Robert Bowling’s Studio Stormed, Cops Have Showdown With Life-Size Call of Duty Statue

It’s always a scary situation when someone points a gun at you, and that’s exactly what happened to former Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling last night.

Upon installing new panic buttons at Robert’s independent game studio, Robotoki, someone decided, during the end of the work day, to push the button.

Our studio is equipped with a ‘panic’ alarm in case of an armed threat, which was installed yesterday. One of our designers, who shall not be shamed, pressed it on his way out because apparently when boys find buttons that they are unsure of, their first instinct is to push it.

So after pushing it, everyone went home for the day, leaving their lonely studio head to receive the assault of their actions.

he told Polygon.

It was then that the police arrived, and with no entrance at the front of the building they decided to go around from the other side, where they then spotted a “gunman” staring out the windows of the office.


I was in my office when they arrived and saw them coming up our stairs, guns drawn. They yelled for me to put my hands up and walk towards them slowly, then took me into custody and out of the studio until they cleared the rest of the rooms and floors.


Luckily no one was hurt, and the incident was written off as a misunderstanding.

  • mrneoshredder

    Whelp, at least it works.

  • Mrbeastshaw

    Karma at its finest. Finally Robert Trolling got trolled.

    • AtheistMason

      Karma’s a bitch 😉

    • SivertOlsen

      I really really really dont understand why everybody is calling him that. Yeah I get it that you feel “betrayed” that he didnt fix things that you repeatedly spammed him on twitter with. Issues with MW2 and MW3. But as a Creative Strategist there wasnt much leeway he had with the developers. That’s the _whole_ reason he actually left Activision and Infinity Ward because he was against everything they did and stood for at the time. And he wanted his own studio where everybody had a saying in the decision making, and where they were not enforced by the publisher. So instead of being narrowminded as I see you. Maybe you should do atleast some research to put some weight behind your comments.

      He did his best over at IW and Activison and tried to help us out and make us heard as much as he could. And for that we’re still gonna behave like blind ignorant children who didnt get their way that one time?

      No really. You may downvote me as much as possible but you will still be wrong. And yeah, I can kinda understand the “Final Stand” thingie. But again, it took three / four consecutive DEATHS before it kicked in. Which bascily meant that you either pretty much overruled the other team. Or they sucked, or perhaps both.

      But again. The publishers was the one’s with the veto’s and pushed decisions through. Not 402.

  • Aria

    Robert Bowling should have been arrested in real life for making crappy games. Then COD will die and more people can play BF4.

    • treyman


      • This guy is actually a COD super fanboy that willing to go under cover (my ass) to make Battlefield Community looks bad!

        • Aria

          I do make the BF community look bad. Just look at how much I invade COD articles to troll them, while simultaneously jerking off to BF4 and telling anyone who disagrees that my opinion is a fact. I am a shame to the BF community.

          • mrneoshredder

            “Leave now, and never come back!”
            “What did you say?”

          • James K

            This bad apple is back.

          • Se7en

            Gotta hate freedom of speech. I am a hardcore BF fan and you disgust me. People play what they want and who gives a fuck about your opinion. Guess what? I sure don’t.

            • Thomas

              That person is not the real Aria. They are mocking Aria. Just wanted to throw that out there before you get too disgusted lol.

      • GeckoWacko

        What did he say? Oh wait, why do I care…. Moving on.

    • Luis Mitis

      Thats something Battlefield players don’t want. I don’t want COD players playing Battlefield pssh. and COD isn’t a bad game, it’s not as good as BF but its okay i just find it stupid that these fanboys buy the same game every year.

      • Thomas

        I don’t dislike BF but… BF3 and BF4 look very similar. I’m still going to buy it so, does that mean we’re stupid fanboys?

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        Why don’t you want COD players playing Battlefield? I am max level in every COD, and getting close to max level on Battlefield 3. I can play COD without anyone knowing I like Battlefield and can play Battlefield without anyone knowing I like COD. We already exist.

    • i didn’t send this / message !!!

      • Wiking

        I am confused. Are you talking to yourself or have someone copied your account name?

        • Thomas

          Someone is trolling the troll. Fun stuff.

        • That son of a bitch, copied my account … and go around saying all crap in COD topics (knowing that i’m a BF fan) just to make Battlefield community look bad … How sick and hopeless someone can be! hahah it’s actually funny!

          • Thomas

            I think you make the BF community look bad without any outside help.

          • Aria

            I am a sick and hopeless SOB. Afterall, I have nothing better to do in my life than to go on COD articles and troll them, while obscenely over-glorifying BF4.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      lol He was barely involved in MW3 and COD 4 and MW2 were fantastic games. Quit being a generic Battlefield fanboy.

      • Morgan Freeman

        MW2 was ALMOST a fantastic game. Get it right.

        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          How can I get something right that’s an opinion?

    • Wow, this little kid thought Bowling was a developer of the COD games. Have to love BF trolls.

  • TheMuskyPotato

    i like bacon

    • GeckoWacko

      I like strawberry pancakes.

      • Cheese

        I like chocolate milk.

        • DaRuze

          Boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada.

        • falldruid37

          I like hot dogs.

        • who could ask for anything more?

        • I like trains.

  • Pj Oxendine

    Man I’m glad everything turned out fine. I worked at a LAN center in Redlands CA and had something similar happen. My boss had installed a panic alarm behind the counter and one of my co-workers hit it on a Friday night when we were packed not knowing he had set it off. I looked out side and seen a few cops but didn’t think anything about it and went to help some customers. The phone rang so I went to pick it up and my boss asked of I was ok. Before I could tell him everything was fine police came in both entrances with guns raised and told everyone to get on the ground and put there hands behind their heads. We were all taken outside after being searched before I had a chance to explain. Unlike Robert though we did get hit with a fine.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      At least you didn’t have a life-size statue of Ghost holding a gun facing the window haha

  • blondbassist

    Good job america, good job.

  • Thomas

    You can’t put shiny or brightly colored buttons in front of pubescent boys/young men and expect them not to want to see what it does. I’m almost thirty and I still get the urge to try buttons out at work.

    • Alex

      Hahaha so true

    • MrLadyfingers

      Everything Robert Bowling did was attractive to pubescent boys/young men.

  • lol so hard .. they are idiots

  • FPS Hobo

    CoD camper vs 2 star police from GTA…makes sense.

  • Mike

    I hate cope.

  • Se7en

    This made my day. Makes me want one of those statues to sit outside my house. What a story for the police department. This is just marketing for there next game and those police was actors. LOL just joking.

  • teo2cry

    Dat gunman,I would be funny if they shot ghost to shit XD

  • Jason Davis

    Scrolls down Comment thread… OH… I WILL SEE YOU GUYS LATER, HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND! *RUNS AWAY*

  • And this is why realistic things are a little over-rated.
    Still, this was damned funny, so thanks for reporting.XD

  • SemiBolt

    Thats a good looking studio.

  • people still find a way to hate. unbelievable.

  • gph456

    “One of our designers, who shall not be shamed, pressed it on his way out because apparently when boys find buttons that they are unsure of, their first instinct is to push it.” I laughed so hard at this!!!

    • AtheistMason

      ‘Tis true lol when I see C4 i shoot it

    • GeckoWacko

      Luckily he doesn’t work at a nuclear facility!!! 😀

  • MegaMan3k

    That’s what you get for making your office a mix of long sight lines for snipers and tight corners and run and gunners. Really, something for everybody. Great map.

  • That guy you might know

    Robert Bowling was the Community Manager. His job was literally to take people’s shit about the game. When he pretty much didn’t make anything.

    So yeah, Aria you’re wrong as shit. Stop making the BF players look bad.

  • AtheistMason

    Robert “Trolled” Trolling

  • Looks like an awesome studio though. Can’t wait to see Human Element.

  • Damn Josh Olin is jealous of this attention. “Publicity stunts involving actual police officers are not appreciated. I say this as a taxpaying member of society.”

  • GeckoWacko

    How the cops must have been full off adrenaline. Seeing a dude standing with full camo and an assault rifle. I mean handguns and shotguns vs an assault rifle and their might be more then one. That they didn’t call in SWAT right away :/. Good decision though would have been all for nothing, except arresting Robert Bowling for being a sellout.

  • King rex

    Haha guess the call of duty community were not the only ones up in arms.

  • IceKoldKilla

    What about damage to the building? Nothing? Still funny though 😀

  • shit just got real

  • falldruid37


  • dpg70

    Offices inspired by Operation 925

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