Report – BF3 Premium Members Will Not Have Access to Battlefield 4 Beta

Since the official reveal of Battlefield 4 beta access through Medal of Honor: Warfighter first print, EA has confirmed that there will be other ways to access the beta, but it seems being a Premium member isn’t one of them.

When asked whether Battlefield 3’s premium members will be granted access to the Battlefield 4 beta, the official Battlefield Twitter account stated, “Premium members will not have access to the Beta for Battlefield 4, but there are certainly other ways to get it!”

Also, in response to the same fan, the representative added, “there will be other ways, but at this time that is the only way to get it,” referring to beta access included in Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited and Deluxe Editions.

Another representative, drilled on whether Premium players will have access or not, clarified, “Right now, the only way to guarantee access is to preorder Medal of Honor Warfighter.”

A few weeks ago, DICE revealed that Premium had reached 800,000 members within the first two weeks on the market.

Keep in mind, this piece is labelled “report” as this is in no way official confirmation since many different EA representatives handle Battlefield’s official Twitter account.

We reached out to EA for further clarification.

  • jason

    I really don’t care anymore since it will be on current gen :(….. oh hell, yeah i will still play the shit out of it though :/

    • Johnny Neat

      Is that a fact? aren’t next gen systems arriving end of next year? (Edit) Scratch that, I see where it has been stated. How lame.

    • Johnny Neat

      Is that a fact? aren’t next gen systems arriving end of next year? (Edit) Scratch that, I see where it has been stated. How lame.

      • 3DArtist

        Even if it`s going to be released on next gen consoles it doesn`t matter, it has been confirmed that BF4 is coming out on 360 & PS3 so we are actually going to get another console port, which is not going to bring something new and innovative…

        • Roger Larsson

          The difference being

          – Today
          High end: Relatively small PC market for ‘ultra’.
          Console players rage (and boycott) if PC is better

          – Tomorrow
          High end: PC + next generation consoles
          Sony and Microsoft will cheer at a game that shows the new consoles superiority over the old ones. (Especially if it manage to look better than most other games on current generation)
          Console players will understand that Xbox360 + PS3 is a passed stage…

          We still does not know the specs for next generation consoles but I will be VERY surprised if they do not beat a 2011 high end PC. Still a year of development to go…

          • dumyspeed

            are u serious? when they comed out the 360 & ps3 were already beated by a highend pc even a medium pc. people dont get it this cuz on pc the optimization is so low that no one does it anymore

            • Roger Larsson

              @dummyspedd, can you read?

              “VERY surprised if they do not beat a _2011_ high end PC”
              ==> They will (most likely) be beaten by 2013 high en PCs

              If they release the new consoles as subscription $99/month they will be able to beat high end PCs as well!
              With such a model they can reclaim development cost over time and production cost in a few months…

            • dumyspeed

              oh sorry 4 that, anyway in 2013 the console will have the 2010 hardware, from when they develop that, so a low gaming pc will eat that at lunch. for the second supposition i have 2 things to say:1) no way they will release them as subscription cuz none will buy that,99$x12=1200+/- .. WTF? i’s a console not a car. and 4 the updates to the console ther’s a long speech but its complicated. 2) a high-end pc consumed like 800W +/-, a console? 100w. how do u do with that?

      • zakrocz

        I’d be very surprised if the next Xbox doesn’t come out end of 2013

    • MrWalkway

      they haven’t mentioned next gen consoles because the next gen consoles haven’t been announced yet. i work in game development and we haven’t even received the hardware specs yet…

      • Jason

        True, so do you personally think they will? Just asking!?

        • MrWalkWay

          If BF4 comes out in 2014 then there’s a good chance it’ll come out for next gen consoles. In fact, I think the whole point of BF4 would be for it to be next gen, so EA can brag with it and release it as flagship title on the new consoles.

          • Douchebag liar above, morons.


          • Alkanida

            dude, no way bf4 comes out for next gen consoles. if they offer beta access with ps3/xbox moh, then it MUST come out for this platforms. they cant tell people to have a beta sign on their ps3 game and force people to buy a new console to play it.
            smh, logic….

            • Roger Larsson

              Did you say that just because BF4 will release on PS3/Xbox it will look and play bad on PC and other more capable hardware?

            • Alkanida

              dafuq did i just read?
              same thing like bf3, it will be the best on pc and dumbed down for consoles.

      • TheGunMaster

        well the nwxt genconsole games are already being made like the vita sony want tokeepit silent and so do the companies

      • Douchebag liar above, morons.

        They have not mentioned next gen consoles ecause next gen consoles haven’t been announced yet? You just repeated yourself in the same sentence. There a plenty of talks and possible specs being released. Not to mention the patents that have been files by both companies. You do not work in game development because you would know most developers are developing with hardware now that is and will still be way ahead of next gen consoles. Also many developers are currently working with next gen engines. Unreal Engine 4 is next gen, Frosbite 2 is next gen , CryEngine 3 is next gen. Just look at Battlefield 3 on PC.
        You have no idea what you are talkin about. You are not a game developer.

      • its called game design not development everyone is working on next gen consoles now and what company do you work for and which specific part of game design do you do?

    • Roger Larsson

      Pretty sure it will be on both Next Gen and current gen since Frostbite 2 allows it.
      Frostbite 2 handles top of the line PCs today, adding next gen consoles to that mix won’t be a problem.

      I think DICE/EA is currently in a very good position.

      If the next gen consoles gets delayed even more – they still can release game in development (but really releasing BF4 before next generation consoles does not really make sense – BFBC3 would. But if the new generation comes BF4 makes more sense than BFBC3).

      Publishers that waits to release new engines to the next generation might be in a very bad position if the next gen consoles gets delayed to after 2013.

      I really expect BF4 to be a launch title for next generation (maybe as a public beta for next generation owners. If you buy the new console – have few games to select amongst, and you could show off BF4 for your friends – would you?)

  • EA are killing Battlefield! This beta isn’t even open to the public for free. We have to pre-order MoH Warfighter for this crap? The Battlefield 3 beta was basically unplayable with friends and was so buggy. I was hoping Battlefield 3 was going to last 3-5 years and now next year EA are forcing DICE to released Battlefield 4! So stupid, I wish DICE never went with them.

    • Nowaynohow

      A) I don’t think you understand the point of an open beta. Of course there are lots of bugs. By signing up for a beta spot you essentially become part of the QA process and report bugs to the devs so that the final product can be made more stable.
      B) There was never 3-5 years between one Battlefield title and another… Believe it or not, but game developers need to make money to survive too. Also, the beta starts end of next year. That doesn’t mean the game will come out then too. I’m guessing 2014 for the full game.

      • But there was 5+ years between BF2 and BF3. They put in off shoot games in between them that were also used as development tools to test and improve the game and it’s engine. It’s too soon for a straight up sequel.

        Why do you think the game will be one year after the beta? BF3’s beta was less than a month before the game released. I have yet to see a console game that has had a beta that wasn’t within at least a few months of the game’s full release.

        • nickmaster1150

          I think i need to explain something here, first of all, the developers needs to make money, they need to live too, so they need to bring out one game every 2 years, BF3 itself was only 2 years of develement! don’t foregt they had 5 years to make a game AND an engine, a beta is to test the bugs, end test the game full scale, and for the players to report bugs, well, it’s normal busniss, they need to make money too, the release date for the bea was end of next year, so expect a 2014 release, ps they really didn’t want to leak bf4, look how upset everyone is, even EA and DICE don’t know what to do, so let it be, if it was announcent in one year you guy’s would be happy, so everyone stop complaining

          • Disturbed

            Ohhh go suck a dick, Nick.

            “BBoohooo the developers need to make money too”. Making money, and being greedy are two absolutely different things.

            EA is, and will always be known for being greedy, buying great studios and turning them into a golden pile of poop. It’s like they don’t care how awesome and enjoyable a game is, and only care about how much it sells.

            Chris has some good points. There is no need for a direct sequel, and a fully bugged open beta of only one month quickly followed by a release? They obviously had no time to fix the reported issues, and it’s even more obviously EA didn’t care.

            Battlefield 3 came out full bugs, most of the patches introduced more bugs than fixes, and it’s still full of them!

            I regret buying BF3, and I will most likely not buy BF4!

        • Alkanida

          one important fact you missed, the graphic engine took them so much time to develop.
          now that frostbite 2 is ready and their knowledge is better cause of feedback they can create another bf game in 2 years.
          seriously, if its bf4 on this console gen and bc3 on next console gen
          where is the difference?
          would you rather play bf3 for 5 years until you see the next bf title and one game cant pay everyones wages for 12 months x 5 years

      • Report bugs? Did you see the Battlefield 3 beta? The bugs were SO obvious. How they actually manage to get them into the beta, I don’t know. Chris also just said what was also said what I was going to say.

        • LaDewd

          James… the obvious bugs were obvious…
          The people who played the beta found less obvious bugs.
          And they were able to fix all the major bugs by the games initial release.
          The actual release was a breath of fresh air compared to the beta.
          In the end… a ‘Beta’ is not a thing so players can play the game earlier… Betas exist so the community can discover bugs.
          The whole idea of Beta becoming a tool to play the game early is a new thing.
          No game can last 5 years before a new one is released in their franchise… Battlefield as well. Battlefield sees a release every 1.5-2 years or so.
          And Barely any game will survive 3 years before getting a sequel… unless if the developers have another franchise of theirs to rely on to get income… in this case… DICE heavily relies on the Battlefield franchise to make money.

          • Lucas Gomez

            Exactly, a beta shouldn’t be given cause you paid for another stupid ass shit. It should be given to those that actually have certain level of knowledge and can spend time and will report bugs. This shit about beta access with purchasing other crap is just to make money and there is nothing else to it, no excuses or anything else to talk about. A real beta is a beta where they choose people they NEED to test and report bugs. Not this crappy shit most companies do nowadays making their betas buggy previews of the game.

            And you know who is guilty? Us, cause I bet you more than 10k people already went and pre-ordered MOH which doesn’t look too promising IMO and because of this, they’ll keep doing it until every penny they can has been received. Thankfully I managed to understand and see all this things companies are doing just to suck the money out of your wallet without even you putting a thought. I’m tired of this crap to be honest, I’m definitely stepping back and stop buying from greedy corps even if the game is good, at least even if I won’t change it, I know I did something.

        • MikePembo951

          Alpha was better than beta and had much less bugs.
          In fact I believe the alpha had much better gameplay than both beta and release

          • LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO did you play the alpha are you kidding me please just do research before commenting you just made yourself look like an idiot.

            • MikePembo951

              nope, I played alpha and was much better than beta, by far

            • LMFAOOO yess sliding through walls, randomly dying, glitching around. falling through the floor which was still in beta for some weird reason, is WAY better then the beta lmfao your hilarious.

        • IT WAS A BETAAA

        • RabidTurtle

          The open beta was meant to test their netcode. Notice how we didn’t get the same lag once the game dropped?

          The alpha and closed betas were more stable; I was a part of the closed beta on PC, and found it very enjoyable. Of course I reported a couple of bugs I noticed, but then I remember when betas were to catch bugs, not be over glorified demos for idiots who can’t decide if they want the game or not. Or if inclusion into a beta was the deciding factor if they bought the game.

      • dpg70

        BF4 will release within a month of the beta. Mark it down.

        • MikePembo951

          or like BF3, EA will try to compete with CoD and release just before in early November

          • Hunter

            There gonna fail otherwise. They can’t compete with CoD knowing that CoD is the biggest franchise. It might take them a couple more years until they show something real surprising in the gaming community. But knowing the fact that BF3 was a big disappointment, who thinks BF4 is gonna be any different? The only thing I can see a big improvement of is putting the game on next gen, and improving the frostbite engine, which was actually made for next gen consoles, but who knows, we will just have to wait and see what happens for next year. I know that im more cautious about buying games now then I was a few years back. Please don’t give me any crap if I am saying anything wrong, I am just expressing how I feel about EA and BF4. Thanks!

      • MikePembo951

        nah it wont be 2014, EA are too greedy to wait that long.
        My guess is November 2013 to compete with the CoD of that year.
        Similar to BF3 and will have (hopefully) PC alpha in July, beta for all platforms in September WITH a public beta and release November.

        This was the model for BF3 and assuming there will be a CoD in 2013 then this is a likely BF4 model.

    • Its a beta….

    • justin

      Well, there are those who miss the long neck worm like crawling creature with no-hand trigger back mounted rifle shooter. And oh, don’t forget that sinking feeling…

    • captainoblivious

      Imagine playing OP metro for 5 years… that would be a real smart move from EA, Totally not killing BF, but leaving it fade away.

    • dontbecheap

      Oh you’re Premium! I guess you getting ALL BF titles for FREE for LIFE!

      • Because a beta is the same thing as a full game, right? lol.

    • Betas are going to be buggy. That’s the point. It’s a beta test.

      • Look at the Battlefield 3 beta, if you went prone a lot of the time you went through the map. How DICE didn’t notice this is beyond me.

        • RNP_Ghost

          The beta was run using alpha software. By belief is that they were checking there weren’t any major bugs that they HADN’T spotted, as opposed to the glaringly obvious ones that they had (you can tell they had as all the screamingly obvious bugs were gone by release when it takes nearly a month to approve a game, so by the beta, they’d clearly already dealt with such issues). In spite of all the bugs, I still played the BF3 beta nearly solid for the 2 weeks, spending 8 hours a day at the weekend playing it…

      • Did you play the BF3 beta? If you went prone most of the time you went through the map, how DICE didn’t spot this before the beta is beyond me.

    • Rob

      Just a few things-
      Yes the BF3 beta was buggy as hell.

      If you think back they did the same thing with the last MOH and ended up doing a public beta in the end anyway.

      Finally – dev’s don’t even have to have a public beta or a closed public beta at all! This is a bonus offered as thanks to people buying MOH.

      I agree that EA are greedy but you’ve gotta look at the bigger picture here.

  • EA are killing Battlefield! This beta isn’t even open to the public for free. We have to pre-order MoH Warfighter for this crap? The Battlefield 3 beta was basically unplayable with friends and was so buggy. I was hoping Battlefield 3 was going to last 3-5 years and now next year EA are forcing DICE to released Battlefield 4! So stupid, I wish DICE never went with them.

  • Haha of course you have to pre order it. I know the beta wasn’t promised when I bought premium but it would have been nice. Do they give you the beta code when you pre order it or you have to wait until you actually purchased the game to receive the code? Money money money!

  • Haha of course you have to pre order it. I know the beta wasn’t promised when I bought premium but it would have been nice. Do they give you the beta code when you pre order it or you have to wait until you actually purchased the game to receive the code? Money money money!

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  • Thanks for the effort Fahed. My Warfighter is reserved. I wish I could give the BF4 Beta access to someone who likes that sort of thing.

  • Initial anger is understandable and justified if you ask me. At the same time though, you could almost see this coming. I mean…its EA we are talking about.

  • Norwegiantroll

    Fuck that shit! I’m Norwegian, and here we had to pay around 80$ (450 Norwegian Kroner) for Battlefield Premium, and we won’t even get access to the beta? That’s fucking bullcrap. Starting to regret that I even bought premium…

    • J D

      Why is the Price higher in Norway? From $50 to $80 is a huge jump. Thanks.

      • princefartsalot

        Why you say thanks?

      • oAlekz

        It’s because of the currency. The price adapts to what 50 dollars is in Norway NOK. Since the Norwegian NOK is worth more than the American dollar they change the currency to Norwegian NOK so it is just as expensive for the Norwegians as it is for the Americans… Norwegiantroll does not make a valid point because we actually pay less than what the Americans do! The only way you can make the game more expensive is if you buy the game with dollars when the currency is NOK…

        • J D

          Haha, pretty funny that he overlooked the exchange rate and I took him at his word. Thanks.

    • Piskelletto house

      Go to Cjs cd keys

    • Alkanida

      I really don’t get your feelings. DICE said what Premium is and what it will contain. All DLC + gimmicks.
      Do you buy an Apple and complain afterwards that you didn’t get an Orange?

      • RNP_Ghost

        It’s more along the lines of, did you buy the latest iPhone, then pay the price of the phone again for it’s premium service, then get slightly confused when a beta version of the next iPhone is promised to people who bought iPads? The iPad had different functionality and as such has a slightly different market. So why should they, potentially having invested nothing in the iPhone and having little experience using iPhones, get to beta test the new iPhone, just because they bought a different Apple product?

      • Norwegiantroll

        I know that the beta wasn’t included in Premium, but when you pay 80 fucking dollars, DICE could be kind to the community and give them access to the beta. Even 1 day with beta would be fine with me, but when we don’t get a single minute without buying MoH:W, that’s pretty bad in my head. Hope you understand what I think now 🙂

        • alkanida

          man, you gotta think a bit more. dice said there will probably be other ways to access beta and of course they dont tell you yet cause they want you to pre order.
          the beta will be ghost town if only moh players played it.
          other sites will be giving out codes too..
          remember bc2 beta?

          • OMGaNINJA

            Sorry in advance for extremely long post.1. It’s EA doing all this, not DICE necessarily. They are pretty much the good guys.
            2. The reason we are complaining about this is because if you think about it, we are DEDICATED fans of the BF series. We bought Premium because of our reasons many because we are fans of the game and to think they would not give us access, the people who actually liked the game enough to pay $50 USD or $80 in Norway is kind of disrespectful. I’m pretty sure we would be more than willing to give constructive feedback towards their new game to help improve it.
            IMO I just think that even though they stated what we would get with premium, the beta should come with it because it would show that they acknowledge us being big fans of the BF game.

            • well said!! I am a huge fan but I didn’t shell out the money for it. I have 2 kids and $50 extra bucks for a game I already paid $50 bucks for isn’t my kind of spendage.

              Remember the bf3 beta? ONly if u pre-ordered the other medal of honor? I am going to buy the game anyways but I don’t know about pre-ordering. Also I was pissed that I pre-ordered MOH and everyone else got access too! I just got it three whole fucking days sooner.

  • Darkstar

    Bullsh!t I paid 50 bucks what more do you want from us, greety bastards ….

    • Douchebag liar above, morons.


  • eacrap

    So, EA is hyping BF4 so that fanboys will be enticed to buy the MoH W to get access to the BF4 beta. Well, what can you say, this is EA, the worst company in America.

    • J D

      Haha, Melodramatic nerd rage. Take a basic business class and grow up.

  • god

    Battlefield 3, the last game from DICE i will ever buy, just like
    MW2 , the last game from IW i ever bought.

    • youwillbemissed

      So what are you gona play now? Know something better?

      • Better is objective. What he considers better might not what you consider to be better or even just as good.

  • mengele88

    EA is run by greey kikes. Jews belong in Auschwitz

    • why because they want to make money Im sorry were not all lazy slobs like you who dont work and dont want to get anywhere in life

    • John

      You are one sad, ignorant stupid individual.
      Your silly mouth will get you into serious trouble, trust me.

  • dumyspeed

    first they said with premium u get EVERYTHING, now when they have my money they fu*k me?!?!? if bf4 will be at least decent i’l consider buying a russian key or from indian store, otherwise fu*k EA . I mean, 50 € for premium + 60€ game limited edition(was so limited), 110€…just no words

    • EA

      Cough up the $$$$ you chump faggot we own your ass!

    • When they said everything, they did not say everything in the world, lol. It gets you everything for BF3. All the dlc content plus extras.

      • dumyspeed

        i thought it was obvious that everything was meant to bf3..

      • RNP_Ghost

        I understand that. It would just seem obvious (and right) to give beta access to premium players for two main reasons.
        1) They have invested quite a lot of money in the game, around twice the normal price of an AAA game. I know premium players already get a lot of extra stuff, but neither DICE nor EA could carry on making games without money, so those who are prepared to continue supporting BF to such financial extremes should be allowed access to the beta of the next in the franchise.
        2) Premium players are likely to spend a lot more time on BF than your average player, as it would seem pointless to spend twice what a AAA title would cost you if you weren’t going to play the heck out of the game. As such, Premium players are likely to have a lot more experience with BF as a whole, and are more likely to be able to provide feedback on things like balance and overall gameplay that casual players (or MOH W players) may not be able to.

  • DRoc

    No official word from EA and lot of kiddy rage!, sometimes people just like to complain about everything.

    Hey Premium members it’s time to raise your voice and demand the beta access, in my experience EA have one of the best customer services out there… I would not be surprised to see a favorable response. Peace.

    [MP1st u rock! Prime news as always]

    • dumyspeed

      yeah customer service?? if u say so, usually i always know more things then the boy at the phone. i dk where u live but in italy they just give u the anwers u already knowed it

  • Desi12

    Why were some people expecting to have a BF4 beta access when they didn’t even include that as a perk for BF Premium? When people didn’t know about BF4, no one was complaining about access to the next BF beta but now that they know there is one, they want it badly.

    • Well people kind of expect premium members to get it because it kind of fits in with the whole premium membership thing. That and it shows you’re a dedicated BF player. I don’t really expect them to give it to premium members, but it feels like it would make a lot of sense if they did.

      • It would not. Reason being that
        1. Premium is all about Battlefield 3 content, hence being called :Battlefield 3 Premium.” Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 are 2 different projects.
        2. It was neither advertised, nor directly/indirectly implied that beta access was part of Premium service considering how nobody even expected Battlefield 4 to have been announced just yet(or atleast before the DLC plans ended). Just an assumption by the consumer, a baseless assumption at that and we all know, to assume makes an ASS out of U and ME.
        I wouldn’t expect Premium members to get it, though it would be cool,if we got alpha access lol. jk All this anger for nothing is more or less out of entitlement “Oh we paid for Battlefield 3 content, so we deserve priority to an entirely new project.” Doesn’t work that way. Did Bad Company 2 “VIP” get early access to the Battlefield 3 beta? Nope, the exact same thing is happening so why is it now an issue when nobody shat on it years ago?. I’d Rather preorder MoH Warfighter LE, which I have done long before Battlefield 4 was announced solely for extra unlocks as there was no such thing as BF4 beta 4 months ago.

  • Arty

    so whats left?? i wouldnt be suprised to see two versions of the game one for the current consoles and the next hell maybe as launch titles on the systems seriously how about some gratitude for the people who forked over the money on faith for the premium(same goes to cod for elite) where we just have to hope everything works out

  • Fuck EA premium members deserve the beta for their own franchise not have to buy a completely different series.

  • shaz

    Considering how terrible Battlefield 3 BETA was. I honestly couldn’t care less if I play BF4 BETA or not. BF3 is still a BETA, this game is no where near retail stage and DICE is already making another.. BETA.. I guess it’s a sign of the times.

    • You act like every other game except BF3 doesn’t have bugs.

      • Disturbed

        Sudden crashes, freezes, frame rate drops, extremely over-powered or under-powered weapons, bad map boundaries (going under the floor and other places you weren’t intended to go), client side hit detection, climbing over a rail die followed by jumping from a roof and staying alive, suppressors that still make you appear in the mini map, sound drops, view distance, input lag (PS3, game breaking bug), claymore failing due to client side hit detection and network lag, bullets not going where your aiming (down the sight), legs trough walls…

        There are only a few I could remember. Should we make this a game and list all the bugs and crappy decisions we found in BF3?

        • DRoc

          Addicted to Battlefield?… well that’s clear. Some small details need to be fixed, agree.

          Two questions:Have u ever tried to play BF3 on a PC?Why all the complains and whining is coming from console players?
          [I think Frostbite is putting the foot down [], hey Sony! hey Microsoft! it’s time for a new gen console because the engine is to powerful to be handled with the current hardware -PS3/XBOX-]

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  • CoDizaFish

    people down here are full of idiots. Yes BF3 is currently glitchy and buggy because of frostbite 2. But with MOH/BF4 coming out frostbite 2 will mature a lot and with the bugs and glitches in BF3 there is no time for the devs to fix or tweak…

  • RedmenNL

    Am I the only one here that loved the BF3 beta(even though I played on PS3). I thought it was awesome that they let us play the game! I loved owning all the n00bs. I wish I could take part of the MOH Warfighters beta. It’s a shame that EA is moneywhoring so much. And I’m sure they’ll release BF4 on next-gen consoles, although it might release some moths later than PC and current-gen.

  • Chriski333

    Oh boy dice u just made a huge shit storm for ur self

  • John

    I won’t be beta testing bf4 by the look of it

    Cos I’m certainly not buying crap like warfighter to be able to do so

  • dpg70

    All this means is they don’t want to remove the incentive to preorder MoH by announcing Premium will get it.

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  • Great, so (if MOH2 is anything like the first one), they expect us to pay another $60 for crap multiplayer just to access a beta? Pass. I’ll keep playing BF3 until the next real BF comes out.

  • xadadads

    regardless if they told us or not. still a nice slap to the face. bf4 premium? ya i can see it not breaking anything more then 10k

  • If the marketing plan is to tell people in order to get into the BF4 beta, they have to pre-order MOH, it would be counterproductive to tell people what other ways you’ll be able to the BF4 prior to MOH’s release.

  • No shit…. everyone please stop complaining you are all children noone of you did any research at all into this subject. HALO 3 how did you get into the beta buy crackdown how did you get into halo reach beta buy Halo 3 ODST was it glitchy ummm yes ITS A BETAA you know the unfinished product hence called a BETA not finished product, this is ALWAYS how its been why now are you all complaining?

  • RabidTurtle

    Out of curiosity, is there a reason why mp1st uses tiger tanks in the image for BF4? It doesn’t even look like an image from BF42 (I don’t remember a map that had 3 tiger tanks), though I guess it could be highly photoshopped. Is MP1st hoping BF4 goes back to WWII?

    I wouldn’t mind that, though if DICE goes back to WWII they need to make the ships usable again 🙁

    • Casavult

      I’m guessing it’s just to make the article look nice. I don’t think it has any affiliation to BF4 whatsoever.

  • S01DAT

    I don’t regret buying Premium but EA sure knows how to not reward loyalty

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  • Rational-man

    It was never said even once anywhere by any person that Premium had any relation to the Beta. We didn’t even KNOW if the next game would be BF4 or another WW2 or another BFBC.

    I have absolutely no idea whatsoever why would anyone ever feel entitled to a BF4 beta because they bought Premium. I got premium because of the things included in the Premium Package (the DLC and extra perks on the site) and I’m perfectly satisfied.

    • RNP_Ghost

      It would just seem to make more sense to have keen BF players (as most premium players are, as they have chosen to pay twice the price of a standard AAA title into BF3) beta test the new BF title, as they will already know how a BF title is supposed to play.

      It also would make those dedicated members of the BF community feel valued, and would feel more as though their opinions and thoughts mattered to DICE in how the BF series progressed, and that this important stage of development wasn’t being used purely as a marketing strategy.

  • Anonymous

    It will probably be like the BF3 premium which was supposed to be limited access to select people as well as those who bought the other medal of honor. They are just saying this is guaranteed access now to get people to buy their current product but when the beta rolls around it will be available to everyone and the MoH people will just get it earlier.

  • bad english

    this shit form EA not for DICE


  • Kris113

    Not shocked that Dice would stick it to their customers. Pay more and receive less. If they do what they have done with BF3, they have little hope of BF5. They will most likely HAVE to put out BFBC3 just to get their customers back.

  • Me

    Betas are no longer beta, just marketing venues…

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