Rumor – Is Ultra Street Fighter IV Coming To PlayStation 4?

Ultra Street Fighter IV is now available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners who wish to digitally upgrade older versions of Super Street Fighter IV. The PC version, as well as physical retail copies of the full console game, are poised to launch in August. But it now appears that Capcom’s fighter may come to another platform as well.

Recently, gaming gear manufacturer Mad Catz announced their Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2, which features top of the line parts and the usual stunning background image to accompany it. However, looking at the description for the flashy fight stick, it includes one interesting feature — players can switch between its use on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on the fly.

Seeing that there are no real fighters on the PS4 as of yet, aside from Injustice: Ultimate Edition and Guilty Gear Xrd, it leads me to believe that a possible announcement for Ultra Street Fighter IV coming to the PlayStation 4 is imminent. Otherwise, Mad Catz wouldn’t make an Ultra Street Fighter IV themed arcade stick compatible with the PlayStation 4 if Capcom wasn’t going to release said fighter in the near future.

Considering this is E3 season, after all, and the series producer for Street Fighter IV, Yoshi Ono, recently revealed on Twitter that he’s set to make an announcement during the convention while making preparations for a Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament, it’s not too far-fetched of an idea.

This isn’t the only hint that Ono has left behind either. Back in February, he tweeted the following:

Coincidentally, the Blanka figure that’s pictured along side the DualShock 4 controller is usually used by Ono when he wants to hint at something.

Hopefully we get a clear answer next week when E3 kicks off.

Would you pick up a PlayStation 4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV?

  • awkenney

    I’m already committed to the PS3 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV just because it’s an obvious disadvantage to have less play time in a fighter than the online competition.
    I also think a PS4 version of the game is both unnecessary and unlikely. Unnecessary because the art style of the game won’t look much better than the PS3 (just look at the PC version of SSF4:AE for verification). And unlikely because the game will already be available on 3 platforms with 2 of those already having a head start. Then, for the majority of fighting game fans, there’s the investment into the fight stick, which can get expensive, and the PS3 fight sticks won’t work on the PS4.

    • Joel Santana

      The thing is though the PS3 version of SFIV, it has the same latency problems as BF3. Which is why it isn’t used in the tournament scene anymore.

      Also, the debate between fighting sticks vs controllers just comes down to preference. And the fightstick linked to in the article works with the PS4, though it’s a bit expensive (200 USD)

      • awkenney

        Fighting game latency is a little more understandable than BF3’s latency. Some games, like Killer Instinct, do it well. SFIV never has except on PC. Tournaments for fighting games are usually in person for this reason.

        Killer Instinct was another game that cashed in on the fact that you can’t just take a 360 TE fight stick and use it on an Xbone. The overall cost of entry for a single fighting game on next gen consoles is high, especially if you’re used to a fight stick.

    • M1ke Daddy

      Some people missed out playing this game all together like myself so to be able to pick this up with a possible higher resolution & Frame Rate with all the DLC thats been released since 2009 would be great

      • awkenney

        I can’t picture how SSF4:AE or Ultra would be any better with a higher resolution or a frame rate above the already locked frame rate of 60. Actually, the mechanics of a fighting game really have nothing to gain from better graphics unless you are literally one of the top players in the game – maybe you can get better responsiveness from the controls by having 90 or 120fps?

        • YuriGotBack

          it would be better because i can party chat with my friends while playing it, something you can’t do on PS3, the PSN on PS3 is like a barren wasteland now, 90% of my friends list from PS3 has now moved on to the PS4, stupid move on Capcom’s part not to release them simultaneously.

  • Jonah Thrillz

    This is absolute bullshit!

    Sony came out and stated that PS3 fightsticks would be compatible with PS4 consoles but the support was left up to the game developers.

    Now that there’s a specific PS4 fightstick, I think we can all agree CapCom wanted to cash in on the licensing and made sure PS4 owners purchase a PS4 “certified” fightstick. They could of supported the PS3 fightsticks but they chose to get a taste of that money from Madcatz.

    First they screw their customers with multiple editions of Street Fighter, then they try to sell DLC’s already included with their games. Now this crap??

    Capcom, you can take your games and shove’m hard up your bunghole!
    I’ll adopt the first fighting game on PS4 that will support my PS3 fightstick.

    • YuriGotBack

      the only thing stopping a PS3 stick from working with the PS4 are drivers, you could probably just swap the PCB to make an older stick compatible.

      • Jonah Thrillz

        Yes but what I’m saying is why should we have to do that? It’s much easier for developers to throw in support for PS3 fight sticks.

        Looks like CapCom and NetherRealms want to make side deals with stick manufacturers for new PS4 fightsticks instead of concentrating on making their game better.

  • Guest

    It’s not gonna go well with tournaments if it does. There’s a bit more lag in the PS4 pad and the battery only lasts 2 hours.

    • Kamille

      there’s actually less lag because now all the face buttons on the DS4 are digital… Get your facts straight and stop spreading fudge. -__-

    • TaliNESS

      Most tournament players use sticks anyway, so theres no point making it seem like more of an issue than it really is

    • Goodacre

      lag in the PS4pad? source?

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