good but its not the best

  • verla

    There’s definitely some input lag, didn’t experience anything in the beta though…

  • fftunes

    now they try to blame it on controllers, tv’s etc… gfg and fix the game. They admitted it’s an issue with their game only hours after release, if they had been “working on this” like they said, we would have seen results by now.

  • Guest

    If it doesn’t happen to everyone then the ONLY thing that makes sense is that the television is at fault.  Use some basic troubleshooting skills, folks.  

  • brap1243

    The way DICE works, you need to either have a PC or tough s*** for you. Not everyone can afford a 3,000 dollar PC.

  • Annoyed PS3 Player

    This is another reason why MP1st is one the best sites around, and one I visit every day.  Not enough sites bring to this to the light, which is a shame since it’s a such a game-breaking issue for PS3 players.  I hope it gets fixed soon, or I’ll be done with BF3 (and probably any other other BF games in the future for that matter). 

  • Ptp18

    maybe we should all start with this… 1. post version of the console 2. post what controler (wired / wireless) 3. Post cord used to atach to tv. 4. Post settings on PS3 under VIDEO ( so what options are used) . THEN finally we can start to nock down or see a trend… id hate for the game to be doing something because of YOUR set up… or something some PS3 exp. vs others…  as for me, you can find me dumpin on the PC

  • Jmichaelyoung

    360 doesn’t have input lag, but it does have controller drift, which isn’t as bad as the PS3 input lag, but it’s still a pain to deal with.

  • Mke67

    I have come to the conclusion this is the same “weight” crap that KZ2 has, and it’s a part of the code/game.  This will never change so I think, either you get use to it or sell your copy.  I however think a real dead-zone adjustable slider in the options is the only fix.  Just my opinion, not looking for any agreement or debate.

  • if it ever gets fixed, i will replay the campaign :3

  • Triple_Beam

    does it affect button presses also  (square, R1 etc)?

  • dakan45

    Just so you know, all bf games since the first one (so dont give me bullet ravel distance ignorant bullshit) has a hit register delay due to bad coding.

    Therefore it already is like that on all systems on the ps3 its just worse.

  • dakan45

    Just so you know, all bf games since the first one (so dont give me bullet ravel distance ignorant bullshit) has a hit register delay due to bad coding.

    Therefore it already is like that on all systems on the ps3 its just worse.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that was just how Battlefield games felt.

  • fiqst

    I normally plug my ps3 into my computer monitor and I get no input lag with bf3. I did, however, try it out with my hitachi 40in TV and there was a half second delay and it was virtually unplayable.

    Since the beta seemed to have no troubles for anybody, and it seems that switching the ps3 to 480p fixes the problem, it’s my prediction that the HD graphics pack that comes standard with the ps3 blueray disc is the culprit.

  • BF Fan

    Thanks for putting this out there MP. I think DICE is putting most of their resources towards DLC and BC3 and the like. They should have fixed this already. They also took forever with the VOIP fix. They made the frostbite engine which is pretty complex. They are not dummies, it comes down to how much effort and manpower/money they throw at the problems.

  • Christianus49

    btw. I’m X360 user. I think both consoles – PS3 and X360 are (sry, but it’s true) shit. It’s time for the next-gen consoles….but. Why are there problems in any game only on the PS3?

    I mean Skyrim….Battlefield 3 and now even Mass Effect 3. What the hell is wrong with that console? Can anybody explain it to me – why it does not exist on the X360 – i can’t believe it’s just because of the RAM. 

    • PS3 is, apparently, harder to develop for. Developers tend to be lazy, do the easy systems first and then poorly port it over. 

  • Moocrew247


  • Lol Se


  • Ontopit771

    quit calling other consoles names, names like “shitbox” or gaystation only makes the person uses them retarded, respect the other console and get the fuck over it. i have the ps3 version and i am too unhappy about the input but nothing seems to work, i believe it is the game

  • Monkey
  • Bobban von Gåhs

    It’s not the game, it’s your TV! U need a DICE certificated platina TV.

  • There’s a site dedicated to this input lag. 

    Personally, I’m not going to buy another DICE game. Games have bugs, I understand, but ignorance, denial and lazy of action just pisses me off. It’s not how you treat paying customers. 

  • Frostboss41

    Disabling anti-aliasing is not working very much. I can’t tell if there’s any input lag reduction.

    Tried downgrading my output resolution to 480p, and that didn’t do much either.

  • Johnstevens

    I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3. NO LAG on the 360 but plenty on the PS3. If you people who don’t experience it want to know what its like then turn off “Aim Assist”. Aim assist doesn’t work at all. There is no difference when I toggle between “off” and “on”.

    I’ve tried all different fixes with no luck. I’ve been completely impressed with Dice and their games up until now. I put it ALL on THEM, NOT on PS3. Other games don’t have this problem, hence its the game!
    Dice, step up. Fix the issue. You already made your money off of all of us but don’t think you can ignore us. That’s a sure way to alienate future business.

  • John Marston

    Will Input lag ever get fixed in BF3? it’s going on a year and it’s still a problem if you keep AA on and with it off, it’s barely improved..any updates?

  • PWNYluv

    All the lageroneis and HackerBoteronies love it XD