Report – Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC To Launch in July

It’s not a very specific date, but looks like EA’s Origin game client has narrowed down the upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC’s launch to this July.

Dragon’s Teeth DLC aims to introduce four new Urban environments to Battlefield 4’s multiplayer, along with new weapons, gadgets, vehicles, game modes, and assignments, all of which appear to be coming our way next month.

Twitter user @SirUruk was able to capture an image of the listing on Origin Germany, putting the DLC at a July 2014 launch date:


Likewise, @LoGaN74M has spotted a similar listing on the Spanish site.



It appears even Origin US is now listing the same date.

Battlefield 4

Premature Origin date listings haven’t always been all that accurate, but they do tend to get the month right, so we wouldn’t be surprised to learn of a July launch some time soon. Neither DICE nor EA have made any official announcements just yet, so we’ll have to hang tight for now.

Only a short time ago, DICE slipped a brand new Dragon’s Teeth screen under the door, depicting the new map Sunken Dragon. You can see it for yourself right here.

Stay tuned to MP1st for more details!

  • Ian

    Urban environments = Roof Camping

    • Roof Camping = former CoD players …

      • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

        Camping snipers since bf2.

        • Former “Call of Duty: Finest Hour” players .. which launched November 2004 and battlefield 2 launched June 2005

          • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

            Yeah but its a console game, i dont think they played bf2 after that

          • James Mulhall

            Awesome source you got there.. oh wait.

          • Poop

            You really hate Call of Duty, don’t you? Jesus Christ go bash on it somewhere else. I can’t believe that their are people like you on a multithread and multitopic site like this. Both games are good. Both developers make mistakes. The Gamers do not define a game. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

        • roepster

          They camped in 1942 and vietnam. Snipers always play on their own. Radio beacons just made it easier

        • matt671

          that what snipers do they wait picking targtes off at long range then move one they get spotted, and it’s better then being a COD player and trying to QS/NS

      • Heqcell

        BF nut-huggers = Blaming COD players for everything

        • matt671

          If your a vet BF player you automatically know who the COD players are, because they try to play the game like COD, whether they try to QS or run around with the knife etc.

          • Poop

            Wait, but I thought Call of Duty was lame? I thought you wouldn’t know how it played because all you play is Battlefield and your a Battlefield Veteran? Videogames are mean’t to allow the players to choose how they play.

            • matt671

              Yes COD is lame, the last COD I played was WAW, if your going to snipe use a sniper rifle properly, at long range, you know what they where designed for. If you want to get up close use your pistol, smg or shotgun. and for medium range things like a DMR or AR. People who QS should be banned from games, due to it cheapness.

      • MrMultiPlatform

        Are you new to BF? That’s the #1 thing BF players are known for.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          That shows how much you actually know about the franchise. There’s way more campers in CoD than in Battlefield.

          • James Mulhall

            Probably because CoD is on smaller maps, camping makes more sense to bad players since it actually works.

            In Battlefield however, the series is known for its famous bush wookies camping on the tops of buildings and mountains in the middle of fuck all nowhere. Unlike CoD’s version of camping, this version doesn’t work yet all these bad players still do it, which makes no sense.

      • SamRock

        Roof Camping = More Dog Tags for me!

  • Robenter

    I hope its sooner rather than later. Naval strike is starting to get worn.

    • El Gringo Diablo

      Lol the entire game is BS. I got premium and find with each map pack its harder to keep defending this garbage. Naval was fun for 2weeks then everyone stopped playing carrier assault because their all ex COD simpletons…

      • Samson

        Really two weeks? I played for 20 minutes, long enough to see that all maps were exactly the same.

        Half assed, copy paste effort if ever there was one

        • El Gringo Diablo

          It kinda was Paracel Strike wasn’t it? I enjoyed the carrier assault though.

        • Jamesb0ndjr

          I liked Naval Strike. Don’t like it. Don’t buy it.

    • Alexander D. Mazer

      Hah! Naval Strike…More like Island Strike… -.-

  • StevenJSterling

    Neither DICE nor EA have made any official announcements just yet, so we’ll have to hang tight for now.

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  • Aria68

    I’m excited to see the first non Sweden made Battlefield DLC.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      DICE LA made more DLC’s than DICE did for BF4.
      DICE did China Rising and Naval Strike. Second Assault, Dragon’s Teeh and Final Stand were made by DICE LA.

      • Skyblade

        dice made china rising? i thought they outsourced that? hence why it sucked?

        • Alexander D. Mazer

          Yeah I don’t think Visceral put it out.

    • RustyFrags

      DICE LA made Second Assault.

    • Robenter

      Visceral made BF3 End Game.

  • M1ke Daddy

    This needs to just hurry up and release already!!!

    • SamRock

      Yeah!! I already have stopped playing BF4 🙁

      And I bought Premium only last month :'(

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  • Watch dog sack

    RUBBERBANDING IS BACK. HIGH RATE SEVERS MY ARSE. Really though when they upgraded there servers BF4 never ran so smooth. I played lag and rubber band free all the time. After the latest patch I am getting the packet loss icon again with constant rubber banding no matter what setting I have. They broke it again.

  • Cody Glisson

    hows the gameplay guys im kind of waiting on the new one. I played this game but that’s when it first came out and had a lot of bugs and gameplay sucked

    • Jamesb0ndjr

      The game runs fine and I find it quite enjoyable. Thats with 125 hours play time

      • Cody Glisson

        Ok I have the game I was wondering about the multiplayer

        • Cody Glisson

          How’s the ghost multiplayer

          • Alexander D. Mazer

            If you like variety in multi-player go for Battlefield. If you don’t like that much variety go with Call of Duty. Battlefield 4 is still broken and you can tell in every match you play, but IMO it is still playable.

            • Cody Glisson


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  • TehEpicIcy on xb1n360 and pc

    I’ve been sniping midrange and close range and I hate cod

  • TehEpicIcy on xb1n360 and pc

    At least a 6x scope I’ll let it slide

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  • Kent Noorda

    Me personally, like bf 4 less and less. The maps are too big and too open that I find a lot of people are relying on vehicles and it ends up being a tank battle. I am excited for the new dlc for the urban, cqc essence of it. Unless everyone runs around with shotguns. I know many many people would disagree with me but I think the shotgun is such a bitch gun when playing on cqc maps. Using a shotgun I right up there next to camping in my book. Again, only my opinion,

  • Fatguy95

    Im thinking a july 1st release date for premium members.