Report – Black Ops II Getting Pre-Order Bonus ‘Nuketown 2025’ Multiplayer Map

Final Update: It’s official now, here’s the first details.

Throughout the last few days, we’ve seen a number of forum users reporting that Black Ops II pre-order bonus posters for “Nuketown 2025”  multiplayer map have been showing up at their local retailers. It seems that the popular map from the original Black Ops, Nuketown, will get a “2025” re-imagining.

One Se7ensins user saw the posters at Ireland’s Xtravision. Also, a GameFAQs member reported on Nuketown 2025 posters at US based GameStop. However, Steven Douglass via XGZ managed to snap a few pictures of the posters at his local “GAME” store in the UK.

The promotion on the second image reads, “Pre-Order Call of Duty: Black Ops II now and receive the Nuketown 2025 bonus map for free. Relive the close quarters chaos of this classic fan-favorite map re-imagined in a visionary depiction of the “model home of the future.”

MP1st writer Gav contacted GAME for a comment on the topic via Twitter, the retailer had this to say, “I’m afraid we don’t know anything about it – we do have the Prestige Token pre-order bonus however which you can use in MW3!”

Update 2: One more image has made its way on to the internet from IGN.

Update 3: As the image above suggests, Black Ops II will have a Limited Edition Pack, perhaps similar to how the first print of Battlefield 3 is considered “limited” and packs in expansion pack Back to Karkand, however in this case Nuketown 2025. Also, another interesting topic of discussion is whether Xbox 360 owners will have access to Treyarch’s “most popular map” Nuketown first, as Microsoft has recently renewed the one month exclusivity deal for Black Ops II. This leads us to the question, will Nuketwon 2025 be included on disc or online to download? If it’s offered through DLC, then would the aforementioned exclusivity deal factor in?

Update 1: GameStop’s reveal for the second pre-order bonus wave will take place on July 1st, we expect Nuketown 2025 to be revealed then and added to the title’s pre-order bonuses. Of course, those who have already pre-ordered the game from GameStop will be entitled to the next three waves as well, which should include Nuketown 2025. See the flyer below for more details.

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  • Andy

    yay, but what about people who don’t pre-order, do they just not get it? how are they also splitting the pre-order’ers up from the people who get it on release?

    • I’d assume it’ll be similar to what happened with the old [email protected] Zombie maps – they appeared as DLC down the line. Many game publishers do this, and they will “synch-up” with the community a few weeks or months down the line to make sure everyone gets the same amount of content.

    • Everyone will get it a some stage, prob be included in the 1st map pack release. For those who get it from pre-ordering maybe a Nuketown 24/7 playlist?

      • ya all it say is get it free it dont say u only get it

    • srry to ask, but why wouldn’t you pre-order it if you wanna get the game on release? It also may be a timed-exclusive, coming out later for free for everyone.
      Does anyone also know if this bonus will come to other countries like Holland?


    What about players who already pre-ordered?

    • GAME UK hasn’t even confirming it yet, despite it being the one shown here. But for those who have pre-ordered with GAME – and it is true – then I’d assume they’ll update and send emails, same with those other companies (like Gamestop or Amazon) if pre-orders have changed. I’m waiting for a Hardened-like Edition of Black Ops II to show up.

  • When did COD ever gave out early-access map(s) as a pre-order bonus?

    • w


    • nipps

      Black ops 1 gave the original zombies map out

  • This is clearly bullshit. I don’t think any game company would split the community on day 1 by offering a bonus map not found in pre-order versions of the game…. that is unless Activision plans on day 1 DLC… essentially releasing an incomplete game. I don’t think it’s in their interest to “pull a Bioware” however.

    • Yeah man I dont get your reasoning here are you going to buy the game?

    • MasonMei

      I don’t have much to say to you. Only one sentence: Incomplete you ass!

  • FUCKIN LAZY they are cant evan make new maps to give use like WTF they want to give use a map from bops1

    • masada157

      So wait, it’s perfectly fine for BF3 preorders to get maps from BF2, yet it’s suddenly lazy for BopsII preorders to get BopsI maps??

      • Agreed

      • Jaskdavis

        Battlefield 2 came out in 2005… and was not on consoles, that’s why!
        7 years vs 2 years and nuketown was on consoles, COD is just lazy 😛

        • dosent help his response that just further proves that battlefield had 7 YEARS to make new maps and yet cod only had 2 years so whos lazy again?

          • Except that console players never experienced B2K so your point is mute. COD is being lazy, Dice was delivering to its fans. Besides 4 maps free vs 1 map? Screw COD

            • Thatbeastlytaco

              You said skrew CoD but your reading a CoD related article, hating on CoD and cant stop thinking about it cause you care.

          • Oh and I forgot to mention the 10 guns for free too, or maybe the vehicles that we also got free. And unfortunately for COD and it’s fans, there will never be gun DLC thanks to the devs laziness ( their excuse was ram limitations, more like 1999 engine limitations)

          • BF FANMAN

            lol That whole map pack was free on release though, along with 10 new weapons. Where are 4 free maps and 10 weapons from cod? It’s not even the same maps, they are reinvisioned with Frostbite 2 destruction. Where is cod’s destruction? lazy ass dev teams

            • Thatbeastlytaco

              No the mappack wasnt available till December for ps3 and a week later for xbox and pc so your comment doesnt make sense.

            • Thatbeastlytaco

              And it was free to those who preordered. Not those who didnt.

          • Jaskdavis

            Oh yeah since you know after BF2 there was: BF2:Modern Combat (Console only), BF: 2142, BF: Heroes, BF:Bad Company, BF: Bad Company 2, and BF:Play For Free – before BF3! DON’T TALK SHIT ABOUT A SERIES YOU CLEARLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT NOOB! Thanks 🙂 Yes Call of Duty is LAZY as they also releasing Terminal for MW3….. AGAIN 😛

            • Oh by the way Mr. Davis if you were a true Battlefield fan you would know that you missed a game in your little timeline you made.

            • Jaskdavis

              1943 😉

          • jakota

            Battlefield had 2 other games with dlc to come put in those 7 years (bad company 1&2) then they took giant maps from a old game and remade the maps for bf3 (they remade them on a different engine from bf2 while cod is using a slightly changed from bo1 on bo2. Neither os lazy BUT it was harder for battlefield to bring the maps back)

      • Glock Lover

        How disrepectful!!!! lol you can’t even compare a Black Ops map to a BF3 map, a remake of BF2 map is a real project, remaking a map from B Ops is not.

    • MasonMei

      Yeah, they remake this and give it to all pre-orderers for free. FREE! Do you understand the difference? How the hell is that LAZY? And yes, there are 16 new maps in BO2, is that FUCKIN LAZY? LMFAO haters all around

    • WasabeJuice

      The reason is because Nuketown is VERY POPULAR among COD fans and the community itself wanted this map. So, Treyarch is actually giving them a favor.

  • Lovely… of the worst maps in CoD history getting yet more love. I dont understand how people can like this map. Its a complete fail

    • Retro

      I’ve never understood the love this crap map gets.

    • IcyGuy

      There are four reasons why Nuketown got the love it did:

      1) It was friendly to all types of spam. You want a free kill? Throw a grenade at any part of the map; spray your entire mag down any of the long, confined sightlines; or send an RC-XD down any one of those sightlines…and through the garage…and down the other one…and down the one on the other side of the map. One Motion Sensor could easily cover the majority of either house. And God forbid you got a Chopper Gunner on an objective game. Fish in a barrel.

      2) It was chaotic. The easily-flipped spawns meant that you could get the jump on a better playing simply by randomly spawning behind them, and this, coupled with BO’s shoddy hit detection, meant that it was easy to fly around just about any corner (or hedge) and get a kill. And the no-man’s land in the center of the map could turn into every man’s land at a moment’s notice.

      3) The most popular perks – Lightweight, SoH, and Marathon – excelled on Nuketown. On top of that, those dirty Ghost campers (JFTR, I’ve been a card-carrying member of the stealth club since the perk was called “UAV Jammer”) didn’t have anywhere to hide.

      4) It exemplified the perception of what CoD is all about: fast-paced, run-and-gun action, with a carrot-on-a-stick unlock system and an “I’ll get him this time!” mentality underlying it. CoD is actually more slower-paced and requires more thought than people give it credit for…but that’s only if you want to do well in it. For the crack-addicted chipmunks who help inflate my KDR, the game is nothing more than the chance to simply run around like a madman and rage like their favorite YouTube idol whenever someone uses something other than the center 5 degrees of the screen to detect and kill them.

      (The BF3 equivalent of this map is Operation Metro, which is popular for the same reasons as Nuketown: it’s spam-friendly, it’s chaotic, people can excel with the most popular weapons, and they can excuse coordinated spawn-camping with the “BF3 requires teamwork” line.)

      But that’s just my take on it.

      • This guy knows what he is taking about

  • Yeah clearly if your going to buy the game go put five dollars on it

  • heikki993

    no!!!!!!!!!!! not nuketown!!!!!!!!!!! it was the worst map of original black ops!!!!!!!! better maps would be jungle, launch, array or wmd. or if they want to put smaller map, then at least firing range!

    • Thatbeastlytaco

      array or wmd. REALLY. Jungle or launch yeah sure Firing range is also good. But nuketown was the best out of all of them.

      • //[email protected]”””//

        WMD was boss and array was good for veriety

        • Thatbeastlytaco

          yeah but why as pre order bonuses it makes no sense . Id prefer nuketown over wmd and array any day.

    • MasonMei

      I love Hangar18, Array and WMD but if i have to choose one map to return from the original BO my choice is definitely Nuketown, since the majority of the community members likes that

      • The Dong

        The best map by far is Summit, you can get a good roll on a high kill streak. Nuketown is too small, whatever anyone says. And don’t bother arguing as I’m 15th prestige and one of the first to be. Not you false “noobs” that have sat in the S&D lobbies laying on the ground like a Slut, getting a few points at a time

        • Erik

          yes finally not many people give summit the credit it deserves even though i love nuketown summit is by far the best.

  • John

    What about people like me that have already pre-ordered why don’t we get it

    • You should, but like I said in another reply, wait until everything is properly revealed by Treyarch themselves to hash these things out. Patience is a virtue!

  • bobshi

    The nuke image is the same one that is on the website of the people who do the marketing designs for COD. Can’t remember their name, but look it up, it was posted on here or CI before.

  • Freindly poster

    now what if you per-ordered at best buy will i get the nuke town map and other goodies?

    • Another Friendly Poster

      no because you had to of pre ordered it through gamestop. best buy has their own bonuses. sorry about the bad news 🙁

  • CulturebUlly

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this map.

  • Wow pre order and you get a map you payed for 2 years ago you people who think this is a good deal are just plain stupid do you see how little work they put into these games they are selling you the same maps twice they dont even need to try any more to get ur money the should just sell you MW3 with the maps from MW2 for 60 buck and you would buy it

    • Lufam0s

      Dude, this map is just a bonus map for pre-ordering the game. It is the first time COD has an in-game bonus for pre-ordering

    • bobshi

      Ha! Nice try moron. This is a BONUS map for FREE as a gift for pre-ordering. You are not paying extra for this free map, you are not paying for the same map twice.

      More-over it has been re-imagined. If you want to know what that means take a look at Hazard, which was a re-imagined version of Cliffside.

      It will be the same layout but look totally different.

      People like you who jump to conclusions and think it is cool to hate COD are ridiculous. You’re just as blind to things as you believe people are blind to the way COD runs.

      • Ha nice try moron. Blind to the way cod runs it sounds like you are sheep just keep on telling your self its worth it every year until you open your eyes and see the shit you have been paying for is just that shit

  • Dznut5


    • Still a few months from release, wait until everything is verified to make your choice.

    • Nobody

      well if you wait you will not get any of the bonuses. and there has been no info on any hardened edition.

  • bobby

    nuketown was awesome, hopefully they didnt mess it up

    • lol

      yeah mw3 mest up terminal so i hope …

      • Thatbeastlytaco

        they didnt release Terminal. how could they mess it up?

        • Darklink2nd

          Simple…The other airport with a different name

          • bm31kills

            what, there wasn’t any airport in mw3 ?

            • Yeah there is Arkaden is a airport you dur

            • John

              Arkaden is a mall, not an airport.

            • rudy

              arkaden is a mall dude -_-


    I’m a fan of Nuketown … but really I’d have preferred a Firing Range 2025 Pre-Order bonus map. Hands down one of the best maps from the COD series.

  • I would love to see a Firing Range 2025 as well. One of my favorite MP maps of all time, up there with CS’s Inferno and CoD 4’s Crossfire.

  • bause

    can people that dont pre-order elite buy it of of the xbox marketplace

  • I’m so tired of hearing that these developers are lazy. Unless any of you in here bitching about who is lazy and who is not can make video games than shut the f up. These guys work very hard and have to neglect their families every time they work on a game get your heads out of your asses and either buy the game or don’t.

  • I wonder how double rainbows look in 2025

  • Owen

    Will it be available to be bought

  • although Firing Range was a good map, the community would LOVE to bring Nuketown back because it is one of the most popular maps ever in CoD history, and more popular than Firing Range

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  • H


  • Capt_puffy

    is it going to open up nuketown to the too other homes

  • yousef

    nuke town is nice map. in black ops the team are spetsnaz and blackops. i dont know in black ops ii

  • C4_nation_:D

    look i think its bs that we the online player have to pay for this map they should just give it to us for free thats bs

    • dynex88

      your not paying for it your getting for free as long as you pre-order the game which everyone will now because of this dlc.

  • C4_nation_:D


  • jonathanp

    if i pre orderd the game before neketown 2025 will i get newketown????

  • jonathanp

    if I pre orderd the game before nuke town 2025 will i still get it ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  • Hamza

    Can I get nuke town 2025 bonus map if I pre order from Singapore

  • XxDeadRising9xX

    Thanks for the info.. was very very helpful , thank you

  • Botchy

    what about through eb games, are you still entitled to all bonuses

  • So does everyone that Pre order get the NukeTown map

  • SEGSpacely

    Ive been wondering because i pre-ordered black ops ONLINE do i still get nuketown 2025???

  • So is the 2025 nuketown map going to be a disc thing or will i have to download it, i am Getting the game tuesday when it comes out but the system for the holiday.

  • Marko

    If I preorder black opps 2 do I get nuketown 2025 if I pick the game up a couple days later

  • Tiff

    i cant find my map on the game I preordered any one know?