Rumor – Titanfall Gone Gold, Xbox One Version Might Get Upgraded to 1080p on Launch [Updated]


In response to Twitter inquires, Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella has denied the rumor that Titanfall will be 1080p on the Xbox One at launch. Aw, snap! (Thanks, Henry Asenime.)

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Original Story

Titanfall might be getting a resolution boost on the Xbox One shortly after its launch on March 11.

A Titanfall community member going by the name “DucatiRossi46” who works “closely with Respawn and EA” has allegedly been told by the studio that “they are aiming for 1080p at launch following the Xbox One patches“.

According to him, “there will be 2 patches pre-release, which should get it to 1080p following the Xbox One patches.”

You can catch screen grabs of the conversation here.

Similarly, an Epic Games employee said on Reddit, “I can tell you Titanfall has gone gold and the final resolution is most def above 720p. That’s all I can say.”

Last we heard, Respawn Entertainment was aiming for 900p at launch after confirming that the beta ran at a 792p resolution. We also recently learned that Titanfall will be a 40 GB install on the Xbox One.

Take the news with a grain of salt for now, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any official announcements.

  • sd94

    Wasn’t the frame rate dropping to the 30’s when you got into a Titan during the beta? Not sure this is going to work out so well…

    • Mitch

      If that’s true, I’d say we immediately could debunk this rumor.

    • Crapgamer

      The beta on Xbox One never had any kind of drops like that. I take it you didn’t play it at all? Was smooth as a baby’s butt. I see a lot of anxious Sony fans posting comments hoping it’s not 1080p though.


        Why would Sony fans care that it’s not 1080p when it’s not even on a Playstation platform???

        • James Bauer

          It’s not that they care that it’s not 1080p, it’s that they would care if it was.

          If it turned out that Titanfall did in fact hit 1080p, not only would it hurt their ego with all the “720p xbox one” jokes, but in their close-minded, ignorant, blindly loyal mind, it would take away from Sony’s thunder as being the “1080p console.” The fact that it’s also an exclusive, would likely add salt to the wound.

          That being said, they do actually care that it’s not 1080p, since it’s one more thing they can use as ammo in their “anti MS” rhetoric.

          NOTE: when I describe them as “close-minded, ignorant, and blindly loyal,” I am referring to fanboys in general, not exclusively the Sony variety.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Why? Forza 5 is 1080p by looking like crap. A bunch of other games are 1080p too, including Tomb Raider.

            We already know the Xbone can do 1080p. It can only do it using games with low graphical intensity. It wouldn’t change the fact that the PS4 is a much more powerful console, no matter how hard Xbot asses get chapped.

            • Meanwhile the same “Sony Ponies” like yourself rush to defend why The Order: 1886 runs below true HD and has low frame rate, and why Infamous: Second Sun, and DriveDeive both run at 30 FPS. As well as Thief running 1080p on PS4 and constant frame issues like its running on Last gen console. Get the fuck out of here dude. The fact that you are here in a completely PlayStation irrelevant article, calling Xbox fans “Xbot” is clear indication in itself that youyou, unlike ROCKMONEY ain’t shit but fanboy trash your self. Talking out the side of your neck and spouting the same old ignoramus shit you’ve always have been. But everyone knew that long ago.Much like DerpSlayer. I would not be the slightest bit suprised if you arent just him on another account.

            • Austin Howell

              The order runs at 1080 with AA(something any PC gamer will tell you is incredibly taxing on the hardware) it only outputs at 800 and they haven’t decided whether they are keeping the black bars, so if you want an explanation, there you go. Source = I actually do my fucking research, the order is pushing the PS4 to the fucking breaking point if you think the one or a 400-500 PC could run that your dead wrong. PS I own both next gen systems……

            • You are flat out wrong

              The Order is 1920×800 with 4xMSAA. It blows the sh*t out of the Xbone’s weak line up.

              Besides, I’ve already addressed Infamous and The Order’s frame rates: you can whine about them all you
              want. Fact is, fidelity wise those games kick the snot out of the
              Xbone’s 360esque ports so far. If those games were on the Xbone they’d be lucky to be running 10FPS. They’d have to be dropped to 720p.

              Don’t cry about people calling out Xbone lies. Someone has to do it. Now crawl back to your gutter. 🙂

        • You are flat out wrong

          Xbots need to pretend that people want their game because in reality they’re the only ones going nuts for it. Response from PC players has been a lot more muted.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Check your facts, Quatman.

        “However, it all changes once you buckle into a Titan, and in this build
        we see lengthy passages of play (particularly by the end of a mission)
        falling within the 35-45fps range. Neither one of the levels on show is
        especially worse than the other in this regard, and it’s clearly the
        barrage of alpha effects that ends up pressing the hardware too far.”

        • Crusina .

          I never encountered that. And the beta was a two to three months old version of the game wasn’t it? I’ll try to find that quote that Respawn dev on reddit posted about the age of the build.

      • sd94

        I’m PlayStation fan, but I intend to pick Titanfall up on PC. Not sure why you’re trying to accuse me of having a horse in the race here. I’m just stating what my friends who played the beta on Xbox One experienced.

  • Mitch

    I highly doubt this. As said in the article, it wasn’t even sure the game would run at 900p, let alone 1080p.

    • PI3KY

      Well considering how they are giving the console a performance boost, its possible.

      • Mitch

        Respawn probably knew about that for a long time, and yet they were still struggling with 900p. I doubt they would make it 1080p, because it also adds extra work.

        • SomeGuy

          It’s not extra work. it’s the flip of a switch in the code. the engine supports configurable resolution from the developer side.

          • benny g

            Yeh… a flip of a switch.
            but code optimisation is the only thing that will net you reasonable fps once youve flipped it. Not as easy as you make out.

        • They’re being paid to do the “extra work”! Hehe. It’s there job to make it look as good as possible.

          • Mitch

            With ”too much work” I was referring to the release date. Do you think they can upgrade the game to 1080p while maintaining 60FPS while they previously ran on 792p with small frame drops?

            • Keep in mind that they would have been at work on this long before the beta’s launch. The build you saw/played was one to two months older than the day it launched.

              Not saying the rumor is legit, but it might be more likely than you’re making it out to be 🙂

            • YourDad

              Exactly, but it’s a trend to bash everything “Xbox” since last summer. Lets just wait and see before jumping to conclusions.

            • gbaby185

              Do you not understand what a beta is for?

            • YourDad

              It’s called “old builds”, the beta probably wasn’t running on the latest
              build. Funny how since the PS4 was announced every Internet geek knows
              how game development works from the inside and have become experts on

              As the development advances the game is optimized
              and takes less and less resources to run. Consoles CANNOT be compared to
              PC’s in terms of raw performances, a PC will take twice if not more
              power to have the same results simply because you CANNOT do low-level
              optimization on PC (yet).

              Titanfall jumping from 792p to 1080p is not impossible and doable if they had the extra boost and better SDK’s to work with.

              to be honest with you I was expecting it to happen, Xbox One has been
              underperforming since launch because of poor development tools (stated
              by numerous developers).

              PS4 will always have the edge on paper, but with time and optimization the differences are going to be “meh”.

            • GameonAll

              True, so true, the best part if most of em probably can barely understand html and are taking crap about SDKs and performance all day – what a joke.

              I give the devs credit I’ve been coding since the 80’s and would hate to read half of this crap if I was a game dev. The people work hard and most want to insure they put out the best code they can. To have a bunch of snot-nosed lemmings down talking their work must be really annoying.

            • OC Guy

              True, before I left the industry a few years back the trolls on articles like these just get laughed at by the engineers.

        • Okwhat?

          How do you know what they were and weren’t struggling with. You’re calling this a rumor and then stating things you’ve made up as fact. PS fans are such fucking idiots.

        • KiLLaMaNiLLa

          If they can get the cloud to back up the game then they will be able to do a lot more. I’m just really excited to see what the cloud computing will do once games start using this they will be able to do so much. I recently watched a Nvidia Grid video which is Nvidia’s Cloud Computing and i watched someone play Borderlands 2 on max settings on PC and they were playing it on a OUYA Streaming it through Nvidia’s Grid which is amazing. So yeah i think X1’s Cloud Gaming will be amazing.Check this out.

      • sd94

        The “performance boost” isn’t large enough to make a game go from 720p (or 792p, whatever it is) to 1080p. At all.

        • Gabrielsp85

          optimization, thats what is called

        • You have a Dev kit?

          • sd94

            Honestly I don’t know enough about the rumours, I’m just relaying what the people that actually understand this stuff say. It’s only an 8% boost or something like that which isn’t enough to practically double the number of pixels on screen.

            • David Tallon

              It is quite clear that you don’t possess any actual training in computer engineering. It doesn’t take an equal amount of resource increase to gain a certain boost in performance (i.e. pixel count or fps). SpeedUp doesn’t work like that. It isn’t a linear relationship. That being said, 8% isn’t enough on its own but it isn’t because it needs a 50% increase in resources as you are implying.

        • Andrew McDonald

          Everybody thinks they’re a tech nowadays

          • sd94

            I apologize if I gave the idea that I know all the nitty gritty details, because I don’t. I’m basically just repeating what the people who do understand this stuff have said. I suspect that 8% boost is what got them from 720p to 792p, but that’s it.

        • KiLLaMaNiLLa

          You would be surprised what a software update can do. Just look at video drivers for PC or overclocking they are def capable to do a lot with just software updates.

    • Jordan

      let’s put it this way. their objective is the keep the game at 60fps. while it can already bearly lock the fps at 60 with the current res in beta. like hell it can be push to 1080p.

      • GameonAll

        I do not recall seeing framerate drops on the beta- so where are you getting this barely maintain 60fps data from?

    • Alkanida

      Now there’s official confirmation this wont happen. I’m really glad, someone in the gaming industry is still using his head. If beta was 792p and they say “they’re aiming for 900p” then it’s fucking clear they cant do 1080p.

  • MegaMan3k

    I don’t put much faith in rumors started by faceless forum posters claiming authority.

    • Mitch

      True. This is just as trustworthy as a guy named CBoAT on Neogaf who claimed Titanfall runs at 720p (debunked).

      • That was partly true though. Titanfall at the time may have been running 720p but it wasn’t a confirmation for launch…was it?!

        • That’s the issue. CBoaT claimed that alpha textures were final and that the launch res. was 720… Both were proven wrong in the beta, and the full releases is only going to emphasize his inaccuracy.

          • Thanks for the clarification. The things some of these “industry insiders” will do for internet fame.

            • Or infamy… It’s mostly just the attention that they enjoy. The entire idea behind a troll is to get someone’s attention – good or bad – in roundabout and otherwise unobtainable ways.

              Industry insiders are quite entertaining and exciting, but when they’re wrong 51%+ of the time? And the only thing they’re doing is spreading negative rumors about a specific platform?

              – _ – There’s a reason that NeoGAF is called SonyGAF… And it’s because of the bias that the “moderated forum” fosters. Were it neutral, it’d be a much better place, and one that I might consider frequenting.

            • Yep. Same for N4G which I used to frequent back in the day

              What is your take on this particular game, regarding whether or nor the Devs can hit 1080p for the Xbox One version ether before launch or with a post launch resolution patch in the same manner of ACIV and CoD: Ghost? If at all even.

            • Ironically enough, I made an N4G account a few months back… It’s quite the painful place to frequent if you’re an xbox fan, but there’s [unfortunately] no better place to go to see the latest breaking news… – . –

              I’m not holding my breath for 1080p. Considering the alpha ran 797p, the push to 900p was an understandable jump. But with less than 2 weeks until this drops, I wouldn’t expect it to retail at 1080p, though it could come later with a patch like the titles you mentioned.

              Either way, the game is going to be a blast! Resolution is a nice talking point, but gameplay is what sells titles.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Get used to being the lepers of the games industry. It’ll be like that for quite a few years.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Neogaf loves Titanflop, actually. I don’t know why. Xbot desperation for games, I guess.

  • Daniel Sousa

    know what you mean beta?

    beta is an unfinished version dated and well, just because the beta has drops frames, which means the final version with higher resolution will have more falls?

    What kind of logic is that?

    The beta was already made ​​before the end of 2013, and all that is seen in very old beta, the final version will have better resolution and better frame rate.

    and there are rumors that the game is in gold phase since December 2013, and after that was just dedicated to balance the game, melhoração performance and bugs

  • Analdo Gomez

    MS is going all in with Titanfall, they used as an excuse to update their console….

    And I’m just here, waiting for my Naughty Dog game…

  • xHDx

    I’m trust this rumour just out of curiosity. I believe that 10% GPU feature will be in there too. I think Microsoft know this is going to be biig so they’re going to give it everything they’ve got to reach maximum standards.

    • Arnold Stallone

      With the price cut in the UK, it is clear microsoft is betting everything and their mothers and dog, on titanfall.
      As we approach the release date, the microsoft-budies websites like ign, gamespot, polygon, and the miserable garbage from rev3, will start invading the web and forums, with articles on how titanfall is the best game ever, why it will sell 36 million copies, why it’s a true revolution, why the bots are the best ones yet, why 6vs6 is the perfect number, why 1080p isn’t necessary and 720p looks better than 1080p, why destructible elements wouldn’t be that great, why scenery must remain simple, with simple flat graphics , to be even better, why micro transactions are a great feature, why every gamer should buy an xbox one, why infamous second son is only a 2/10 game, why 60 bucks and no single player campaign is great, why devs used low quality alpha textures, to not make you wait while downloading the game, why why why.

      Next US press mission: bash the great hyped system seller infamous ss, with shittty reviews and scores, so titanfall and its 245 10/10 reviews look even more amazing.

      Of course, even sites like Forbes or CNN will bring their share of promotion and praise.

      And these next days, the microsoft PR stunt/lie/tricks machine will start working at full speed, will talk about 300000 servers doing their best, will invent the biggest lies as possible, to make another sale.

      Titanfall is the only jocker Microsoft has, in 2014. If somehow, even if reviews are amazing, 90% of sales will be on PC and x360(soon the PC guys will be downloading it for free,from torrent/filehosters, etc), and xbox gamers realize the game on the x360 will look 90% like the x1 version, and all their friends will be playing on the x360 as well, and finally, few people actually get the x1 version, well….
      With the soon 1-2-3 extra million ps4 units sold in japan, that will make like 10 million ps4 vs 4.5-5M x1. In 3 months, a gap like that already exists, well, with that desperate price cut, etc, there’s nothing more microsoft can do.

      I’m already ready to laugh 🙂

      PS. Dear 3.5 million X1 buyers, without trolling, a simple question, if I dare, how does it feel having spent 500$ or 500 euros on a 720p system, that has a hard time doing 1080p(last in the list, plants vs zombies, at 900p), a few weeks ago, and seeing now that for 50(or is it 80)£ less, you can have the console you bought full price + titanfall?
      Of course, you still love and support microsoft on every step they make. Of course. Of course.

      • WSTCDE

        I bought an Xbox One. Its’s stale right now, but I don’t mind it honestly, and I also don’t love and support Microsoft with every step they make. All in all, I feel just fine with my purchase.

      • I think you just hyped Titanfall up about 36% to 48% more than anyone ever has and ever will. No one has those kinds of expectations…

        It’s just going to be a good shooter on the Xbox One. What’s the big deal?

        • Crusina .

          I’m not sure how much you’ve been paying attention but Titanfall has more hype surrounding it then any game I’ve ever seen since Halo 2. If you want, I can link you to well over a dozen articles and impressions from different people and websites proving that.

          The game is being hyped because it’s damned fun to play.

          • Trencher

            My god.. a game that people like is getting hype? Who’d a thunk it!?!?!… *rolls eyes*

        • Arnold Stallone

          Good shooter or not,
          Once the websites I mentioned, that are known for their love for the xbox brand start publishing the first 8-9/10, 90% of all the other ‘smaller’ websites will rate the game like the ‘big guys’ did. Honestly, do you see a site like polygon giving anything under a 8.5/10 to titanfall, them, that walk hand in hand with microsoft?

          Do you see a guy like sessler, that has been making videos tailored for microsoft, to defend 720p resolutions, to calm people down after may announcement, etc etc, and the recent one about how titanfall will be great, and 6vs6 are just perfect, etc, all videos to praise or defend the xbox one, like the forza5 5/5, where he praises the shiny cars, but doesn’t dare talking about micro transactions, etc. Do you think he will give titanfall a 3/5? Of course not, the 5/5 review is already finished.

          These are 2 examples. But there are hundreds more.
          All the pro-microsoft/xbox websites and journalists know this is the ultimate chance microsoft has, to sell plenty of xbox one. For sure, they will praise the game like never before.
          They want it to sell tons of copies and units, so giving perfect scores will be a huge help.
          Do you remember how x1 exclusives were praised, and, surprise, the titles that got slammed /killed/ destroyed/bashed the most, with the lowest scores on metacritic, well, were the exclusive ps4 titles, like knack, killzone sf, etc.
          Press really wanted the x1 lineup to shine, and the ps4 one to suck balls. And then the killzone sf 3/10 scores came here and there, with ryse and forza5 being praised like God, so the message to future buyers was ‘ you see, despite the ps4 being more powerful on paper, the x1 rocks and has the best games. so run and go buy an x1’.

          I have no doubts titanfall will receive tons of love and perfect scores. But one thing that could happen, because it’s an online only game, is that most gamers who own an x360, will get that version, because they are sure of having tons of friends to play with, and that, could hurt the x1 titanfall sales, and not drive as many x1 sales as expected.

          We’ll see 🙂

          • You’re presuming a LOT and neglecting the fact that maybe these people are more level-headed that you make them out to be. I’ve met some of them in real life. Not everyone’s as biased as you think.

            Maybe Titanfall deserves those scores? I’ve played the alpha, the beta, and have had hours of hands on time at press events. It’s a good game, no matter how you swing it. It’s like the Joker would say: ‘If I tell you the PS4 can play more games at 1080p than the Xbox One, no one bats an eye. But if I tell you that the Xbox One is getting an actually good game like Titanfall, well then everyone loses their minds!’

            I really don’t get what’s the big deal. Why can’t games, games like Forza 5 or Ryse, be a good? Because it’s exclusive to the Xbox One? Maybe Killzone, god forbid, actually wasn’t a good game? Maybe, oh my god, graphics don’t matter!? Ryse got shit on, by the way. Only a handful of smaller sites actually praised it.

            My point: Titanfall really IS the only good thing the Xbox One has going for it. Is that REALLY so hard to accept? Do people really want to see other games fail so badly? Are we not all gamers trying to do the same thing? Play good games?

            • VEX_VEHIX

              Get em!

      • xHDx

        ‘Dear 3.5 million X1 buyers, without trolling, a simple question, if I dare, how does it feel having spent 500$ or 500 euros on a 720p system, that has a hard time doing 1080p(last in the list, plants vs zombies, at 900p), a few weeks ago, and seeing now that for 50(or is it 80)£ less, you can have the console you bought full price + titanfall?’

        I am sure ready to laugh. Your comment clearly shows how stupid you are. You try and state the Xbox One is a 720p system even though it support 4k Res playback where PS4 doesn’t. So much for ‘for the gamers’ hmm? If you realised just by thinking slightly into the future of the consoles, there aren’t any games which are going to be native 1080p. In-game quality will take over. It’s the same with previous gen consoles, even though they didn’t produce 1080p to start with.

        You clearly have no clue about what your actually commenting on. I just want to laugh when I see games in 2 years time on Sony’s behalf fall behind because they haven’t made any large steps in software. On the other hand, they don’t have cloud computing or full dedicated servers. Not to mention all of the stuff being don with DirectX API on MS’ end. (Residential textures and all of the rest of it). Here take a read you might be surprised;

        I’m quite happy exactly where I am in terms of which console I own.

        • Manoj Varughese

          “you try and state the Xbox One is a 720p system even though it support 4k Res playback where PS4 doesn’t.”

          I don’t know where you pulled that from. Infact PS4 does it and at better when it’s GPU is taken into account. The differences don’t matter, but since you said PS4 can’t do 4K playback with an affirmative tone, you might want to look up this.

          • xHDx

            Maybe I should of said ‘4k game playback’. My bad. The ps4 doesnt support 4k game playback where the Xbox One does. How can you justify it as a gaming machine if it doesnt support 4k games. Logic.

            • Manoj Varughese

              let’s start with 1080p stable FR first. Apparently eSRAM is being mastered yet.

            • xHDx

              That would be more logical. No I don’t think the devs have got the hang of the eSRAM yet.

            • Royvin

              How do you consider that not trolling? I’m fine with 900p or whatever Titanfall will be at. I love how every gamer says that they can tell the difference between the resolution and the truth is unless your sitting 4ft from your 40-50″ TV you would be lucky to tell the difference.


            • xHDx

              If people are going to pick out parts of my comment and/or are going to be twats and write a paragraph on how they hate Microsoft, I think it’s easier just to prove to them a few things so they stop banging their gums trying to prove others wrong.

              And actually you can easily tell the difference between 4K and 1080p.

      • Trencher

        You say “without trolling” and yet you ask a total trolling question.. how Do I feel about owning an XB1? Pretty damn good considering I own both consoles.. have 5 games on XB1 and 1 (count them.. 1..) game on PS4 (this will change in a month when Infamous comes out but in that time I’ll have bought at least 1 more XB1 game). Is the XB1 perfect? God no… but what I loved about the 360 (The controller, achievements, XBL) I still have a better “experience” overall and don’t really give a rats ass about 1080p/900p (and nor should you if you’ve played Ryse)

      • Tank Buster

        Titan Fall is an extremely fun game, a simple game but loads of fun, its nothing more and nothing less. And its an opportunity to support a brand new development house that has brought us some of the BEST shooter games ever. The only people making a big deal out of this game are people like you posting rants for what reason? (I think most will assume you have some undetermined level of “butthurt” and feel necessary to console bash?)

        Believe it our not, some people actually prefer the Xbone over PS4 and its magical GPU. I think most of know that over the near future the Xbone will become better optimized as we await for the stereo drivers and completely optimized exclusive games! I didn’t buy my Xbone for resolution gate, I bought it for the amazing games and great Live network/servers. Its only up from here.

        Oh and I almost forgot….buy American.

  • oofy

    I’m a bit confused. Are the Xbox One patches allowing Titanfall to “possibly” output 1080p or is it something they’ve continually tinkered with to try and attain?

    I didn’t think resolution was something as fluid as this. The game is right around the corner.

    • xHDx

      The game can most definately output at 1080p if they worked on it long enough. One of the patches was rumoured to free up 10% GPU space which was reserved for Kinect, I believe (Console Patch). The game is running the source engine so it should be flexible on the system. I assume they can get this to work at 1080p given some patches to game and the Xbox One. Especially if the 10% GPU rumour is correct.

      An update will be released at Titanfall launch to improve the games performance. You should also take note that the beta was using old code as it was most likely produced 1 or 2 months ago.

      • oofy

        Oh, don’t worry, I’m not one of those people who judge a game off of a beta (cough! Battlefield cough!)

  • Tank Buster

    Oh man thats interesting news, guess we will have to wait and see if its actually native 1080p!!!

  • TI_21

    I doubt it’s going to be above 900p – at least not with AA and other eSRAM reliant features enabled…

  • Fango

    I seriously doubt it can handle 1080p without dropping to 15fps

    • Crapgamer

      It’s the Source Engine. I hope it reaches 1080p just because I think NeoGAF would crap itself and the Sony Defense Force would probably all have stroked 😉

      • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

        No we would be surprised you finally got another game that could do 1080p.

        • Same difference.

        • Crapgamer

          Oh give me a break, these comments are filled with salty Sony fans, most of whom frequent terrible sites like NeoGAF and N4G where you can stroke each others ego’s.

          I’ve never been a part of a gaming generation where one side felt so compelled to let the other side know they’re choice was a bad one. Why not just let people enjoy what they want?

          Find it so funny Sony fans can post anything about performance after Thief ran a whooping 9 frames per second on the PS4, and all of the exclusives are a mere 30fps. Not exactly setting the world on fire in the fps department, because Sony forces 1080p so they can shout 1080p from the rooftops like it means something…lol

          • Grif

            Lol geez man where the heck do you get your information? I think I just lost some brain cells from reading your comment. Theif didn’t run at 9 FPS. Just because exclusives run at 30 FPS doesn’t mean anything, it’s the developers decision. And I ain’t even mad that the PS4 can run games at 1080p.

            • Crusina .

              He’s talking about what the framerate drops to dummy.

              Also Killzone…Nice 30 FPS.

              And it’s hilarious because Ryse, a 900p game is considered the best looking console game ever right now.

            • Grif

              Killzone is both 30 and 60 FPS just to let you know.

            • Crapgamer

              Thief apparently drops down to single digit frame rate. Forcing 1080p on everything is costing play-ability for gamers.

            • Grif

              I’ve been watching Thief walk throughs on the PS4, I haven’t noticed any FPS drops down to single digits.

            • Crapgamer

              “dipped in framerate to what appeared to be 10-15 fps”


              “regularly dipping into the 15-20 range during gameplay. At several points in the journey, it even edges toward the single digits”


            • You are flat out wrong

              Now now, let’s put things in their proper context. “but as each cutscene dipped in framerate to what appeared to be 10-15
              fps, it was hard to overlook. Gameplay had a few dips as well, but the
              cutscenes looked awful.”

              “Edges towards” sounds iffy too. Is it single digits or not? I should ask Jonathan.

            • Crapgamer

              Damage control much kiddo? I see all the N4G and NeoSHAFT kids up in arms over all the positive Xbox One news lately. Stroke each others ego some more please!

              You’re in an article about resolution increase for Titanfall, obviously it’s something the Sony Ponies don’t want to see because they’ve convinced themselves the PS4 is the only console that can do 1080p.

              Hey, if I were being forced to pay $50 a year for PSN+ and all the games Sony were putting out were single player games I’d be a little pissy and try to latch onto any redeeming factor I could too.

            • You are flat out wrong

              lmao, having a meltdown over two cutscenes dipping to 15fps, which also happens on the Xbone version. Must be the result of all that good Xbone news falling flat after a few hours. Get a grip – I don’t have accounts on Neogaf or N4G, though I do lurk gaf for news. The whole Internet hates the Xbone! (By the way, Neogaf absolutely love Titansnore. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Must be that $500 purchase rationalization.)

              Like I said below: of course the Xbone can do 1080p. Forza 5 achieved it, mainly by looking like crap. Tomb Raider achieved it, mainly by sacrificing frame rate (if they kicked it down to, I dunno, 640p, it could have matched the PS4’s framerate). Most sports games do 1080p. Regardless of the outcome, the PS4 is a much more powerful console. And you can whine about Infamous, The Order etc etc being 30FPS all you want. Fact is, fidelity wise those games kick the snot out of the Xbone’s 360esque ports so far. Maybe in time a balance will be found, but as it is I’m more than satisfied with the treats coming!

              I already pay for PS+ – love those subsidized games! Gives me something to enjoy while I wait for an MP I can care about to come along. Meanwhile, you paid for P2P online for ten years and got nothing back. Feel foolish?

            • Fango


              Complains about playstation4 being “forced” to buy PS+

              yet, as an xbox owner, he’s been paying for xbox live for years. The free games offered by both don’t even compare….

            • John D

              Here is the problem though. I have benn playing Thief. It is a crap game with Unreal Engine 3 engine which is a terrible engine. It is not a next gen engine. Thief is so crap it has lip syncing issues. Is this 1999.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Remember this, Quatman? The days before it turned out the PS4 version had a better frame rate? Never seen you admit any contrition for being wrong about this and so many other things. Then again you’re an Xdrone so it’s hardly a shocking development.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Still repeating that palaver, huh? If it’s any consolation, I’ve heard most of the bad frame rate drops come during pre-rendered cutscenes. And both consoles have the same issue. 🙂

          • jj16802

            “I’ve never been a part of a gaming generation where one side felt so compelled to let the other side know they’re choice was a bad one. Why not just let people enjoy what they want?”

            That’s how PS3 fans felt when the 360 fanboys kept harassing them in every single article in the previous generation…

          • Fango

            Game hardware aren’t just about rendering at natives resolution cut and dry. Sure the xbox1 can run a simple racing game with little post processing effects at 1080p, but when you start pushing the hardware with advanced nextgen post processing, it can take a toll on the hardware forcing developers to cap at 30fps or cutting the resolution. And this is what infamous and the order are trying to do.

            • So then it’s okay if they do it. It’s fine if The Witcher 3 is 900p on PS4, just like its fine that Watch Dogs 900p on Xbox One, is that what you are saying? Because the “Sony Defense Force” says else wise.

            • Fango

              you are comparing two different games. Stop trying to undermine the difference in hardware by comparing two different games….. LOL! to be fair, we havent seen much of the witcher 3 so I’m assuming its pushing a lot of processing for them to have to cut down on native resolution.

              Watchdog on ps4 – 1080p 30fps
              Watchdog on xb1 – 900p 30fps

              witcher3 on ps3 – 900p 30fps
              witcher 3 on xb1 – 720 30fps

              You xbots always do this lol. trying to skew the argument by comparing two different games. doesn’t change the fact that the xb1 is running at lower resolution on both games. These are FACTS.

            • cry more fanboy

              Watchdog on ps4 – 1080p 30fps
              Watchdog on xb1 – 900p 30fps

              witcher3 on ps3 – 900p 30fps
              witcher 3 on xb1 – 720 30fps

              lolllllll confirmed by you hahaha

              in other news


            • Fango

              Maybe if you’d stop being an idiot and just look it up you can confirm it by yourself.

            • You are flat out wrong

              Don’t bother with Crap Lamer, facts and context are an alien concept. He’d rather just sh*tpost and cry about a brand he put far too much emotional weight into.

      • da Boss

        It still wouldn’t really matter, this game looks like utter garbage. The graphics are shit, the textures look last gen, nothing about this game looks all that good or demanding of the hardware. If they can’t get 1080p on this, then we might as well forget about ever seeing 1080p in the future.

        • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

          do you play games purely based of graphics? i guess if i was stuck playing games like knack id be on here criticizing every little thing about the xbox too. just think, after march 11th, you’ll be able to spend countless hrs watching as much titanfall gameplay as you want, make sure you leave tons of comments trying to make yourself feel better about not playing it. 😛 must suck being stuck playing those ps4 exclusives, i hear killzone was great too

          • da Boss

            Knack is trash, no one denys that (lets make that clear). I NEVER judged the gameplay and never said i only judge on graphics. In this case, since we are talking about the visuals of the game (thats what this article is about), i feel like its appropriate to judge this game on its graphics. Now that we’ve cleared that up, this game looks like utter garbage. Trash, terrible, the fact that they cant even do 1080p on this is extremely worrying. Ps4 exclusives are way fucking better than shit box games. Uncharted alone rinses ANYTHING on the Xbox without a doubt. Anything. The order and Infamous are just cherries on top.

            • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

              uncharteds the only game id be somewhat excited about, but i haven’t really read much about it. as for the order and infamous, i could definitely do without them. have fun playing your single player games though, then once you finish them you’ll be right back on here commenting about titanfall

            • da Boss

              lol I’d choose single player games over multiplayer shooters ANYDAY. Are you kidding? I hope you were joking. And the Order is easily one of the best looking games i have ever seen, ever. Infamous i could live without, but there isn’t a single game on the X1 that i’d trade for infamous. These games are actually good, they actually have production value. Im excited for Halo 5, but thats about it.

            • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

              i guess were into different types of games lol. don’t get me wrong, i love a good single player, but those only last so long. the good multiplayer games are what i end up playing the most since about 80% of my time online is with friends.

            • Fango

              I don’t know about you but I’d rather play a high quality single player game for 8-10 hours and then on to the next good single player game than to have to play the same deathmatches over and over and over online.

            • Fango

              I prefer single player games as well. Have never bothered with MP on The last of us or Tomb Raider or AC4. Xbox owners are so pissed off about having inferior hardware the only leverage they have is getting more multiplayer games, which only 13 year old kids with ADD mostly care about.

  • Turbomite

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA (looks at title again) HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • BlinkFandango

    @Respawn confirmed on Twitter that the download is only 20gb.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen
  • Dennis Crosby

    Idk if the rumor is true or not but Microsoft confirmed that the game will only be 20gb on Xbox one and PC but that PC version needs 42gb of space

  • Francis Jairam

    I am really not sure about this rumor.

  • SamRock

    Dont understand, if this was really possible (High Res) why didnt they go for it in the first place? Why risked a huge negative publicity announcing that it will run at 900p?

    I am sure this is a result of beta and loads of feedback they got. Still the damage is done

    • While the Beta did help them, that was mostly on the server/gameplay-end of development. What’s helping the resolution are the SKU updates that the console is receiving. Better dev tools and optimization resources.

  • blastx

    how cares about xo anymore?

    • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

      anyone who wants to play good games

      • You are flat out wrong

        “Good” games

  • I’ll believe it when I see it, but when I see it? Ohhhhhh CBoaT is DONE. Can’t wait!

    • You are flat out wrong

      A guy who gave us fun leaks for 10 years, including juicy stuff from Valve, and has had 80% accuracy would be neutralised by Sh*tspawn, makers of the awful MW2 and a Brink clone. F*ck this industry.

      • Crapgamer

        He was never a legit insider, NeoGAF idiots live in a world where they like to think they have these insiders who give their lives meaning on a forum.

        The guy was always a fraud and had nowhere near an 80% accuracy. High yields anyone? Xbox exclusive from Platinum Games? Titanfall only a 6 month exclusive? No 1080p games? The Alpha textures were the final ones? Titanfall would downgrade to 720p? It was always moderators trying to make that site seem legit.

        • Does the name “EKIM” mean anything to you? ;D

          • You are flat out wrong

            misterxmedia was wrong. Ekim is not a mod. In fact, he’s a pretty hardcore Xbot.

        • You are flat out wrong

          So demented. He was right about the 360’s specs, mostly right about the demented sh*t coming with the Xbone at the start of the year, mostly right about MS E3 2013 (only got Halo 5 wrong, which looked like Prince of Persia if you only catch the first half and Mirror’s Edge 2, which was at the EA conference instead). The Titanflop contract will have been amended out of desperation. By the way, late last year he did say the Xbone would improve, which is pretty obvious with newer devkits. So you’re wrong there too. It’s a shame about the Titanflop details, putting his neck out for a game only hardcore Xdrones care about.

          Stop taking that turd misterxmedia seriously, he’s wrong about everything he spouts.

  • da Boss

    A game that looks as cheap and mediocre as Titanfall better be in 1080p.

    • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

      haven’t played yet huh?

      • da Boss

        I said “looks”. I’ve seen the game and the graphics are terrible for a “next gen” game. It looks like cod ghost with mech suits and cheap textures. 1080p is expected with this game.

        • Mitch

          Just saying, but Ghosts is 720p.

          • da Boss

            On X1, on PS4 its 1080p. And COD ghost looks like utter trash. That was a bad example. Heres a good one: Killzone runs at 1080p/60fps and that game looks amazing. If killzone can run that, then any game can. But not any console can it seems, X1s hardware is really disappointing.

            • alex

              Kill zone also is boring as shit. I’ll take a fun game that doesn’t run 1080p. Than a non fun game that does

            • da Boss

              I loved killzone, you didn’t, thats not the point. Its an amazing looking game with some of the best graphics we’ve seen this gen. If that can do 1080p/60fps (even in 12v12 multiplayer) then games like Thief can do it too.

            • alex

              That is a good point and I do agree that right now ps4 graphics look better. I feel like devs haven’t figured how to use the X1 fully. If I remember they are harder to work with kinda like the ps3 was. Hopefully they get better. Ryse looked amazing in my opinion. But right now I will agree ps4 is getting optimized better. Hopefully X1 will even out the playing field.

            • da Boss

              I would only want that, the PS4 needs better competition so Sony works harder to please the gamers. If things continue the way they are then we might just have a monopoly on our hands. The week of the Japan release the PS4 had 8x the X1s sales. That is not good for Microsoft.

            • alex

              I seen somewhere that the X1 titanfall bundles are sold out. Idk how many units that is. Obviously not as much as the Japan ps4 sales. But if this doesn’t boost the sales a lot Microsoft better have something BIG up their sleeves for e3 otherwise Sony will continue this strangle hold. I plan on getting a ps4 when The Order is released or when TLOU gets the next gen treatment.

            • da Boss

              Titanfall will not be enough to resurrect the X1. They need more than a single good exclusive, they need many. Sony has many great downloadable exclusives and amazing first party triple A titles. The Order, Infamous and Uncharted alone are enough to trounce the X1. Microsoft needs to output more games like that. Impressive games, with a good story and amazing graphics. Ryse was interesting, but was utterly boring. Halo seems to be the only real killer app microsoft has. They need to really step up their game and produce more quality games like Sony.

            • alex

              I agree that Sony has been dominating in the exclusive games. Microsoft seems to be trying though, sunset overdrive (not for me) project spark, not a graphical monument but looks like it will be fun. Quantum Break is the only exclusive that has me really interested because I loved the max Payne series. My plans are use my ps4 for its exclusives and my X1 for multiplats because this is what all my friends have.

  • MuppetTechNews .

    >:T good god this resolution war really needs to stop, MS need to fight with games not with resolution

    • bluSPECTRE

      That’s exactly what they’re doing. • ◡•

  • Henry Asenime
    • Mitch

      So 900p it is

      • Henry Asenime

        I say wait until the game comes out.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    well fuck vince and fuck titanfall, won’t be buying. Any game that doesn’t hit next gen frames or resolutions is a no buy for me

    • Kreten

      Hahaha so Ryse the best looking next gen game on any console is not next gen? I wonder what does that mean for sony when they can’t make a game look better than last gen ryse?

  • You are flat out wrong

    Based Vince, breaking Xbot hearts and crushing Xdrone dreams.

  • Killingfetish

    I thought they clarified and it’s only an 20gb install?

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  • Disqus_S

    It’s also only a 20GB install. HALF the size of the POS game Call of Duty: Ghosts which is 39GB.. lolololololol

    • Mitch

      In TitanFall’s defense: CoD also has Squads, SinglePlayer and Extinction. These take up sound files, animations and what not.

  • Guest

    Released far too soon to take advantage of the new SDK… maybe they can patch it in a few months, but doubtful. I’m looking for games at least 4-6mos out to be able to close the 1080p gap.

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    1080p or not this game will be nothing short of amazing.