Report – Battlefield Hardline GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Is a Real Life Police Badge

Looks like Battlefield fans making the trip to their local GameStop to pre-order Visceral Games’ upcoming Fall shooter get a free pass to enlist in their local law enforcement division.

Well, not quite. But if you pre-order Battlefield Hardline, you do get this nifty looking police badge replica, according to Twitter user @metalhead53 (via @SkyEagleGaming).


As of this writing, it doesn’t quite appear that retailer GameStop has made the announcement just yet, but the bonus looks pretty real to us, based on the picture above. Not sure where you’d want to put the badge, but just like the fantasy you’ll play out in Hardline, you can always gather some pals for a couple rounds of Cops-and-Robbers.

Battlefield Hardline launches October 21. Catch the first official trailer here.

  • xkingxnitemare

    I dont think “gamespot” sells games but Gamestop does lol 😛

  • MrClean

    “Hey listen here xxxQuickscopemaste-”
    “That’s OFFICER xxxQuickscopemaster420xxx to you, citizen”

  • meds

    This may just be one of the lamest pre order bonuses I’ve ever heard of. Ohh wait I think my MW3 dogtag USB might take that prize.

    • Cpt767

      Atleast, USB’s have purpose.

  • Cloud Flash

    I have police family, so this doesn’t seem like much of anything. 😛

  • Surely this wont end well? O.O

    • AKIRA2020

      It will………..and don’t call me Shirely.

  • Krashman Von Stinkputin

    Who in their right mind would pre-order this BF?

    • marpla78

      you know there is sad people out there wjo will…

    • JBeauregard

      I will because I’m: 1. Not in my right mind. and 2. Like to waste my money. LOL 😉

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin

        Admit it…you’re just fishin to get a Telethon named after you ;p

    • SamRock

      When pre-ordering.. forget that its a BF game! Whatever is going on with the title. Its still made using an amazing MP Engine that has been tried and tested for 3 years now. If you ignore the “name” part, I think we are in for an awesome Urban MP experience. Think in term of Grand Bazaar, Karkand, Ghost Town, Epic Center and other great urban maps.

      • Guest

        Grand Bazaar is defined as good??????????????????

        • SamRock

          Have u tried RUSH on Grand Bazaar? its actually great… wont say same bout other modes. Hardline’s urban warfare theme and new modes would be similar.

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin

        Unfortunately if I follow this advice…I’ll certainly be instantly “reminded” it’s a BF game on startup when I see the same menus, textures, objects and especially FB3’s exclusive (or shall I say elusive) “netcode”.

        I’ll buy it when you’re done debugging it–perhaps a year later.

        But by then Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be coming out—late Oct 2015–right before Black Ops 3

    • Mike

      “Not I” said the dog.

  • GodGamerDerp

    BattleCoD, Cops n Robbers edition

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      Because you have heists and car chases on open maps in evry cod game

      • Jason Mounce

        Well, that’s what Payday 2 is for 😛

        • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

          Does it have competetive multiplayer with vehicles and chases across open maps? Its a linear coop game as far as i know.

          • Guest

            You see the game only be played during the beta but if the beta is bad, people will make the excuse that it’s just a beta and wait for the full game, the full game comes out and it’s trash and you just wasted money, this if what happened with the past 2 games so yes people now have every right to judge because the devs and publishers brought this on themselves

            • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

              I was talking about gameplay not about the game being finished or not. I also have doubts after bf4 but bf4 got better with the time and they must have learned the lesson

            • Guest

              nope. I didn’t buy BF4 because of BF3 and probably will skip hardline. The gameplay will probably be dumbed down like the last 2 titles as well I thought they learned their lesson after bf3 but I played the BF4 beta and said nope

            • shobert1113

              “They must have learned their lesson”

              I remember people saying that after BF3 was released. I guess the circle of BF apologists remains unbroken.

            • Guest

              Everybody forgets what BF3 was and will probably be the same with BF4. It seems there is new large player base with every new BF title coming out

            • jj16802

              I remember nothing but good memories for BF3 since its launch. BF4 is a different story however…

            • Guest

              Gulf of Oman freeze fest when it came out. Sound glitch. Input lag. Feb patch for the famas and usas but didn’t come out till a month later. Dart glitch. Heatseekers and lock on weapons being buffed while countermeasures being nerfed. bad hit detection. Sloppiest gunplay ever with suppression. Invisible vehicle glitch. Falling through the map when shooting a TV missile. Long stretches without patches often changing up the whole game when not needed too. Do you remember the BF3 black out? Lack of teamwork features present in BF2 along with smaller maps and big maps with worthless space. Shitty rush maps. In no way is a true successor to anything. Awful vehicle physics. Tanks really sliding around? Bad luck. I can name a lot more but you get the point.

            • jj16802

              Now during that time, I was playing on PS3 and encountered a few freezes and the USAS issues. But the rest of the technical issues, I have never seen. You would have to thank the Bad Company series for getting rid of the commander feature and making most of the new players used to a commander-less game. Horrible Rush maps? The Rush maps were perfect in BF3 compared to BF4! In BF4, if one team was good they can smash through enemy defenses within a second and in the next match have total area denial in the first area.

            • Guest

              Well BF4 is bad, I think BC2 is what rush maps should be held standard too, you are lucky to never encounter the technical issues. You are like the people who says bf4 runs fine, now with the bad company did have a huge influence in teamwork, more then bf3, you do not need commander for 32 and 24 players, what I did like about bf3 was the tech, the graphics, sounds, everything was very well detailed, it just to me wasn’t the modern urban immersive combat we were told, I did like BF3’s customization and the change to rush like when an attacker arms a bomb and the tickets get to zero the match doesn’t end, ya I heard rush matches were like 5 to 10 minutes now which is crazy and made to attract other fanbases, I would prefer a harder bf like they used to be but EA and Dice wants to make $$$$, so it will probably never happen

            • jj16802

              Well the issues might have been limited to specific platforms, so there’s that.

          • Jason Mounce

            Wut. Trashing…….game? Where have I trashed any game you dunce.

            Way to jump to conclusions there….being a tad overly-defensive and edgy

            I think you need to log off the internet for a while.

      • DanDustEmOff

        Sure been a few car chases in CoD over the years. No heists tho.

        • In multiplayer?

          • DanDustEmOff

            Don’t be silly Clay. 😉 Of course not MP. CoD 3 did have motorbikes with side cars though, does that count?

            • I suppose it does.

              I skipped CoD 3. Just was not as good as CoD 2 at all

            • DanDustEmOff

              I didn’t like the campaign for 3 but the MP was pretty good for it’s day.

  • Damn. I was hoping for a bank robber ski mask.

  • Robenter

    I can use this on th wife during hanky panky time.

  • Aria68

    I myself as a huge Battlefield fan, will not pre-order this. i am pretty fuckin’ disgusted by EA, but well this was bound to happen, i just hope it’ll bring positivity for Battlefield franchise just Bad Company did, maybe one day ill get it, mean while ill be patiently be waiting for BF5 in 2015/16.

    • theplantain

      waiting for BF5? at this point i’m not waiting on any BF game…when they drop, if its good i’ll get it but BF4 came with all kinds of promises and we see how that turned out

      • Aria68

        Please don’t make thing bigger or pretend they are bigger than what they actually are. BF4 is a perfect game as a game, and for what ever reason (i suppose due lack enough dev time) it came with various bugs that most of them are resolved early on, the only big issue with BF4 was it’s network related things, that DICE had to solve in order to get the Frostbite 3 engine running on their future project with no problem, they’ve already improve the network immensely and they are gonna continue doing that, partially thanks to existence of their future project (Battlefront and Hardline) that are gonna use FB3 Engine, when completely resolved will guarantee the the future project such as BF5 to released without any of those problems. BF4 it’s self is a great fps mp game better than anything i’ve played, now that DICE and EA are really trying to resolve this issue through CTE program which so far resulted in good things, we can be sure not to worry about this type of problems anymore. just remember if BF4 didn’t have the network problems it was almost perfect. we can say that BF5 has a chance to be perfect.

        • Guest

          That’s the problem. Don’t give Dice cred for finishing the game after its out. There is nothing wrong with supporting a game after release but issues as big as these should never have happened.In fact a game should have zero problems after its out. I’d expect balance issues but this is too much.

        • RustyFrags

          Are you seriously giving DICE credit for finally making their game playable eight months after release? Surely you’re joking.

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      BF5? Its about time they make 2143, I’m tired of modern military shit

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  • Bvg

    Only for us again i think 😉 ?

  • Grif

    But I wanted my 3 gold battle packs!

  • MrMultiPlatform

    I look for this pre-order to be stopped.

  • RustyFrags

    lol at anybody who pre-orders this title. After the abysmal state Battlefield 4 launched in, it’s foolish to pre-order the next title. The series is now nothing but shameless monetization.

  • Soldier

    If you thought BF4 was bad, this one was made by the same people who developed the last Medal of Honor. The failure of this game will likely shake up the Battlefield franchise, hopefully for the better. If you want something positive to actually be done to improve the BF franchise back to what it once was, you would be wise NOT to purchase this trash.

  • dpg70

    Oooohhh so tempting. Huge pass. Black Friday 50% off sale, if the game works.

  • Mike

    I love Battlefield but we all know this is going to end up like CoD. I’m already sick of seeing another one releasing. I wont buy it. I would buy Bad Company 3 though but NO! EA doesn’t want to, Douche bags.

  • M1ke Daddy

    I’ll wait to see what Amazon or Best Buy have as pre orders bonuses before I get it at Gamestop

  • SnazzyGent

    It’s a money clip. WAY too small to pass for a real badge.

    • Surprisingly this is the funniest comment here

  • Yeah, it’s true. I have a buddy who works at GameStop who just confirmed this for me. It’s actually some form of wallet/money clip, not just a badge.

  • jj16802

    Remember when pre-ordering BF2142 would give you a dog tag USB drive?

  • Eddie Maillet

    It’s actually a money clip. Even says it on the back of the box.