See Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Weapons and Gadgets In Action

With the help of Matt the Musketeer, Battlefield 4 YouTube personality Jack Frags shows you all the weapons and gadgets Battlefield 4’s upcoming Naval Strike expansion will have to offer.

The ocean-themed DLC that was recently confirmed to be arriving late March will introduce five new weapons and two new class-specific gadgets, as well as four new maps, new vehicles, and new assignments. It will also be bringing back the fan-favorite Battlefield 2142 mode, Titan, reimagined in Battlefield 4 as Carrier Assault.

A ton of info was leaked earlier in the week, revealing the new weapons and gadgets, among other things:

  • AA Mine
  • M320 3GL
  • SW40 Magnum
  • AWS Machine Gun
  • SR33B Sniper Rifle
  • AR160 Assault Rifle
  • SR-2 PDW

Now, Jack Frags has put together a quick video showing off all the new toys in action, including how the anti-air mines and M320 3GL grenade launcher work.

Check out the footage above and let us know what you think in the comments! Any favorite new weapons?


Matt the Musketeer offers commentary along with footage of the new weapons, explaining how to unlock each and giving you a little more info.

  • Darion

    The sniper rifle is more like a DMR , really DICE.?

    • marpla78

      The worst part is that DMR on HC are retarded overpowered so its going to be a dmr party 24/7…playing only on limited server these days…tired of getting kill from those weapons.

      Caspian you will have a few engys camping the base with those mines…

      @Grif ….DICE messing around with this game….lets hope they fix more than they broken before…still some minor and big issues on these game.

  • Anonymous….

    Why DICE!!! We don’t need any more explosives…

  • Katana67

    Wow. Could they make Heli Mines any more overpowered? Nope. It’s not a “mine”, it’s an automated AA launcher. And they give you TWO! Of all things!

    Providing CAS is going to be impossible in BF4, not that it isn’t already.

    • Grif

      Haha seriously the weapons in Naval Strike are a joke, it’s like DICE is trying to ruin the game.

    • Hot-Wire

      Heli mines + stinger. That should ko even those pesky repairing scout and transport choppers.

      • Katana67

        Or they could just… you know… make repairing a Scout Helicopter slower. And lord knows, we wouldn’t want a Scout Helicopter actually loitering for any period of time to provide CAS.

        We all know that one Engineer should be able to take out a Scout Helicopter with three players on it. /sarcasm

        This screws EVERY AIRCRAFT in the game, which are already screwed.

        • Hot-Wire

          Well all ground vehicles albeit a team or not can be taken out by a single individual. Don’t think choppers should be any different as long as the individual is specialized towards it.

          • Katana67

            There are several problems with this assertion.

            1. Ground vehicles outnumber air vehicles by a wide margin on most maps. The teams only get ONE attack helicopter, ostensibly, so why isn’t it justifiably powerful?

            2. Ground vehicles can better control how visible they are. Air vehicles are visible ALL of the time, and have very limited means of breaking LOS.

            3. Ground vehicles can capture flags easier than helicopters, which therefore requires a CQC balance (C4 for infantryman).

            4. A player who wishes to destroy a tank/IFV must either make the incredibly risky move of closing-with the vehicle and planting C4/SLAMs… OR… they have to actually aim and hit the tank with a ton of rockets. Whereas with the majority of AA (guided) no skill/input is involved.

            5. A disable/critical hit is a death sentence for air vehicles which are operating in a CAS role. They aren’t for ground vehicles.

            6. One can readily repair a ground vehicle, air vehicles are much more difficult (if not impossible) to repair in an expedient manner

            7. Air vehicles have a much lower damage output than ground vehicles. TTKs on tank v. tank are miniscule compared to TTKs of jets and helicopters v. tank.

            8. Most ground vehicles can take multiple (on the order of five) hits from tank shells and AT rockets. Air vehicles can take roughly 2-3 hits from a Stinger alone, and get critical hits on every single one.

    • zakrocz

      Everyone’s over reacting. Early reports from players testing them are saying they aren’t very powerful, have a pretty small cone of detection and are easily spotted and destructible.
      Tanks have far more threats in BF4 than attack choppers including OHK M2 slams which are impossible to spot if placed appropriately in a cluster of 3.
      I’ll try out the new anti heli mines but my gameplay style suits equiping mines/M2 slams and a stinger.

      • Katana67

        Tank Threats = Tanks, IFVs, C4, SLAM, AT Rockets, Attack Helicopters, Jets (8)

        Helicopter Threats = Tanks, IFVs, MAA, Stinger/Igla, AT Rockets, Jets, Attack Helicopters, Scout Helicopters (8)

        At best, they have the same number of threats. However, aircraft are vulnerable for the reasons I’ve mentioned above. The number of threats is meaningless when you actually consider the effectiveness/risk involved in said threats (not to mention the damage output).

        • zakrocz

          Commander cruise missile, Bomber Jdams and cruise missile. Artillery. Mines and M2 Slams are not the same, C4 can be used in 3 different ways, as a trap manually activated, jihad jeep/bike, and being placed on Armour by support/recon. I’m primarily a tanker and in BF4 we’ve never had to face so many threats especially when we have to face 3 out of 4 classes all capable of going anti tank. It’s more challenging and new tactics are needed in order to do well. Chopper pilots need to learn new tactics and also not expect every map to be designed around the strengths of the chopper.

          • Katana67

            So, again, the NUMBER of threats is irrelevant to the nature of the threat. I’m not going to continue to pick apart your threat assessment, as I’ve demonstrated this above.

            Tanks, by virtue of being more prevalent on the battlefield, should be weaker and more vulnerable. But they’re not. That alone is a demonstration of how awful aircraft are.

            It’s not about “learning new tactics”, the helicopters aren’t good… this is because of the overwhelming nature and presence of AA across the board.

            I’m a tanker too, okay? I fly helicopters as well. They suck. Tanks don’t.

            I’ll leave this here for your consideration. The fact that this is even POSSIBLE, is why helicopters have become marginalized.


            • zakrocz

              Good lets leave it there. I disagree with your viewpoint about choppers and quite clearly showed there are more threats that tanks have to face compared to choppers. There are a fair few skilled chopper pilots that post on forums how they have adapted to the new challenges in BF4 and are doing just fine. Ok pilots can’t expect to go on insane kill streaks like they did in BC2 and exceptional kill streaks like they did on BF3.

  • HavocReeker

    I thought the AA mine was gonna be ridiculous but it looks like the heli will be alerted from a far distance so they know to fly around it, and the fact that you get 2 of them baffles me. Im still curious of how close the heli needs to be to trigger it. (But I still dont think that the game needed anymore anti air equipment)

    It looks like there isn’t a trigger delay in the new sw40 so maybe that means that they took it off for all the revolvers? Or maybe only for that one.

    The new DMR/Sniper looks like it has horrible accuracy because the bullets were going everywhere! I guess that how they were going to balance a 1 shot headshot semi-auto gun.

    The M320 3GL doesnt seem too bad because it looks like to deliver full 100 damage you have to shoot all 3 rounds, but I know people are still gonna be abusing it on locker/metro.

    But i feel like all these new guns/equipment/maps are just huge bandaids to cover up the fact that they still havent fixed the problems that make us rage at a game that has the potential to be game of the year. Sorry for such a long post! 🙂

    • Katana67

      Unless it shows up on 3D spotting for Hardcore, it will be ridiculous (not that it isn’t regardless).

      Not to mention that it can probably be RELOADED through an Ammo Kit.

      The range appears to be roughly 100m or more.

  • Hol_Up

    I want to see the new game mode. The new gadgets are cool though!

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    well, stingers are way worse than this

  • Swisher Sweets

    I hope the hell they plan on buffing the armor on the damn helicopters because WTF???

  • zakrocz

    Wow those AA mines look fucking awesome. Can’t wait to use them!!

  • Zacflame

    Why doesn’t DICE just go ahead and take away air vehicles?
    Maybe because that would make land and sea vehicles OP.
    Why don’t they just take away ALL vehicles?

    • Katana67

      I know right?

      We all know that the individual infantryman should be AS POWERFUL IF NOT MORE than an attack helicopter/stealth fighter/CAS jet.

      No pilot ever needs to provide support to his/her team, or exist on the battlefield for more than two minutes without getting locked up by any one of a million AA measures.


      They talk about “rock, paper, scissors” approach to balance. Yet with aircraft, it’s “rock, paper, scissors, knife, machine gun, JDAM, thermonuclear device, hand of god” balance.

      • oofy

        I kind of miss the Bf3 days of trying to take down a great pilot/gunner before they nerfed the flares.
        But, of course, I think I’ve blocked out the nightmare matches I’ve had where it was impossible to get that thing out of the air.

        • Katana67

          I never really had a problem with this. Maybe it’d be worse on Rush, but if all else fails you can just smash a jet into the Attack Helicopter and you’re done, no matter how good the pilot of the helicopter is. That’s the caveman solution.

          Otherwise, the main cannon in BF3 absolutely shredded Attack Helicopters. Even if the Attack Helicopter comes after you with AA (like a moron) you’re still doing your job in taking them off-target. If they ignore you, you can hit them again if you didn’t get them in one smack.

          If they land to repair, sitting duck. And this is all just on the jet side, not to mention the tank/Stinger/AT/helicopter side.

          People always cite these “nightmare” scenarios as you put it, but I never experienced them. Only once or twice have I said, “Damn, that guy is REALLY good in the Attack Helicopter”. And even then, it’s not like the game ground to a halt.

          Infantryman should be careful of helicopters, not the other way around.

          • oofy

            Consider yourself lucky. Sharqi Peninsula was my worst experience. My squad tried in vain to take down the attack chopper. The pilot and gunner had their flaring/ecm down to a science. After someone shot a Stinger, pilot would ecm. When someone shot a second Stinger, the gunner would flare and then the pilot would use the buildings and change in elevation to break LOS. They were US, and they would always swoop to the Russian base just as the Havoc spawned to take it out. Rinse and repeat the whole match.

            This is just one example. I’ve had a few of them.

            • Katana67

              Yeah, you’re right about Sharqi. But I think it was more due to the spawns of the Attack Helicopters more than anything to do with how powerful they were.

              But on most maps, they’re not the apex predator.

          • Oblivion_Lost667

            Sadly even REALLY effective pilots will be a minor help to the team in the attack helis, and the scout heli’s only good if you throw in an engineer or two repairing you.

            • Katana67

              Which is why I want them not to be teacups insta-disabled/critical’d by something as inane as a Stinger.

        • acealchemist

          It’s obvious you never played BF2. Taking down a helicopter in BF2 was nearly IMPOSSIBLE yet people didn’t bitch about it those days which was amazing. Now everyone just QQ’s to much about one vehicle/weapon being OP cause that’s how they are in real life. *face palm*

          • oofy

            Yes, I didn’t play Bf2. I’m not complaining, I’m comparing the vehicle issues between Bf3 and Bf4.

          • Katana67

            Well, I mean it’s a matter of balance. People can be critical of something inasmuch as an actual imbalance occurs. Most of it is subjective. But, I have a huge issue (from a balance perspective) with guided weapons. Even though, in real life the idea of “balance” isn’t really considered.

            So, in a video game, you can have these things (guided weapons) but they have to be tweaked so that their X (damage output, reload time, etc.) justifies the ease of use.

            Or, the targets of these things (i.e. aircraft in this example) need to be JUSTIFIABLY powerful in order to counterbalance the guided weapons.

            Neither of these scenarios is true in BF4, hence why I have an issue with it.

            With BC2, I think people (including myself) had a legitimate gripe against attack helicopters. But they went overboard in BF3 in terms of counter-balancing it, and further overboard in BF4.

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              I liked the attack helis in BC2 personally, they were something that was powerful and caused the mentality of “SHIT, we need to take that down NOW!” between the team, and a good communicating squad and someone that was good with the tracer darts could take it down with some effort.

            • Katana67

              Right, but that threat came from the attack helicopter not having any reasonable adversary. Attack helicopters didn’t have to worry about jets in BC2. Didn’t have to worry (really) about fixed AA (even though it was great, it was super campable).

              I’m all for it being powerful, but BC2 was ridiculous in that attack helicopters could camp main spawns relatively easy.

              And they didn’t really have anything which could take it out, even with a concerted team effort.

              This is no longer the case, as we’ve got automated turrets (nad in BF3, indestructible AA turrets) guarding spawns. Likewise, we’ve got dedicated MAA on most maps. And the biggest thing is, we’ve got jets. Attack helicopters are no longer the apex predator that they were in BC2.

              The issue I have is, sure they’ve got all that to balance out the previous issues. Yet they’ve ADDED moronic over-the-top stuff like Stingers, Active Radar, and AA mines. Not to mention having neutered the aircraft (largely) in terms of defensive armor, offensive damage output, visibility, disable thresholds, etc.

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              I think BC2 wise one of the problems was simply how easily campable spawns were to begin with, I’d say that was the worst thing about BC2 was when you just got stuck in your spawn.


      Agreed. Its like, “lets compete with COD’s groundwar by making air vehicles NOT fun. Yea, that’ll do it!”


  • theplantain

    oh great, another grenade launcher


    They spend time, energy, money on air vehicle design and implementation, just to nerf them to oblivion post launch. No sense at all.

    • Katana67

      It’s not like they were good to begin with either!

      The only imbalance I saw with regard to aircraft, was the Attack Jet GAU-8 cannon damage versus other aircraft.

      Other than that, they’ve always (even since BF3) been vastly underpowered for what they are. Specifically jets, less-so the attack helicopter (although I think the ease of use in Stingers/Iglas neuters them as well).

      Another way the jets are now underpowered, I can come up with these all day as I’m sure you’ve seen. The AGM’s now require the user to maintain a lock-on (vice in BF3 where you got the lock, fired, and proceeded off-target). Now you have to keep the lock (I’m not totally against this in itself) for most of the way in, so by the time your AGMs hit the target (if they actually inflict damage) you’re both too close to use your (weak) main cannon for a follow up AND insanely close to the ground well-within range of Stingers and now these AA mines.

  • SamRock

    I stopped playing Chopper on open maps like Golmud(my fav so far), Lacang and Resort maps due to MAA base camping and shooting down everything that flies from the other base. And now we get yet another tool to bring the chopper down. Imagine two enemy mines covering our bases with infinite resupply. Absolute no fly zone!

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