Report – Hidden Battlefield Hardline Weapons, Gadgets, Maps, and Modes Spotted

It’s clear that the Battlefield Hardline multiplayer beta is a tad short on weapons, as it’s only meant to provide a small taste of the full experience launching later this Fall on October 21.

But, apparently, that hasn’t stopped YouTuber Hattiwatti from digging up a few more details in the game’s files, revealing a handful of new weapons that aren’t normally accessible in the beta. You can check out what was found in the video above or refer to the list below:

  • M93R – Hand Gun
  • M1911 – Hand Gun
  • RS357 – Magnum
  • MAC-10 – Personal Defense Weapon
  • M240B – Light Machine-Gun
  • SR-25 ECC – Designated Marksmen Rifle
  • L96A1 – Bolt-Action Rifle
  • SMAW – Launcher
  • M18 – Smoke Grenade

Thanks, Mack!

In addition, Reddit user SkacikPC was able to peek into some of the game’s audio files that have allegedly revealed a couple of new game modes, map names, and gadgets. Here are some of the findings:

  • Desert 05 – Hostage rescue (no offical map name so far) – Hostage rescue against gang running a methamphetamine lab. Full transcript available here
  • Turf war on High Tension – most likely domination cameo as in recent interviews, Visceral employee said that as of now Conquest is not included in Hardline. Transcript of only audio file is available in above link.”
  • “Hostage sound files (mainly variations of words ‘hey/over here/help me/’ with one exception of ‘Hey man cut me loose’)”
  • “Molotovs/incendiary – Sound files indicate the existence of incendiary bombs, whilst ingame weapon name states Molotov. Most likely will stay as incendiary as currently it uses BF4 incendiary grenade particle effects.”
  • “Map called ‘growhouse’ will have a levolution event with blowing up Van”
  • “There is a singleplayer level nicknamed ‘Chop Shop’, which most likely is a warehouse raided by a player (it will end up in flames).”
  • “Sound files containing impact sounds of empty .45 shell on various surfaces (nicknamed Distraction bullet). May indicate that SP has stealth mechanics.”
  • “If you’re interested, here’s a small package with mentioned audio files”

SkacikPC’s Reddit post also led to another Tweet, again by Hattiwatti, who claims to know some of the map and mode names in Battlefield Hardline. Naturally, we’d take it with a grain of salt, but here’s the alleged list so far.

Looks like some folks just can’t wait to learn as much as possible about Visceral’s next project and as early as possible. But, hey, that’s a good thing. That means the excitement is out there.

If you can hang tight just a little while longer, you’ll be able to get a better feel for the game once the open beta launches this Fall.

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  • Alkanida

    Fans have been asking for real destruction for years now.
    And now a Map named “Growhouse” is appearing.
    Let me guess, all plants are destructible?
    Shame on you, Frostbite!

    • Grif

      So your supporting the illegal process of growing drugs?

      • Alkanida

        What? Isn’t that growhouse in California? So it’s not illegal.
        These Plants have a life to live!
        Jesus, what is wrong with the people nowadays…:)

        • swipe_06

          The drug lab probably gets radided due to tax evasion, and not cause of the product they are selling 🙂

        • Guy

          They banned weed and people are all scared to get baked out now.

      • Guy

        Growing weed is illegal – this is the stupidest truth in all humanity and all about money when hemp was legal tender, not because it is a drug. I support the illegal process of growing drugs, I move to even say poppies and dmt producing plants, hell I will go as far as saying I should be able to experience whatever state of consciousness I want without fear of government kicking down my door and call me a criminal. But high horse aside and the same judgmental implications you had included I will respond by asking you a question., so you’re allowing government to intimidate you away from thinking for yourself?

        Who’s the real criminal.

    • SkacikPL

      Bet your ass that you can set them on fire, and “levolution” is getting stoned.

  • Hollywood Hills .. sounds interesting …

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  • Zacflame

    Although I might pass on this game, it’s comforting to hear that the M1911 is making a return.

  • dpg70

    No Conquest? How exactly is this a Battlefield game?

    • Olek

      Where did you get that information? The game modes above were found by digging into the game’s files, do you see anything stating NO CONQUEST?

  • Oblivion_Lost667

    So one CS gamemode (Defuse for BF4) doesn’t work out because they don’t support it properly, now they’re going to try the other main CS gamemode?

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  • Brandon Stern

    EA is trying to annualize Battlefield as evident with Hardline. If Hardline was a standalone title I could see far less people being skeptical about it, but EA attached the Battlefield name for brand recognition.

    Battlefield 3 was supported for two years with patches and expansions, Battlefield 4 has been out for around eight months and EA has announced another “full-fledged” Battlefield.

    EA expects people to eat it up, I know I won’t. And that’s saying a lot considering I have bought almost every Battlefield since Battlefield 2. This game (Hardline) has nowhere near the innovation and content that was introduced by DICE from Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4, and for that reason I’m out.

    • Olek

      “EA attached the Battlefield name for brand recognition.”
      Bingo! If you don’t realize that then you’re a moron and you deserve to be separated from your money!
      Why do you people act like you HAVE to buy this game, this is simply to fill the waiting gap between full fledged Battlefield titles that come every two years.
      Vote with your money instead of crying.
      Why do you feel the need to announce to everyone that you’re “out”, don’t you understand that it simply makes you look like a pompous a-hole, nobody cares, keep quiet and simply don’t buy it!

      • Benny Rodriguez


      • Brandon Stern

        I won’t buy it. And that’s saying a lot because I love this series. Here’s the issue. A bunch of plebs are going to buy it and give EA the notion that releasing half-assed shit games is an ethical and worthwhile practice, it’s not.

        There are far too many people that are oblivious to the consequences of supporting EA’s antics.

        From Battlefield 3 to 4 there were some big changes, for example; the visuals got an impressive upgrade, it shipped with more maps, destruction was increased on multiple scales, a third playable faction was added, more vehicles were added, new vehicle classes were added, infantry play got refined, Battlelog had a huge facelift, more optics, more gadgets, more weapons, sound design was improved and refined, the ability to add ‘paint’ to your primary and secondary weapons plus vehicles, emblems that you create that could are placed on your weapon vehicles and soldier, Levolution, etc.

        Where are the upgrades from Battlefield 4 to Hardline? It honestly does not even look as good as Battlefield 4 (I play both on ultra at 1920X1080), the running animation in Hardline is shit, only two playable factions, destruction is lacking severly, etc.

        Battlefield: Hardline is not justifiable as a full-fledged 60$ game.

        • Olek

          “give EA the notion that releasing half-assed shit games is an ethical and worthwhile practice”

          Do you honestly, i mean, HONESTLY think that EA is run by a bunch of idiots? They are very well aware of what they’re doing, and they’re doing because they already know it will sell, i have nothing against it as it is just a spin-off title, please get that into your head, this isn’t Battlefield 5 or anything of the sort, it’s a spin off, a different take, it’s still Battlefield fundamentally but with a different theme.

          It could have been an Expansion like BC2:Vietnam if they simply released 4 maps and a a dozen of weapons and maybe a a couple new gadgets, but the Beta at the moment is still using unfinished assets, i played a few rounds with a guy from Visceral and he confirmed that the animations, texturing and models are still placeholders. They are simply testing gameplay and stability elements, as well as stressing the servers.

          This is a proper Beta 4 months before release.

          “Battlefield: Hardline is not justifiable as a full-fledged 60$ game.”

          I had no idea that you got to play the finished game with the single player and all.

          You’re already declaring shit based upon nothing. You played an unfinished game on 1 map and two different game modes.

          • Brandon Stern

            Alright, this October when Hardline ships we will see how ‘large’ it is compared to when Battlefield 4 shipped.

            • David Hernandez

              bf4 sucked, that game is full of bugs and they destroyed the class set up

    • Guest

      What did BF3 and Bf4 do with innovation? IMO they made the game dumber and took out teamwork.

      • Benny Rodriguez

        Gimme a example of innovation in a FPS please!!

        • Wolfentein 3D, Doom, Quake, CoD MW, Duke Nukem, Deus Ex, Half Life, Halo, Medla of Honor.

        • Guest

          BF2,COD4,Halo 2/3, Unreal tournament. Doom, Quake. Wolfenstein 3D, BF1942, Medal of honor allied assault. CS. GRAW, R6,Socom 2.

          • Benny Rodriguez

            Ok let me be clear gimme a example of something innovative that could be implemented in a fps game, cuz if you go back to any of those game it Will not be the same anymore, innovation in a fps is not something easy to think, it always be 2 hands holding a gun

      • Angry Gnome

        BF3 brought in very impressive graphics, “smarter” destruction (get what I’m saying) much, much bigger maps, and easily became recognized as one of the most realistic shooters of its time (please Arma fans, I already know your argument). BF4 kinda rode along with the success of BF3, but “levelolution” is an innovation. Bottom line, BF3 was a much more innovative game than any other AAA title released with it.

        • Guest

          BF2 and 2142 maps seem bigger and the flags are properly designed in those games. If technology counts as innovation and not gameplay.then every new game coming out can be called innovative…….BF3 is not realistic and in fact became much more arcady then earlier titles.

          All BF3 did was create a hype train full of people disappointed with Blops and MW3 and the newer BC2 players.

          • Angry Gnome

            What are you even saying?! Battlefield 3 brought the biggest maps of any title to franchise. I never said it was realistic, I said it was called to be the most realistic game by many people (a few retired marines said so). I don’t get how BF3 is arcady, please give me examples. The maps were tactfully designed and well laid out.

            And as for your last point, I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. Look at polls, Reddit posts, Youtube videos. BF3 was a crazy good, runaway success.

  • SkacikPL

    SkacikPC T_T

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  • Merciful Domino

    Dat 8 shot revolver though~

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  • Brian Wood

    Stop asking how this is even a battlefield game. They have done mostly every war there is possible. Along with making up non-fiction stories. People hated BF3 storyline. People also didn’t care too much for the BF4 storyline either. People are now just playing these games for the multiplayer and ignoring the story.

    This is the story on the war on criminals. To an extreme. That is one “battlefield” that most people seem to ignore. It doesn’t always have to be what the community wants. What if you created a game and was too scared to do your own thing and use your own imagination for a game? Your job would suck. So, instead of running out of wars to cover like Call of Duty, they cover the war on the streets. The story actually looks good and promising this time.

    Here is the way I look at it. This Beta ACTUALLY WORKS. Battlefield 4 BETA sucked complete ass and I could only play it when there was 2 weeks left. Now, since the netcode was “fixed” I still experience issues where I go to join, it says there was a problem and cannot connect, yet I still connect and play. What the hell DICE. I still major lag on Siege of Shanghai which is surprising considering I have a 780 with a 4670K. All working fine for other games.

    Visceral Games steps in, for the first time with Frostbite 3, and creates a solid Beta. No major bugs. No connection issues. Just click and play. I love it. They captured me through the fact that they can release a more solid game than DICE can having used the engine for their first time. Wow. Not to mention that Visceral started making the game a year before Dead Space 3. Battlefield 4 took the same amount of time yet released like shit.

    Since this has it’s own storyline, it’s own multiplayer, and it’s own style, this is a $60 game. BFBC2: Vietnam was an add-on with a few guns and a few maps. Not a full-fledged title. So either keep playing buggy old Watch Dogs, or come and play a solidly built Battlefield title for once. Long live Bad Company 2.

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