Rumor – New Black Ops II Multiplayer HUD Leaked, Select Fire Option, Max Level 55?

New Black Ops II off-screen images have surfaced giving us a glimpse at a newer version of the multiplayer HUD, select fire feature, and more.

At E3 2012, several publications had the chance to take a first look at Black Ops II’s multiplayer, and the following images have surfaced from that session.

New Black Ops II MP HUD

The multiplayer HUD above is from newer build of the game. The killstreaks we believe the icons represent are the C.L.A.W., FA-38, and Quadrotor a.k.a Charlene. Also, above the ammo count, you can clearly see a “select fire” option, which was set to burst. The top left text could be a new placement for the kill feed.

Last week, Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar teased that the User Interface “team put together an MP HUD visual design. Clean with high readability/usability but maintains great looking art.” He continued “the boys [have] been working so hard to find the balance between beautiful and high usability.”

Here’s how the HUD used to look like in our analysis for the latest behind-the-scenes footage:

Old Black Ops II MP HUD

Another leaked image below suggests that the max level in Black Ops II’s progression seems to be level 55, at least at this stage of development. The max level in the original Black Ops is 50.

Max Level in Black Ops II?

The images were released on IGN’s instagram, and were tweeted out by Treyarch’s Matt Scronce. The leaked images and the tweet have since been removed.

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  • I bet select fire is an extra attachment that you have to put on to use, lol.

    • Dane Curbow

      I don’t see why your guess is being downvoted? It is a valid guess when we don’t know ANYTHING about MP yet for the most part.

      I am going with it is weapon specific. That would be a hard feature to balance across all the guns so either weapon specific to begin with or weapon specific attachment.

      • MasonMei

        Downvoting = not supporting him. But what?! No, what balance?! Simply a fire mode switching can cause balance issues like how FMG did in MW3?!
        Well why a simple (and forgotten) function in BF3 has to be an extra attachment in COD? It makes the game a little bit more realistic (although the 31 bullet setting is never introduced in COD) without breaking any balances, I suppose.
        You should think of the design of the chargeable sniper rifle. Not this. Doesn’t worth it.

        • Actually Mason his guess may be more accurate than you think

          • MasonMei

            MW1, WaW, MW2 and BO can’t represent BO2.

        • Dane Curbow

          My point is downvoting should be used against people not adding to the conversation and not as a “I don’t agree button”. Like if I were to say COD SUCKS AND YOU ALL DO TOO! That should be downvoted, but if someone says I think it would be cool if they apply this as such that should either be upvoted for talking about what is at hand or just left alone.

          Also the part that makes it hard to balance is a gun that is semi make take only 3 bullets to kill you instead of say 6-7 from a fully automatic gun. Giving that straight up more powerful gun the option to just switch to full automatic makes it twice as good as the other gun which has no reason to do to semi or burst, so that would mean you are having per mode damages to achieve the balance which doesn’t make much sense in real life application other than to provide a balanced gun.

          We will see what they do with fire selection, but it does bring me a bit of worry just like rapid fire. I think rapid fire was a bad addition to the game and just makes guns more powerful with very little downside and fire modes I believe everyone will just use fully automatic to get the higher damage output per second.

  • 18 player max in whatever mode that was… not too shabby.

    • tellmeadeshina

      Ground War, don’t get too excited.

      • Yeah Ground War was always 18 players max, nothing new.

  • @TonetheBone925

    I see what Treyarch was talking about now with their new lighting system in the 2nd picture. Makes the guns and the environment look more photo realistic

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      lol at making a simple observation and getting 3 thumbs down.. uMaD BF Fanboys?

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    Select fire? Really? Black Ops 2 is starting to sound like a mix of Battlefield and COD

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      Shooting? Really? All FPS games are starting to sound like mixes of Battlefield and COD. That’s your stupid theory. Take that. Right on your face you sucker.

    • because Battlefield is the first and only game ever to have selective fire, right?

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        No James Bond Nightfire had and not sure about goldfinger before it..

        • John

          He’s being sarcastic.

      • Random

        I know it’s not but, select fire in a COD game? come on…

      • Random

        Lol I know it’s not but, select fire in COD? come on…

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  • COD developers always toyed with fire selector but never quite put it in their games. I hope they do.

    • It was in the original Call of Duty and the expansion pack but was cut due to lack of use.

  • cod always will blow

    meh. still cod. still sucks

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      Meh. You. Still hater

  • Kris

    That must be fake. Why would the have changed the Hud so drastically from the one in the image below? Which was only leaked in that Behind the scenes video 2 days ago.

    • tellmeadeshina

      Because it was crap lol, read the article – David recently said that they’ve just finished the final MP HUD. What you see above is the real deal and is a great improvement but still requires segmented point streak markers like MW3 so you know how many off a streak you are.

      • MasonMei

        Huh don’t worry about him. He just can’t get himself out of all those fake leaks few days ago. It’s fine to be skeptical (also ignorant for him XD)

      • Dane Curbow

        They may not be segmented but the seem to go up so you can track it. Maybe the bar fills up segmented even though it is solid. We shall see.

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  • So the XM8-looking thing is apparently the M8A1? Doesn’t look at all like an M-series gun but oh well. It is in 2025 so they can make up whatever they want

    • MasonMei

      Huh… One previous version of M16A1 is XM16 so it’s reasonable they change XM8 to M8A1. Nice! The stupid M4A1 in MW series is finally gone… I just hope IW won’t use it anymore next year… Time for some changes I suppose

    • The XM8 is an actual prototype though no longer being tested as it was formally cancelled years ago X is a designation used to mean experimental, like the XM-25 grenade launcher is still in testing stages so its not formally called M-25mm Grenade launcher(or something along those lines)

      Have you not played Bad Company 2? The XM8 Prototype appears as an Assault Rifle, a Carbine and an LMG in that game

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    Fuck angel or whatever his name is

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    i love and think the select fire option on the guns would be an awsome new thing for black ops 2! : )

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  • rumours said that first prestige will be 55 and then 2nd will be 60 so on so forth

    • Dane Curbow

      I really hope they don’t do it like that. That would be quite annoying unless the first 55 levels were really fast and never a grind ever. Then as you get to 60,65, etc -> 105 ( 5 levels added per prestige -> 10th prestige ) I would only expect levels 80+ to start to be a grind. Otherwise this would make prestiging take waaaaayyy to long.

      • Well, they add 5 level every other prestige, so the final prestige (which is 15) has 90 levels. As of now, I’m not liking the ranking system.

  • jtm88

    the “old Black Ops 2 HUD” is Crysis, I’m fairly sure.

  • WoLF

    I bet there are a lot more surprises waiting for us in the future.

  • kby_

    I would probably really enjoy selective fire. Even in a game such as Call of Duty, you do need to burst fire a lot. Maybe I’m just lazy, but selective fire is a lot better than having to manually burst.

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  • bgriffy

    First picture is really ugly.

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