Rumor – PlayStation Plus Could Potentially Include Call of Duty Elite and New Releases

Sony has started a new survey asking PlayStation users for feedback on different potential plans for PlayStation Plus. The two most intriguing options are free new releases and Call of Duty Elite.

The survey aims to perfect PlayStation Plus with varying options, and takes 15 minutes to complete, as IGN notes. The survey starts with a base question to determine the most valuable item for a user’s ideal potential plan. New digital blu-ray releases and Call of Duty Elite are the two standouts in the proposed options in the survey. Currently, PlayStation Plus packs in discounts, free game trails (e.g. Battlefield 3), and free PSN games and items (avatars, themes, and such) for $49.99 a year, or $17.99 every three month.

As the image above indicates, different tiers (options) offer varying perks. It should be noted that a monthly option might be added to PS+. IGN also noted that some of the survey questions mentioned the possibility of subscribing to a yearly plan, but paying for it month to month rather than upfront.

Call of Duty Elite 2.0 is expected to launch along side Black Ops 2 this November. Be sure to keep an eye on our Black Ops 2 coverage as we inch closer to the official reveal.

  • tellmeadeshina

    Nice find. Could be a good deal, I don’t quite find PS+ enough value for me. If it were to include Elite at even a marginal discount I’d buy it.

    Monthly would be pretty crummy – I hope it is a nod to no more timed exclusivity.

  • why why in the hell would i want elite? WHY????!!!

    • verla

      Free DLC’s and other clan stuff, or are you a BF fanboy trolling yet another COD thread?

      • free? no no its not you paying for the DLC just discounted a lil besides odds are you will hate some of the DLC which you can save $$$ buy not buying it also no im not BF fanboy i just elite is crap its launch and post launch was crap maybe it will be better but i will never purchase it cause 1.we ps3 gamers always seem to be shafted in the end and 2. i will probably end up not liking one of the dlc they put out so i wont blindly throw down my money for something i might not like

        • tellmeadeshina

          Elite is crap, the DLC isn’t. I got Elite for DLC. I might dislike the odd map, and missions I don’t give a hoot about, but you can’t buy just one map, so I never dislike an entire pack.

          I often find the DLC maps are far better than the maps on the disc too.

          •  i know thats my point ELITE is crap but everyone like diffrent things i meant hate all the MAPS in a DLC if i got elite i get em either and ive wasted…..about10$ or i could wait and get the dlc i want and save myself $$$

          • Jonchr2

             ive seen some of the DLC maps with Mw3, and they doesnt seem very good, but treyarch always delivered awesome maps(hazard. hangar18, convoi, hotel, berlin wall etc…), +they have a new setting in the near future, so they can put a few extra thing in ther, and offcourse zombie maps is going to be awesome!

        • RabidTurtle

           Well then you are clearly mentioning why Elite isn’t for you. It isn’t for me, as I never bought DLC for CoD (to be fair, after the time exclusive with Xbox, I generally would have moved on from the recent CoD by that point; at least I did from WaW to BO.) or even picked up MW3 (MW2 left the foulest taste in my mouth, and traded it back within a month). But if you are someone who was going to buy all the DLC anyways, why not pay the same price (they guaranteed at least 4 DLC packs for MW3, if I’m not mistaken) and get the maps earlier. Can’t say how good Elite is as I never used it, but even if it isn’t that great, additional stuff to the DLC means added value for the same dollar.

          Really, I don’t think Elite was a problem, just a way for Activision to lock in an additional $60 sale for people that may have been iffy about getting the stuff from the get go. If people are too stupid to figure out whether or not they are going to get a value from elite or spend more money than they would have otherwise spent, then well, a fool and his money are soon parted. If it wasn’t Elite, then it would have been something else. Maybe they would have bought PS+…