Rumor – GTA Online Heist Locations, Cash Rewards, and More Details Discovered

Having moved into the new year, more and more anxious GTA Online players are anticipating the game’s Heists expansion that Rockstar promises will offer new ways to play with others and more ways make some GTA$.

Over on the GTA Forums, community member “funmw2” has allegedly discovered some initial details surrounding the upcoming update.

Browsing through the game’s code, a hidden Heist called the “Ornate Bank Heist” was spotted. It was discovered that the Heist’s payout rang in at GTA$80,000 which would be split between 4 players (minimum) to 6 players (maximum). The job would also reward players with 1140RP and would require participants to be at least rank 60.

In addition, “funmw2” was also able to map out some of the locations that were noted in the file. You can check out the points on this map right here.

As with most info extracted from game code, none of the details above can be confirmed, nor should you expect the same parameters to apply to all Heists. If it turns out accurate, however, then at least that’s a few more things we now know about the new mode.

In a recent blog update, Rockstar indicated that we’ll be learning more about the GTA Online expansion in the new year, so expect official news soon.

Are you still looking forward to robbing virtual banks with your online friends?

  • Mitch

    80k and you need a minimum of 4? Fucking joke.

    • Energize

      Haha seriously, in story you have a group 3 robbing banks for millions of dollars and online you need 4 people just to get 80k.

      • Mitch

        What really bothers me is that this will mean every person will make a maximum of just 20k from a Heists, which is just some car mods. Also the fact that you always need 4 people annoys me, since a lot of times people in my friends list are playing games like Ghosts, AC4, BF4 etc.

        • Energize

          Ya I understand and now since next-gen is out half my friends are on the PS4 and half are on PS3.

        • Joel Santana

          Sad thing about this is that even after you complete the heist, there’s a good chance that you won’t make back what you spent on ammo and armor.

          • Mitch

            Yeah, that’s also the main reason I don’t play modes like DM and Capture, because I’ll just lose all my earned money on ammo.

      • Actually you have like 6 people in single player and you have to share your cut with them…if they don’t fail

        • kurama kyuubi

          yea but you could have hired like 20 people and still get more money than the stupid joke that is 80 thousand … you got millions in story and ended up with several 100 k even with plot expences

    • daniel dickinson

      it’s a minimum of 3 and its gonna be 100k but it’s gonna be put out like the campaign mode where the more heists you do the more of a cut you can take with a max of 20%

  • Arvid


  • Christopher Cioffi

    After how long we have waited for these and this is all it is? missions give out practically 5x the RP on hard with 4-6 people and its even more with friends. I haven’t touched this game in almost a month because some guy gave me trillions that i didnt want. so i just bought all the shit i wanted, guns, attachments, vehicles, heck i was giving people cars from the streets for free, they just had to put insurance. I don’t care if R* takes my money, I hardly play I bought all the things i want (materialism FTW) and im done 😛

  • Updates: Rockstar states “Well shit, you’ve got us.”


    Just give me the REPLAY button back shit, i made more money that way.

  • Brandon Griffin

    Level 60 to participate, and minimum of 4 players with 80k payout? That’s fucked, Rockstar has made a lot of poor decisions with Online.

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  • Scott Lucas

    I don’t think Rockstar even cares anymore, they know online is doing bad especially with all the hacks and glitches and now the long awaited heists might just be a flop as well. I think its almost time to put GTA 5 at the bottom of our game piles

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