PS4 – A Lot Of PlayStation News Happening This Week, Details On Firmware Update 1.7 “Coming Soon”?

Announced on March 19th, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 4 would be receiving a major update that was set to include many new features, including the much-requested removal of the dreaded HDCP.

Though they stated that the update would be available “Soon”, nearly a month has passed since we’ve gotten any word about it. However, it seems that may change this week.

English Community Manager at PlayStation Europe, Chris Owen, took to Twitter today to “tease” that there would be a lot of news coming out this week.

Moderation Specialist at SCEE also commented, saying it’s a “something for everyone kinda week!”


A bit later, he went on to post details about the upcoming LittleBigPlanet DC Premium Level pack, with a Twitter user asking if there will be news about the PS4 and if it’s firmware related. Owen responded with:

He also went on to acknowledge that PSN in Europe is experiencing some login issues, though he doesn’t have any clear details yet.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the update just came live out of nowhere, since Sony does seem to enjoy releasing them out of the blue.

The update was confirmed to include the removal of HDCP, the ability to export videos to a USB, better Twitch support, and other unannounced features.

Thanks, users of Neogaf.

  • WelcomeToGoodBurger

    yess then i can stop using that sreaded dvi converter annd get better quality on my streams

    • MrMultiPlatform

      Or you could just use twich on the PS4.

      • WelcomeToGoodBurger

        lmmfao that is a trash streaming service

        • Tuttle wada

          Twitch on PS4 or Twitch in general?

          • WelcomeToGoodBurger

            the streaming service ps4 offers

            • MrMultiPlatform

              Then get better internet service. I have no problem with it.

            • jameslara

              He’s not really wrong? It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s that you can’t stream in HD (720) on the PS4 or archive videos

            • Logan Carroll

              Both 720p streaming and twitch archiving have already been confirmed to come in this update.

            • WelcomeToGoodBurger

              i have 100 down and 50 up my internet is not the problem

      • jameslara

        it doesn’t support 720P yet though or archives the videos

        • Grif

          Maybe this patch will bring 720p to Twitch. I’m kinda banking on it.

        • Sarobi

          720p Twitch may be in this upcoming firmware

        • Logan Carroll

          yes but both of those things are coming in this update. Sony even confirmed that.

  • Grif

    Awesome, can’t wait to see what’s in the big update.

  • TZuck

    expecting Destiny news to drop tomorrow, would also like DriveClub details.

    • df

      Lets hope so!

  • Malikite

    Oh yeah! This is what I’m talking about!

  • Malikite

    There are SO MANY things people are waiting for sony to update on the PS4 its crazy! What will they do next?

  • Cahone2

    How about games worthy of purchase. Enough MMORPGS

    • tmservo

      Uh, Infamous Second Son isn’t worth a buy?

      • Mike

        Boring. Believe it or not I liked Prototype better.

      • Grif

        Ya go ahead and buy it. I had fun playing it all the way to the end. Though after you’ve been the game, there isn’t any replay value.

        • tmservo

          Hmm. Well, I guess it’s up to what you think. People talk about it being a quick play.. it definitely wasn’t for me, I spent a good two weeks.. but it depends on your play style. I spend most of my time running around, collecting everything, defeating all the DUPs and then story.. Just entertaining to me that way. It’s slower because the battles can take longer but a blast.

          I’ve played through 4 times.. good/bad at normal and expert.. and now spend some time on the paper chronicles. Just beautiful. The latest patches to this and the new photo tools they’ve built in are great.

  • Tyler Durden

    Someone’s fighting first.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Yeah stop teasing and just release the damn update already.

  • T-51B

    So… PSN ID changes right?

  • Sweeett!!!!

  • Russell Gorall

    Teasing news again, Sony?

  • TommyBoy

    I wonder when the option to change the theme will be back, kind of tired of all the blue, but i’m not going for green, though.

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  • RealityCheck2013

    HURRY UP SONY 😀 The PS4 has been out 4/5 months & we have hardly had any good updates really 🙁

  • Jessenia Lopez

    too much talk and not enough action

  • Sweeetttt!!!! I’m looking forward to this week.

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  • albatrosMyster

    They will announce a built in retroarch + xbmc support right into the PS4 OS!

  • Manoj Varughese

    Would love to hear any new exclusive AAA announce apart from others already on list…

    • Kamille

      those kind of announcements are always saved for big events like E3 not at random like this.

  • Pawel

    We need DLNA + Blu Ray 3d playback. Cant believe this didnt come at launch. I continuously need to go back to my ps3. Please!