Rumor – Black Ops 2 Third and Fourth DLC Release Dates Spotted In Elite Website Coding

Recent rumors suggest Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘s third and fourth sets of downloadable content will release July 2 and August 27, respectively.

The dates were spotted by YouTuber @TWiinSANE in the coding of the Call of Duty Elite website. Both allegedly pertain to the Xbox 360 versions of the DLC, as additional content is historically released on Microsoft’s platform first – a month later on the PlayStation 3 and PC.

Make what you will of his findings. As always, we’ll consider these the info as rumors until confirmed by developers Treyarch or publishers Activision.

Currently, Black Ops 2’s first DLC, Revolution, is available as a free trial this weekend, while the game’s second DLC, Uprising, is available for purchase on all platforms.

Via, GearNuke

  • I find it kind of strange they would have the last 2 DLC’s come out within a month of each other.

    • that does make the DLC come out in September for PS3 so it actually gets some use before Ghosts come out

      • I think the last DLC should release early October on ps3/pc.

    • MegaMan3k

      Jan 29 -> Apr 16 ~ 11 weeks (Revolution -> Uprising)

      Apr 16 -> Jul 2 ~ 11 weeks (Uprising -> “3”)

      Jul 2 -> Aug 27 ~ 8 weeks (“3” -> “4”)

      Doesn’t seem *that* much shorter than any others.

      • Nick

        They always publish the last map pack kind of early, they did the same with the last map pack on BO1. I’m mainly excited to see the MP details start to flow in, in the summer.

        • Nick

          For Ghosts ^ haha my bad

        • Aaron

          And the reason for that is because all they have to make is one new zombie map and besides that, they just have to revamp old zombie maps. They will likely be doing this again, but with Black Ops 1 maps instead of World at War.

        • Your Mom


      • Derek

        11 Weeks
        11 Weeks
        5 Weeks

        115 🙂

    • Your Mom

      I find you strange.

  • sweet, be cool if 1 map was remade from World at War

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  • MasonMei

    They are not gonna release DLC(s) after CoD:Ghosts have been released right?…
    So the schedule might be:
    June: 3rd DLC for Xbox 360
    July: 3rd DLC for PC/PS3
    August: 4th for Xbox
    Sept.: 4th for PC/PS3
    And they will leave at least 2 months for players on all platforms to play before they hit Ghosts heh?

    • They will not support BO2 with any more DLC after COD Ghosts have been released. They will start making their next COD-title. And it’s ony 4 mappacks for BO2

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  • Clark W Griswold, Jr.

    doesnt matter, why would I spend any more money on the current gen platform? within 6 months a new console will come out, would rather put my money towards the new system….

    • Your Mom

      You would if you loved America…

      • jahbalonabiff

        Death to America!


    I’ve noticed that Call Of Duty dlc releases doesn’t have that same excitement attached to it anymore.

    • Clark W Griswold, Jr

      because they release shitty maps, one re-skinned map from BO1, and then two others than 20 seconds after the spawn someone you get shot in the back. Maps have generally sucked since COD: United Offensive. I would doubt most console players have ever heard of COD:UO, probably the best COD ever

      Did you ever get flanked so quickly on Dawnville? Carentan? Neuville?

      • Your Mom


    • zacflame

      because now (first of all, infinity ward DLC was always garbage)treyarch is CHOOSING between good multiplayer or good zombies.
      black ops 2 has a D- multiplayer already, so revolution was terrible, even if the multiplayer maps were A- design; and uprising has a B+ zombie map (which is epic compared to the rest of the shitty black ops 2 zombie maps) with F+ multiplayer maps.
      I’m not surprised that people don’t care, especially as the zombies storyline isn’t engaging anymore.

    • When a Black Ops 1 map pack came out, I was like, “Oh my god can’t wait!” I still get somewhat excited, albeit certainly less so. But when it finally came out, I actually enjoyed it for a few weeks. I got bored of Black Ops 2’s DLC packs after the first day.

    • Your Mom

      Well, I noticed that you suck…

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  • for god sake .. why do they release DLCs if they are going to launch their next game 4 months after last DLC

    • SubXero

      That’d be August and September for PC and PS3 though. So technically it will be two months or less.

    • Your Mom

      Because they can.

      • jahbalonabiff

        This troll sounds like a company man!

    • Quest4Truth

      2 different companies

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    they should put new weapons and killsteaks on instead of putting new maps and camos!!

    • Your Mom


  • Wersky

    it’s about time Treyarch starts making a new game dedicated to Zombies seperate from their multiplayer maps so they can focus on each seperately & better expand on ideas & new gameplay options.. zombies with campaign and more players?

  • Magnus Dahl

    Downturn, aftermath, same map, some of the snow map are just to alike. down hill or something, and so on.

  • killerSean9112

    A zombies campaign is an awesome concept. I would buy that game over the multiplayer game without giving it a second thought. The multiplayer side of all the recent cod games is just too rushed and seriously flawed! Honestly I wish they would just merge infinity ward and treyarch so that we would get an awesome game every two years instead of a rushed game that everybody gets bored of after the first dlc. If they had six months between each dlc then they would be able to give us something that would keep us fans wanting more. Just my opinion though.

    • Mark Franquiz

      they use to be one company and split….world at war was the first game that treyarch did on their own. call of duty 4 was done by developers at both studios.

  • simon

    this could well be true as both dates are Tuesdays which is the day anything to do with call of duty is released also there hasnt been a map pack for a while so july 2nd would seem like the right time to release another map pack and the august 27th release day for the final dlc pack seems good timing as after August its normal all just talking and hyping up the next cod release it November. Please dont take this as I am over the moon with this cod is so boring now and I hope that a next gen version with a new engine will be able to recreate the times of call of duty 4 as in my opinion that is the best call of duty there has been and more than likely ever will be unless they were to remake cod4

    • Your Mom

      Dude, your post is really long…

  • Luis Orellana

    I wish Nickola and dempsy and takio and richtofen were in the third and fourth dlc

    • Commodo

      That is highly unlikely because, due to Richtofen’s Grand Scheme, the other characters are implied to be dead. However, they could do something with Moon/Samantha since it’s loading-screen music/her lullaby is an easter egg in MOTD.

  • Nathan Melville

    Sounds about right, I’ll probably get the last one because that’s the zombies dlc pack and they will probably bring back the black ops maps but I’m not interested in the others.

  • bernabe

    Give us more place to do in a zombie map and put different weapons

  • Jake Mazurek

    its because people are slowly realising all call of duty and the dlcs they provide is just recycled shit, recycling their maps and weapons with slightly different textures and shapes. They’v been doin it since modern warfare series began and people are now starting to realize the mods modders provide that are free are more worth the time and effore than the shit Treyarch and Activision produce

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  • marcus

    what is the price of it on ps3 or is it the normal price?