Report – Modern Warfare 3 September DLC Maps Spotted?

Earlier today, Infinity Ward announced July’s Elite Drops to include two brand new Modern Warfare 3 adversarial multiplayer maps, Offshore and Decommission, on top of the already mentioned Spec Ops mission, Vertigo. Click here for some neat images and descriptions of the new drops set to release on the 17th of July.

What comes as a nifty surprise to us is that these two maps, Offshore and Decommission, correspond with a rumor posted on the MP1st forums by our own Fahed Jaradat, originally leaked back in June. How these images may have been obtained? Most likely similar to the way footage of Terminal was, as explained by Mark Rubin.

These rumors include images (shown below) of a number of MW3 maps suggesting their inclusion in upcoming MW3 DLC.

Our earlier report indicates three new maps to be making it to MW3 in September’s Elite drops (for Xbox 360 Elite members, October for PS3 Elite members) which could very well be the maps left over in the list below — Terminal already being confirmed last week for a July 17/18 release.

(Note from forum post author: “Please keep in mind, some of these names might be code names and are not final. Also, two maps don’t have in-game loading screens, but stock images for internal reference.”)




Off Shore


  • Nick

    It looks like photoshop. Offshore’s map is a real pic of an oil rig lol, gulch is a picture from RAGE, idk where the other 3 are from.

    • Read the piece, please.
      “Please keep in mind, some of these names might be code names and are not final. Also, two maps don’t have in-game loading screens, but stock images for internal reference.”
      These 5 maps were leaked in June, today the first 2 were confirmed today with different images. Stock/unfinished images are just used internally, same goes for codenames.

      • asspickle

        Parish looks like it takes place in new orleans according to the st.louis cathedral in the picture.

      • DoYouReallyWant2Know?

        Read!? What is this reading thing you speak of?

  • Play the videos! Raar!

  • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

    5 new maps + MW2 terminal ? This makes me glad. I think paying for Elite was worth for the maps and other stuff. But I’m still missing Dome 24/7.

    • I think paying for Elite was worth for the maps and other stuff” other stuff?

      • other stuff as in spec ops missions and the “new” face off mode.

      • Clan Ops, Starting Clans, Camo, Emblem, Title, Yea, other stuff

        • DoYouReallyWant2Know?

          Pay 50 bux to start a damn clan?

          • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

            There is much more in the $ 50 you paid for the Elite than a “damn clan”. Take some time to read.

            • DoYouReallyWant2Know?

              I never paid the 50 dollars for elite. In fact i never installed the app because i knew ot was a con.

      • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

        haters gonna hate.

        • Joe

          Yeah, and MOST Elite subs hate Elite (according to the Xbox forums, cod forums, twitter, Youtube & FB anyway). Elite is pure shit. 5 gametype specific maps people didn’t expect or want, a website that took months to get to work & is buggy as hell, clan emblems that took 7 months to release, shows that took 6+ months to air, a calendar that was completely broken until last week, theater mode that goes down regularly, & a map pack sale. Think I’m exaggerating or being overly dramatic? Compare MW3 Elite sales to Blops 2 Elite sales and remember what I said when you’re looking at the drop off…

          • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

            You guys complain so much and play less. Now you are putting a lot of expectation in Blops 2 Elite and will be dissapointed as you are with MW3 Elite. Just complain complain complain about the game but don’t take the disc out of the console. If clan operations didn’t exist you would complain, now that we have Elite, you complain because it was released late…. and bla bla bla complain complain complain….

            • DoYouReallyWant2Know?

              Me putting any hope in cod after mw1 results in the end of the world. Right now i like my world tyvm.

            • Joe

              You know so much about me. Except for the fact that I’ve played maybe 5 hours of cod since New Years. And the only reason I’ve played that much is because I bought Elite at launch and want the content I paid for. Only games I really play are Mass Effect & Skyrim. Nice ignorant post though.

            • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

              I didn’t say that only to you, but to everyone that plays CoD. I didn’t want to be rude. I’m sorry and peace!!

        • DoYouReallyWant2Know?

          U look like that guy from around the world in 80 plates.

    • bobshi

      Yep, we got the same amount of MP maps are Black Ops, we got 8 missions compared to 8 Zombies maps. I play neither so doesn’t bother me and we also have 7 Face Off maps.

      Then of course all the web side of things.

      A good deal in the end, it pays for itself if you are the kind that buys all DLC and you get it early and if you manage to get some MS points or PS vouchers for cheap, it means you get an even better deal.

      I actually paid two thirds of the cost of Elite with a discounted Hardened edition so it has been super value for me.

      As for Dome 24/7, unlikely to happen, Mark Rubin said he isn’t a fan of 24/7 playlists due to ‘map burnout’.

      • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

        I agree with all you said. I’m done with this subject. For me its worth…. I’ll have the maps, will have face-off maps, clan emblems, etc, etc, etc…

        I play COD online for hours and I like to have all the maps, playlists and missions. I like to have everything available to me in multiplayer. While some think it’s a waste of money for me it’s ok.

        I liked Nuketown 24/7 so much that I think we deserve Dome 24/7 in MW3. It’s just a wish.

  • HDZ

    Is real, i see “parish” in my ps3 on private party:D

  • masada157

    We will perish in Parish. Haha, get it? Perish….Parish……oh, screw you guys.

    • Joe

      I doubt it considering Parish is probably Sanctuary…

  • Yanneck Mock

    Boardwalk looks nice. it reminds me a little to nuketown and firingrange. but the pic is fake 🙁

    • As stated by the post, these pictures are just reference ones. So it could be a different map all together, but w/ same name.

      • Yanneck Mock

        Yeah, but i like the pic. hope the map looks the same.

  • DoYouReallyWant2Know?


  • DoYouReallyWant2Know?

    To all these messages against the trolling: until the general pop. is educated properly activision and partners will continue to fool them. Lol and by the looks of it they have again.

  • xDXxAscension

    We need more MW2 maps and maybe some Call of Duty 4 maps. Bring back some of the old school maps. Crossfire, Backlot, Vacant.