Rumor – Treyarch Teases Next Black Ops 2 DLC With Old Letter? [Updated]

Via social media, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 developers Treyarch are teasing something that we suspect could be related to upcoming DLC.

An image of old, tattered note posted on Treyarch’s official Facebook page appears to describe the moments leading up to group of characters learning the potential of a recently discovered “element.” The inclusion of the “element” and “The Doctor” hint that the note is referring to something Zombies-related.

Judging by the date, it could even describe the origin of the entire Zombies story that Treyarch has interweaved throughout their recent Call of Duty titles since World at War.

Check it out for yourself:


If you can’t quite make it out, the note reads:

September 22, 1917

When we began the site excavation, our group could not have predicted the dark path down which our work would lead us.

The Doctor remains both adamant and optimistic that the potential applications for the new found element are worth the associated risks. I concur with the sentiment, but feel increasingly anxious as to the changes I am seeing in my oldest friend…

We’re not quite experts on the background of Call of Duty Zombies, so what do you think it means? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Update 1

Another note has been posted on Treyarch’s Facebook page. The writing hints that the writing is of one of the classic Zombies characters, Takeo.


It reads (in sometimes bad English):

October 6 – 1917

The emperor grows concerned that the barbariant drive for mechanig ation may soon yield weapons more deadly than anything the world has ever known.

I am honored to act as his trusted agent and will insure that any such weapons are secured for the benefit of Japan…

Update 2

Another note has appeared. Perhaps the American, Dempsey, is the Author?


It reads:

November 19, 1917

Its seems beyond a doubt that Fritz is up to no good. Air reconnaissance suggests prototype armored weaponry is being tested in Northern France. Scuttlebutt reads like the ramblings of a mad man; strange lights in the sky… a mysterious plague… even giant metal men.

Ill be at the site within the week to learn the truth with my own eyes.

Update 3

And again, another note appears on Treyarch’s Facebook page. This one is definitely related to Nikolai, what with the talk of the “motherland”. Check it out.


It reads:

December 10th -1917

It appears my current exile from the motherland may prove tortuitous. I have received orders to undertake a vital mission in Northern France.

Reports from the area suggest the Kaiser’s War Machine may be gearing up to unleash something unlike anything we have seen before…

What do you think it all means? Could this be the last letter, now that Treyarch has referenced all four original cast members of the Zombies origin story? Keep those thoughts rolling below!

  • John Carroll

    It could just be a continuation of the DLC we have now seeming it releases for PS3,PC tomorrow.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Sounds like this note is from the beginning of the zombies story. Meaning maybe the future DLC will contain the old zombie maps like Black Ops 1 did for the last DLC

  • jahladagaming

    If this next DLC drop is Zombies only like the last “map pack” was for Black Ops 1 then I will be properly pissed off. I hate zombies, it’s not my thing at all, so the season pass for DLC will be a waste if there are no more multiplayer maps, even though the game’s broken, some more multiplayer maps make it slightly more enticing for a few more attempts at avoiding snipers and children exploiting everything.

    • VisceralVenom

      Without insulting, I seriously have to ask why you expected anything from a company called Activision? Have you seen or read about what they’ve been since 2007? You did read about what a disaster and ripoff Modern Warfare 3’s Elite Service was riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

      I have zero sympathy for put I can understand your frustration, but next time do some research and never EXPECT a company to change or listen to their fans to improve. Your Seasonal Pass was Gun Cammo’s and Recitals with Copy And Paste Re-Designed Maps. lol

      Talk about feeling like someone shot your in the gut and then drove a Semi-Truck over your corpse then burned it and killed your dog.

      • dieger

        “Your Seasonal Pass was Gun Cammo’s and Recitals with Copy And Paste Re-Designed Maps” WE GOT CAMOS??? 😛 but anyways yeah the dlc in BO2 MP is pretty pathetic almost all the packs have included repeats maps from BO1….which should have been released for free. even if they were a “re imagining” -__-

    • dieger

      funny its the opposite for me the only reason i play BO2 still is because zombies (even though it sucks ass) and i hate MP (for having the target finder and the 870).

    • Jay Walpole

      I think you will be equally pissed off as those players who purchase the game for zombies. Treyarch can’t please everyone all at once, no matter what they do, there’s going to be people on the other side. I personally prefer multiplayer over zombies any day, but I understand that to be fair, with every map pack giving us 4 new multiplayer maps, and zombies only 1, it’s only fair that ONE time, they give zombie players 4 new maps to play.

    • Cycovision

      It’ll be a whole $5 waste. Why anyone plays BO2 MP anymore is beyond me.

  • Mike Hirst

    hope is zombies only cause multiplayer is boring as hell more of us got this for zombies map not just one every other dlc zombies sell more then multi does

    • Aaron Williams

      Yea that would be funny to see the sales figures of DLC for Multi vs Zombies only.

  • Magilla187

    i am going to go off on a limb and say these fucks are introducing Dinosaurs into the MP fak zombies lol, but i honesty think it will be dinos or maybe zombie dogs and im being dead serious

    • Jay Walpole

      Dinosaurs? Where did you get that from? But how fucking epic would it be to fight zombie Dinosaurs with ray guns? I mean just SAYING that sounds awesome lmao

    • Aaron Williams

      Hell Hounds in Shino, Der Riese, and Kino.

      Way to use ur brain cell

  • [iam] fobfanwhoo

    This message is written by Dr.Maxis and he is talking about Richtofen starting to go insane about the power of the element 115. So obviously the next map pack will bring the original 4 zombies characters back. There isn’t much else to it though.

    • Paul Thomas

      Actually if you look at the date that is thirty years too early. Dr. Richtofen went mad in the forties, near the end of WW2. So this letter is too early to be about them.

      • If I remember right; Element 115 was Elerium in the early XCOM on the Amiga. Could be potentially Alien technology.

        • Mitch

          Aliens have been some point of interest earlier in Zombies. Some people believe Shangri-La is on Mars, which would make it in the far, far future or it would be an alien structure. Also some people believe special zombies like the Denizens and Crawlers are alien.

          • Aaron Williams

            No the Mars thing is fake.

    • jb jhbo

      see where it says ‘new found element’ im thinking this is going back to when they first found element 115. so before the [email protected] maps i’d assume

    • dieger

      didn’t the 3 non german characters (nikolia,takeo, and tank) get captured and tested on?

    • WarBroh

      Because I’m straight I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • AtheistMason

        Just… go get a life… Stop trying to prove how stupid you are on the internet

    • zacflame

      2012-2013 Treyarch: yo dawg, I heard you wanted one of the most popular casts of characters to return, so we replaced them with a new cast of dull random people, and added some bad maps to support them.

      I also heard you heard that we mentioned 8-pllayer zombies, so we took that out at the last minute.
      I also heard that you liked our amazing storyline, so we ruined it.
      I also ruined the multiplayer.

      2007-2011+current day Treyarch: where am I? what time is it? crap, I have to get to work, black ops 2 is going to release 4 months from now!
      (a few minutes of explaining later)
      2007-2011+current day Treyarch: no… it can’t be, I was locked in this closet for ALMOST A YEAR, and that wasn’t us. we have to fix everything….
      2007-2011+current day Treyarch: TO TREYARCH HQ!

      2007-2011+current day Treyarch: NOOO!!! *the studio is all destroyed and abandoned*
      2007-2011+current day Treyarch: TO ACTIVISION HQ!
      2007-2011+current day Treyarch: Activision, you’ve got to help me! Treyarch HQ has been abandoned!
      Activision: Treyarch, you asked for a relocation a year ago. Is anything wrong?
      2007-2011+current day Treyarch: YES! I’ve been locked in a closet for a whole year, and someone else has finished black ops 2, and could have ruined the whole game!
      Activision: ok, go to the new Treyarch HQ and investigate. oh and bring him with you. *pulls out the ghosts dog* nobody likes call of duty as much since black ops 2 was ruined, so he needs your supervision.I am officially making you the only Treyarch. catch this phony at once!
      Treyarch: TO THE FAKE TREYARCH HQ!
      Treyarch: this can’t be… everything seems… normal…
      Riley: BARK! BARK! BARK!
      *Treyarch walks in*
      Treyarch: excuse me, may I speak to who works here?
      2012-2013 Treyarch: right this way, sir.
      *Riley jumps at 2012-2013 treyarch, and rips off his face*
      *Treyarch gasps*
      Treyarch: DANGER CLOSE?
      Danger Close: damnit…sorry boss.

      Treyarch: wait, what? I think someone else is here…
      *Riley jumps at the man hiding behind the desk, ripping off his face, revealing his true identity.*
      Treayarch: *gasp* RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENT?
      Respawn: aw damn, I had to ruin call of duty’s reputation so people will get excited for Titanfall, and I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling developer and your AI dog.
      Treyarch: ok cops, take ’em away.
      Treyarch: we have a lot of cleaning to do. *Treyarch turns his head* how many DLC’s are left?
      Danger Close: one
      Respawn: don’t tell him!
      *the cops begin to bring the now handcuffed developers into the cars*
      Respawn: I’ll have my revenge! someday!

      Treyarch: then we’ll start the healing with this last DLC.

      • fuckers5555

        didnt read because you dont fucking make sense at all

        • zacflame

          My bad, I made the story too long.
          yes, I wrote a whole story.
          long story short, this might suggest treyarch has a chance to redeem themselves from the awful game they have created, and I got bored while writing it so I felt like turning it into an episode of scooby-doo with game developers.
          It might be worth reading.

  • iSpiRiiT

    I can’t belive people still care about this shit game XD.

    • Paul Thomas

      Your opinion is duly noted.

    • Thanks iSpiRiiT. We printed out your comment and ran it through the shredder 🙂

      In all seriousness, I haven’t purchased a COD since the first Black Ops but it is the potential for dynamic maps like the falling skyscraper ever changing as a tactical environment as it falls that keeps me interested in what Ghosts may present in a future trailer.

      • iSpiRiiT

        Actually i said ”This Game” Black Ops 2.
        I’m very happy and glad i didn’t purchase Bo2.
        Cus there was nothing new and impressive in bo2.
        It may be balanced. But really nothing new. And that made me thought why people actually buys DLC’s for this game?.

        And did i say anything about CoD Ghosts?.
        I’m not a BF fanboy that bashes cod cus it’s not BF.
        I prefer BF though. But i still play both.
        And i actually would give cod ghosts a chance.
        Cus i really hope Infinity ward would get their shit together and step up the franchise. I personally prefer Infinity Ward Cod’s even though MW3 was totally shit.

    • zacflame

      I purchased the season pass before it released so I kinda have to.

  • Mitch
    • jj16802

      I’m guessing this one is written by Takeo, but wouldn’t it make more sense to be written in Japanese? Unless he’s practicing his English.

      Good find BTW!

      • AtheistMason

        What confuses me most is that how come Takeo Masaki wrote such confidential notes when he was just a few years old or not even born. Look at that date… holy 1917. In Zombies mode (which took place around 1944-1945) he couldn’t be older than 40, which makes no sense…

        • jj16802

          I thought at first it was just a really badly written 1937 on Takeo’s letter… the Nazi Regime didn’t start until 1933, so why would work on extracting element 115 would begin so early? The COD zombies timeline is messing with my head…

          • zacflame

            you forget, don’t you?
            time travel.
            do you really think they just sat there on the moon next to their time machine until they ran out of oxygen?

          • Hux

            They hired JJ Abrams to rewrite the entire timeline.

  • zacflame

    I REALLY hope that this DLC contains 1 new zombies map with classic characters, 8-player co-op zombies, and the option to play any map with original characters.

  • mrup2nogud

    Just played for 3hrs and the game is utter crap LMGs with target finders every lobby one encounter your first 3 bullets don’t register so the guy turns around and kills you while you stand there like a pleb next encounter you barely fire and the guys dead god knows how it appears to him. The ARs are crap SUBS to the 870 is an utter joke just like all the pistols snipers all over the place dreaming of YouTube fame it’s pathetic even the campaigns are shit these days although I will buy ghosts for the campaign as that’s how I originally got into COD but I don’t have much hope for MP as far as I’m concerned every gun in MP should be very powerful if you hit someone there should be no chance for them 99% of the time unless they luckily get to cover that way there’s hardly any bullshit moments

    • Aaron Williams

      Zombie post, not MP

    • DanDustEmOff

      The game is crap or you is it you’re crap. Cold blooded and EMP nades are an effective tool for defeating the Target Finder. There are some beast AR’s in this game M8a1, AN94 the Fal, Swat 556 and SMR with select fire all kick ass.

      Snipers as irritating as they are are also easy targets. The R870 is the only effective CQB weapons in the game since the repeated SMG nerfs. I do however agree with you on the lag.

      • mrup2nogud

        Been playing since cod 3 and I’m certainly no great player but I know a crap cod when I play one and I generally use the SMR or 556 but I still say the game is poor and I use cold blooded but the target finders are tiresome I much prefer IW games they just play far better

        • DanDustEmOff

          I too prefer IW games, however this one would have been Ok if it wasn’t for the horrible net code. I think this was the best Treyarch game since CoD 3. It’s just the net code and matchmaking that ruin this title IMO.
          As I stated I have no issue with the target finder as its totally useless against my style of play. I like to keep the engagements close and stacked in my favour. Smart use of the maps and weaponry will always overcome cheap tactics.

          • mrup2nogud

            Stopping power and uav jammer need to return in the same tier along with sleight of hand the game needs to simplify again you don’t need a counter for everything

            • DanDustEmOff

              Thats the past dude let it go.

            • mrup2nogud

              You’re right that is the past..When the games were good…

            • DanDustEmOff

              Games are still good just different. I have been gaing for many years seen them come and seen them go. Something new will come along and be no1.

              I play mostly on the PC nower days. PC has loads of great titles and is by far my favorite platform at the min. That doesn’t stop me playing CoD with friends some times. I have learned to take games as they are. I have much fewer rage inducing moments now.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Shameful, a game that takes place in 2025 and no zombies map took place in 2025, and if it did it certainly didnt feel like it, dont get me wrong i love zombies, but would it have killed them to give us a modernized zombies map( appearance wise not just modern guns) some modern gadgets other than Galva, a modern HUD how about that epic grenade wrists mechanism in SP? Smh… Oh well

    • Aaron Williams

      Zombies isnt about being in the future its all about the past lol. The box had tons of new guns. And Die Rise i think was a newer time period map.

  • zacflame

    I know where this is going.
    this is going to where takeo,tank, and nikolai meet richtofen for the first time.
    call of duty:zombies:origins?

  • C. T. Wok

    There’s a typo in your rendition of the second letter:

    …drive for mechanization… Not ….drive for “mechanig ation”…

  • NiftyGam3r

    So if the 2nd letter is written by Takeo, then the 1st one has to be written bu either richtofen or maxis no doubt. They will be uploading 2 more, one from Dempsey and one from Nikolai

  • Joseph

    These people. -.-

  • Aaron Williams

    If u guys like Zombies and havent Subbed to PTG u need to. DLC 4 info has been out for a long time.

    • Paul Thomas

      I would but I just don’t like Ben from PTG. He comes across to me as arrogant.

      • Aaron Williams

        Lol Benns the greatest. Well when ur the best and everyone else is 2nd its very hard to not seem better.

    • Cycovision

      Because they get info straight from Treyarch…YAWN. I prefer speculation, easter eggs and teasers

      • Aaron Williams

        Well the way they put it out you have to cipher it thus taking alot of focus and brain power.

        So if u prefer idiots, morons, and anything but the facts then sure dont watch PTG. But if you like to think and be right then watch them.

        • Cycovision

          So you prefer pompous assholes who act like they’re some geniuses who figured it all out on their? Like I said Yawn.

          • Aaron Williams

            There not pompous there just anger how so many people like the dumber side of the zombie community like your self. And the stuff Benn does is Geniuses level.

            Typical human, rather live in bubble and believe what his media tells him instead of the truth.

            Only morons would rather be wrong then right

  • Max

    The next map will be found in France in 1917 with the Original 4 characters who are facing Maxis’ Greatest Creation: “The Giant” (or Der Riese) which will be the big boss of this map.

  • Mitch


  • Frank

    My theory is that, with the introduction of the time bomb. The crew will try and get Marlton to somehow engineer it to go further back into time and stop the original crew from stopping the while bombing if the planet. Not sure, just a theory.

  • Ryan Merrifield

    I’m excited. This reminds of the good ‘ol times with the WaW story with they way these messages are written and the context. I’ve been waiting for this since the dawn of Blops 2.

  • jj16802

    All that’s left is Nikolai’s letter I guess. I expect it to be stained with vodka.

  • Emre

    the map is in French!

  • Jeff Kazimer

    This map is going to detail the first meeting of Group 935. Remember they were all sent to investigate the new element, and then they got brainwashed by richtofen as an experiment. this new map is going to be awesome, im hoping a huge tranzit style finale!!!

  • MrAverageNoob

    In the letter about Nikolai, he says something about a mission in Northern France. Maybe he meets the old zombies characters there, and they have to fight zombies in the Eiffel tower.