Rumor – Alleged Battlefield 4 Survey Asks About DLC, Dinosaurs, Naval Combat, Map Remakes, and More [Updated]

An alleged Battlefield 4 survey circling the internet asks questions about DLC, dinosaurs, map remakes, dynamic environments, naval combat, new weapon classes, and Battlelog 2.0.

A user on NeoGAF recently detailed the survey, explaining how it asked users about some of the topics listed above. Allegedly, it asked about environments being made more dynamic, like being able to blow out the foundation of a dam to flood the battlefield, for example. Other questions hinted jet skis and gunboats, with regards to naval warfare. It also mentioned transferring over unlocks and rank from Battlefield 3.

Even more interestingly, there were a number of questions pertaining to DLC. Users were asked to rate possible DLC names that included “BF4: Recommisioned,” “BF4: Reenlisted,” “BF4: War Torn,” and “BF4: Reconstructed.”

Other DLC questions asked users how they felt about remaking maps like Oepration Metro or Caspian Border in the recently announced Frostbite 3 engine. Mention of DLC focused on naval warfare was made, with possible titles like “BF4: Naval Warfare,” “BF4: Naval Combat,” or “BF4: Steel Titans.” The user also noticed mention of dinosaurs and DLC, where questions asked how fans might feel about a co-op mode based on dino-survival using primitive weapons like the bow and arrow. Possible names included “BF4: BC,” “BF4: Primal Combat,” or “BF4: 21942” as well as others.

Though this particular NeoGAF user was unable to gather any screens of the survey, Electronic Arts has been known to pass surveys around gathering feedback from various fans of EA games.

Regardless, this info is still highly speculative and should not be taken as fact. They are, after all, only questions, though they do give you something to think about. We’ll be sure to update this story with any further information we may gather or if we spot the survey ourselves. Have any of you run across it?


An EA representative told us that they do, in fact, conduct annual surveys about their games “that include topics that range from random ideas to specific themes to see what resonates.” He added, however, that “these are just some of the ideas included in our survey and not indicative of anything we have in the works.”

How do you guys feel about some of the stuff mentioned above? Naval Warfare? More dynamic environments? Transferring rank and unlock? Dinosaurs?

  • Jason Davis


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■



    • bigshynepo


      ( •_•)>⌐■-■


      Ohhhhh Yeeeaaaaaaaaaa!

      Sorry couldn’t resist Jason, great comment! I’ll be thinking of CSI Miami all night now! But Dinosaurs? Hell yes.

      • Nick Loner

        I think you just quoted Kool Aid, not CSI. 😛

        • bigshynepo

          I sure did, d’oh
          Thanks Nick!

  • hey

    Fake and don’t trust DICE’s hype train.

  • James K

    BF4: 21942 for the dinosaur mode?

    Someone really nuked us to the stone ages..

  • oofy

    Allegedly, it asked about environments being made more dynamic, like being able to blow out the foundation of a dam to flood the battlefield, for example.


  • ButteredBread

    No dino mode! I’m not 12 years old thanks………

    • Clayton Johnson

      I like Dinosaurs, I just don’t care for them I’m Battlefield and mostly wouldn’t buy any DLC. Other Dino games that nobody plays yet people want them in Battlefield for what reason is beyond me.

      • Casavult

        Screw Dino Mode. Biggest load of childish bullshit some idiot ever came up with and now every 12 year wants it.

      • I agree completely. Yeah, dinos would be cool, but i’d rather that DICE allocate those resources to just making a better regular multiplayer.

        • Ukonja

          wtf dinos have to do with battlefield.

          • PrimeMinisterSinister

            It all originated from a post on 4Chan, where a user asked something along the lines of “why is BF better than CoD?”. The answer a user provided was “Dinosaurs”, and it became somewhat of a small meme to just reply with Dinosaurs.

            Soon after, a photoshopped image of a dinosaur roaring at a Russian Engineer and an image of a dinosaur replacing the marine in the BF3 cover art was found on the internet, and the craze started.

            I honestly think it’d be hilarious. Sometimes, shooting people and just playing competitive multiplayer gets boring, and I’d rather just load up a few of my friends and go dino hunting instead.

            Besides, CoD has zombies, why can’t we have dinosaurs?

    • xXF34RED T4C0Xx

      Don’t have to be 12 to like dinosaurs… My uncle, 42 years old, is a gamer and is hoping bad for a dinosaur mode in Battlefield 4

  • MegaMan3k

    That crazy Dice, even putting easter eggs in their survey…

  • Hol_Up

    Doesn’t seem legit. Breaking a Dam and flooding the map, really? The match would have to end after that. Remaking Operation Metro and Caspian Border??? Fake!

    • oofy

      It’s a survey, not leaked info on what will be in Bf4.

    • MegaMan3k

      Why do remade maps indicate “fake” to you? Bad Company 2 had remade maps. Battlefield 3 had remade maps. Nearly every Battlefield has had a Wake Island remake.

      • hey

        Fake as in this survey is BS, and in regards to DICE’s hype train, ummmmmmm look at BF3.

        • jonchr2

          what about bf3?

          • hey

            ”True successor to BF2, Esports is highly prioritized, PC is the lead platform, More destruction than BC2, ”We Nailed it!!!”, Operation Metro, Close Quarters, VOIP issues. I could go on but i think you see what i mean.

            • So true man

              You can blame COD crossovers and noobs for them problems. Sad but true. Why do you think they made Operation Craptro for the Beta. To entice the COD guys who was curious. Metro, Close Quarters, was the worst ideas in BF history. Nobody that is a BF vet likes that shit.

            • Hol_Up

              I’m a BF vet and I enjoyed Close Quarters. However, B2K, and AM are my favorite.

        • MegaMan3k

          He is saying that the idea of remade maps indicates that the survey is fake. I am questioning his logic, his argument, and therefore his conclusion.

      • Hol_Up

        Yes previous Battlefields have had remakes, but they were usually remakes of true Battlefield maps. Op Metro is just as much unlikely to be remade as all of the Close Quarters maps. Why make a new engine just to make a closed in bottleneck map?

        • MegaMan3k

          Oof, your logic hurts me. I physically feel ill, Hol_Up.

          … Because it’s one of the most popular BF3 maps whether you like it or not?

          Also, having been in a Battlefield game – in the core series none the less! – , it is a “real” Battlefield map. Regardless of your baseless distinction otherwise.

          • Hol_Up

            Everyone knows that Op Metro is a points farm map. How can DICE prove otherwise? For example if Metro was SO popular do you think it would be as legendary as Wake Island? No, because Wake is a map that includes ALL aspects of Battlefield. Metro does not, and it’d be a waste of a map if put into future installments just because the data showed that Op Metro and Noshahar Canals had the most 24/7 servers.

    • jonchr2

      whether you like it or not caspian border and operation metro is the most popular maps, and i personally hope to see them in bf4, cause i will go back to BF3 to play especially those maps. and the flood thing could be a possibility, it does’nt have to end the match, maybe you go through a process to blow it, sounding an alarm that will split the battlefield in half. that would be awesome to be a part of.

      • dpg70

        I’d gladly trade Capsian for Kharg.

      • Please no Metro

        F Metro its not that its the most popular. Its because noobs flock to it in droves because there afraid of vehicles and actually using objectives. If they do remake it make it to where you can go inside the Metro part but make a top part for vehicles too now that would be epic. Right now all it is is Operation Chokepoint. Its a visually interesting map but it does not mesh well with BF type of combat.

      • just out of curiosity, why do you like metro so much? imho it’s one of the worst maps in bf history.

        • Nick Loner

          It’s a piece of simple dumb fun with explosions and bullets everywhere when you play with a lot of players. And pretty tactical and challenging with a few.
          It’s not the worst – it’s different, and it’s fun in a different way. You could call Dinosaur Horde mode ‘the worst mode in bf history’ but a lot of people still want it.

        • jonchr2

          i like it cause it’s a nice change from all the big maps when i play. i usually play the bigger maps, but after some matches i want to do some more infantry based, with no vehicles. that is also what i liked about close quarters. even though my favorite map pack is probably Aftermath.

        • Ukonja

          Metro is one of the worst maps, only camping noobs play it.

    • dpg70

      If you really think they won’t remake Metro you’re fooling yourself. Flooding the map doesn’t have to mean the round is over. It’s more like described, a dynamic battlefield. The map had a creek running through it, now it’s a river.

  • If I would have come across something like that, I would have taken some pictures, or save the page. Pics or it did not happen I’m afraid.

  • Battlefield Engineer

    While it sounds intriguing, I’m gonna guarantee it’s fake. The user couldn’t even provide a screen of the survey, that should be enough alone to tell you it’s a fake. Aside from that, the names of the possible DLC packs are so bland and dull. It’s like no thought was put into them. Also, there’s absolutely no way they would put that much information into a survey, no way. I’m sorry, but it’s just not believable.

    • I thought the same thing after I saw all of the “Re-” titles. You don’t toss around similarly bland names if you’re a professional.

  • Shchi

    Obviously fake. This honestly shouldn’t even be on the front page.

  • dpg70

    all of it please

  • Skemba

    I honestly hope they will implement more interesting weapons and better audio. I’ve played Bad Company 2 with my friends yesterday and we had TONS of fun,the sounds are just fantastic,it felt good to visit Valparaiso again. BC2 had way more character to it,while BF3 feels rather sterile. And for the love of god,give me back my .50 cal. sniper rifle. 🙂

    • Make sniping fun again.

      Also they need to make sniping something that benefits a team again. In BFBC2 you had artillery strikes that would play a huge role in the tactics. Now they gave Snipers a motion tracker that is more useless than the one in BFBC2 because you cannot throw it. I do not know how many times I saved my squad in BC2 because of throwing the motion thing for them. Then the spawn beacon is complete garbage because 90 percent of the people who snipe just hog it for there selves on top of a mile high mountain once again not benefiting the team. Then the most crazy thing they could do to snipers is make it to where you have a giant flashlight on the end of your sniper rifle taking the whole point of finding a good spot obsolete. I do not snipe in BF3 because it is almost impossible to do and have fun. Also allowing sniper rifles to have acogs and red dots or anything below a 7x scope is just absurd. That completely ruins the balance of the game especially with the aim assist. Quickscoping in BF is even worse than COD.

      • Agreed with everything except the red dot sight and ACOG thing. I like being able to use a sniper without a scope on maps that aren’t big. That said, I still think sniping is worthless on BF3.

    • check ya speaker / headset … imo BF3 has some of the best audio in anything.

  • bigshynepo

    In the game Battlefield:105105, if man is still alive, if robot can survive, they may find….

    In Battlefield: 252525, the anti-cheat patch still won’t have arrived,
    In all the game there’s only 1 technology, a bow and arrow for promoting paleontology…

    In a Battlefield game that ends with a 20, a teammate’s gonna try to get chummy,
    He may wear a babies diaper, when in fact he’s a team-killing sniper….

    In Battlefield 1,000,000 and a half, human kind is enslaved by giraffe
    Man must pay for all his misdeeds, when half the game is all DLC….


    • Zwabber046

      futurama lol 😀

    • T-51B

      In the year 2525


    How about a poll to remove Rent a Servers. It is ruining BF as we no it. You either have sore losers who if they are losing they either kick you or move you to there team. Or worse they are putting restrictions on what weapons and vehicles you use. That is called Game Tampering and why its allowed is beyond me. I know BF4 will have it because all the sheep buying the servers but it was and is a terrible idea. There used to be close matches in BFBC2 without the rent a server feature because when you got in a match you was there and it rotated every map. Now with BF3 if you get in a rented server chances are 90 percent of the time the admin side will win because of kicking good players or they will stack teams or clans with all randoms on the other side. In BF3 you are either on a team that is destroying the other team or you are on the team who is getting destroyed. There is no middle ground no more with this rent a server crap. Now when i play on DICE owned servers I have really close matches and it is super fun.

    • This basically explains why.

      And what of those fans who start with the best of intentions and an open wallet? It’s the age-old problem – absolute power corrupts absolutely. While there are plenty of despots in the Battlefield world who just want to watch the world burn, there appear to be an equal amount who just can’t help themselves. After all, if you ran a server and played with 10 friends, say, and suddenly a highly ranked, extremely skilled player dived into your server and dominated every round in a helicopter – as they are more than entitled to do – how tempting would it be to just make him disappear so everyone can go back to having fun? It’s definitely a lot easier than organizing your team to tactically and deliberately counter his every movement with SAMs and rockets.

      This is from a article and it is so true. This is why rent a server needs to die.

      • Niosus

        I like how the Maniaplanet games solve this problem: Keep a global ladder, based on some form of points and allow server restrictions based on that. For instance you can allow only players with a rank between 50k and 10k if you so desire, keeping the absolute helpless noobs out and making sure no super skilled player comes to spoil the fun. This means you can also have noobfriendly or very high skilled servers.

        I think that would solve that issue pretty effectively.


        Agree 100% but EA is not removing a feature that makes them money.

        • True but there is hope

          Yeah I know it sucks but they got a lot of crap for this feature that even DICE took notice so I expect a lot of changes to the rent a server feature hopefully for the good. A guy on another article had a awesome idea. Make quick match only go to official DICE servers and then still have the ability to search for fan servers if you desire. That is a amazing idea.

    • Casavult

      Agreed. So much truth here.

    • Asmitty56

      And how exactly would people be able to organize clan matches without rented servers?

      • They could do something

        Really if your having clan on clan matches that is fine. But when you got on console 12 clan members on one side and all randoms on the other balance it out for god sakes. Also they could put some sort of clan feature in. I just want it back to the good old days where I hit quick match and it puts me in a DICE server that rotates every map.

      • Zwabber046

        private match or whatever like in BC2, just invite everyone

    • Cj

      Play on an ea server

  • ?


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  • Battle Warfare seems amazing.

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  • nonstickron

    No no no. TANKS vs dinos. Not bows and arrows, for crap sake.

  • Casavult

    Map remakes? Hmmm.

    Back to Metro?

  • no bots….

    • xXF34RED T4C0Xx

      And why not? it would be great for say an offline player (me when internet goes down with eastlink), Once I beat the campaign, it gets boring… Multiplayer has never gotten boring.. Like CT on Black ops 1, I liked it more than the campaign and the actual multiplayer

  • you_da_sucka

    Folks.. Hate to tell you but this is what the BF games are coming to….

    Exploiters and cheaters.
    Players who cannot play properly
    Crappy admin who don’t do the job of an admin
    DDOS’ing servers and players off servers.

    Couple all that with an unfinished product .

    Have fun with that


  • zacflame

    if they do do the dinosaurs thing (which i hope they do) , they should make it so that you may use normal weapons, vehicles and equipment from the game; rather than bows and arrows.

  • Mogwai Warrior

    How about some BC2 maps remastered?

  • KennyKyle

    I’ve been asked about which DLC i liked the most on BF3 and what did i like about them. Is that something ?

    • Ukonja

      Maybe they want to make dlc similar to the most liked dlc in bf3

      • KennyKyle

        or do remake

  • Tycoon

    Has Any one seen . I saw them on On Battlefield 3 And their forums were amazing but needed some work when i checked them out. I guess all i can say is help em out by posting because i see great potential in them if BF4UM gets more regular members who post feedback.

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  • Magilla187

    Still waiting for my survey……

  • I would love to be chased by dinosaurs with explosions around me! Make it happen!

  • wspe659

    They need the old good maps from BF2 the DLC Would be named Back to BF2

  • Shelbourne

    Didn’t they already confirmed naval warfare and the fact that there will be no co-op?

    Oh and I hope they don’t bring back Operation Metro. It’s just too linear and doesn’t fit in Battlefield. But the old maps like Sharqi and Wake Island are just great.

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  • RoNsItUs

    Dinoasurs, Dinosaur,Dinosaurs!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  • i want dinosaurs! there are to less good games with Dinos in it… Last i know is Turok1+2 N64…

  • Am I the only one who would like to see time of day change from time to time?
    I mean how much more fun would it be to play Caspian Border at night or something like Epicenter just before sunrise?

    • Ukonja

      I agree, and that would do the night vision scope more usable, there’s only 1 map in BF3 you can use it

  • QwietStorm

    I do not understand the hype with dinosaurs


    can’t wait 🙂

  • WT??? batllefield isnt an animal parck!! come on the dinosaurs?????!!!!! the new landscapes are fantastic but dont trasform battlefield in a zoo.were come this things?????

  • Oscar Buendia Olvera

    multiplayer mode should make a compilation of all the helicopters of all Battlefiel that an out and would be good to tambuen put a female avatar for girls who love this type of securities to also feel that emosion, so that delve more to the game. Greetings are the best creators

  • MistressMia

    A female soldier!!!

  • Jonathan

    Well they should add a new feature to the game for prehistoric warfare like Battlefield 2 Vietnam mode. Maby add it as a feature to the start screen like on Battle field 2. I feel that if they did something like that not only would they make more money but it would give people more enjoyment to the game not as if the game wont be joyful. I know over the years people have always wanted dinosaurs and I think it would be a fun new experience.

  • Jonathan

    Well they should add a new feature to the game for prehistoric warfare like Battlefield 2 Vietnam mode. Maby add it as a feature to the start screen like on Battle field 2. I feel that if they did something like that not only would they make more money but it would give people more enjoyment to the game not as if the game wont be joyful. I know over the years people have always wanted dinosaurs and I think it would be a fun new experience..

  • Preachingtheword7

    I think…. DINOSAURS!!!!!!!! Plz plz please also DINOSAURS!!!!!

  • Preachingtheword7

    More Destructibility!!!!

  • Preachingtheword7

    More Weapons more classes

  • Bf3 player

    There should be a Chinook Helicopter in bf4. maybe in some DLC? Plz dice I think it will make some great gameplay. because of its capability to carry 2-3 squads at a time.

  • Bf3 player

    I would love to see the Fairbairn Sykes in the knife section because its a knife built for one thing…. Knifing and it looks Bad ass , and the Chinook helicopter because of it great game play potential for being able to carry 2-3 squads at a time. maybe you could add it in some DLC? Dice if your reading PLZ make it happen

  • Jonah Krooze

    I think dinosuars is a cool idea. I also like the new frosbite, dynamic gameplay because of he msive destructi. However, I think they should not mix. maybe you could ha very large jungle map with all kinds of dinosuars. and also have the downtown shanghai with all the vehicles with only velociraptors, T-rexes, a ptranadons. If you did that, I think it would be very popular. The velociraptors could hunt in packs in the streets and sky scrapers. And the teradactles could be very opertunisic. Making it even moe scary when one grabs you would have to knife him and parachute to earth or whatever, but then be left with only your side arm beacause you dropped your primary when attacked. However, You ould only have one, or two rexes. because six of them running through the streets would be insane! But yeah! I would totaly buy it if th had dino mode.

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