Rainbow Six: Siege Producer Hints At Possible Beta

Earlier this week, we were unexpectedly introduced to Rainbow Six Siege, the newest installment in the popular tactical anti-terrorist franchise that was on a six year hiatus.

Now, through recent reports, it looks like we might see an upcoming beta, hinted at by producer Sebastien Labbe in a talk with OXM

Maybe a PR will kill me if I say so, what I can say is that for sure, we’re no different from the other online shooters,” he said. “We want to be online – we’re providing a strong PVP game, and if we want that we need to create a community. So if we wait until the launch, I expect it will be too late.” 

Labbe when on to say that “There will certainly be things that will occur, but at the moment we can’t talk about that. It’s not clearly defined because it’s still a lot of work to do, but certainly there will be some announcements about that. So stay tuned.”

The game’s multiplayer-focused set up appears ripe for a public beta at some point, so keep your eyes and ears open for more news.

Are you excited for the revival of Rainbow 6? If so, tell us why in the comments!

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  • ckpinkham

    I was FAR more interested in Patriots, and hope there’s still a chance to see that in a few years. Still, I’m excited for this. I just hope there’s SOME single-player. Even if it’s only like 6 hours worth of campaign.

    • dieger

      Yeah me aswell Patriots looked freaking awesome 🙁 hope it comes back eventually

      • TOROi3

        Patriots is cancelled. Let it go, man. Let it go.

        • dieger

          Shut up! its still alive somewhere at ubisoft we just gotta find it ;(

  • Zebalot

    I’m excited, looking forward about this ..

  • jameslara

    I’ll be all over this

    • George

      I always smile when I see you profile pic haha

      • KennyKyle

        rape face

  • M1ke Daddy

    Nice to see them go back to there roots

  • marpla78

    I know i want to play the beta but please take the time to make a good game like the old R6.

    The Division and this are going to be on my pc for sure!

  • Mr. Thuggins

    More like “Rainbow Six: Siege producer hints at making male fans work up a chub in anticipation of this game and possible early access.”

  • Guest

    Hell, this is the game i was waiting for for a fucking decade

  • Looking forward to this more than most others!

  • M1ke Daddy

    I really hope when this game comes out you can hunt A.I. terrorist alone or with co op