Rumor – Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Information Leaked

Last month, Activision confirmed that, obviously, there will be a new Call of Duty coming this year along with Elite 2.0, and we learned through various leaks that CoD 9 will be subtitled Black Ops 2, release in November, and have zombies’ mode.

As Call of Duty 9, or Black Ops 2, nears completion, a new leak details various aspects of the multiplayer component of the game. The information was first leaked on the official Black Ops forums in a thread that was taken down, and its’ cached version is not available. Fortunately, another user on the forums started another thread, which was also killed off by Activision, but its’ cache survived.

As it is always with leaks of this kind, please bear in mind that this is only a rumor, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

You can find the latest Black Ops 2 news and rumors here.

Leaked Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Information:

This year, Call of Duty will return with it’s ninth installment with Black Ops 2. As expected it will be following Treyarch’s previous game Black Ops. It’s release date is set for the 6th of November.

Game Modes

  • Escort, a new game mode
  • > Similar to Search and Destroy however a live player must be escorted to one of three areas (or two depending on the map) without being killed.
  • >The match will have rounds, consisting of one life only.
  • Drop Zone and Kill Confirmed will return
  • Team Defender and Infected will not return


  • Will follow from Modern Warfare 3’s system
  • Larger emphasis on objectives
  • > A bomb plant is worth 2 points
  • > A neutral flag is worth 1, however an enemy flag is worth 2
  • > A flag assist capture is worth 1, a capture is worth 2
  •  The Specialist Pointstreak has be modified
  • > 2 kills now gets you 1 perk
  • > The 4th kill gets you 2 more perks
  • > The 6th kill gets you 3 more perks
  • > The 8th Kill gets you 4 more perks
  • > You do not get every perk when you reach 8 kills
  • > Perks only become “Pro” when you have them Pro
  •  RC XD will not return
  • Heat vision
  • > Is a new Pointstreak reward
  • > When you get the required points, you can activate this Pointstreak and your player pulls out a scope and attaches it to your weapon.
  • > This scopes main advantage is it’s ability to detect enemies through most walls.
  • > Note, the scope can only be attached to primaries not including shotguns
  • Item Packages
  • > Requires 5 points
  • > Fall along side care packages and air drop traps.
  • > Features a list of package items only
  • > Including ammo, mini gun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, and body armor


  • There will be 15 prestiges
  • There will be 50 ranks
  • Every two prestiges there is a 5 rank increase
  • The final prestige has 90 levels


  • ELITE is being fully incorporated into Black Ops 2
  • Combat record has been modified and re-named as ELITE Stats
  • There will be a specific lobby for clan matches (new way of leveling clans)
  • Clan Tournaments can now be implemented


  • No MOAB or Nuke
  • No last stand
  • No death streaks
  • No flame thrower attachment

Map Design

  • Map design and size will be following Black Ops not Modern Warfare 3

Sniper Rifles

  • Improved sniper rifle usage.
  • No aim assist for any sniper rifle.
  • Less sway


  • No longer just perk 1 chooses the players appearance
  • Appearance is a combination of all perks and type of Pointstreak being used.


  • Larger emphasis on hardcore than ever before
  • No grenade launchers
  • Only vehicle guided rocket launchers permitted
  • Respawn timings decreased (for most modes)
  • 1 bullet in the foot will no longer kill a person, a head or chest shot is usually required.
  • A person will now bleed out if severely injured.

Perk System 2.0

  • The Perk Pro system has been upgraded
  • There is now 2 options a perk can advance to.
  • Both require different challenges to unlock
  • Once the desired Pro version is unlocked, the player can select that as their “Perk Pro”.
  • Once selected, the only way to choose the other option is by entering prestige mode.
  • For example Perk slot 1 has the perk called Speed
  • Speed – Reduces the time taken to aim down the sight
  • > Pro I – Swaps weapons faster
  • > Pro II – Throws equipment faster

Combat Training

  • Will be returning with vast improvements.
  • Difficulty is no longer based on how long the bots take to start shooting.
  • Bots now have an advance AI system
  • Similar to the behavior seen in the MW3 Spec Ops survival

  • I believe again.

    • this is a right direction.

  • Tludt888

    Cool, if this is true. A little skeptical of the “bleeding out” mechanic, but could be neat… not typical of CoD though.

    Still bummed about the maps, they need to follow CoD4 map design principles and not Black Ops. If you like Nuketown, you’re a communist (Black Ops time period joke definitely intended). 

    • yaouza

      the “bleeding out” thingy would be only in hardcore, so not a big deal for most of us

  • Spiritphilosopher


  • Damn, this is actually pretty sweet. I have honestly more faith in 3arch than IW at this point -_-

    • ik me to but iw is dead they all went to respwan and for people who think respwan will die they made cod the real cod not treyarch iw vince and jason and bolin will go there i bet and cod will die byy EA they want the FPS couminty byy 3013 or 2014 thye will they have bf3 and cod now

  • yaouza

    I love this:
    No last standNo death streaksNo aim assist for any sniper rifle. > A neutral flag is worth 1, however an enemy flag is worth 2> A flag assist capture is worth 1, a capture is worth 2

  • NO QUICKSCOPING it has this ill buy!

    • Robert Trolling

      There is Q-scoping

  • J_mckay93

    more or less a clear copy of battlefield and mw3 not interested try harder next time guys

    • Dw123404

      Copy of bf? Watt r u talking bout foo? Bf3 copied cod sooo much it made me wanna cry

  • Trapxx1991

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Yay

    wow, this sounds great. and I believe its all true! for one, on vonds twitter he stated something along the lines of “seeing where the campers are” now i see he was referring to the heat scope.

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  • 100% fake, he claims there is a perk called “speed” why not reveal the entire perk list? and why would they choose a typical name like speed? it looks like something anybody can make themselves….

    • working title, 

      you may not know this, but things have working titles before they get their final names

      bands for example name their newest songs, ‘the new one’ or a characteristic until a name is deduced, they don’t begin the writing process by saying ‘we’ll start on (song name) now’

      • True, it could just be a placeholder, but why not release the entire perk list? COD very rarely has full leaks, they keep a lot of the info under wraps

    • Fuckyou

      he said for example

    • Michaelgault123

      it was a example not legit

    • As the other posters said, working titles. You’d be completely surprised how much ‘title’ information actually changes throughout development. In MW2, Commando was originally going to be called Slasher, but it didn’t fit with the military theme of the game. It may work for a Black Ops theme game, as nicknames/code names were used heavily by special forces in that era.

      Also, MW2 itself was not actually originally designed to be MW2. They originally planned to make a completely separate spin-off akin to World at War and Black Ops. New characters, plot, etc.

    • guest1234

      he said “FOR EXAMPLE” not there will be a perk called speed -_-

    • Jordanrogers_73

      Doesnt make it fake.

  • TSai

    “This scopes main advantage is it’s ability to detect enemies through most walls.”This ain’t Perfect Dark N64 !

    Instead of Pro I -> Pro II
    Pro = Chose one bonus of the two (Or more)

    Fake or not , whatevs

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  • SuperMido

    If this stuff is actually legit, then FUCK Treyarch and CoD. Thats NOT what CoD needs at this point. CoD needs to be re-innovated. Do you people remember the CoD 4 days?? When CoD went from WW2 into the modern setting, with tons of upgrades, like the killstreak system, the perk system, etc. We need innovation, we need NEW gameplay features. We DO NOT want just upgrades, new maps, and some rebalancing. Stop milking the series like that, innovate please…

    • I agree with you

    • I agree. They need a new engine, brand new modes, a zombie mode type with limited rounds (so you can actually win), better servers, larger maps, and so much more to reinvent this shit.

      • dark_relm

        You have to remember that some technology needed to have a better engine but feel like a CoD game and not a battlefield  game might not be invented yet. to get more game modes, they would need MORE servers which equals in less quality for the servers, so you have to make up your mind, better servers or more game modes. The employees at tryarch or infinity ward might be under paid or the franchise under funded. so if you were getting payed shit, would you work your ass off, i doubt it. 

        • Relevant Gamer

          Well the points you said would qualify to lesser known companies , but established recognizable companies? I don’t think so. The games are made in one to two year periods. With the amount of money that Activision has and how much Infinity ward has made. They honestly could do dedicated servers. Also better engines do exist out there and Activision simply cannot use them because other companies won’t allow them too. Unreal, Crisis, Frostbite . Call of Duty is rushed so people will buy it on a yearly basis. Not that the developers don’t want to try to improve its just that building the right amount of code, servers, connectivity, for servers takes a long time to do and with the window for development so narrow for Call of duty games they just cannot get Servers or a better In Game Engine 

          • Robert Trolling

            Dude, Activison is milking the series. They spend the least amount of money possible but still make an ok game everytime. You buy the name not the game. They make a shitty game, sell it for $60 and 3 million people buy it. Then map packs are like 15 bucks each. They could call the game Call Of Duty: Don’t buy this it sucks, and I can believe 3 million cod fans would buy it anyhow because the label says Call of Duty. Call of Duty’s time is over unless World War 3 starts up. Cause really they can’t keep making the same games. MW is over, Black ops will be over after this game. Whats next all the way back to WW1? Cods finished.

      • Noble

        Why does everyone want to win zombies?!?!? The fun of zombies is seeing how far you can get, once you introduce endings to the zombie games people will get bored with a map as soon as they beat it. Honestly WaW is the best game for zombies and still is. they innovated each map with just enough change as to not destroy the feel of zombies. i.e going from no perks to perks was cool, adding dogs added a crazy hectic, almost scary feel when they came out, and the PaP was probably the best thing they ever put in. In Black Ops they added the Nova Gas crawlers which were F****** annoying as hell, then they had freaking george Romero (dumbest idea ive seen) then they had moon and Shagri La which were both terrible zombie maps (shangri La there was nothing u could do but run and die at round 15, and the zero Gravity moon thing was annoying and very hard to avoid zombies, especially with the saws breaking down every entry way at random times) Im sorry i went on a rant here but ive been hearing alot about changing Nazi Zombies more and more but to be honest i just want them to go back to what it was before.

      • Jordanrogers_73

        They do have a new engine

    • Zxnerv3

      I dont agree with you. And no they do not know if its legit or not. But why in the world would they restart?? They have the best selling franchise of any game ever!!! There is no need to change the whole fu*king game. What we need is upgrades. MW3 sucked. Black Ops on the other hand was one of the best games yet. There were only two problems. Famas being OP and connection. besides that Black Ops was a masterpiece. So I disagree with you but with respect 😀 

      •  I personally don’t agree with Black Ops being the “best one yet.” It was extremely dull and the maps catered to only ONE playstyle. Cod Points removed the learning curve of the title. You no longer had to work for anything. Just spend the money on what attachment you wanted. MW3, obvious flaws aside, is a massive step in the RIGHT DIRECTION. Don’t get me wrong, Treyarch has done some great stuff for the franchise as a whole (theater mode, Co-Op, better story in SP than IW’s stories, longer post-launch support) but in the end, IW releases a more stable title. it takes Treyarch a patch or two to get things straightened out. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not attacking you or calling your opinion void. You’re perfectly entitled to your own opinion, and I’ll respect that. Nothing wrong with a friendly debate right?

        • Christopher Keil

          What? The Modern Warefare storyline is the single greatest storyline I have ever seen. I like Black Ops story but seriously, if you play all the Modern Warfare campaigns you get a great story. But otherwise I agree with you. Only reason I play Black Ops is Zombies.

          • acidikal13

            in cod 4 did you love the mw storyline because cod 4 had a shocking storyline but when mw3 came out and you played it you then relised that mw was a good stortyline so by the end of black ops 2 you might think that black ops is an amazing story

          • Jaz Millenium

            Im SOOOO sorry but do you REALLY think that Call of Duty Modern Warefare has the GREATEST storyline in all of gaming? Please tell me im misunderstanding you because if you really do believe that then you are FUCKING STUPID.

        • lmao Black ops is the best cod made, it had the best balance.

          Extremely dull, Dude have u played mw3?

          LOOOK AT THAT PIECE OF SHIT ASS GAME , its way more dull.!!!!

          Black Ops had the best map design;

          (Example: Summit, Firing Range) Mw3 in the right direction? dude

          support streaks are easy as fuck, mw3 is just a fucking clusterfuck.

          its all about the god damn killstreaks. Mw3 even failed with Theater mode. and the story on all mw series is boring,

          • Yes!

          • Robert Trolling

            If you didn’t use Famas or Galil you got raped. It was the worst one. The best was Cod2.

            • I used my favorite weapon: G11 and still maintained a 2.42 K/D ratio. For the most part I got to agree with you. I destroyed them and made sure I didn’t get raped. One thing that annoyed me the most is the combination of people rushing with ghost and had the FAMAS.

            • PS3Nicka

              I really didn’t use the Famas or Galil as much as other guns like the AUG and even the Mac10 and didn’t get raped…. Near the end there I was 95% of the time top of the leaderboard – Although I do agree with the COD 2 remark…

          • Guest

            Want to say shit some more?

          • NTHorn

            Im amusing you never played COD2/COD4? 

          • Furiousphill

            MW3: Death streaks horrible maps shitty stat tracking Support/nub package whats there to like in this shooter made for nubs? Blops was more balanced but boring, yet it had some good maps.

          • DJMashup

            Can you use the word “fuck” anymore you inbred cock muncher.

        • Hydra

          I agree with you, was very easy to get your killstreaks in Black Ops, I would get Dogs no matter what every game. Galil and Famas where the only 2 guns that you could use to kill someone. The rest where not as strong.

          • fastkillr, PS3, look me up

            i compleaty disagre on blackops i have used the enfeild since i first got it nothing else just that and im the one rapeing, i have used the galil and famas and i think they suck

          • LETHAL ECKS 715

            Come on M16 with an ACOG all day. At range which is what the ACOG is for, Famas and Galil can’t compare unless you burst fire which is what you get with the M16. Waaaay more accurate. Just sayin.

          • G11 all day. I have 1v1 tryhards before and they equipped either Galil or FAMAS. They are no match for the 3-round burst guns. Second, kill the bastards with the AUG w/ Extended Mags.

        • Danny

          There was problems with Black Ops. I’ll give you that. But it was definitely the best CoD game yet. Was it the best game possible? No, but Treyarch has listened to the community every time, and I think it’s only right that we give them our support until they screw us over.

          iW’s games have not been balanced (One Man Army Noob Tubes), and they have had the WORST tech support by far. The worst in Black Ops was probably Ghost, not the Perk itself, because it was way over-powered with nothing to counter it. I don’t have a problem with Perks countering Pointstreaks. I think balance has everything to do with something being able to counter something else.
          The Famas was over-powered, because you got it on level 14, it was a reliable, long distance Assault Rifle with the power of a Rapid Fire SMG. Claymores were a bit strong, but I can live with that. Motion Sensors definitely needed their radius to be downgraded a bit. Spas-12 with Steady Aim was also a bit ridiculous.
          I, myself, am a Rusher. Lightweight, Sleight of Hand, Marathon. I can do great, and win in FFA, with almost any gun (Olympia, Skorpions, L96A1). So, while I definitely think Black Ops had its flaws, I really think the ones who complained the most were the ones not able to play with the multiple styles and balance the game offered.

          • Danny

            Also, ZOMBIES IS EPIC.

          • One thing I have to say is One Man Army was one of the best perks ever created. Fucking cunts didn’t know the true power of the perk and decided to noob tube the fuck out of everyone. OMA perk could have been in MW3. Now, it will never been in another game because people are stupid as hell and didn’t know how good it was escpecially in Search and Destroy. Thanks a lot all you fuck noob tubing sons of bitches.

      • SuperMido

         Its been FIVE years of upgrades now…You still want more upgrades??? I don’t care if they’re the best sellers or not, I don’t give a shit worth about that, that’s for Activision to care about, they keep milking the series, giving you the same thing, and taking our money. Justin Bieber sells albums like crazy, but is that music?? Its garbage. And thats what CoD is now. Its GARBAGE.

        As for Black Ops, I think it was one of the best balanced CoD games. But one of the most boring at the same time.

        If you’ve played CoD since CoD 4, and still think CoD just needs upgrades, then there’s DEFINITELY something wrong with you buddy. I totally believe the CoD series needs to be overhauled, and re-written from scratch. But at the same time, keeping that CoD experience there. Not do what EA/DICE did with BF3, and turning Battlefield into a CoD game. Activision/IW/Treyarch really need to step it up, first creating a NEW engine, NEW modes, NEW gameplay features, NEW gameplay mechanics. See how many “NEW” I stated there??? Thats how much boredom I’ve had with the CoD series being the same every year. I like CoD, not my favorite, but something that I really keep an eye out for. And really want to see it evolve and change, but without losing its CoD feel and experience.

      • Phil

        Are you a second chance user? You didnt mention that it was a MAJOR problem in Black Ops. Master piece my A$$.

        • Edvard Richtofen

          you want a masterpeice on your ass? damn dr. phil calm tha fuck down.

      • Dgoldsby12

        You are an ignorant, stupid waste of oxygen and life. Black Ops was terrible. Probably one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. Go try on that new rope necklace hanging from your living room ceiling.

        • No, you are the ignorant one. You say Black Ops is terrible yet you didn’t explain how it was terrible. I actually had fun with the game. You are probably another one of those tryharding cunts who rage everytime and fucking can’t seem to enjoy the fucking game. Another thing is you are a stupid waste of oxygen and life because again you say you hate Black Ops, yet you decide to bitch and complain about it on next installment of a game you don’t like. Double standard cunt. Get the fuck off your computer and jump off a cliff.

        • onebelowfreezing

          it is personal opinion on wether you like it or not ._.

        • ryoung

          dude you do not know what you are talking about. Black Ops was the best Call of Duty Yet. Mw3 sucks

        • ryoung

          I agree with Kc Young all the way
          Black Ops was actually fun. The map design was a masterpiece

    • Relevant Gamer

      I’m happy that you think the series needs to be innovated. Because it does Call of Duty is being milked to death. It needs to make a drastic change overall in game play and the feel of the game in order for it to not feel redundant. When I play MW3, Black ops , [email protected]:disqus  they all play and feel the same. The series needs to upgrade or at least try to. Look at other games. Mass Effect. Halo. Gears of War. Battlefield. Their sequels kept the formula the same but changed some aspects ( how the game plays) in them that made the game overall better than the previous title.  So yeah they need to re-do the entire series in order to get a fresh feel. 

      P.S. : If anyone is going to bash my comment please try to think of gaming as a whole and not just Call of Duty. Just because it is the best selling Franchise doesn’t mean it is the best series of all time. ( LoZ , Mario , Doom, Half-Life , Fallout , Final Fantasy)

      • SuperMido

         Totally agree with you, except on the Battlefield part. I don’t know about Mass effect, Gears, or Halo. But I know A LOT about Battlefield, and I can tell you that the steps EA/DICE have been taking with the series are definitely changing the formula you’re talking about, and to the worse.

        BF3 to me is a CoDified Battlefield. Look at BF1942, BF Vietnam, BF2, BF2142 those great massive scale games. Then look at BFBC1 and BFBC2, they got smaller, and no longer have that epic feel of scale, but still have a Battlefield to them. But then you come to BF3, and all of a sudden you see Operation Metro, Grand bazaar, etc. Where is the BATTLEFIELD essence in those?? Where are the vehicles? the huge maps? And now they’ve a “Close Quarters” DLC coming, really CQC in a BATTLEFIELD game?? Look at the fully automatic shotguns with frag rounds, look at the over powered guns like the Famas, and the HK53. I just can’t take BF3 anymore.

        I know this is a CoD article, but when you said Battlefield kept the formula, I just got pissed. LOL

        • Robert Trolling

          Armored Kill, has biggest map yet. Wait for it and battlefield will be battlefield.

          • SuperMido

             Armored Kill will be releasing in the fall, you really want me to wait till the fall to get to play on some good maps?? Thats assuming they’ll actually do them right…I’ve lost all faith in BF3/DICE/EA.

            I’m waiting for Dust 514 now which is going to be a a sandbox MMOFPS. And by the fall I’ll take a look at MoH: Warfighter if its any good, and the new CoD, rather than playing BF3 anymore.

        • Zub

          @supermido – I totally agree with you! Bf1942, BF2 and BF2142 were totally amazing games, the best online fps multiplayer games hands down.

          But these new “battlefield” games are utter shit and have nothing in common with the older much better games.

        • Game Freakx7

           dumbass they’re nerfing the frag rounds when close quarters comes out.

          • SuperMido

             So you left all my points, and just decided to make your stupid comment about them nerfing the frag rounds?? REALLY?? Ok, lets say they nerf the frag rounds. BF3 is still GARBAGE, and has nothing to do what BATTLEFIELD should really be…

        • Iamransom12

          yeah you right i rented bf3 because everyone was saying it was better then mw3 once i got on -_- i tryed to play multiplayer and it says i need to pay $10.00 to play online that is bull shit who has to pay to play online??? and i thought cod wanted all our money.. so i went to the campaighn and played it for 15 minutes and got off returned the game and haven’t played since dont get me wrong it has possibly the best graphics out there but the gameplay is shit 

      • Iamransom12

        i agree im tired of the same graphics, all they are doing is making new maps a new campaighn and adding like 7 or 8 new guns

        • acidikal13

          If iw or treyarch revamped the game it will be bad it is the same thing if apple make the iphone circluar and the layoiut was stupid. Every apple product like the iphone to iphone 4s have the same layout and stlye do you want that to change ?

      • Thatguy

        thats exactly what theyre going for in black ops 2, itll probly be one of the best cod title yet and save the franchise.

      • ryoung

        Call of duty is not the best selling franchise. Mario was. Research it

      • MmC

        What I honestly think needs to happen is a best of COD. Mw2 guns with COD4 servers and Black ops killstreaks and maps. The cod developers have got it partly right each time and NEED to put it all together in 1 game

    •  You do realize that COD4 was pretty much brought out when this gen was just getting rocking.  We are at the end.. They’re not going to make a whole new game.   Wait till next gen, and if its the same.. then cry about it.

      Funny.  I can’t wait now that DICE/EA has their game set the way they want it… and now BF4 and so on will be just like BF3, with little upgrades here and there… yet the fanboys are going to love it still with no complaints.

    • UnclwMuffin59

      Oh My God!! you are so right|!!!
      That transition(to cod4 was epic)!!
      We need new game play. Same mechanics is fine but change how we play as a team. I played wolfenstein for many years. The old not the new2009. The gameplay was amazing . Real tough objectives. Lots of great gunplay and close quarters. But just imagine how the combination of that type of gameplay and “new” innovation with todays tech would fair. Man these guys are sooo missing the oportunity.
      Take Vacant map on COD 4. The team starts in one of the parking lots and moves in to blow the big garage door(doors should be implemented in this game) around the far side of the building so that team can get inside to steal or shut down a command centre. Then try to escape through the buildings and then have to blow another door to get out and to safety. all the while the other team tries to stop this from happening. Make it fun yet hardcore. Allow the other team to “rebuild” those doors and barricades. This worked great in ET:wolfenstein. people will come away feeling incredible. Just ask some of the old players from the wolfemstein days. Here’s my take on the new combat games they are comming out with today.
      “”Hey we made a game!!. we run around and shoot people”
      Hey we’re comming out with a new game too game!!. we run around and shoot people”
      So are we. We run around and shoot people.
      Get it?? We can have all the fancy bells and whistle and kill and death streaks we want but the truth is WE ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH OF THOSE GAMES!!!!
      Build something with true team work. Plant bombs, breach doors. revive teamates.
      Sorry to sound negative but we have all been there already. Lets take a step back and think.
       Thanks for posting this. Glad to see somebody else knows where we should be directing our games.


    • Marquies Young

       are you retarted…the only reason why cod left ww2 and went modern is because in real life thats what we fucking did..what do you want us to fight in cod now?? godzilla???

    • acidikal13

      No black ops is the new big thing in the cod world i like mw2 because mw1 wasnt the best then 2 years later iw made some changes to make mw2 and that is what will happen to black ops 2 it will be as good as mw2 but different as it is in another time period 

    • XVanhalen93x

      They will continue this series until they can no longer sell this series.  Have fun convincing millions of 8 year olds…

    • Branden D.

       SuperMido I completely agree with you. CoD4 was the best game in the franchise, why? because they stepped away from path and made something new. IW are very creative and can easily make a brand new exciting game. Treyarch are a bunch of copy cats that add a bit to the series. I don’t really like their games. Unfortunately, the great team that made CoD4 are gone to Respawn but thats a different topic. CoD needs to change things up because everything feels the same every game just with new things added each game, or as you call the upgrades. Who says they can’t make a great game in a different way? Activision has become money whores and they know dumb fucks are going to buy their game every year just like production companies make a sequel to a great movie, (remember the hangover 2). However hardcore gamers that have no lives and sit in their basement and masturbate between matches don’t see that. People are scared of change. I’m not things need real change not just   “upgrades.”

    • SODA17

      honestly i say fuck cod every game after world at war has gone to shit excluding MW2

    • thatguywhofell

      I agree I’m giving up on cod. Excuse me while I go play 8-Bit games and cod 4 and get a better experience.

    • polarbearlaflare

      hold on now, some things to remember, the people that are making these games are taking a process takes maybe even years to get do and are doing it in a year or two, they are also now trying to meet a deadline forced on them by the company heads who only see the $$ and not the idea plus franchises like this also have the arrow to gun affect, when the arrow was first invented, man was in aww of what it can do but now we have guns…… alot of guns, and it is very hard to make a gun that shines above the rest when they all do pretty much the same thing; so yes they do need more innovation but i think that this awesome series is not where they will be seeing it come from, i think they need to step back and take a look at the world around them, becuase games like battlefield 3 are what people are looking for but treyarch and infinite fans like me wont dare touch it because EA charges your to playonline

  • Gameguy21

    dude, screw COD. Ill have BF3,Future soldier, and Warfighter. No Need for another COD expansion pack.

    • Christopher Keil

      No, just no. Did you play the BF3 story? A game is judged based on its multplayer, spec ops and STORY! The story have a game is important and BF3’s sucked. Maybe if it stuck with the guys from BF2, because that had good story but not BF3.

      • Guest

        ..But i like the story. Lol. All opinions i guess.

    • Iamransom12

      scratch that u mean future soldier and warfighter

  • beastblood4life

    forget all that point streak BS and give us 3,5, and 7 again from COD4 and WAW. But have a selection within those like have UAV and CUAV as choices for 3 kills and so on AND don’t recycle streak like they do in MW3

  • JPR20

    So they are adding another old school socom game mode… Groundbreaking…

    Let me guess, there will be game maps with no strategic value that are just big circles where everyone runs around like headless chickens…

    Then they’ll claim they want to improve gun play which really means dumb it down for people that can’t aim and make it 10 shots for a kill… Or maybe a perk where the consumer can detect that they are getting ass raped on a bi-yearly basis… Fuck I miss old ps2 socom

    there was only 1 cod… And it died long ago

  • DfdfdfDF

    If they removed Ghost I would have jizzed

  • Rollynlow

    sorry, im out, still not updating the game engine, means pc still gets hosed.

  • Skrying

     Sniper Rifles

    Improved sniper rifle usage.No aim assist for any sniper rifle.Less sway
    I Think this may kill quick scoping or one could hope.

    • Noble

      less sway is a good thing, and Pc players quickscope w/o aim assist, why cant we?

      • Guest

        yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I’ve played MW2 on both PC and Xbox and can say that quickscoping is only slightly easier on Xbox because of aim assist. Obviously it’s a bit harder to aim with a controller, but I think quick scoping will still be doable.

    • Robert Trolling

      A guy said he wanted to sit down with the best Q-scopers and the biggest haters and find a median. Q’scoping in this game is gonna be better than Black ops. 

  • pure Fake, thats so obvious.  The release Date of EVERY fkin COD game since [email protected] was the 2nd Tuesday in november. Am i the only one to notice that? Bo2 will release on the 13th November. Since the source says 6th, its fake.

    • Rob Keyes

      Not true.

      Modern Warfare 3 – November 8, 2011Black Ops – November 9, 2010Modern Warfare 2 – November 10, 2009World at War – November 11, 2008Modern Warfare – November 5, 2007Call of Duty 3 – November 7, 2006Call of Duty 2 – November 17, 2005Call of Duty – October 29, 2003

  • x Skorpion

    It already looks better than mw3 and they haven’t released screenshots yet. 

    • acidikal13

      mw3 is amazing 

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  • IcyGuy

    Read the description of Heat Vision.  Now read this:!/DavidVonderhaar/status/184294892992860161

    “Repeat after me. ‘I want a way to wall bang campers.'”

    It will be interesting to see how much of this stuff makes it into the game and how much of it goes the way of the “first two Perks determine your third Perk” rumor that was floating around prior to BO’s release.

  • M27 IAR

    Alright, thanks for saving me some money MP1st.  MoH Warfighter it is!

    • An0n0musx

      I think i agree with you here.  If BO2 turns out to be as lame as I think, then its only MoH for me too.  Otherwise if they make some total improvements then i MAY buy both… But it’s gonna be MoH for sure….

  • An0n0musx

    I swear to god if this “new” black ops is running on the SAME engine as BO or MW3 it is going to FAIL.  Treyarch needs to get off their asses and give us a new engine to play with.  Im tired of having the same damn graphics in the past 3 COD titles.  Run BO2 on Frostbite 2 would be epic.

    • Nicka

       Agree that there needs a new engine, but there is no point building a new engine until next gen consoles are going to be released. Why would Activision waste money on a new engine for a 1 or maybe 2 game cycle – I’m hoping that they have already started a new Engine but for future consoles – I’d prefer another 1 or 2 crap-ish but still fun COD games to get a better outcome in the next gen…

  • Jonchr2

    i just hope Treyarch keeps the gameplay and the controller settings like in Black Ops, and do not copy Modern warfare’s controller settings and the quickscoping and the really close maps they have. and black ops is more layed down game, not speed all the time. like in MW, anyways im getting the game, is its for multiplayer and zombies or only zombies.

  • Could do without the pointless point-streak system, but everything else sounds like a new direction that’s finally learning from old school tactical shooters. Escort mode? Very nice.
    Great news.

    Now, where are those Zombies…..

  • JustinD

    If this isn’t on a new engine or looks the same it’s gonna be a waste of money. Treyarch is ten times better but I’m not buying the same piece shit AGAIN

  • nate

    LOL i really wish people will realize this is just an expansion pack for bo1. battlefield FTW ! actually, no. BF3 sucks ass compared to bc2. they ruined it lol… praise the lord for forza, criterion games(burnout please), respawn (hopefully good), and rockstar! 

  • @TonetheBone925

    They could just Release a $15-$20 Zombie Game with all new everything and I’ll be satisfied. 

  • Lnueva32

    They removed last stand. Second chance/final stand will be in the game.

    • Oscar Tryck

      no death streaks. no final stand 🙂

  • Outlawz

    No grenade launchers in hardcore? Lol WHAT?! Not really ‘hardcore’ if you ask me. I don’t get why no flamethrowers. Hardly anyone uses it and it is pretty fun to use. Why is COD changing so much? They bring in good stuff but then take it out then rinse repeat every COD. 

    • Jacobkim12

      I think it’s because COD hasn’t undergone enough changes if you catch my drift


  • Pkserdula

    i think its perfect

  • Cornelllax11

    warfighter and bad company 3 in the future…..dont care really for cod anymore. far cry 3 and assassins creed 3 goin to be boss

  • missle636

    dude this can’t be legit, it’s way to early to ‘leak’ information

  • Docwrath

    How about we take aim assist out altogether and see who can really shoot!!!

    • Go play 10 games with it off and find out why consoles have it.

    •  I’ve argued for this years that removing it would improve their shitty hit detection issues, but no one ever hears me over there at the CoD studios. They bury their heads in the sand and act as if nothing is ever wrong. At the very least, they should remove it from hardcore.

  • The wallbang scope is a nice idea. Problem is the campers can use it too. And if everyone uses it, the campers will probably get it first.

  • CROW

    So more of the same just tweaks and a Escort game type.

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  • Hydranoid123

    i want combat training, we can prestige up to 15 on combat training!

  • Steffen S.

    i will probably buy this for the ps3 if the combat training section is true…
    If only mw3 had combat training, then i could actually play that crap game on my shitty connection

  • Jason

    Combat training should have more game modes.

  • I’m pleased with the improved objective points.  A point for a partial flag capture is a good thing.  2 points for an enemy flag cap is also good.  And the specialist strike package is stronger for weak players and weaker for strong players at the same time.

  • Direct_Failure

    NO aim assist? I feel like dancing.

  • Tray_diddy23talks

    I think it’d be cool if there were a CoD would create a zombie game that is as real as BF3. That would be sick!

  • Tray_diddy23talks

    I meant if CoD would. Not (if there were)

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  • Tribal_60

    Plz bring some dedicated servers back to PC not the crappy ones from bo and mw3 plz leave p2p to consoles the PC community will thank u for it

  • Pingback: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Leaked Details?()

  • Anonymous

    Hmm.. I’m kind of skeptical about the game thus far from these facts alone. Until more info is leaked and confirmed, then the likely hood of me buying this game is very slim.

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  • Guest

    no auto aim on snipers yes i love you black ops 2

  • Tpacke66

    will you be able to prestige in combat training send mesages to my email [email protected]

  • Logic

    Reading comments on a COD themed anything makes me lose hope in humanity. COD doesn’t make massive changes because…..
    1. It is the best selling FPS series in history. (you don’t fix what isn’t broken, so to speak)
    2. People bitch and moan if any significant changes are made (WaW vehicles for example…)
    3. It’s a modern themed first person shooter that is supposed to have realistic aspects to it. What the fuck can you expect them to do with that? They have already done enough to distinguish their franchise as the standard for this genre. Yeah you can say that Battlefield is successful, but they are still playing keep up with COD.

    As for these leaks, you can probably expect half to be true and the other half false or not quite right.  A few of these have already been confirmed by Treyarch, such as Elite 2.0 and removal of deathstreaks. They also said that they were revamping perk and killstreak systems, so that might actually be legit.

    In the end, BO2 will be a great if they just repackage BO with the damned lag fixed. If they want a perfect game, then take everything that they have learned in five years and put it into new game. No lag, simple killstreaks that can’t get more kills than the actual streak is worth, balanced weapons, and enough of a learning curve that noobs can get the hang of the game while still rewarding skilled players.

    • Pher Chris

      Thank you so much. Honestly reading the rest of these comments has put me on the edge of blowing my brains out. Why is it that everybody in the CoD community with an opinion thinks it’s the “correct” one to have.

    • Infestedsnoah

      well maybe its not the the best selling franchise in history. The halo games are a huge competitor thats right next to them in the longrun (except reach that sucked ) but im a big fan of both

  • Tom0m023

    they won’t have the perk 2.0 part, because when you reach max level/prestige you should be able to unlock everything, imagine not having half of your perks for when you want to make a specific class. Even just for that reason I don’t think that this is real.       (also I think the #levels per prestige is a good idea).

  • Hunter

    Map design and size will be following Black Ops not Modern Warfare 3″ 
    Damn. MW3 has way better maps than Black Ops. 
    The maps in Black Ops are way to big. 🙁

    • Mark boii

      naw they ent da maps in black ops are better than mw3 by far

    • think about wat the fuck u just said, Look at Outpost , downturn, carbon, lockdown,.

      Then look at Firing Range, havanna, grid, nuketown,Wmd. Almost every map in Black ops is a masterpiece.

      • Yourmom101

        I agree completely, in BO you got excited to play Summit, Firing Range, or most other maps, but in nearly all Mw maps your like “f-ck, this map sucks.” everytime.

    • Nuketown and Firing range arent that big maps..

  • someone

    rather than adding so much shizzle just take the crap away. bring back dolphin dive too. it was so graceful

  • tjlal

    i really hope the perk pro 1 and 2 thing isnt real. My goal i almost every call of duty is to unlock everything especially pro perks. if you have to choose only one feature and then the other feature you can pretty much never use is in my opinion really dumb

  • DarthDiggler

    Let me guess this will be an 8 vs 8 type game using the aged Quake 3 engine? 🙂

    Please note – no vehicles or destruction.  Same ole COD.

  • Chris

    If this is all true, Black Ops 2 is looking to be verrrry promising… But as we all know well enough, there will always be something to fuck it up… 
    Hopefully they will know that support pointstreaks are just that, for support. And in addition, assault killstreaks should only have damaging pointstreaks. 

  • Blackops had best maps and all. Greatest CoD ever, looking foward to this.

    • Robert Trolling

      Your entitled to your opinion but your 5 years old. Cod2 was the best Cod ever made. 

      • Dalanden20

        Your entitled to your opinion but i say the best thing that black ops had going for it was they got rid of hackers, glitchers ect…

  • Choiboy24234

    (IN MY OPINION) What ruined or made CoD:MW3 bad was:

    -Dead Man’s Hands(Do I have to explain this one?)-Occasional supposed OVERPOWERED weapons(Most examples include the Type 95 and FMG-9 akimbo)
    -Overall, just too similar to MW3 in terms of design, graphics, and animations.

    However, what I kind of liked in MW3 was:
    -The Survival mode added in Spec Ops(fun to play with another friend, but wished there could have been up to 4 people or even more)
    -Specialist Strike Package(Fun for the run-and-gunner or “lone wolf” in multiplayer)
    -Larger variety of weapons to choose from, though some weapons could have been more balanced(shotguns in particular)

    Again, just too similar and too dull for the overall game. Hopefully, SOME of these issues will at least be addressed as well as MANY others that caused grief for many other gamers in the world.

    • Robert Trolling

      Guess what Robert Bowling at Cod ExP, onstage infront of everyone said “Fuck you Second Chance” well look how that turned out in mw3. Final stand.

  • Choiboy24234

    What is eye-catching to me, not great but just intriguing(if any of it even is true):
    -New Perk system: split-off between pro perks seems like something kind of cool to play around with.
    -Combat Training: good for just playing around and testing out different things in the game + hopefully it is improved from the Black Ops version of combat training.
    -New Specialist System: I like what it seems to say because it will balance out the distribution of the perks more instead of going from 6 to all 15 like in MW3, though this means you can only get a maximum of 12 perks at any time + it might get kind of confusing having to set every perk for the specialist.

  • Fake


  • Robert Trolling

    Yay another shitty game in the making!

  • joder los sniper seguiremos jodidos :C

    yo quiero sniper rapida como solia ser en call of dufy 2

  • nada mejor como cod2
    mirar este video ojala que estos tios tomen en cuenta a los sniper asi lograrian mas ventas para lo que les gusta hacer montages con las sniper yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

  • gobindsGAY

    they need to go back to basics. Like cod 4 style but not as primitive 

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  • Yusuf_siddique

    They should make the heat vision thing 
    similar to what they have in Blacklight: Retribution where it has to be recharged before use e.t.c. 
    Also it should be an equipment instead of a pointstreak. Assuming the Blackbird returns, that’s already a poinstreak that weeds out campers so why would you want another one?  

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  • every single person complaining here about bo2 and saying fuck it and they wont get it…  there just noob tubers and quickscopers and there mad treyarch has removed it from bo 2

  • King B

    it sounds good but for god sake make at least 2! thing new!

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  • I dont want to only hear about multiplayer (even though I love it) I also want to hear about campaign too


    No Support 

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  • cod is all the same

    this all sounds great but i’m done with CoD its all the same, there will always be campers and its only find people and kill them nothing new 

    • whosDaz

       well now on uavs you can see people staying in one place and theres the new point streak also the perks assasin and blindeye as named in mw3 will be in the same slot !!!

  • Tmdan77

    sniper only lobby for those who love to snipe, they said they were going to do that in mw3 that never happened please do it in BO2

  • what guns are coming back please kept the g11 and the rpk and the famaus

  • Casey Lawless

    I honestly believe that if Infinity Ward would pick up on Zombies, there would be no debate. They would say the Modern Warfare Series in better then Treyarch’s Black Ops.

  • Dagomot

    come on we need a moab or nuke to make the game more interesting its too boring if you dont have a posibility to get a moab or nuke comeee on guys!!!!! 

  • Chevyroks9

    So with combat training will there be prestiging? Also, the Rc-Xd ticks me off. They basically removed all the good stuff. I might now switch to BF3. I just hope that the next call of duty after BO2 will have all the good stuff not all the crappy stuff.

    • Dkd

      You’re a noob if you say rcxd is good.

  • Dream_master17724

    i dont know why ppl hate on mw3 it blows black ops to its knee!!! they did a great job with mw3 everything about it is great i will keep on playing mw3 and skip black ops 2 ill be on the look out for mw4!!! hell yea u ppl dont know good games yall just mad u fucking suck and have no skill on mw3 go cry some other place or learn the game cuz it rocks 

    • Xxxxxxx

      Lolwut.. That is all

    • xxx

      you wet af for mw bro. juss sayin.

  • Naruto

    Am I the only one who still likes CoD?

  • Kevinlov3szyoux3

    Honestly, if you want to innovate to a new different game, might as well go into BF3 or wait until another FPS debuts. COD will stay the same.. refurbished and sold millions making billions. As you get older the game itself, gets old.

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  • Fakeassshit

    this shit is fake.  somebody with too much time on their hands. holy shit you guys are fucking stupid to believe this shit.  

  • Jamierushton01

    i hope zombies return because if it doesn t people will think its rubbish  plus they don t want to keep playing the campain  and multiplayer all the time and i want nuketown and overwatch to return. 

  • Pingback: LethalTech » Black Ops 2 Info Leaks!()

  • i was all about BF2: BC 2 And ALL THOSE and never so much a MW kinda guy but BF3 BLOWS COMPARED TO BF2 aiming is horrible and all in all everything…. MW3 Owns It As Well

  • battlefield 3 is garbage almost every  I game with has it an it sits an collects dust!

    • Mattespltd

      What the hell does Battlefield have anything to do with this forum?

  • I liked blackops it was a lot better than MW3 which i brought and played for about a hour, I’m just hopping they upgrade the engine to DX10 or 11 this time around.

  • BigBlackGuy

    This article made me really hard 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • S3R63NTJ0K3R

    Hey Fahed Jaradat,

    May I have a sample please.

    Hotmail: [email protected]

  • Глеб Сёмин
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  • Omarmad2

    Thats why a lot of people stopped playing multiplayer. Like in the last treyarch game people stopped playing multiplayer and played zombies only. thats why they need to change the gameplay add new stuff not just upgrade as mido said.

  • Yourmum

    they need to make a call of duty: future warfare, or some sort of futuristic call of duty game. thats only way the cod franchise could progress in any-way. at the moment its just the same shit over and over again with small improvements.

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  • i have seen this game and liked the upcoming game Black Ops 2

  • Maurofcp

    I like the new changes

  • Canadaftw345

    Hopefully they get rid of Second Chance…that perk was useless, as well as annoying. Nobody liked it, except for losers who can’t kill their enemy in time.

  • acidikal13

    i think mw2 it the best cod because cod 4 was the next big thing then 2 years later iw improve the quality in mw to make mw2. mw3 is pretty good but it is just a lazy version of mw2 the layouts the same. black ops had a pretty good sp missions but overall black ops stinked on ice. mw2 it the best for quickscoping everything in the game is perfect like nukes map layouts etc it is simply the best cod game

  • Gary Hawkins (Gamesoup)

     I’ve featured this list along with my personal thoughts and opinions of the speculation on my blog if anyone fancies a read:

    Much love!

    Gary! xx

  • QQ some more noobs

    Most of you sound like noobs.  qq some more please.

  • findfrodo

     Dedicated servers or gtfo.

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  • Ebelingpa

    This is not legit. Treyarch would never get rid of RC-XD, last stand, etc. Those are the thing that players love from THEIR series. Treyarchs series. They arent going to become more like MW ever. So this is a bunch of bull.

    • *Name*

      rc-xd will be replaced by those hovering robot things with guns in the reveal trailer

  • Pingback: Black Ops 2: Multiplayer information & release date leaked » Call Of Duty Map Packs()

  • Gooohi

    Damn, i really like the moab in mw3. It was something that was a challenge to get, in bo i got bored bc dogs were easy to get. Only real reson i played bo was bc of zombies.

  • Mistuhrlincoln

    Alright i think they should just make the game more fair and without shit spawns, mw2 was perfect as every gun was basically equal except for the fuckin nubetoobs, with mw3s pointstreak system, the game would be totally badass

  • Goldmoo2

    This sounds okay. The comments r dumb… Sum1 said cod copier bf… Tht makes no sence. Bf complatly copied cod. They failed too…. Cod makes x10 better small maps, while bf makes better big maps. That’s prob. Y bf failed. Then I see, bf3 and Bo story is better than mw2’s. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Then people want the new mh. If the first one failed so will this 1. Then there’s, mw3 had the best maps a multiplayer, it’s so sad.

    • Goldmoo2

      Not mh, I mean MoH.

      • “……..”

        Battlefield never copied Call of Duty as Battlefield 1942 came out first on 2002 on CoD was created on 2003…not saying CoD copied BF as they are both entirely different games as BF is more team based and CoD is more of an arcade fps game.

        • goldmoo2

          Yea but insted of CoD they made MoH back then

    • Sam Nalty

      Actually, the first MoH came out in 1999 and was a complete success, with a 92/100 rating on Metacritic. So it didn’t really fail.

      I imagine you do not know this because if your spelling and grammar are anything to go by, you were not born before 1999, or even possibly 2005.

      • goldmoo2

        Yea the MoH back then wasn’t made by EA. Thts why it didnt fail.

    • ImFpsJesus

      Lol, Battlefield is an older series than CoD. Study up, hombre. And a good half of CoD maps after CoD 4 were total crap.

  • looks alright but at lest they have finally got rid of noob tubes and death streak

  • mad-afucka

    habra tomahawk??

  • Asshole

    You guys are right I really don’t like BF3 the guns are unbalanced and its just not very realistic and I am saying this from playing CoD for 5 years. The things that I have seen in BF3 don’t compare to any other game. Everything that goes on in BF3 is just bad. I don’t like BF3 there going to be gone after this year. 

  • bryan

    black ops hit detection op famas 2nd chance and ghost bitches hiddin in corners with a motion sensor up thier ass 
    mw2 deathsreaks comando 1man army noobtubes dangerclose scavanger resuplies noobtubes 

  • jjhollerbaum

    In black ops 2 if thats whats its gonna be called, i would like to see the m16 stats more realistic like cod 4 and mw2 not like in mw3 or black ops. its one of my favourite guns and it should be as good as it is in real life. it has good accuracy, high damage and fairly fast fire rate and its 3 round burst. Also if you could put in more guns and more seletion of them.

  • jjhollerbaum

    please make good weapon balance because if u don’t then players will only use the great guns like famas, galil and ak-74 and if u don’t use those guns then ur gonna get your ass kicked. It gets boring and frusterating when everyone uses the the same good guns   🙂

  • jjhollerbaum

    I think it would be cool if u could put different scopes on assault rifles and snipers. Make the gun stats more accurat because in other cod games some of the guns were op and under rated or powered. They should put in more maps and guns. There should be more variety in the maps, for example: there should be like close rang e gun fights and medium to long range gun fights because there’s players who only like long or close range, so in the maps all the guns and playstyles can be played in one map. Make sniping as fair and fun as possible. And last please make the perks balaced because if they are not it can make a great game into a fruserating and not fun game.

  • jjhollerbaum

    m16 rules!!! please bring back some of the great ledgendary guns like ak, m16, scar, famas, intervention, barreta 5o cal and so on. please make the m16 stats realistic with high damage, 3 round burst, good range, high accuracy and good fire rate, it is a popular gun if the stats are realistic of how it is in real life unlike how bad it was in mw3 and nobody used it eatheir in mw3. If you could put this in the game that would be awsome  : )

    • Mattespltd

      If BO2 keeps the older time period, you’re not getting any SCAR, Intervention or Barrett. And the M16 is fairly low damage in real life.

  • HDxDaniel – Dani illescas
  • Bruce Koch

    Honestly, I believe that CoD needs something new…not a direct sequel to a game…sort-of like WaW to Black ops…end MW at the great trilogy that it is. Make something completely new…heck…make a all zombies game (even if its just a $20 arcade game, a couple hundred thousand would buy it). I also think that a futuristic CoD would be cool…kind of like Blacklight Retribution…but not too much like halo…still the call of duty feel, yet new gameplay mechanics and a new engine. Some of you think that 
    call of duty doesn’t need a new engine…but honestly, all of the call of duty engines are pretty much  the same since CoD2 IMO.    I think zombies was one of call of duty’s biggest successes, personally from my preferences i think that it should be in all call of duty games, but i don’t like the way treyarch is taking it like its a campaign (ie. HUGE EASTER EGGS THAT TAKE 20 STEPS). There is so much more that i could put into this that could make Call of Duty what it is hyped up to be…and right now…it is definitively not what it is hyped up to be. Don’t take that the wrong way. I have been a fan of Call of Duty since CoD Classic and have bought every single game/map pack (also have an elite subscription) to date. Why do people have to be so ignorant as to say FUCK Treyarch and CoD like below. If Treyarch and others had more than 2 years to make a game….like say 4 (which would be nice if they added a new company to the list, then each company had 4 years to make a CoD) then each Call of Duty could have lots new features and lots more improvement, like say …i don’t know….a brand new engine every 4-8 years?

    Please, take the above suggestions as opinions only and constructive criticism towards CoD.

    Thank you to those that took the time to read the above wall of text if you did actually read all of it. I hope to get positive responses and feel free to add on to the list….i think i will make this an official thread on the call of duty forum if that sounds good.

  • jjhollerbaum

    I think there should be attachments like a bipod, laser for pistols, bayonet and try to make more camos for the guns. The lmgs need to buffed up a little because there r some players out their who enjoy lmgs incuding me. But don;t buff them up to much so that their like an assault rifle with a huge clip or magazine. They are good at medieum to long rane, have a big magazine, lots but not to much recoil and not good at close range and the damage is usually good, fire rate isn’t to fast and they take a long time to reload.  : )

  • jjhollerbaum

     keep the m16 in the game. make the perks and guns all balaced. Just don;t make the maps like mw3 maps because they were shitty. black ops and mw2 had the best maps i thought. make sniping like cod 4 or black ops. Please bring in new and a lot more guns into the game. It would be nice to have a total of 50 to 60 guns. keep some of the popular guns in, about 3-4 for each catagory and maybe add a few new attachments. Don’t make them stupid or op. Just try to keep the game fun and simple not to advanced and complicated.  : )

  • jjhollerbaum

    Bring back about 3-4 popular guns into the game and bring some new guns. there should be about 50-60 guns in the game. Don’t make the maps like mw3 maps were i didn’t like them and a lot of other people didn’t either. Make the guns and perks balaced.make sniping like cod 4 and black ops. put more camos in for your guns and make it so u have more than 5 custom classes because for me thats not enough for all the guns and setups i like. Put more than 13 or how ever many maps there r in cod games.

  • jjhollerbaum

    make the acog scope like black ops or mw2 with the same retical.

  • MrRazzman07

    The problem is that Activision, Treyarch, and IW don’t read fourms on Cod or pages like this one showing comments on what the players want. Thats why there losing fans because they don’t take the time to read what we think. They think they have all the right ideas for the game, but its not for them its for us. It’s what we want, not what they think we want.

  • BrandonDyer35

    what about cod points

  • Cod4everz

    I will be buying cod till i die. Bring on cod 20

  • *your name here*

    I some what agree. But blackops was a good game but it got boring especialy when you can kill people easily since all the good people moved on to mw3. i own at both games juss sayin haha (even my 5 year old brother can get like 20 and 0) but anyway the story line of MW was pretty good and shit but the Blackops story line was unexpected i mean what happened before mason got into the shock chair?? thats what i want to see. what did stcheiner and dragoveich do to mason before all of the stroy line shi happened?? MW story line was pretty good. from 4-6-8 pretty good i agree. but after MW3 story line what story line is going to happen next if the next MW comes out whats the story going to be about? bothe TREYARCH and INFINITY WARD is falling out of ideads for COD games. i agree with some people about just upgrades. Like every COD has TDM DOM SnD nothing new just the same thing but diff guns some what perks and kill/death streaks. for Blackops what is the story going to b about anyway?? they shoouldof put like TDM wit bots for mw3 that would be supurb. but they thought survival would bring up the game. it was a pretty good mode but kinda to easy. The weapons on blackops were sorta over powered and same ting in mw3.They need more game mods they added elimination (one life TDM) they should put like u one team has 3 hostages and one team has to eliminate the other team and secure the hostages in the time limit. but that. just some ideas/ complaints haha. 

  • Daniel_torres671

    Just needs to be a gun on gun. No more fucken op killstreaks or piontstreaks. Needs to be fastpaced but without the bullshit.

  • Awesome Abhi

    will there be gold guns?

  • i do not think thay are not going to make black ops 2

  • Hanceptor

    YES !! 

    Hope the Snipers are good ! 

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  • Ninja2YoMaMa

    BRING BACK THE F**IN ZOMBIES YA. Hellz ya if they are bringing zombies into the picture again you need to make bigger maps and have city settings . I’m alright with everything else just the zombies . Because alot of the best selling zombie games have outdoor scenery and if you open up the maps then players will still be challenged but will also have a better experience playing co-op with there friends.And just a thought they could have some kind of safe house based game mode in zombies for a more apocalypse feeling to it.

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  • nosoupforeyou

    idgaf what people say bout cod series it is just pissin me off now all it seems like is kill die spawn die die kill etc. they should just have different twists to it like being able to grab some1s knife if they try to knife you and counter it, there should be movement like in gears of war (i have a ps3 but ive played it once and i LOVED IT). they should have something in the options menu for more advanced players to be able to have like advanced controls (on)  off  to be able to barrel role into a corner, or blind fire as well as be able to breach.  becuz idk how many cod players have been killed by faggot ass campers who stay in there corners with there mp7s.  they should have alters to the map it should change so it doesnt get old like havin it be daytime or nightime, like i said before being able to breach a wall to get rid of a camper. and btw i personally think that the strike package was kinda dumb i mean i use specialist and assult but wtf up with support i mean that and death streaks i mean in mw3 they gave the game to the 1-30 kids that is y so many people get pissed every other death from me is dead man’s hand, martyrdom, or FUCKING FINAL STAND or from a stealth bomber which isnt very stealthy.  On the other hand the only reason i still keep mw3 is because i never know if i will get the kill or not (probly not if its a mp7 :P) and another thing on mw3 about y im pissed is havent u noticed the fmg9s r the only secondary to be in infected now for them to just put tht in there just shows me that they know they overpowered that piece of shit its not called a secondary for a reason.  Now for black ops it was an alright game but i still think cod 4 was the most fair game.  but in black ops 3arc just put in fake numbers for their gun stats because 9/10 times i would loss a long range gun fight to a galil using a FN FAL it has FAL for a reason its a semi auto made for long range the galil on the other hand is a fully auto med range gun for commonly played maps such as SUMMIT and WMD but when u loss the gun fights almost every time it just gets old. and i just dont wanna be 1 of those galil users (personally i have no pov on the famas i was a LITTLE overpowered but then they made it into a nerf gun like really 20 bullets at galils 5 bullet range…..)   but for possitive things b ops had zombies…..only thing lol but for mw3 it probly had the biggest jump from b ops by having gun lvls, spec ops, elite, real clans, etc. it reminds me like the first day of school going from elementary school to jr. high it fells so fun until you wake up one day then it feels like S.S.D.D (for all u slow/non hardcore/prestige edition people it means same shit different day)

    p.s. this is just my opinion so idgaf wht anybody thinks of it and if there r any missing letters i apologize my laptop keyboard sucks

  • JCrespo

    Okay,i’ll be honest. I havent read ALL the comments. But enough to make me reply do this discussion. To me, i had a love/hate relationship with Black Ops, hated the connection and all the OP guns. But it still had some balancing to it, Ghost was also a problem, but they introduced the Blackbird which countered Ghost. And Counter-UAV countered the Blackbird. The Famas, Galil, Ak74u w/ Rapid Fire.. The guns were ALL OP and i got SOOOO irritated cause all i saw was people getting kills with these guns. I LOVED the maps from Black Ops, in my opinion, best i have seen in comparison with all the other Call of Duty’s, Nuketown,Firing Range, Summit were my all time favourite in BO. But i hated the connection SOO MUCH! In MW3 and MW2 it was great. But when i go back to BO i just cant handle it, i’m reaching to cover, i got there, but i die and in the killcam i havent even reached it. In MW2 also had alot of faults, but it was my favourite COD, althought BO was my first COD and i am in 11th prestige. I just stopped. I got bored with the campaing of BO and i finished it in Veteran and got ALL the Intel. The Modern Warfare storyline was EPIC! Full of action and even mixed in some stealth missions which filled it well. But MW2 multiplayer was also messed up. Commando,Noob Tubers with OMA, the SCAR-H,Famas,UMP45,the killstreaks. But i still really liked the game, when i play it now, there are 1 out of 10 noobtubers. But i think BO and MW3 messed up bad, Stopping Power was the only thing that stopped people from using Ghost/Cold-Blooded/Assassin. But MW3 storyline was had a strange ending, MW3’s multiplayer is broken in my opinion. The connection is great,but its just the players that break the game,Type-95,PP90M1,ACR 6.8,Striker,dual wield FMG9’s… List goes on. What i think they should do in BO2 is introduce and new system,new weapons,new types of killstreak, EVERYTHING, obvioulsy they wont be able to do that but,if they can, at least its something,Zombies was one of the successors of Treyarch’s games. I cant wait for the Zombies of BO2. But overall,MW2 was my favourite COD despite its flaws and i still play it,BO was much more balanced than the other CODs i mentioned but it was really dull for me,MW3 was terrible for newcomers in COD. You couldnt stay 1 minute alive unless you were camping or doing something boring… The guns just killed too quickly,i found myself being overgunned by secondaries while i use my MP7.

  • jaimeddestroyer

    In my opinion there is only 1 wrong thing with this tread/website the comments are to dam long.
    Not everyone cares about how you feel at everything especially at @3dbab7595bb26bf23462973051388064:disqus 

  • Claytonb24

    People always complain about how MW3 looks exactly like MW2…..and here comes Black Ops 2 which is completely different and people flip out about it……and also people were all hyped up about MW3 and when everyone got to the game they said it wasnt all as it was hyped up to be. Maybe since people arent hyped up about Black Ops 2. That it might be the best COD we have seen yet

  • captianprice707

    perks here i will belive some should make a return but should ballence in a way like stomping power perk stomping power incresced bullet damage to weak weapons only powerful weapon are not expcetble pro incresced bullet damge to airsuport only comando speeds up meele pro alows you to  counter panic knives only and no fall damage one man army gives one extra grenades c4 or claymores only pro gives you one extra tatcial grenades sitrep see enimes equiment threw walls pro here enimes footsteps louder also allows you to see campers on ur radar but only work on campers if these  do make a return which ones you think should make i return

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    if cod is still making games they should atleast try to make it diffrent each time, not the same shit from cod4 and so on. yes there, making changes to the graphics, and making there best zombies ever but what about the fudging multiplayer. make the maps huge like battlefield 3, make the kills in multiplayer more gory like zombies, make explosions brake walls, diffrent knifing ways. just please dont make it shity by following modern warfare

  • CodMakesGrownMenCry.

    Its so funny how all these grown men get into the game like these comments display,cryin & moanin about what the game needs & dont need….how about this shut p & play some damn cod! Treyarch & infinity ward dont care what you have to say they want money! & its a damn game at that! Are you gonna die without these things on the game you want so badly?? No your not! Grow up for real!! I play for fun & yeah it gets to me when im not doin good but i dont cry about it i turn mh game off & do other things…

  • F This Game

    point system like MW3 . earn your perks -______-”

  • ToAsTn

    your all retarded have any of you seen the leeked gameplay videos for blkops 2,they have all new stuff and new game dont you do some research befor talking shit on something you have not even played or tryed yet.non of you work with the company or test the game.your all retarded,minus the people that have actually checked in on the info of the game. GUYS DO YOUR RESEARCH AND F*CKING LEARN SOME STUFF BEFOR YOU STICK YOUR OWN FOOT INTO YOUR MOUTH.WATCH THE MULTIPLAYER VIDEOS,AND THE COMMENTARY VIDEOS.

    • PS3Nicka

      Dude – you do realize this article/conversation was originally posted on March 27….

      a good 5 months ago

  • the beast

    Stop fighting !!! Nobody gives a shit!!!! Who cares which game is better!!! So girls……you can trade tampons later so stop bitching!!!!

  • cj

    you got anymore news on the game?

  • Richard is amazing

    So are you gonna be able to prestige in combat training cause i want to prestige

  • Yuuki TaiZhou

    I Enjoyed Black Ops it was something that i actually enjoyed playing There were somethings that were annoying such as Ghost, Second Chance and for me some of the guns I didn’t have a great feel with them Such as the L96 it was like every time i shot someone while the reticle was directly on them the gun would sway and massive Real life situations like Wind Resistance and such would take effect. But yea I managed to keep

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