Report – Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Hits PS3 on Feb 28th, PC on March 1st

Update 2

Activision has also announced a February 28th release date for the PC version of the Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC.

Update 1

Activision and the official PlayStation Blog have confirmed that the Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC will hit the PlayStation 3 this February 28th.

Original Story

As expected, the latest DLC pack for Black Ops 2 will hit other platforms roughly one month after the Xbox 360.

MP1st reader, Moriarty1975, noticed that GameStop USA has dated Treyarch’s latest DLC offering for the PS3 on Feb 28th. Meanwhile, Treyach has shared on Twitter that PC and PS3 players will hear more on the topic of DLC next week.

“PS3 and PC BlackOps 2 players, we hear you loud and clear. Stay tuned next week for news on BO2Revolution,” stated Treyarch via CI.

In addition, we dug up Amazon’s date for Black Ops 2’s PC Season Pass. The date on Amazon USA indicates that the Season Pass, which kicks off with Revolution, is slated for March 1st. The PC download “will be available to download on March 1, 2013 at 12:00 AM (US/Pacific),” as advertised by Amazon.

Be sure to keep an eye on our dedicated Black Ops 2 page for the latest news and editorials.


    Most Call of Duty players on PS3 pretty much already knew this…

    • DoucheJackson

      because COD map packs are included in happy meals now

      • noteveryoneakid…

        O I get it, happy meals = little kids, clever yet horribly inaccurate. Good attempt though.

        • in response to your name while not everyone on XBOX is a kid a lot of em act like a kid…

      • Dirtknap

        Congrats on your attempt at wit, but your perception of PlayStation and XBOX’s respective demographics is backward.

  • ilovecod


  • meh i dont see this as an issue, for the simple fact the further down the line in the map packs it seems they get more and more buggy, and they seem to always have a patch to fix rushed work by them time PS3 gets them

    • tony

      i doubt it, we still dont have a proper sound fix. It gets annoying not being able to play zombies without a loud swishing noise going off every hour until you quit the game

  • PertAndPopular

    …People still play this game!?

    • 300,000 during daytime hours and close to 600,000 during peak. When the dlc hit I saw over 700,000 online and this is just on xbox. In my opinion its a good game.

      • VEX_VEHIX


      • I want to call it a good game, but the hit registration is keeping me from playing it. That and the bitching and rage quitting of players on PC. We never used to have this problem, and now it’s EVERYWHERE.

      • Kids game

        It goes up to 600 000 when school lets out.

        • you are a….cunt

          Yea when the seniors get let out (age 18) thanks buddy!! Dick.

          • He’s got a point

            You can’t seriously think that the majority of players are legal age. All I ever hear on the mic are squeakers

    • L0l Bf3 getting only played 20 000-30.000?

      • Kai_ody

        Way low buddy. However there are definitely less people on at any given time as a result of different demographics. Probably the whole sex life thing keeps them from playing as much.

  • Call of Duty PC players getting the shaft again. They wouldn’t be here without us…

    • moose

      CoD on PC has been shit since COD4, these games are developed for console and ported to PC, the terrible aim mechanics and (WTF??) different aim sensitivity while ADS makes it nearly unplayable

      • Of all the things you could bitch about, you’re going to bitch about ADS sens? LOL.

      • Coxsenai

        Moose, You are a retard. Cod4 was out before your stupid consoles. I think someone needs to give you a shaft cos you’re obviously not getting anything else.

      • smallesy

        what!!! pc cod is twice as good as console ? custom maps on pc aswell and use a pad if u8 dont like keyboard

    • hey atleast your probably gonna get better deal then WIIu players

    • notatroll

      lol, you guys haven’t learned your lesson yet? COD isn’t meant for PC nowadays. if you still buy COD on PC, you must like getting the shaft hahaha

  • why am i not surprised :/

  • mrx anti xbox

    fuck off XBOX!

    • rrodbox360

      those whores!

  • marecki

    Where is wiiU version ? IF not FU Activision.

  • Keshav Bhat

    Just a FYi: People can buy the Season Pass now on Steam and get Nuketown Zombies. It’s interesting as to why Amazon isn’t allowing immediate download.

  • PC dead last. typical.

    • haha

      because pc sucks and ps3 i were all the fun is

      • Haha

        It’s funny because you obviously have some sort of issue

      • OciexGamer

        Funny cause ps3 and pc have the same date.
        Invalid argument.

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  • Kruger1904

    If I already have the season pass, will it automatically down load wen it releases?

  • subj3ct18

    i feel sorry for the pc players. i thought ps3 had to wait a while

  • thebulky1cometh

    Didn’t xbox get this on the 29th? That was a Tuesday…we’re getting it on a Thursday? So…over 1 month? Annoying.

  • Ownagekid

    Add me on PSN AdilHuston

  • Fucker

    Fuck u treyarch we know us ps3 suckers get shot a month after gay box so fuck you and you’re game because its balls!!!!

    • Traga57

      Don’t blame treyarch blame activision

  • David

    DLC? Yes, because I want to lag around new maps and have people sponge a magazine into his head, before he turns around and kills me…

    This game was actually pretty enjoyable and then recently it’s just gone down hill. I’ve just picked up brand new bf3 premium for £40 and the map packs come with more then one weapon…

    It seems like all of treyarch’s games follow a similar pattern start of well everyone can connection and play fine, then a few weeks/months in everything falls apart. When will activision use some of there billions they make off the series to actually use servers instead of the unreliable p2p

    • pc-gamer

      in MW3 pc players also had p2p but in bo2 this is no langer the case 😀 but in zombies it still is p2p 🙁

  • *update* and this surprises NO ONE -__-

  • dasdasdas

    They are realseing the map packs first on xbox becuse thare is more players on xbox platform then PS3 & PC and if they realsing it first to xbox they getting more money so that the thing i play on pc and i wait like big boy

    • Traga57

      There are more players on Xbox because most of them are hackers

  • scaf f

    check out for an awesome triple kill

  • Traga57

    Why does Xbox get the DLC before ps3