Rainbow 6: Patriots May Move to Next-Gen Hardware, Ubisoft Hopes “It Will Surprise the Industry”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything of Ubisoft’s next installment in the Rainbow 6 franchise, Rainbow 6: Patriots.

Luckily, Polygon was recently able to dig up some interesting bits if info while speaking to Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot.

“The only thing I can say is that we have a good team working on it, and it’s really looking good,” Guillmot told Polygon. “So when it will come, it will surprise the industry.”

Guillmot was also asked about the possibility of Rainbow 6: Patriots being a next-generation title, to which he responded, “there’s a good chance it can be.”

Last year’s preliminary target gameplay was leaked to Kotaku, later officially released to the public by Ubisoft, which demonstrated a bold new vision for the series, taking it in a direction that required players to make some heavy moral choices while in-game.

We here at MP1st are very excited about Rainbow 6: Patriots and plan to give you top notch coverage, so make sure to keep your sights locked right here!

Do you have your eyes on the next Rainbow 6?

  • Damn. Was looking forward to it. :[

    • so was i

    • Retro

      Me too but I’m kind of happy to see it moving to next gen.

  • jrstryker

    Game looked good but it would be cool to see what they can do with a next Gen console – maybe smarter IA? Rather they take their time and get the game right than rushing and trying to make up for it later.

  • Boomee

    i hope its on next gen as well as current gen that was one of the titles I was looking forward to next year

  • SubXero

    I said this was going to be a next-gen launch title several years ago. Given R6’s history it made no sense that we didn’t see a follow up even discussed after R6:V2 and then it got to the point where it didn’t make sense to even try to launch another R6 game given the way the FPS market has changed over the past five years as well as the way R6:V2 was handled and received by the public/critics.

    When Rainbow 6: Patriots was announced I was dumbfounded that they were said they were going to release this in 2013 especially after seeing target gameplay and hearing how ambitious it was going to be. I thought surely Ubi had been working on this as a next-gen launch title and had to be outting the launch of the next PS and Xbox consoles… I was even more shocked when they said it was going to be during this generation of consoles. That just made no sense to me.
    If Ubi wants to breath life into a series that hasn’t been around since 2008, and the last time it was around it was little more than an full priced add-on of a 2006 game, they NEED to make it a launch title for the next generation of consoles. There’s always a lack of games or at least decent ones (not that it stops even shitty games from amassing extremely high undeserved sales numbers) at console launches and you are pretty much guaranteed to sell 4-5mil between both consoles if you’re a multi-platform title. I’d say Rainbow 6: Patriots could sell 7-8 million copies if it plays it’s cards right and releases as a next-gen launch title with simultaneous launch dates for the first console out and PC.

    • dpg70

      As much as I liked it, V2 was just a $60 expansion pack. Both great games though. As old as they are, they’re still two of the better games of this console generation.

      • I never played Vegas before V2 so I loved it. Then I went back in played them in order and yeah I can see where you guys come from. Its how I felt about Assassin’s Creed 2-Revelations. Then 3 came out…

  • RoadTripToJalalabad

    I liked R6 Vegas but it wasn’t much about entry-tactics or hostage rescue. I like games that make you actually care about who and when you shoot (Sierra’s SWAT 4 is awesome in this respect). But it seems like mainstream players (and their money) have voted against the tactical and human side of FPS’s in favor of simplicity.

  • I’d have to wait for good details about the multiplayer side of the game before I even give this game a chance. Right now we have zero details in that department.

  • Crossphyre

    Every since Raven Shield for the PC, I have been waiting for a decent game from the Tom Clancy Franchise. Really hoping this is the one.

  • Im so happy, a GOOD releaste title. If the this whatever comes out before the xbox and this is a launch title, ill get it just for this. Generally next gen release titles are underwhelming as far as content, just sexy graphics.

  • :O may still be in 2013… just not on these consoles 😀