Rumor – Origin Germany Puts Second Assault at a February 18 Release Date For BF4 Premium Members

A screen grab from Origin Germany indicates that the PC version of Battlefield 4‘s Second Assault DLC will be available to download for Battlefield 4 Premium members on February 18.

Subsequently, the same would likely apply to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game which have also yet to see the new content.


The rumor could be considered a bit iffy as the notice was later removed, but it does fall in line with recent reports of Second Assault launching late February. If true, non-Premium subscribers would get their hands on the expansion March 4.

Last we heard, DICE “will announce the release date for this expansion pack later.”

Second Assault brings four fan-favorite Battlefield 3 maps back to life; Operation Métro, Operation Firestorm, Caspian, and Gulf of Oman, and is currently only available on the Xbox One as a timed exclusive.

Source: Reddit.

  • Katana67

    I just want Gulf of Oman. That’s all. Firestorm and Caspian are just a bonus. But Metro can eat me.

    Although I’m still skeptical of the “sandstorm” on Gulf of Oman, it’s still the best map in my opinion available to BF4 by far.

    Due to the problems with BF4, unfortunately, we’re still lagging behind. We don’t have rented servers on consoles (yes, I’ve heard all the arguments against it) and we don’t have a real DLC roadmap anymore.

    Second Assault will be welcome, but not as welcome as a decent patch.

    • thatoneguy

      The Sand Storm is actually pretty cool, imagine Paracel Storm but with sand and that’s what you get. The only difference is that eventually the storm ends and it goes back to normal. My favorite experience with it was flying an attack helicopter and out of nowhere the storm came in and before I knew it I was flying headfirst into a building that in my defense came out of nowhere.

      • Katana67

        “The only difference is that eventually the storm ends and it goes back to normal”

        This is the only reason why I think it will be cool. Because Gulf of Oman is about engagements at a variety of ranges, and the sandstorm really screws with that. But if it’s temporary, it could be cool.

        My one worry is that the average match won’t be long enough to see the sandstorm fully blow away. Or that it will last for too long. Which is why I’d like some high-ticket rented servers.

        • thatoneguy

          On conquest large you always get to see the storm, and with domination even it plays out just like parcel storm where about 2 minutes into a dom game the storm rolls in.

    • dieger

      mmm Gulf of oman ;3 only map i really liked in back to karkand only one i want in SA….but $15 is a steep price as i hate all the other maps :/

  • SamRock

    Not at all excited for this DLC. Just curious how CTF plays on Metro. Wish they had selected some of the famous maps from Aftermath too. Caspian border and Op firestorm were the least fav maps…. People only played it because they had no other true open battlefield maps in BF3.
    Wish they had got some old BF2 maps like Road to Jalalabad, Warlord, Ghost Town…instant buy from me

  • Alvaro Munive

    Typo on the title “memebrs”. Just sayin’

  • Sheldon

    How can I miss maps I was playing the day before BF4 released? Why not bring back BC1/BC2 maps?

    • Katana67

      Aside from BF2, I’d say that BF’s spinoffs had the best maps. Yet they’re regarded as redheaded stepchildren.

      BF2MC – BackStab, DeadlyPass, TheNest, Honor, BridgeTooFar

      BC1 – Ghost Town

      BC2 – Arica Harbor, Oasis (Yes, I realize it was in BC1), Harvest Day (Yes, I realize it was in BC1), Heavy Metal, and Atacama Desert.

      Back when BF maps were towns and strategic objectives, not postcard themeparks.

      • I miss the coalition. They were the staple militia faction yet their last appearance was a minor role in the first Bad Company

    • dpg70

      Because Bad Company maps are just that, Bad Company maps.

      • Sheldon

        be quiet

        • dpg70

          I know, I hate it when people use common sense.

          • Sheldon

            which you don’t. Bad company 2 had a Vietnam expansion inspired by a Vietnam expansion from BF 1942

            • dpg70

              Not sure how that’s relevant, but feel free to keep asking for Bad Company maps in a Battlefield.

            • Sheldon

              u r a dense 1

            • El Gringo Diablo

              BF:Vietnam was a stand alone game not a DLC on PC. It was my 1st and still fondest BF experience.

    • Bad company 2 did the same thing

  • Aria68

    Top favorite: Gulf of Oman > Caspian > Firestorm > Metro. (Though i really miss Kharg island)

    • dpg70

      The only ones that interest me are Caspian and Oman. Firestorm must be a DICE favorite. I’d be willing to bet if you polled BF3 fans between Kharg and Firestorm, Kharg would be a runaway winner. I always felt that Oman and Firestorm were the niche maps in BF3. You would find a 400% 24/7 Oman server, or a 500% 24/7 Firestorm server, but you’d rarely find either in a normal rotation on a rented server.

      • Aria68

        Gulf of oman is absolutely brilliant. Firestorm however in my opinion it was straight up pretty! and it’s 2014 version gets even prettier plus u could get all sorts of actions in it. That being said Kharg was my favorite and it was gorgeous. but one thing that makes them apart was that Firestorm’s armor battles were more pronounced and open compare to Kharg which was more linear in that sense. plus i think implementation of Revolution made more sense in Firestorm compare to anything in Kharg.

      • Actually Operation Firestorm is a blast playing on next gen, it has the most objectives of the 4 maps I think, but the linearity is far less than that of BF3 so if you’re worried man, don’t be. Fun fact, its the best Battlefield map that has “Operation” in the name


    I am delighted with this … Or just players from Europe have lag on CQ mode? every day the same thing! in other modes, this problem does not occur

  • Marcus Roue

    The first DLC pack(China Rising) was terrible and missing the “Leveloution” features they promised. At this point EA should just give all the DLC packs free for enduring the BF4’s buggy mess.

    • Johnny Neat

      I’d like the Levelution added back to China Rising via an update. Wishing for free maps is a waste of time.

  • Energize

    Glad to see some sort of release date. I’m getting sick and tired of the BF4 maps.

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      they are way better than bf3 vanilla maps

      • Energize

        I guess it’s just personal preference then.

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