PSA – Battlefield 4 PlayStation 4 Patch Rescheduled For “Additional Testing”

PlayStation 4 users eagerly awaiting Battlefield 4‘s latest game update may have to hold on a little longer.

As a quick public service announcement, the PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 game update that was originally announced to launch today has been delayed as it undergoes “some additional testing.”

“The PS4 game update that was originally meant to go live Dec 3 is undergoing some additional testing and will be rescheduled for a later date,” writes DICE developer “Trydling” in a recent Battlelog update. “We will get back with final details as soon as we have verification that the update is good to go.”

The update was meant to fix the “one-hit kill bug” as well as prevent crashes from playing with large groups of friends and enabled audio in PS4 video captures. No revised release date was mentioned, though the same update on all other platforms is expected to drop before the end of this week at the very earliest. Perhaps the delayed PS4 update will make it for a similar time frame.

Premium members still waiting on the China Rising DLC will also have to wait until the PSN store updates, which is expected to take place at between 2pm PST to 6pm PST today. For now, catch up on some of the latest footage, including the brand new launch trailer, right here!

  • NinoBr0wn


  • Analdo Gomez

    “I want my xboxers happy first, EA/DICE” *rolls crying on the floor* – Micro$oft

    • taternuggets

      you jelly?

      • Analdo Gomez

        Yup, I’m jelly, I paid $60 for the same game 🙁 why companies do this to me?.

        • I paid $60 for the same game too and I haven’t received one patch on Xbox One , yet you bitch about not getting the second patch for the PlayStation 4.

          • Analdo Gomez

            I’m bitching about for both consoles 🙁

    • Just saying

      I’m beginning to get that feeling. 2nd time that DICE looks like it favors Xbox One on PS4. 1st time was conquest fix on the day Xbox One got released and now this.

      • jaskdavis

        Xbox one has not had a patch yet?

        • Exactly and neither had PS3. It wasn’t a problem with them when PS3 got BF3 patches first but you know, fanboys love the silver spoon.

      • pot51e

        Don’t buy into it. Its a small step from this to fake moon landings and Bush’s secret 9/11 plan.

        Sometimes, shit just happens.

      • Really? Despite this being the second PlayStation 4 patch when Xbox One(and PS3)has yet to receive a patch?

        • Just saying

          I’m talking about 2 things only.
          1st: Conquest didn’t work the whole week prior to X1 launch.
          2nd: the patch got delayed.
          I just linked the two and I feel like M$ is playing in the background. That’s it, just a feeling!

      • jaskdavis

        There was no “Conquest Fix” on day one for X1, it still is broken, just did not have the CE error that PS4 had due to the 1.51 firmware update! Like I said before, we have not had any patch on Xbox One yet except the one that’s due this week sometime (or next) and it is still broken on X1 as it crashes to dashboard every 3-4 games.

        • SubXero

          Conquest on PS4 did not work AT ALL until the day the Xbox One released. I’m not getting into any conspiracy theories or anything like that I’m just stating a fact. Unless you or some others were playing Conquest prior to then? All I saw on the internet was people saying they could not play Conquest and that was including myself.

          When I picked up my One on the 22nd the first thing I did was try to play some BF4 Conquest and it worked so then I decided to turn on my PS4 to try and, amazingly, it was working when it had not worked at all the entire week prior.

          Regardless of the actual reasons why it went down that way, it’s a little “fishy” nonetheless.

    • jaskdavis

      Don’t be a belligerent fanboy…

      • Just saying

        Dude, I’m not in a state of fanboyism here. The whole thing just appears to be suspicious, that’s it. Also I’m a PS4 user so all I care about is BF4 patch for my console.

  • dieger

    oh i can feel the anger on battlelog right now..

  • just a guy

    By the time its on psn it will be bed time 🙂

  • therapiist

    they testing it because they want to make sure that the dlc doesn’t work, once it’s release.

  • Ryan Schulze

    Doesn’t matter. I stopped playing. Will be back when it doesn’t crash and I can get chat to work.

    • NinoBr0wn

      My game has rarely crashed for over a week now. When was the last time you played? And what problem are you having with chat?

      • Ryan Schulze

        My game had rarely crashed for a week, but then I played this past weekend and had back to back days with crashes.

        The chat issue is consistent. I simply don’t hear anyone and can’t seem to chat with anyone. However, that could simply be that everyone that’s on mic is in some sort of group chat and so they are not available. The PS4 is great in many respects and I’m happy with the purchase, but after years of the 360’s seamless chat, I’m annoyed at it not working as simply as it does on the 360. Perhaps it is BF4. Perhaps it is the PS4. I don’t know as I haven’t spent hours with someone on the other end of a chat session trying to work out the kinks. I joined a clan, but so far, everyone plays hour earlier than I do. Truly, I’m content playing GTA V, Resogun, & NBA2K14 for a while and I’ll come back to BF4 after I hear that the issues have subsided.

  • Ben August

    LOL the audio wasn’t “enabled” in video capture!?!

    Seriously, how can ANYONE defend this product??

    Seriously folks, have some self-respect, and hold EA/Dice to a MINIMAL level of expectations. Don’t buy this game. It only teaches developers that they can bully us, release broken products, all while banking our checks and hard earned money.