Rumors Suggest The Next Call of Duty will be Called “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” Details

YouTuber Drift0r claims to have “insider information” regarding the next Call of Duty, presumably from developers Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games.

The information allegedly comes from a subscriber who is “a part of the Call of Duty machine,” and is somehow involved in the development of the next entry said to be titled, “Call of Duty: Ghosts.”

According to the source, a previous working title included “Call of Duty: Phantoms,” though it is meant to be a departure from the Modern Warfare series.

In Driftor’s video, he describes Call of Duty: Ghosts as a title that will once again utilize a future setting, as did Black Ops 2, but one that will have soldiers using current-day weaponry as part of a plot element that will dictate the reasons why.

Multiplayer will allegedly utilize dynamic loading screens, showing soldiers repelling from a chopper into the battlefield or into the play space. Multiplayer maps are said to include destructive environments and will feature more interactivity, allowing players to take out enemies in fashions other than shooting.

It is also rumored that player movement will see some significant changes. Soldiers will be able to slide while shooting, peak and lean around corners, and roll side-to-side while in prone.

The Modern Warfare series’ mini-game, Spec Ops, is also said to be replaced entirely.

According to the source, Call of Duty: Ghosts will be announced on or around May 1.

You can check out Drift0r’s video here, who also mentions rumor has it that Call of Duty: Ghosts will launch exclusively on next-generation consoles, meaning the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox, as well as the PC.

What does it sound like to you guys? Do you think these rumors would make for a pretty cool Call of Duty title?


To clarify, the rumor of “Call of Duty: Ghosts” being a next-gen-only title is from an anonymous source that differs from Drift0r’s original source detailing the bulk of his information. As he states in his video, this particular rumor is simply hearsay and is not from his original source.

Via, VG247.

  • I actually helped out Drift0r before, and there is no way he is lying . If you watch his vids you would see that he never posts that kind of stuff, he must be fairly certain that this is true, and anyway , it would make sense to call it something other then MW4.

    • That it’s Drift0r talking is the only reason why I think this is partly/mostly true. If it came from just about anyone else I would disregard completely.

      • MrLadyfingers

        Drift0r thought that he fixed the Black Ops 2 lag compensation too… eh

        • Yeah that certainly didn’t help his credibility.

  • masada157

    Destructible environments?

    inb4 the Battlefield fanboys say it’s a ripoff

    • Bradley Rosenfeld

      It’s a ripoff.

    • Flare Demon

      It’s a ripoff.

    • LuisMitis

      It’s a fucking ripoff.

    • WarHero

      I really doubt they can pull it off…they’ve been using a 14 year old engine for 7 years. Also if the engine is even programmed for destruction other than scripted events.

      • ktorkel

        The next-gen part came from a different source according to him. Also, don’t you remember Call of Duty 2? They made that exclusive to the 360 and PS3, and made The Big Red One for the PS2 and Xbox.

        • WarHero

          Hmm..I may be incorrect but we’ll have to see if it’s true or not.

      • As ktorkel said, that info came from a different source. I updated the article to clarify. Not trying to prove his info legit, but just want to make that clear.

    • well that was fast O_O

    • BF3 doesn’t even have fully destructible environments – even though at one point DICE said it would. What would fully destructible environments contribute to gameplay anyway… less skill-based kills?

    • Apparently they are going to have guns in the game – I’m calling it a ripoff for sure

    • Dakan45

      They whine about vehicles and destruction and if cod does it, its a ripoff. Pfffff.

  • Destructive environments eh?!!!
    If they can pull that off properly, like, not just decoration, then that will be fucking awesome!!!!!
    New movement sounds cool too.

    • MegaMan3k

      Honestly, I’d be totally down with destruction ala BF3:Close Quarters.

  • Bradley Rosenfeld

    By interactivity he does mean “pressing a button at a preset place,” right?

    • Wow this is only a rumour and yet you’re practically condemning the game already?
      Dude. Karma…

      • Bradley Rosenfeld

        Meant as a joke. I’m not “practically condemning the game.”

        • Well you’re clearly negative about the game either way, so yeah you kinda are…

          • Bradley Rosenfeld

            So does the triple exclamation point after every sentence mean you are super biased towards COD?

            lol, hyperbole.

            • Not in general, I disliked MW3, but I am a fan yep

            • Psycho_2194

              I’m pretty sure that those are periods, not exclamation points.

            • Bradley Rosenfeld

              I was looking at a previous comment he made, just would like to point that out.

  • I bat u dunt evan y0lo swag

    So now you believe everything anyone says?

  • Battlefield Engineer
    • It actually does not debunk Drift0r’s rumors. The aspect he original-gamer debunking is actually from a different source (I clarified in the article in an update) than the one providing all previous information. Drift0r says so himself, the rumor regarding the next CoD on next-gen consoles only is simply hearsay and not from his original source.

    • Exclusive to Next Gen is where the story loses all credibility. That’s flushing millions down the drain. Not gonna happen.

      • Still a possibility they release two separate titles that are for a certain generation of consoles. They have plenty of developers on the payroll to pull that off.

  • LuisMitis

    so the next call of duty is a mix of battlefield, gears of wars and medal of honor.. wow. another fail?
    P.S PlayStation Four*

    • Grow the fuck up little boy.

      • Luis

        only if you stop being a faggot

  • MegaMan3k

    “exclusively on next gen consoles” makes the whole thing seem fake. No way will Activision deny their cash cow the current gen milkers.

    Unless it’s indicative that maybe they’re making a next-gen game and a current-gen game, possibly by different studios. That’d be a bold move. I’d dig it.

    • wouldn’t be suprised if Microsoft and Sony pay for this, they will sell so much more consoles if it’s next gen only.

  • Vikerii

    Sad attempt by COD developers to try to remain relevant as the BF4 reveal approaches.

    • Lord Byakurai

      1 billion dollars within 24 hours of the last release and they’re not relevant? I’m sorry, but BF4 doesn’t look like that big of a change from BF3, but then again I may not be looking hard enough.

    • Dakan45

      Too bad that they pwn your shitty bf and killed off moh and homefront.

  • Vic

    Cool if it got some battlefield-elements

  • xrefusedx

    If you think GHOSTS will be any different than any other COD since MW2 your delusional. Get a New Engine.

  • ?

    When they unveil BF4 on next gen consoles and new PC hardware this game will be a after thought. Sorry but COD better bring everything to the table this time. They wont be able to ride on the 60fps train this time.

  • LunatikToonFL4W

    I don’t like the idea of peak and lean. They should remove prone block like in BF3.

  • Ghosts is possible marketing code name, like eclipse.

  • Leon

    I’m waiting, for when it comes out and has the destructibility then COD fan boys say bf3 copied. I’d laugh lots.

    • Kind of like how Battlefield fans said CoD copied certain gun attachments from Battlefield when Black Ops 2 came out? Yeah, that would be a HILARIOUS!

    • That’s no worse than when DICE told us they were going to give us fully destructible environments then backpedaled when the alpha came.

  • i doubt its true as not bringing another cod onto current gen xbox will be a mistake, plus the Devs most likely wont have upgraded there engine to fit with next gen consoles.I cant see this because its practicaly been the same game over and over for a few years now.

  • Asmitty56

    “Multiplayer maps are said to include destructive environments and will feature more interactivity, allowing players to take out enemies in fashions other than shooting.”
    “Soldiers will be able to slide while shooting, peak and lean around corners, and roll side-to-side while in prone”
    Now THIS is the type of change we have been waiting for. Now throw in some realistic gun mechanics And fix the hit detection and we will really be talking!

    • Kevin Walters

      1st one = BATTLEFIELD
      2nd one = Crysis and MOH
      when this comes out, you guys will think COD is so original now, even though these features have come from other series that have been around for YEARS.

      • 1st – Battlefield is not the first game to implement this feature.

        2nd – Can’t verify these other two, but I’m pretty positive it was used elsewhere, as well.

  • Kevin Walters

    because it took a game like BATTLEFIELD several years, games and engines to perfect its extremely high level of destruction and scale, I’m not expecting anything remotely equal from COD, a company who has stuck with the same engine for the past 7 years.

    • Dakan45

      Incorrect the engine is 4 years old and by improvement its actually new.

  • Lord Byakurai

    I’m still pissed about MW3, IW better blow my socks off with the reveal.

  • PertAndPopular

    This game will suck like the last two COD games.

    • Dakan45

      You suck.

  • The Army Ranger

    The only way those things are possible is if a new engine is used.

  • Lord Byakurai

    I’m still pissed about MW3, IW better blow my socks off with the reveal.

  • No Frostbite 2 = shit game

    Destructible environments. Now COD fans you can finally shoot through a wooden fence and soda can. Enjoy

    • You’re absolutely right on. Destructible environments will bring no gameplay improvements to the table.

  • 3221drdew

    *cough* bf*cough* 3 *cough* clone *cough*

  • Coulda said thanks for the tip guys -___- you’re welcome though!

  • The only reason I think this is fake is because it says it will only release on Next-Gen consoles. Activision cares about nothing more than money. And they would lose an incredible amount due to only releasing on next-gen. The counter to this argument however is that Activision also predicted sales of the upcoming COD to be down from Black Ops 2. Take whichever side you want. But by May 1st, we should have a reveal trailer

  • Oowtje2Pac

    I’d be crazy with the destructive environments, taking enemies out by lettin a building fall on em or something xd it was very annoying if u earned a ac130 and there were buildings all around the map, I hope we can blow off the roofs and take enemies out in this next game.

  • placid93

    If Battlefield “steals” CoD ideas, gameplay, weapons, etc. CoD players explode with hate towards Battlefielders and the game itself. But if it’s the other way around, CoD innovates! “Battlefield stole the idea before it was even an idea of IW” is what one of my friends will say.

    • Dakan45

      Right because bf3 has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Innovative. NOPE.