Rumored Cryisis 3 DLC Incoming, New Achievements Surface

Recent achievement listings for Crysis 3 suggest the game will be getting its first DLC in the near future.

Posted by XB360A, the DLC will allegedly contain 250G worth of achievement points centered around this new DLC, which is said to include four new maps called Creek, Crossing, Ascent and Coastline. It’s also said to include two new game modes called Frenzy and Team Possession.

Team Possession is likely a variant of Capture the Flag, as one of the achievements mentions a flag. Another achievement titled “Totally Oarsome” makes mention of the “boat Oar,” which could be some sort of new vehicle-related weapon introduced in this Crysis 3 DLC.

Check out the full Achievement list below:

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.15.05 AM
Last February, Crytek stated the studio had “a big plan” to support Crysis 3 post-launch. We’ve yet to hear official word from EA, but we may soon. Keep your eyes on MP1st for updates!

Thanks, Joystiq

  • nightwing2097

    whats the point the MP is dead

    • vapor220

      less than 2k players on all platforms, that’s the point.

  • MP is only dead when you can’t find a game anymore, I can still find games in C3 MP.

    This news actually pleases me, I just hope enough other players pick up the DLC.

    • OhMyGawd

      Correction. MP is dead when C3 is full of aimbotters and wallhackers just like C2’s MP was, and once again they aren’t doing anything about it.

  • Just saying

    I love the game but I kinda think that it had to be next gen. title not a current gen. as it looks just like any other game and can’t show off its true potential of graphics with CryEngine3, I just hope that they learn the lesson and start working on Crysis 4 but with some BF taste so it can overtake the futuristic FPS games out there with vehicles and big maps support just like BF or maybe DICE and CryTek can join together on a futuristic FPS that will own the market.

    • OhMyGawd

      alrighty then

    • DanDustEmOff

      Its awesome on the pc, the graphics are the best I’ve seen in a game. The current generation of consoles do not do it justice.

  • Kyle Jackson

    I thought Crysis 3 was the DLC, it sure felt like it.

    • Kyle Jackson

      That is I meant it was short and it didn’t feel like a complete game, that aside, it looks fantastic, but with no real substance (for me anyways).

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    I’ll say this. The MP of C3 is not dead, but it’s not growing either. It has a lot to do with the fact that 2/3 of the player base spends every game camping the edges of the map with a bow or sniper and that shit gets old REAL quick. As much as I enjoy C3, I find it aggravating to play for extended periods of time. All crytek has to do is nerf the OHK weapons so they have bigger range penalties and I think it would do a lot to fix the balance issues, but I know they won’t. And it’s really a shame because it’s by far one of the most fun MP experiences out right now. Rebel VS Cell, btw, is literally COD4.

  • Horrible p2p netcode on consoles, support for dedicated servers on PC but filled with hackers. $60 in my pocket !

  • ArithZero

    There s few players on PC dammit.It s.really hard to find a low ping server.And i don like the combact style of crysis3.I m not accustomed…..

  • roland0811

    Bro Team Pill: Crysis 3 on Youtube describes Crysis 3 (and pretty much every other “AAA” shooter of the past five years) perfectly.


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