Sledgehammer Explains How Advanced Warfare’s Future Tech and Exoskeleton Will Redefine Call of Duty

Sledgehammer Games studio heads Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey are aiming to redefine Call of Duty with their upcoming launch of Advanced Warfare this November 4.

But exactly do they plan on doing so? One way is to peer into the future and to push Call of Duty to the edge of reality, bordering the world of science fiction. That certainly appears to be the approach the studio is taking this year, but with a focus on keeping things rooted and grounded by introducing future tech that’s real and is, in one form or another, in development today.

In a new video (above), Schofield and Condrey outline some of these new gadgets and equipment coming to Advanced Warfare, including tech like the Threat Detection Grenade, Mobile Barricade, Directed Energy Weapons, Hover Bikes, and Hover Tanks. We’ve previously seen all of these in action in Advanced Warfare’s various single player demos or trailers, but we wonder how much of it will be present in the game’s multiplayer.

We learned earlier that the Exoskeleton will play a major role in Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer, and that the soldier seen in the game’s E3 demos is the soldier you will see in multiplayer, so we know it’ll have a major influence. But in a competitive setting, it’ll be interesting to see how Sledgehammer will ensure balance among all these new elements, including the Exoskeleton and directed energy weapons.

While we wait to find out, catch the video above featuring a few clips from the game that have yet to be seen.

  • dieger

    Where my forum be at David :p

  • Scavenger of Human Sorrow

    Looks all good, but I’m just interested in the multiplayer.

  • Boring

    I think this is why all the cods just gets more boring each year.. They overthink stuff.

    • lukazo

      true! see me personally would love cod to base of the conflict in Afghanistan!

      open ground fighting, fighting between compounds, british weapons like sa80 for gpmg minimi machine gun etc.

  • I find interesting what we’ve seen so far, it seems like new tactics will be needed in order to win games and I’m up for it. I’ll share my tactics with you guys.

    • Samson

      Don’t kid yourself. It will be the same COD everyone running around like chickens with heads cut off spray fest that it always is.

      Why? Because this series has created an entire generation of bad gamers, and with each release rewards and further engrains their bad behavior and gameplay. An exo skeleton gimmick isn’t going to change that behavior.

      • VEX_VEHIX

        Except now, they can double jump off walls. Lol


  • xHDx

    I need them to spill the details on the Multiplayer, especially what servers they’re using.

    • WecX


    • Dennis Crosby

      Yea multiplayer need to be revealed soon and hopefully they use some really dedicated servers


    Now that I think about it, I may get this title.

    I found myself wanting the ability to jump off walls in BF4 after just playing Titanfall.

    This may be fun…if, they do it right.


  • potatolol

    Lock – on granades , weapons that doesnt need to reload .Taking it to the next level.


    gonna give it a shot, can’t be worse than Ghost