Report – GTA Online Coding Hints At 32 Player Cap And Game Modes [Updated]


Rockstar has commented on the 32-player rumor, confirming that “GTA Online will support 16 players.”

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Despite Grand Theft Auto V’s online portion of the game, GTA Online, being just a few days away until its October 1 release date, it appears that information regarding game modes and player count has been recently leaked.

According to Cinemablend, Rockstar will be bringing back fan-game modes to GTA Online like Cops and Crooks, Free For All, Races and, of course, a Team Deathmatch mode. Although these game modes’ return should come to no real surprise, seeing as they were featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, it looks like the folks over at Rockstar will be giving the player cap a slight bump.

GTA Online is billed to host 16 players at once as they indulge in various game modes and activities, including some of the 500 missions that Rockstar has already created once GTA Online is available. However, some of the configuration files for these game modes hint at a possible 32 player cap.

Don’t get your hopes too high though, as the 32 player cap could simply be for the alleged PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game, for which coding and assets have been found within both the game itself and in the companion app “iFruit”, available now for iOS devices and soon for Android devices.

Speaking of those 500 missions, some tid-bits of info have surfaced, claiming some of the missions will have you assassinating another player while it’s up to the cops to try and stop this assassination from happening.

Additionally, it seems that the Cops and Crooks game mode will be featuring some interesting improvements such as cops being able to use scanners to check license plates to see if the vehicle is stolen. That, in turn, can alert the police to any suspect and assign a squad car to come and arrest them.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which GTA Online soon to follow this October 1.

Are you guys looking forward to GTA Online? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Cinemablend

  • 500 Missions! Jezus!

    • Just saying

      I bet R* will add more cuz I see myself finishing these missions in 2 to 4 weeks max (if they’re real hard missions)

      • Mr. Thuggins

        I wish I had your free time but, then I don’t, because that would mean I don’t have a job haha.

        • Just saying

          I’m a pharmacist and in my country, u don’t see much people buying drugs so I put my PS3 in the back room of my pharmacy. Then I have 2 days work in hospital which takes lots of time but here u see I have 5 days kinda free 🙂

          • Mr. Thuggins

            Lucky you!

            • Just saying

              Feel free to join me 🙂

      • Alex Plascencia

        They said there will be 700 missions in the end.

    • zacflame

      You should expect these things.

  • Katana67

    I had thought the 16-player cap was even too small for RDR. Much less the vast world in GTA V. I could easily see 64 players, but that might be presumptuous. I doubt we’ll see 32 players in current-gen, which is a bummer, but it would be nice.

    They really need to announce the next-gen/PC releases now. Might as well, made a billion dollars… I think their current-gen projections are covered…

    • Just saying

      If the next gen. project is real, I’ll be very sad that I’ll finish the game and won’t be so intersted to pay another $70 for next gen version. I think I’ll just enjoy GTA V on PS3 and wait for the next GTA on PS4.

      • Mitch

        Since Sony has some deal with R*, maybe they could do that upgrade offer with GTA V like they do with BF4, Ghosts, AC4 where you can buy the digital version for 10 bucks?

        • Just saying

          I doubt there’ll be a PS4 version cuz if there was such a project, Sony would’ve announced it to boost PS4 sales. Let’s just enjoy it on PS3 and wait for the next GTA for PS4 🙂

          • WarBroh

            It’ll be Red Dead something for PS4, not another GTA until years from now.

            • Just saying

              I didn’t say that I expect the next GTA next year or something! I’m just saying that I’ll buy the next R* games for PS4 but for GTA V, I’m gonna stick with the PS3.

            • BroJ

              Yeah I do not know why people keep saying it is coming to next gen consoles. PC maybe but not next gen. Rockstar has said this countless times there will be no Next gen version. They could change there mind after it making a billion dollars but i doubt it.

        • Work hard Twerk harder

          The fact that they’re already making millions and millions, it wouldn’t hurt them to stick with the 10 bucks, but at the same time they could go for even more since GTA5 has clearly been proven to be worth the price even without the Online

      • Katana67

        Well GTA V would be the only game that I’d consider double-dipping on. BF4’s already coming with my PS4 and I’m just gonna’ enjoy the beta on 360.

      • xbox rules

        Its not coming out for the next gen consoles

    • WarBroh

      There won’t be a nextgen console port. Development on this game was finished before nextgen boxes were even announced. A game this massive doesn’t port overnight like some CoD copy-paste job.

      They’ll release their PC version which is already finished while working on their next title – rumored to be another Red Dead – for next gen.

      • Katana67

        Some of the code dug up from GTA V indicates that they were working with PS4 devkits. I’m not discounting any possibility at this point before I hear a hard “yes” or “no”.

        If the architecture of PS4 and X1 are streamlined enough and PC-esque (as they have stated), I don’t see how a port would be out of reach.

        Not to mention the monetary gain to be had for making a next-gen console version of the game.

        • WarBroh

          Well timing is everything, since attention spans are short and people forget about a new AAA release after a couple weeks and the gaming sites have moved the hype-roscope on to the next big thing, so if R* is smart they’ll wait until are actually a decent number of nextgen units purchased before re-launching. That’s why it’ll be a while if at all.

          And the hype about nextgen consoles being “So PC like that ports from PC will be EZ” is a lot of wishful thinking.., they’ll still require a massive effort for a port since they’re still highly customized software stacks on highly custom PC-like boxes.

          • Katana67

            Independent developer testimonials confirming the ease of developing on a familiar architecture =/= “hype”. I’m not saying it’ll be effortless, at all. However I doubt it’ll be as inhibited as ports were/are on 360/PS3.Thus making it more likely that ports will occur.

            I don’t put much stock in the word “hype” either, things are either true, speculative, or false. Any resulting atmosphere deemed to be “hype” is entirely player-derived.

            BF4 is releasing on current-gen and next-gen, likewise with most next-gen launch titles (Watch Dogs, AC Black Flag, etc.) I’m not sure people having boxes will be as big a motivator as one might think.

            By that logic, BF4 as a launch title would be a bad choice as there would be fewer potential customers on launch for PS4/X1. Yet they’re doing it, making even less sense because they’re explicitly dividing their sales between current-gen/next-gen.

            Whereas Rockstar, if they were to pursue a next-gen port, would be better positioned as they have already garnered record intake from their current-gen release. I’m not saying Rockstar can just flip the switch and have a next-gen release, but it’s not something we can dismiss at this time.

            • BroJ

              BF4, COD Ghosts, and a new AC as launch titles for next gen is freaking huge and system sellers on there own right. Hell i am getting a PS4 on launch day mainly because i want one bad and also the fact that BF4 is a launch game. This Next gen console launch has some of the greatest launch games I have ever seen in a new console launch. Even AC Black Flag looks phenomenal on PS4 which I plan to get also. Watch this it is amazing. it is PS4 footage. Watch in HD if possible.


  • BroJ

    Does anyone know if this has dedicated servers

    • Katana67

      This is something I’ve wondered as well. Moreover, I’ve wondered how they are going to manage things being “persistent” even though they don’t have any precedent for persistence in servers. I think what they’ll end up doing, is just instancing things like houses, garages, etc. to give the illusion of persistence.

      • BroJ

        I hope because i have played other GTA online and it was a lag fest. If this does not have dedicated servers i will probably not play it.

    • paulinacio

      I would think they would since there would be many issues with P2P. I cant remember id Red Dead Redemption had it but if it did then GTA Online will for sure

    • Mitch

      Well, as long as it’s better than IV’s servers. I hate on how my screen I take some car out in a race, just to see him teleport in front of me 2 seconds later because of the lag -_-

  • BroJ

    Does anyone know if this has dedicated servers

  • WarHero

    I can know this for sure when GTA online arrives it’s going to keep me busy until the Next Gen consoles come out in November along with a whole slew of games.

    • Katana67

      Agreed. I still play RDR Hardcore Free Roam to this day and there’s far less to do in RDR than it seems there will be in GTA V. It’ll ease the month-long generation gap until I get BF4 on PS4. Even then, it’ll be a good thing to have until my Live sub runs out and I’ll have to get it for PS4 (hopefully it’ll be announced by then).

  • CoDforever

    Dammit .. is it really worthy to get BF4 over this ?

    • jj16802

      I’d say get both, but since I have been playing Battlefield games since I was kid way before I got my hands on a GTA game, I might be a bit biased with BF4.

      Other than that, these two games aren’t really comparable. The major deciding factor is if your friends get it or not.

  • Connor

    Unfortunately, current-gen will not get 32 players. The back of the case says “Online 1-16 players.” Anyhow, any news on the Xbox One version of the game?

    • WarBroh

      There won’t be an xbone version, R*’s next title will be on nextgen.

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Do you guys think I should buy this game? lol

    • WarBroh

      If in doubt, don’t – you’re not worthy.

      • SangheiliSpecOp


  • WarBroh

    Dont get your hopes up for more than 16 players – it says 2-16 players for online right on the box. I’d be highly skeptical of 32 players on Xbox360 for example because MS has tight requirements for the max bandwidth to certify for XBL (its something stupidly low like 132kbps)

    • Despite plenty of other games having more than 16 players?

  • Gamester

    Can’t the police deploy stingers in gta online? (COps N Crooks)

    • That guy you might know

      God help us if they can.

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  • jaskdavis

    Playstation 4 version? BETTER NOT BE! I Waited to buy this game for Next Gen hopes until R* at TGS confirmed NO next gen versions, so I bought the game this weekend because of that…

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