Microsoft Tease “The Future of Titanfall” Announcement This Monday


Vince Zampella reacted to this news on Twitter, “for those asking about the ‘future of titanfall’ announcement, I’m confused as to what that is. We did not sell tf to MS.”

Zampella had a chance to speak with G4’s Geoff Keighly, who’s also involved in the Austin event. And, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment had the following to say, “talked with Geoff Keighley and it looks like the ‘future’ thing is just something fun. Not how I would have described it, but still fun.”

Original Story:

During the latest Major Nelson podcast, Larry Hryb and his co-hosts mentioned that Austin’s Titanfall event will include an announcement on the future of Titanfall.

Xbox’s Jeff Rubenstein explained, “apparently during this live stream, which will start at 11 pm eastern/8 pm pacific, we are going to be exploring or showcasing the future of Titanfall.”

Larry Hryb added that the Xbox team have “no clue” what Respawn Entertainment will be showing. It seems that all Respawn told Microsoft, “we are showcasing the future of Titanfall”.

On Twitter, Rubenstein teased, “I’m told [Respawn] will be unveiling an amazing new collaboration in the Titanfall universe.”

In you are in Austin, the event will be at SXSW on March 10. However, the rest of us will have to catch the Xbox stream on Twitch.

Respawn might be sharing more details about the game’s DLC, which we only know about the release time frame and price points. As always, keep your sight on MP1st for more Titanfall coverage.

Thanks to Mark for the tip.

  • Scavenger of Human Sorrow

    I have a PS4 (since launch) and I really want to play Titanfall, because it looks impressive admittedly. But the fact the game is on PC, I will not be buying an Xbox One for it. Although Microsoft believe it will their console sell like hot cakes, I’m sure there is more people like me who haven’t got a gaming PC yet, and Titanfall could push them more towards that than an Xbox One.

    Not only that though, I don’t support companies BUYING their exclusives. It’s wrong.

    • John Mumpitz

      Oh, then you shouldn’t support Sony either. Because they are BUYING exclusives A LOT.

      Only Nintendo is the exception though.

      I don’t care. I JUST WANT THE BEST GAMES. Period. That’s why I have an XBOX ONE and a Wii U.

      Killer Instinct, Ryse, Forza 5, PvZ Garden Warfare, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, TITANFALL, The Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World, Smash Bros, DK Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8.

      PS4 has no games. KACK and KZ:SF are mediocre.

      And infamous looks pretty bad, too. Singleplayer only, repetitive and boring gameplay and only 12h playtime. No, thanks.

      • Mitch

        Sony buying exclusives? LMAO, no. Almost all their exclusives are 1st party, unlike MS. Titanfall: 3rd party, sequel very likely to come to PS4. PvZ: Timed Exclusive from 3rd party, very likely to come to PS4. If MS have some balls, they come up with a lot of new IPs that can reach The Last of Us’ level, and they stop making online shooters only like GoWILostCount and Halo 5. Black Tusk could have made an amazing, unique IP, but instead Microsoft puts them on a dead franchise.

        • John Mumpitz

          Bleh. Who cares for the PAST?

          I am talking about NOW and TODAY.

          There are only MEDIOCRE exclusive titles on PS4.

          Just look at KACK, or KZ:SF.

          Even the order looks so boring, have you seen the trailer? The shittiest and laziest LEVEL DESIGN I’ve EVER seen. That BRICK WALL LOL

          Oh and what else do we got this year?

          Uncharted next year and without Amy Hennig it’s going to SUCK.

          Deep Down? Meh, I hate F2Ps:

          Driveclub; Delayed and nobody knows when it will be released. lol

          And thats it… Really NOTHING to be excited on PS4 side. lol

          • Mitch

            Love how you are bashing games without them playing it, typical thing a fanboy does.
            Knack: great game for kids. If you think all games should be online shooters like on the Xbox, you’re very wrong.
            Killzone: Agreed, mediocre, but far from bad.
            Uncharted: Why would it suck without her? It’s now done by the writers from the Last of Us, and I think we all know how it went with that game.
            Deep Down: you have no right to say you hate F2P games, you just said you enjoyed Killer Instinct, a F2P game.
            DriveClub: A lot of people who played it loved it, and it looks amazing. Rumors say it comes next month. Also, PS+ members get a free PS+ edition, which is a great offer from Sony.
            In addition to that, we don’t know what studios like Santa Monica are working on (probably multiple games), Guerilla is working on a new IP (already in development for 2,5 years) and probably a Killzone sequel, Naughty Dog’s 2nd studio is seeing if they are going with The Last of Us 2 or a new IP for PS4, and every other studio owned by Sony is working on at least one game, some multiple. Saying there’s nothing to look forward to for PS4 is straight up talking complete bullshit. Just look at what Sony did exclusive wise on PS3: if they can reach that level again or step that up, there’s a lot to be excited for.

            Also, if I would hate on the XB1 like you hate on the PS4 (so this is obviously sarcasm):
            Killer Instinct: Generic P2W Fighter, sucks dick.
            Ryse: Just look at Metacritic, it’s QTE the game
            Forza 5: Your generic racing simulator sequel, at least Sony is working on a new racing franchise instead of releasing a game from the same franchsie every year.
            PvZ Garden Warfare: Your generic kid shooter, and timed exclusive.
            Quantum Break: Sucks dick, The Order: 1886 lucks way better and more unique.
            Sunset Overdrive: Dafuq is this gay shit?
            Titanfall: Generic shooter, not even exclusive (also on Xbox 360 and PC), basically CoD: Mech Warfare and sequal will most likely come to PS4.

            • Demetre HG

              Aww Look Pony is upset lmfao

            • You are flat out wrong

              No Australian servers for Titanshit, Demetre! 😀

          • A lot of what you said is opinion based. I for one think The Order looks intriguing. And very little was shown from that game to really have a solid opinion about whether it will be good or bad.

            • Blaze Blue

              and what is your point. If you can say that to him then you can say that to the same person who who made the first comment.

            • Demetre HG

              The Order is a Gears rip off plain and simple

            • Castian Blake

              Yeah because Aliens are the same as werewolves, the future is the same as the past and definitely order knights will curse like drunken gang bangers

            • Mus1ckFPS

              @PR0TENTIAL:disqus gotta do something about these trolls man

          • That guy you might know

            Your list is a bit incomplete.

            Within the past few weeks a crap load of games were announced for PS4. I’m not sure I could call them first party but either it’s a really popular indie game or some exclusive that isn’t considered AAA. Like Towerfall: Ascension, it was a local multiplayer game on the OUYA that was very successful and a PS4 port was announced to have much more content than the original. The Xbox One is so focused on Titanfall they’re giving little to no detail about the other games they had announced.
            Overall it doesn’t seem like there will be much to play on Xbox One overall.

            • JerkDaNERD7

              Of course, because it’s launching in a couple of days!

              Why wouldn’t they heavily promote it over their other titles. Get Titanfall done and let’s wait for E3….Wow, your so full of crap. Either take the googles off or stay completely away from the kool-aid fountain.

          • markopolo

            lol base the game on a brick wall from a trailer. act like MS had great exclusives Ryse isnt any good. Killer instinct is meh, titanfall is on pc. what does xbox one have forza which is ok. dont talk shit about one side when both sides are slacking

        • Blaze Blue

          get your facts straight. Sony had their moments of buying exclusives, don’t try it.
          and as for thinking about getting this game for PC because they don’t want a Xbox one, not everyone who wants to go this route would have to spend some money to upgrade or buy a new computer. Cheers to all of your bullshit you guys spread.

          • Mitch

            No fucking shit Sony buys the exclusives, but at least they are exclusive, and stay exclusive, unlike games like TF and PvZ LOL. And you say: ”as for thinking about getting this game for PC because they don’t want a
            Xbox one, not everyone who wants to go this route would have to spend
            some money to upgrade or buy a new compute”, for less than $500, you can easily buy or upgrade any PC to make it run TF.

            • Blaze Blue

              Ok so you do admit that they do, but you are given an excuse about what they do. This is a total different approache than what you say to the other guy. This is what my point is that you guys throw stones knowing that this same comments can come directly back.

        • Demetre HG

          Keep dreaming Pony with no games oh wait ya your first party are Singstar and eyetoy bahahahahaha first party my ass

          • Marcus Roue

            Aren’t you the sad and upset XBone owner. You mad a bad decision and you’re just mad. Yeah you’re gonna have 5 mores years of bad games and crappy looking ports.
            Congrats, you’ve just been XBone’d !

        • Will Hamlett

          Sony’s has done the same thing MS has for years. Fan Boy eyes are glazed over. I don’t even like Nintendo like that but even with that I have to admit they are the only ones making their own hits. Naughty Dog is with Sony now….Not necessarily forever (case in point Insomniac). They don’t make shit at that place themselves same as MS….primarily because they are BOTH major corporations that jumped into video games, and not video game companies first and foremost. You guys kill me with this Sony worship shit. They care just as little about you as you seem to think MS does. They both are just trying to make money. By the by, no one made more shooters last gen than Sony(Twisted Metal, Killzone, Socom, Resistance, Uncharted, LOU,Starhawk). So who’s milking it? MS(Halo, GOW, Perfect Dark, Crackdown). Point is that you downing MS for buying exclusives makes no sense when Sony does the same thing. Hell in five years Naughty Dog probably wont even be owned by Sony anymore, They uesed to make Genesis games for Gods’ sake.

          • GremDude

            God you are dumb! Insomniac was never first party. Naughty Dog is OWNED by Sony. Do a modicum of research before opening your mouth please

      • V8Supercar1

        KZ: SF mediocre? And you say you want the best games period. KZ was the best launch exclusive between the 2 systems and is also the top selling launch exclusive between the 2 systems.. PS4 has no games? PS4 has a brighter future, Infamous, Driveclub, Deep Down, Every body’s Gone To The Rapture, Daylight, MLB 14: The Show, (the only licensed baseball game there is) The Order 1886, Uncharted 4 just to name a few. Infamous will not be just 12 hours. Infamous is an open world game. Only the main missions are about 12 to 14. But since its an open world game, you can obviously get way more out of it.

        • DigitalSyrup

          Angry Joe says otherwise about Killzone.
 – His points are valid. Repetitive level design and frustrating moments have made us want to rage quit while playing. It may look great, but it’s far from polished.

          • That guy you might know

            Repetitive level design and moments that make you want to rage quit.

            When was the last time this guy played Call of Duty in general.

            • JerkDaNERD7

              Not the point.

          • Demetre HG


          • You are flat out wrong

            “Frustrating moments” = “bawwwwwwwwwww it’s too hard”

            Guess it needed bigger waypoint markers.

      • forfrosne

        inFamous looks like a great game. If you think otherwise it is because you have not seen it, or you do not like action games. The Order also looks very good. We know that a new Uncharted game is being worked on, and that Sony Santa Monica (God of War series) are working on at least two projects right now.

        Not to mention the fact that multiplat games are better on the PS4.

        You cannot criticise inFamous on those aspects and then consider Ryse a good game, you hypocrite.

        • John Mumpitz

          lol you are the salty idiot.

          RYSE has MULTIPLAYER, which is GREAT BTW 😛

          • You are flat out wrong

            Ryse is a turd and the Xbone is dogshit. 🙂

        • That guy you might know

          Wasn’t Ryse one of those “Press X to win” games?

          It looked nice but damn, it looked like it took zero skill at all.

        • JerkDaNERD7

          That’s the point, it looks great but they are both “one and done” games. Once your finished with it, you’ll have to wait a couple months for a DLC.

          If anything Quantum Break looks more interesting, even though it has no Multiplayer it’s the first “triple A” episodic type game. Which can change how we play games.

          Other than that, the likes of Sunset Overdrive and Fable Legends seems more fun than any PS4 title so far.

      • Marcus Roue

        If you want the “BEST” shouldn’t you be playing on PC??

        Titanfall is supposed to have the best resolution and graphics on the PC version.

        There are plenty of games on PS4 and most of them look and play better than on XBone.

      • Demetre HG

        Failstattion 4bahahahhahaha

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        dont you find it sooo funy when Fanboys like this fool state why their console of choice is the best then list ALLLL the games they’re looking forward too then discredit EVERY game on the opposing console..? you do realise you just listed 3 Xbox One games that are playable and the rest aren’t even out yet….? and as for the Wii U.. i have no quarrels i love that console lol.. yet you say PS4 has no games then list the games available now but dont mention games coming out in the future…? because if you wanna get technical we’ve got WAY more exclusives coming out than you guys sooooo…..? whats your argument now lol?

        • Bilal Prince- Ali

          and you wanna talk about inFamous then mention 12 hour play through and ‘boring’ gameplay then say you’re glad with Ryse.. which is a DEFFO qte plagued, monotonous gameplay having boresfest with soo many story cliches that the games just a basic attempt at an action game lol.. come on if you’re going to state an opinion at least don’t contradict yourself…? ¬___¬

      • Just saying

        If I were you, I would’ve said Xbox One’s exclusives are the best and stop right there. The list you gave is worse than saying nothing. I’ll wait for your opinion after a year from now. In the end, PS4 is The. Best. Place. To. Play. 😉

      • paulinacio

        Just curious how this got so many likes? So much is wrong with this comment lol Fanboism at its finest

        • GremDude

          This site doesn’t allow dislikes.

      • Herbert

        Warning: Fanboi detected

      • You are flat out wrong

        Unfinished fighting game, crap, unfinished racing game, multiplayer-only TPS, probably 2015, seen nothing of since E3. The rest are Wii U games which are fine, but your average Nintendo fan hates the Shitbox Done too.

        Infamous looks great. Single player as it should be with a long play time and “repetitive and boring?” Did you confuse it with your grindfest shootybang?

        Xbots once again proving that they are the scum of the earth.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      Then you need to stop supporting console gaming period. Sony bought studios because of proven talent. Same thing essentially.

      • Blaze Blue

        exactly! These damn people neglect to think about what they dispute with the same thing that they defend.

    • MegaMan3k

      “I prefer the way Sony pays for exclusives than the way Microsoft pays for the exclusives.”

      teehee that’s a cute opinion you have there bucko

    • Demetre HG

      Keep fucking dreaming you ever will play it on failstation 4 dam pony

      • Marcus Roue

        Awww still mad boy?

        Weak console for the weak mind. That’s an XBone fanboy!

      • Brandon Griffin

        What is with this guy’s pony fetish?

    • Steph

      Lol such a naive comment. All companies buy exclusives bud, that’s how they stay exclusive.

    • Aaron

      What’s wrong about it? Xbox 360 made it’s success on creating 3rd party relationships. Not to mention Sony is now adopting the same tactic.

      You don’t think Sony got all that exclusive Assassin’s Creed, WatchDogs, Destiny, and ESO content for free, do you?

    • DanDustEmOff

      You seem to be forgetting that MS invested in this game very early on. Respawn had nothing but a few desks and swivel chairs until MS and EA came along so it’s only right that they see a return in their investment. See here is the deal, it’s a business it kinda works that way. Companies like MS and Sony seek exclusivity so that they can make money, pay their staff, invest in future products, pay taxes and turn a profit.

      “Not only that though, I don’t support companies BUYING their exclusives. It’s wrong.”
      Most games have an exclusivity deal with a publisher, so unless you only play indie games you have supported many companies buying their exclusives. This practice is also common in across many different markets not just gaming.

    • RobLoPR

      Gaming PC is still a win for Microsoft… a even bigger one… $1,000+ bigger

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      It could also push people towards buying a gaming PC. That’ll probably still benefit Microsoft, but not nearly as much if someone dumped all the money on the Xbox One instead of just buying the OS and then buying seperate parts (Or even a prebuilt PC).

  • Marco

    well larry did say he has no idea what it is, I assume the future of titanfall means DLC, New Titans, New Maps, stuff like that.

    • John Mumpitz


      • Demetre HG

        Wrong dumbass

        • You are flat out wrong


    • Marcus Roue

      Yes all available for purchase with every DLC!

      Why do you think there’s only 3 titans? You get people paying more if you release them over time and for a price! In no time flat that $60 Titanfall game will end up going over $120 once you’re done paying for every Titan and map.

      Great business model. lol!

      • Chazanus

        The season pass is $25. And there are no micro-transactions.

    • Herbert

      I’m sure when MS & EA add microtransactions to Titanfall, Vince will be all “I dont really know anything about it, its certainly news to us.”

      Hows this fool always the last to know?

  • jahladagaming

    They are going to reveal a portal where the Titans can warp into the Black Ops 2 universe and stomp on all the children who quickscope and snipe all the bloody time.

  • MegaMan3k

    Maybe at the last minute they’re going to say “surprise the game is actually f2p, you can purchase consumable jumps and titandrops in the all new Xbox-Origin partnership marketplace!”

  • Cameron Purdie

    Well I hope this isn’t some exhibition of DLC, because that would really put me off after all the good moves Respawn has been making.

  • Mitch

    Not even Vince Zampella seems to know what it is…
    ”For those asking about the ‘future of titanfall’ announcement, I’m confused as to what that is. We did not sell tf to MS.”

    • Thanks for the heads up, updated the piece.

      • Jesse

        I was thinking it would be about the DLC we get in the Season Pass but even then Vince should know about it. So either Vince is playing us and does know what it is or Microsoft is playing us all and it is something else entirely.

    • dpg70

      “Oh, by the way Vince, we sold publishing rights to Microsoft. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for being part of the EA team. “

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    You guys are so funny. Arguing over something that isn’t going to change anyones opinion.

  • MegaMan3k

    So if “Xbox” doesn’t know anything about it and “Respawn” doesn’t know anything about it, then … who is making the announcement? EA? What can they say about it? Respawn owns the IP, not EA.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      It’s just enticing the game before release, who cares.

  • Leon

    The announcement about the future of Titanfall:
    “We are sorry, but the game’s release has been canceled until further notice. “

  • Mitch

    Looks like it’s nothing big:
    ”Talked with @geoffkeighley and it looks like the ‘future’ thing is just something fun. Not how I would have described it, but still fun.”

  • Demetre HG

    All could say is keep dreaming you will ever play titanfall on failsation 4 that isn’t going to ever happen

    • That guy you might know

      A stupid person.

      • Mitch


    • Sticky Notes

      Why not. Are you privy to decisions at EA or Respawn or can you simply see the future. Or, do you expect companies to make decisions based on you fanboyism.

    • Mitch

      Yup, EA and Respawn will definitely leave those hundreds of millions of dollars just there, while it’s up for grabs.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Now try it in English.

  • Steph

    Hopefully it’s some DLC news, new titans and maps in 30 days would be rad

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  • idi

    DLC, Micro-DLC, more contracts, Yearly releases. So shit?

  • Thinkaboutit


    • You are flat out wrong

      Until Dark Souls 2, baby!

  • SonyisBadforURbrains

    Why are the Ponies “Here” when it close to Titanfall release… Does your PS4 keep you “Entertained” Greatness Awaits my Ass…..

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      We could ask you the same thing, you’re here to after all, hypocrite.

  • chris

    it could be mlg, meaning titanfall will be part of major league gaming at that event

    • Didn’t think of that, but that fits the criteria of ‘where the game is going’ in Microsoft’s eye and ‘fun announcement’ that Zampella views it as.

  • You are flat out wrong

    I do admit, I did enjoy the Xbot tears that flowed when Vince destroyed their dreams. Again.

  • GremDude

    Microsoft already threw a ton of cash securing TF for MS platforms. No way they buy it outright unless it is a HUGE success.

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  • Tank Buster

    Vince was absolutely clueless regarding the first exclusive deal to Xbox, he will also be clueless on the next one (if it happens).

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