PSN Down for Maintenance on April 16th for About 13 Hours

Sony has announced today on the PlayStation Blog that the PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, April 16th.

The maintenance will start at about 6:00am PDT / 9:00am EDT / 2:00pm GMT/ 9:00pm JST, and will end around 7:00pm PDT / 10:00 pm EDT / 3:00am GMT (April 17th) / 10:00am JST (April 17th).

During the 13 hour maintenance period, you will not be able to access the following:

  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation Home
  • Account Management
  • PSN enabled websites
  • Online gaming

In case you’re wondering why PSN is going down, Sony didn’t offer any reasoning. However, Mathew Harper, Sr. Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms stated in the comments’ section, “while I don’t have more details to share at this time regarding the downtime, I will certainly work to include more info in future posts.”

  • thafallen5oulja

    good thing i own an xbox

    • Engineer

       You’re right. Have fun paying to play online and enjoy all of those console exclusives. You know, all of the ones you can count using just one hand.

      • LOL

         U JELLY?

        • Engineer

          Are you twelve?

      • GAMER4lyfe

        Well there may not be a lot of 1st party exclusives but if you look at how many Microsoft exclusives(Xbox/PC) that aren’t on PS3 then Xbox does have more games simply because they arent on PS3. Black Ops is PS3 highest selling game despite all these console exclusives, I love my PS3 and the games, I used to be a PS+ member when I played online why? Because I get better stuff and early access to…and because I can afford it :). I’m sure paying a price equal to one new game per year, which is what many people were doing for original Xbox Live(so it’s nothing new if you don’t know), is not a problem because we can afford it. Problem?

        • Engineer

           They aren’t on the 360, though. That’s like counting all of the Nintendo games just because they aren’t on the PS3. That makes no sense. It doesn’t matter if Microsoft owns them, they aren’t on the 360. Besides, Microsoft doesn’t even own any good exclusives, so your claim is double busted.

          You can afford it? Was that a knock at poor people or what? Real mature, kid. Just for your information, I too could afford PlayStation Plus, but I choose not to subscribe. I haven’t wanted one thing they have been offering through the program, not one. I don’t feel left out. You don’t get better stuff through the program either, you just get it earlier and sometimes cheaper.

          It’s not a huge cost to play online, I never said that, but I would much rather play for free if given the choice. Especially considering the fact that there’s a better selection of games on the “free” console. Again, you went back to being able to afford it. Nobody cares if you can afford it, that’s not why I brought it up. It’s not about being able to afford it, so stop trying to make a mockery of anyone who supposedly can’t afford it. Grow up, kid.

    •  the both have there problems dont try to start a console war though 🙂

      • Bill Paxton(not the actor)

        It’s a wonder these console ware still even go on after 6 years. It’s like a handheld war against Nokia N-Gage vs Gameboy Advanced SP it’s stupid. If you don’t own both consoles by now considering how cheap they are then your missing out on what both have to offer. Like Jonothan said they both have their problems, and good points.. PS3 has blu-ray but its slow and requires preloading, and Cell architecture, and it’s fair to say that it’s going nowhere, as people can get multicore processors easier to develop for. Xbox HAD major hardware issue, no blu ray playback and small disc size. But overall games don’t have as many bugs, lag issues or framerate issues as the PS3 would, but blame Cell for that. And Xbox has the Witcher 2, arguably the best PC game out and besides the lack of some hi res textures that makes the game comparable to medium setting on PC, Just another reason why you suck if you only own one console

        •  i dont own a xbox cause it doesnt have anything i want i dont like GOW or halo so there is no need for me to buy it and COD is worthless cause i can just wait for my DLC on PS3

  • Bad Ass Hawaiian

    That sucks they have to do when their is COD tournament going

    • Engineer

      Maybe all of the kids that play Call of Duty will actually do their homework for once now. Either that, or sit down and think about why they keep buying the same game year after year.

    •  lol

  • dats cool cause i got fallout and elder scrolls!!

    • Clown13

       Playing Fallout 3 right now for like the 8th time lol

  • ramirez19pl

    Im not happy 🙁 for this mainternamce my BF3 Marathon must stop 🙁