Rumor – Leaked Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC Map List Spotted, Includes 5 New Weapons

Launching in only a few short weeks, Battlefield 4 Premium members can look forward to four massive new maps, all-new vehicles, and high-tech military equipment in the game’s first proper multiplayer expansion, China Rising.

An allegedly leaked image of the Spanish Battlefield 4 Premium website sent to us by MP1st reader Mechcell appears to list the name of all four maps and reveals that 5 new weapons are also included as part of the DLC.


Roughly translated, the feature list indicates that China Rising will include four new multiplayer maps; Taklamakan, Altai Range, Guilin Peaks, and Dragon Pass, as well as five new weapons, new vehicles, high-tech military equipment, and 10 new assignments. As with all Battlefield 4 DLC, two weeks early access is given to all Premium members.

Earlier, China Rising’s Trophy/Achievement list revealed that the dirt-bike would be one of the new vehicles featured in the DLC, as well as the Air Superiority game mode, both items making a return from Battlefield 3’s End Game DLC. As for high-tech military equipment, the list also made mention of a Bomber and a SUAV, a smaller hand-held UAV.

We can’t say for certain if the list is official, as we’ve yet to hear any proper announcements from either DICE or EA regarding map names or the inclusion of new weapons. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, nonetheless.

Officially, Battlefield 4 China Rising is set at a December 3 launch date for Premium members, two weeks later for non-Premium members.

  • Rave

    Again with the assignments to unlock weapons, gotta love it.

    • SubXero

      Is that sarcasm? I hate the stupid assignments to unlock >_<

      • zacflame

        I liked most of them from BF3, although there were some stupid ones, like the one for the MK3A1 or the one where you had to specifically destroy an enemy IFV from an airdropped IFV.

        • oofy

          Yeah, the mk3a1 was horrible because I had to stop contributing to my team and go suicidal with the jeep.

    • NinoBr0wn

      I do love it, actually. It’s the badly designed assignments that need improvement.

  • Katana67

    Really hoping they’ve got some solid maps in China Rising. Some (most in my opinion) of the standard BF4 maps aren’t very interesting.

    Likewise, Second Assault’s inclusion of Gulf of Oman will be excellent I’m sure. It’ll also be nice to play Firestorm (finally for us console folks) with 64 players. I always felt there was a lot of extra space that wasn’t used in that map (specifically that FOB). Caspian’s revamp looks great as well, that wall will provide some solid defensible positions.

    No idea what the weapons’ll be. Hopefully not more Chinese weapons, although that seems likely. I don’t care for them and don’t think there are many left to depict in BF. Hopefully the M27 IAR will be in there somewhere and hopefully a few 7.62×51 rifles.

    • Jerry Kehr

      I hope one of the new weapons will the f2000. It was a great gun.

      • Katana67

        It was in the Second Assault preview trailer! So your wish has been granted. Not sure about the weapons for China Rising though.

        • Jerry Kehr


      • NinoBr0wn

        I’d rather see the AN-94 and the G3A3 myself. They would really benefit from the new accessories too.

        • Katana67

          G3 would be great, I’d prefer an updated version (i.e. with rails). FAL is right up there for me as well, I have no idea why they loved the ACE series so much when they could’ve just put a DSA FAL in the 7.62 ACE’s place and added some variety.

          AN-94, I could definitely live without. There’s enough AK-pattern/derivative weapons already (AK-12 series, ACE, AEK).

          I think they, more importantly, need to look at their attachments again. No 6-8x optics for ARs/DMRs is frustrating to me. That and I think LMGs could benefit from a 6x without being too ridiculous.

    • Gannon

      My only hope is that they go back to more “normal” maps. For the most part, the standard BF4 maps play well, but they are just way too over the top in their locations. I want a more realistic setting again.

      • Katana67

        Unfortunately, with their whole “Levolution” idea, I don’t think this’ll happen. I mean, sure, there are a few maps which are not explicitly focused on Levolution (Golmud, Zavod, and whatever the hell the Siege of Shanghai look-alike map is). But it’s just hard to reconcile the idea of an unassuming town with a concept of grand destruction.

        Now that they’ve changed Caspian Border to include some form of Levolution I’m really curious/concerned about what they’ll do to Gulf of Oman, which is one of the last bastions of BF2 design for me.

        But, to your point, I think BF2MC had the best maps in terms of just having towns to fight over. There was very little in those maps that was unconvincing or over the top. I’m not sure if you’ve played it (a lot of people seem to have not) but I’m sick of it being swept under the rug.

        • Gannon

          I have not played BF2, I started at BFBC2. And those maps were awesome, and from what I’ve heard the BF2 maps were some of the best.

          I really hope they don’t mess up Oman either, easily one of the best in BF3. It was a smart idea to remake it for that game, and if they don’t screw it up, it’ll be a great idea for this one too.

          Yeah this whole “levolution” thing is a cool concept, and would be nice on a few maps, but it really detracts from the believability of the game, since it requires such over the top locations. For me, if they simply focused on more accurate and more destructible environments across the entire maps, it would be much more welcomed.

  • Delta8A

    Dragon Pass from BF2? If so – finally!

    • Katana67

      It was Dragon Valley, could be the same thing or different. There was also FuShe Pass.

      • Cole.

        or maybe not a ton of remade maps and instead give us new maps? I probably won’t buy all the dlc but I think we shouldn’t be asking for recycled content.

        • Katana67

          I don’t care about it being original, I care about it being good.

      • oofy

        Dragon Valley + FuShe Pass = Dragon Pass…


        • Katana67

          Could be, they weren’t that dissimilar from one another if my memory serves correctly.

      • SamRock

        Yes I loved Mashtur City & WarLord from BF2:SF
        Also would love to have Ghost Town… that mp was awesome with Urban, Water and lot of Roof hopping using BF2:SF’s grapple hook!

    • jimmy_webs

      dragon walley or fushe pass? =D

  • mechcell

    David, my source is from here:
    and LoGaN74 is a Mod for Battlelog

  • acealchemist

    Still hoping to see some great BF2 maps make a return, I miss daliant plant, Daqing oilfields and Dragons valley. Now those are top notch maps, the booster map packs were great. Let’s not even mention Special Forces with our badass zip lines jumping from building like ninjas and using tear gas.

  • Kyle Jackson

    Arica Harbour would be nice 😀

    • Warren Lucas

      oh hell yea! Arica Harbour was the shit man!

      • Kyle Jackson

        Was the shit? Is the shit my friend, I still play it, Hoooahh!

      • SamRock

        Yeah! The first map I played on BC2 … instantlyfell in love with the game! That map and the whole game is irreplaceable… BF3 and 4 are trying too hard to do what was already awesomely done!

    • Katana67

      Arica, Heavy Metal, Oasis, and Harvest Day were great. I’d love to see any of them back in.

      • Kyle Jackson

        Oasis is actually my favourite map. As the map starts, I pick Engineer class, jump into a jeep, drive like mad to ‘B’ get out the launcher ready and wait for the enemies incoming vehicle, BOOM!

        • Katana67

          I really enjoyed Rush on Oasis. There were enough ancillary buildings to keep me happy as a Recon and the flow of vehicles (Attack Helicopters on the middle MCOMs) was great. Great blend of open combat and CQC once you move into the city. Plus, there was that big body of water, could’ve been a solid opportunity for DICE’s new naval emphasis.

          • aaron

            why did they give us bf3 maps 🙁

            • Katana67

              Meh, I’m okay with Firestorm and Oman (which is a BF2 map, as I’m sure you’re aware). My K/D would not be anywhere near where it is now without Gulf of Oman.

              Metro I couldn’t care less about, it’s not a BF map to me and never will be.

              Caspian is interesting, and it looks even more-so with the new additions they’ve got planned (i.e. the wall and there appears to be some interiors that look new).

              I’m not sure if they have some official policy against putting in BC or BFMC maps, or if they just want to maintain continuity in their main franchise. But I think they really did their best map design with some of their side projects.

              BFMC is viewed as the “redheaded stepchild” of BF. But I really couldn’t have a higher opinion of a BF game. Even BF2, while wonderful, never really had the same visceral combat as BFMC. DICE has had a really hard time reconciling the vehicle/infantry dynamic in their map design and only seem to be able to truly pull it off when they hamper one or the other.

            • sjvckdf

              Battlefield 2 (?): Modern Combat for the PS2 was my first Battlefield game and it was stunningly well done (Single-player, never did online PS2), especially witht hat “Hot-swap” system! 😀

              Hell, I’ll put it on par with Battlefront 1 & 2 (Also, never online, but great co-op).

            • Katana67

              I started playing it on the original Xbox and 360 when they made the port. It was practically the only game my friends and I played in high school.

              I disagree on the singleplayer, I thought it was pretty unmemorable.

              The multiplayer was wonderful. You missed out on those maps, they were just… you know… towns. Places which are fought over. I miss that type of map.

      • Jamie Marques

        yup. second assault should be bfbc2 maps instead. they were just amazing.

        • Kyle Jackson

          ‘Are’ amazing, they’re still there 🙂

        • awkenney

          I wish the PC community for BC2 was still alive. There’s like 2 servers now in the US.

          • PewPewTank

            Really? I live in Asia and I was able to find roughly 100+ servers just now.

            • awkenney

              Good point. I tend to filter down to Rush mode, active servers with 100 ping or less. I suppose if you wanted to include other game modes, the number of servers would go up substantially, but if you did, you might as well play BF3.

      • Thefrenchman398

        No love for Atamaca Desert? 🙁

        • Katana67

          I liked Atacama Desert, I just never really had any “Wow” experiences on it. I liked the whole nuclear towns separated by open space idea, I’d love to see more of that. On the negative side, I felt that the main bases were far too vulnerable on Atacama and it was certainly no fun once the helicopters had been stolen.

          The problem with a lot of BC2’s maps is that they were purpose built for Rush (in that they’re fairly narrow).

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      they should save it for bad company 3 if it ever happens

    • NinoBr0wn

      Would have gratefully accepted Africa Harbour before anything in the Second Assault pack.

    • dieger

      now that would make me buy BF4 just for the sake of africa harbor…unless they ruin it…

    • dpg70

      Would be, but Bad Company maps are Bad Company maps. Battlefield maps…you get the point. Expect Arica Harbor in Bad Company 3.


    Don’t really care about Premium this time around. Just give me the dlc’s with the new weapons and I’m good.

    • Tripp

      Agreed. Il only buy the map packs that include weapons. $15 for 4 maps and maybe a new gamemode? I’ll pass.

      • lolz

        50$ for 10 maps = 5$/map
        15$ for 4 maps = 3,75$/map

        • dpg70

          There are 5 DLC’s. Assuming they stick to 4 maps each, that’s 20 maps for $50, plus whatever weapons/gadgets/vehicles they include.

    • awkenney

      I literally will not touch Premium at all if I see Premium servers again. That was horseshit.

  • zacflame

    China rising is rumored to be 100% jungle maps.
    Mountains are usually snowy.
    Snow jungle map confirmed?

    • Katana67

      Taklamakan is probably in reference to the Taklamakan Desert, so I doubt it. Altai Range, perhaps there’ll be snow.

      I’d suspect Guilin Peaks and/or Dragon Pass to be jungle maps.

      • zacflame

        Desert, Arctic, Jungle, Jungle…
        Take notes, IW.

        • Michael Oakley

          dont even type and thing to do with cod becuase codforever will be over here writing like 50 comments

        • Katana67

          I took a second look at the China Rising footage we’ve seen. That map, I’m willing to bet, is Guilin Peaks. Just do a Wikipedia search for “Guilin” and compare the two landscapes. They’re spot on matches.

          So at least one jungle map. Dragon Pass is a toss-up. It’s the one map without a geographically specific name.

          Altai will probably be snowy or alpine.

          Taklamakan will be arid or desert.

          Guilin will be tropical or jungle.

  • jj16802

    Dragon Pass… Dragon Valley and FuShe Pass reference?

  • Thefrenchman398

    Gimmie MOAR weapons!!!

    • marpla78

      you know you will be using 5 after a wile…the rest is garbage….ended using ACW-R, 416, M40A5, SCAR-H and THE AS VAL on BF3..

      • Thefrenchman398

        It’s still nice to have variety. 😀

      • Katana67

        Consider that not everyone uses THOSE five, as well…

        For instance, I used the M240, M249, Mk 11, M4, and M16A3 (followed closely by the M98B) the most.

        • marpla78

          again… 5 weapons…i know is good to have variety but at the end you will use 5…6 if you want…sometimes too much is not that good. (she didnt said that… 😉 )

          • Katana67

            But you’re drawing upon a larger pool to get to that five. And it’s not because “the rest is garbage”, it’s the fact that they’re the weapons that -you- perform best with. There’s nothing wrong with narrowing down your favorite weapons, but adding more weapons will give the player a larger pool to draw upon.

      • uwantSAM0A

        My M60 begs to differ

  • Zheka

    Stop asking for weapons. We need more maps, like Karkand, Mashtuur, Dragon Valley, etc!

  • Jamic

    5 weapons sound about right if they are this time around going to distribute them evenly throughout every DLC. It will eventualy result in 5 more weapons than BF3 DLC’s offered (didnt count STAC or Xbow).

    However Im not too sure if the information is correct because it wouldnt make sense for them to give 5 weapons because that would result in 1 weapon per class and only one all-kit weapon. Seeing how there are 3 all-kit weapon classes it wouldnt go even with the number of DLCs. They should give 1 weapon of each category in each DLC.

  • Blaine Reinsma

    So in their first DLC they’re rehashing the dirt bike and Air Superiority from the final BF3 DLC which wasn’t even released that long ago… The dirt bike and Air Superiority should have been in the base BF4 game, not DLC. If I’m paying for DLC I want all new content.

  • John Doe

    Poor xbox1 cannot get a break. Euro gamer tested dead rising 3 and it runs in 720p at 30fps but drops to 16 Fps a lot. Lol xb1 is so toast.

    • xHDx

      Why would people be bothered on a BF4 article?

      • John Doe

        I just thought this was so terrible. your right though

  • SamRock


    Anyone who hasnt bought BF4 yet and is also planning to upgrade to the new AMD R9 GPUs… I got good news. AMD is releasing all the new R9 GPUs bundled with BF4 absolutely freee!!! This is effective from today.

    • marpla78

      will be a good present for my kid, the card for me off course 😉

      • SamRock

        Yup.. great present for me too (B’day’s on 25th Nov)… but of course I will be keeping them both 😀

        (Hope my wife is reading this) 😛

        • marpla78

          see i got lucky there she doesn´t speak or read english…ha!

    • SamRock

      Aha!! Is that a Nvidia fanboy that downvoted me?? 😀

      I have no doubts

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  • at least we can talk about other topic beyond the crashes…

  • awkenney

    I’d prefer not to see a shred of DLC announcements until the game is playable and the audio in the PC version is fixed. Until then, tacking on DLC to this mess is pointless.

    • mechcell

      DICE/EA not announcement this DLC yet. This DLC announcement got leaked. FYI new patch is coming tomorrow.

  • uwantSAM0A

    Please fix the game before mentioning DLC.

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  • Jamie Marques

    dragon pass= bf2 dragon valley??? oh god I hope so…

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