Battlefield 4 – Rogue Transmission: T-Rex Easter Eggs

It goes without saying that DICE likes to mess with us when it comes to dinosaurs in Battlefield.

So it should come as no surprise that thousands of players have taken to scouring every inch of Paracel Storm and Rouge Transmission this week looking for the ever-elusive and seemingly extinct Megalodon and goat eating Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Personally, I enjoy distractions like this.  While yes it might be a waste of time to go around a map examining every texture, at the same time it’s nice that players are working together rather than killing and cursing at each other.

If or when any new information makes it online, I’ll be sure to do a follow up article/video, especially if it’s anything that means we must go faster.

Happy hunting!

Update 1

Our friends Westie and Danny have managed to activate and record some of these dinosaur-related Easter Eggs on Rogue Transmission. If you don’t scare easily, check out the videos below:

Update 2

Another video from Karwin Leutscher, like the videos above, shows off the relationship between the newly discovered T-rex etching, the second button, the dino-roars and the rustling trees. It’s safe to say we’ve cracked this Easter Egg.

Now, where’s that Megalodon?

  • jj16802

    Simon! Get out of the water!

  • Ryupyroa

    Dinosaurs = DLC of the year.

    • D Company(Bad Company Parody)

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      More like DLC of the decade

    • zacflame


      Vietnam dinosaur escalation horse-armor rezzurection hats is the DLC of the year.

      • James Mulhall

        Oh no.. not the horse armor! D:

  • Jamie Marques

    scared to go in the water in paracel storm now.

  • Timothy David Medric

    Anyone ever feel brave enough to use tbr defib paddles on the dead goat?

    • DANNYonPC

      Trust me, we tried everything. Flares, C4, defibs, Sacrificing a soldier by knifing him..

      • Kazuela

        dead meat wont do, they like the hunt

  • DerpSlayer

    The hell is a “Rouge Transmission”

    • Name of a Battlefield 4 maps centered around(and underneath) and giant satellite dish

      • DerpSlayer

        No, the BF4 map is called “Rogue Transmission”. Rouge Transmission as the article first stated is something you contract in a bathhouse frequented by trannies, hence the concern.

        Edit: I see the article author un-derped and corrected.

        • oofy

          Or if you frequent the Moulin Rouge one too many times.

        • BOFL

  • softgrip


    Come on… 1 is red, and 1 is an xman ., not that hard guys.

  • jnesss

    dice probably put these easter eggs in the game to distract us from the real issues. fuk the easter eggs, fix the damn game.

    • James Mulhall

      This man should get a reward! /s

  • teo2cry
  • John Gill This is my how to do the Dino easter egg

    • jj16802

      Good work!

  • jj16802
  • Brandon C

    Forgets to say not available in the console versions