Rumor – Call of Duty: Ghosts Map Packs To Offer DLC Weapons?

Recent discoveries suggest DLC weaponry will be making its way to Call of Duty: Ghosts this year.

Mining through the game’s PC files, @syncohboyy stumbled on a few lines of code related to what looks like DLC-specific weapon attachment purchases. The files listed entries like “ch_dlcweap02 silencer_purchase” or “ch_dlcweap04 reflex_purchase”, indicating that future downloadable content may include up to a total of four additional weapons; one weapons per map pack.


Only a few days ago, a similar discovery was made regarding possible DLC map names.

Previously, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 introduced the idea of adding weaponry in their map packs, though it was only the case for the game’s first map pack, Revolution, which added the Peacekeeper sub-machine gun.

With regards to Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward Executive Producer mentioned earlier that weapon DLC was not possible due to memory limitations, but with the mandatory install required for all versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts, it would not be far fetched that developers allowed room for additional downloadable content this time around.

Lastly, with rival shooter Battlefield 4 offering both maps and weapons in their expansions, it would make sense that Call of Duty: Ghosts would want to stay competitive and offer similar content, if not more. But until an official unveiling of any future Ghosts DLC is made, we’ll have to consider this one speculation.

What do you think? Are you down for more weapons in Call of Duty: Ghosts. What sort of weapons would you like to see make an appearance or, perhaps, a return?

Thanks, CharlieINTEL.

  • T-51B


  • MegaMan3k

    Oh boy, more weapons that play exactly the same because of Ghost’s sloppy gunplay …

  • James K

    Keep digging for gold on the files.

  • Rob

    Oh this again? What they going to do? Put one DLC weapon and say “First time ever from IW”. Please just the maps.


    Wait till everyone realizes that these weapons are copy/pasted from MW2 .

    • Rob

      Totally agreed.

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Wait till everybody realizes you’ve said copy/pasted at least once on every article about CoD:Ghosts in the past two weeks. We got it, the horse is dead. Quit beating it.

    • TBH a lot of weapons in BF3 were copy and paste from BF2. Prime exampleis the crossbow. Being that they are weapons, it doesn’t matter, its maps that need to be different(Strike at Karkand maps had major revisions to where they were “familiar”

      • mechcell

        The crossbow in BF2 only shoot zipper lines. And crossbow in BF3 shots arrow.

        • Devin Jackson

          Nice grammar retard.

      • Jamic

        I really cant see how anything from BF2 can be copy/paste work to BF3… The crossbow worked but also LOOKED entirely different since it was just a regular crossbow in BF2 and in BF3 its a “makeshift” bow with some sort of AR15 rifle as the body (like M416).
        All weapons in BF2 were much lower quality so none of them can qualify and it would be probably easier to remodel the whole weapon from scrath than improve the model. some weapons even looked very different like FAMAS (changed completely to feline desing), L96, L85 was newer model etc.
        Im not defending BF from “copy and paste” argument because every game does it into some extent and BF4’s DLC, Second Assault, is probably the most retarded and cheapest copy paste job I have seen in a while, most of the weapons models arent probably even changed at all. Its just that your comments makes no sense to me.

        • Storm_Worm5364

          BF4 will see many BF3 models (slightly modified mabye), since the models are very close to how the real weapons are.

      • Storm_Worm5364

        They aren’t copy/pasted, they have different models (from BC2 to BF3). Battlefield 3/4 have weapons that militaries currently use. Or newer versions. That’s why there’s no AK-47 on BF, because the AK-74 was released to replace the AK-47. Don’t forget that BF3 and BF4 have 100+ weapons. It is really hard to introduce “new” weapons. BF4 will see many BF3 models (slightly modified mabye), since the models are very close to how the real weapons are.

        • Man y’all know what I meant lol but I appreciated the extra input, it got the point across. Regardless, if CoD finally does some DLC weapons, goodbon them. But I still think BF4 expansions will be better.

    • Devin Jackson

      That would actually make me happy. Id like to see an M16,famas ,ump , Acr.
      the classics.

  • Blaine Reinsma

    With 8GB RAM on the new consoles it totally makes sense, but I don’t know how they’d make it work on current gen consoles.


    Okay, now I’m beyond confused- Is Ghosts’ gun-play, hit-detection, servers and the rest of that stuff that I will never understand more refined than Black Ops 2 and the rest of the franchise? Or is it worse off/more-or-less the same overall? I’ve heard it both ways- In both rude and polite terms, mostly the latter- And from critics and readers alike, and would like to know which way it is for the majority.

    I’ll never play it, as I quite frankly care for Call of Duty’s multiplayer, but I am quite curious.

    • AL

      Ghosts is all about the gun-play. That is why most people dont like it. They have finally made the sequel to 4 they should have made. Shame that it took this long, but the play is slower, more methodical. The engagement ranges are much longer and require better accuracy. Hit-detection even on P2P connection, which is all we have had so far, is very very good.

      The game overall is solid, but forces people to get out of the super fast spray and pray type of gameplay that BO, MW3, and BO2 garnered. Its also de-emphasized the effectiveness of kill streaks as even the most devastating streaks are at some times useless (like the AC-130 in MW2).

      Not saying the game is perfect and that there arent things I wish had carried over like the concept of scorestreaks, but its a lot better than people are making it out to be.

      • Mitch

        This, 100%. But, if you want you can definitely run around headless and spray at everything that’s moving, you just need to play the Ghosts moshpit.

  • Mr. Thuggins

    Game modes before guns.

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  • Oliver eberhardy

    Heh, looks like about one gun a map pack.
    In BF4 i get 5 weapons per expansion, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s new game modes, new vehicles, equipment. My choice is clear.

    • James Mulhall

      Would you like a cookie? You’re still getting ripped off either way if you give Activision or EA your money.

      • Oliver eberhardy

        I could care less if they have my money, Battlefield has given me much more superior moments than COD ever has in the past. It’s about the experience, and having fun.

        • T-51B

          Good luck enjoying a game that hardly ever works.

  • Thomas Foppen

    Dlc weapon 3 is a sniper, cause it has a variabele scope and dlc weapon 4 is a aussalt rifle because it has the shotgun attatchment. AND STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT BF2/3 THIS IS COD GHOSTS…