Sledgehammer Games Prepares for the Next Call of Duty Title on the Xbox 360 and PS3

It’s time to start looking forward to the next Call of Duty title! Isn’t it?

While we’re still wrapping our heads around the recently released Black Ops 2, reports are beginning to surface of Activision’s next Call of Duty project.

NowGamer reports that Sledgehammer Games, who recently worked on last year’s Modern Warfare 3, has posted a job listing on Gamasutra for Senior Environment Artist to work on the next Call of Duty title for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The descriptor reads, “We are actively recruiting top talent for our Call of Duty development team. If you are passionate and driven to do your best work, and have a desire to work on the most successful FPS franchise in the history of video games, please apply online.”

Additionally, those applying “will be expected to create single player and multi-player levels under the direction of the art director and the creative director,” and “will insure that the level works on all relevant platforms, Xbox 360, PS3.

Recent rumors pointed to another Modern Warfare 4 title in development, though they were quickly shot down by Infinity Ward, lead developers of last year’s Modern Warfare 3.

Does this confirm Call of Duty’s next shebang to once again appear exclusively on this generation of hardware? What do you think?

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  • DelucaFTW

    Interesting….Thanks for the information!

  • licensedbeast

    I think relevant platforms in the time that the game is released, will mean Next-Gen.

  • R.I.P Call of Duty after BO2! MW3 sucked and I love BO2! No more CoDs!

    • I honestly think CoD died after MW2. Black Ops wasn’t that great to me on PC. The release of the game was the worst I’ve ever seen, unplayable to hundreds of people. Only after a week did they patch it.

  • Arthur Rodriguez

    No way in Hell! Will I buy another Modern warfare title. Black ops and treyarch will be where I go for some fast action shooting.

    • Random Guy

      It won’t be. Slegehammer is making COD ten and iW is making COD eleven. That’s what the rumor is anyways. Also, MW3 supposedly ended the Modern Warfare series.

  • CMC

    Number of F**** given:0

  • Mike

    Seems to be Infinity Ward are just making new call of duty games with the same engine, it’s good to see how many changes Treyarch can make to a game.

    • you realize black ops 2 uses the same engine 2 right they just added new lighting techniques…which arent reallyh new, hdr and bounce lighting has been used in games for years

      • Is there an echo in here?

        • Yes I guess so. If they plan on saying the same I plan on reiterating myself as well. Problem?

          • Lol it’s like beating a dead horse. Not much use in it. I’m almost positive most CoD players are not under some illusion that the game engine is state of the art.

  • CanMan

    They should jump in and save BO:Declassified for the vita!!! Or, better yet, make us an entirely new game.

  • geaw

    IW will get a couple years to make the flagship game of the next generation.
    Sledgehammer is just there for a quick cash in.

    • pot51e

      IW are gone. The core creative team now work for a different studio. Owned by EA.

      • geaw

        Yes, respawn.
        Nevertheless, the point stands that they are getting 3 years to make the game, not 2, and its the birth of the next generation.

  • UnknownUser28

    What? Why not wait to next gen? Not buying :/

    • Because of money.

      • half a billion day one. thats why activision purges a new game every year they know they will make more money the next year, money that goes toward nothing to actualy improve the game other than HDR and Bounce lighting. Wow way to finally catch up, the game still looks like shit with its 600p resolution

        • then stop reading Call of Duty articles…

          • ok what does the article have tgo do with me not liking the gane

      • notnext

        Black Ops came out for the Wii U….And its expected by some to sell worst then the PS4 AND XBOX Next…Do you REALLY think that they would pass up a chance to release the next COD on a true next-gen console?

      • notnext

        Sorry read your comment wrong nevermind.

  • Jason

    BF4 can’t come soon enough :/

    • Mike

      Lol do you think BF4 will be anything different from BF3?

      • if the game goes back to what made it great in the first place, then yeah and if its on next gen consoles then consoles players will finally be able to experience true battlefield like the restb of us who played from 1942 to 2142.

      • Jason

        Hahaha oh cool it’s meeee! Well it depends if it comes out for 720 and PS4? They stated the Beta coming out middle of next year, and if next gen comes holiday 2013 or even Q1 of 2014 then we could expect 64players, more destruction, frostbite 2 at full swing and all mechanics working like they should and a more refined experience instead of a cramed in/lesser version of the PC version. If not then NO i don’t think it would be that much better except a more “polished/less bug” version of BF3 with new content. Im not saying this because i don’t like COD but just hate Infinity Ward now, I played BLOPS 2 and it’s good besides lag and other small glitches, treyarch just had a bad launch this time.

        • If you know DICE then you know they are not gonna give us a polished version of BF3 with some new content. Even their DLCs aren’t looks like punch of cheap maps… I believe they will give us something truly epic, since they’ve got so much feed back and experience from BF3 plus FB2 engine is completely matured so we can expect much less bugs smoother gameplay,animation and so on…

      • TeamBF

        Let’s see…they already confirmed Commander,Female Characters,Next-Gen Consoles,a 3rd Chinese Faction,BattleRecorder,and body and voice control for commander.Now you tell me how those features were in Battlefield 3?

        • you are a real battlefield addicted lol

        • Commander and battlerecorder should’ve come with BF3, a chinese faction was seen in BF2 so that’s nothing new. DICE should’ve waited before BF4 comes out, at least give us some info on BFBC3.

      • no no no next CoD will be different from MW3 I’m sure … just go and play that shity game you CoD fanboy

    • just pray to god it doesn’t launch on PS3….

      • about this matter, i believe it will be launch on current-gen along side with next gen. (but in current gen version you can’t expect 64 players and full hd)

      • Which one BF4 or CoD 10

    • Hell yeah !!! 😀

    • chris

      i agree, i’m somewhat of an rpg/fps gamer i like skyrim and fallout aswell as bf3 and cod however, i really like that the bf/moh series give you more character customization in 2 games rather than cod’s entire upteenth, so until they put more focus on character customization in the game i wont be buying another title from them

    • Warfare_Master

      Okay I’ll make it simple Battlefield 4 will be a mix between Black ops 2 and Battlefield 3. Future weapons with the basic battlefield structure.

  • yawn…………

  • myssternassty

    if they are making another title whatever its called, they should hit up D Von and treyarch to get a few tips on how to make a solid shooter

  • im not getting CoD10 i won’t be tricked again when i got mw3 , Treyarch only <3

  • Beginning of 3 year dev cycles for CoD? Unless it’s a spin-off game… and considering it says consoles only, it might be…

  • ButteredBread

    Only way I’ll get this is if it’s a WW2 shooter. I’m so bored with the modern series that all the shooters have now.

  • PertAndPopular

    I won’t waste my time with another title by these morons. Plus! No new COD game should come out until they make a new engine and really make more leaps and bounds. I’m pretty happy with Black ops 2, but anything else now is truly a money grab. I can’t wait for MW4 Jeep, Pepsi, Taco bell, Nike edition! Omg let’s keep nerfing the game, bring back ricochet in hardcore and make more shitty maps! Wtf were these morons thinking!? I honestly can’t play MW3 without my eyes unfocusing from sheer boredom. If people have a brain, which most don’t, this game will do shitty in sales.
    This is truly ridiculous! The fans deserve more. You can hate all you want, but we all deserve more! We the people have made these games break sales records repeatedly. COD shows how broke our entire system is, companies repackage shit and people throw money at them, same as companies like Apple. Let’s see some innovation.

    • + 100000000000000000000000000000000000

    • AndroidMango722

      It is not the engine that’s the problem, it runs at 60fps. They just need to innovate like COD4 did.

  • Treyarch should seperate itself from activision and make its own fps

    • Cory Armstrong

      So you think Black ops 2 is a good game compared to the other call of duty titles?

      • same shit … People are just too blind too see, that are exactly the same thing.

        • The majority of gamers who play CoD are casual gamers. Not everybody wants to play a sim shooter. Personally, if I wanted to calculate bullet drop, fly a jet or drive a tank, I would have joined the military.

  • WarHero

    This comment is represented by the number ZERO for the amount of fucks given to next year’s CoD by IW & Sledgehammer

  • EcHo84

    No next gen title no buy. Not like I’d buy their first iteration on new gen anyways. Will wait past the next 2 COD’s to even think about buying.

  • Battlefield 4 FTW !!!!!!!!!!!

  • notnext

    “Sledgehammer Games Prepares for the Next Call of Duty Title on the Xbox 360 and PS3”

    If this isn’t proof that the next Xbox and Playstation isn’t coming out next next year then i dont know what is.

  • Seems like it’s “guilty until proven innocent” on this comment thread. I’m pretty sure they’ll take the same approach that Treyarch did and put out a lot of information and gameplay so people will know what they’re getting. Still holding my breath and crossing my fingers and toes hoping for a game engine upgrade.

  • CptFreez

    not again stupid
    Sledgehammer Games sucks

  • MW4 ..won’t get even if it’s FREE !!

  • Plantainz

    got black ops 2 just for the f**k of it…..i’ll stick with battlefield from now on, thank you

  • Mr. X

    Sledgehammer is run by a unch of apes going through a severe case of middle age crisis, not touching the next game with a ten foot pole

  • ChrisTheGamesCabin

    I’m starting to get really tired of the Modern Warfare series, the first was great, but since then it’s a downward spiral. Maybe a prequel, a sidequel, just anything to mix it up a bit!

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  • Well there’s one thing we know for certain about the game. It will be exactly the same as the last one.

  • Noob

    Lets spend a year on a game where we just have to make new environments and copy/paste 90% of everything from the last game. Cmon COD, we’ve seen through your disguise.

  • A new COD!!…. Shocker!!

  • Nick

    There’s few reasons people say call of duty sucks, lack of new ideas and unecessary mechanic problems. I play multiplayer based off of good maps and guns and a smooth running mechanic. Black Ops 2 was missing both of these components and the last game to even touch upon them was mw2 (minus the various glitches). If sledgehammer can get the mechanics down then I think this game has a leg to stand on. Black Ops2 is the biggest piece of trash that has hit my xbox since battlefield 3 or gow3 (Idk its a tie).

    BF4 isnt gonna be anything special either, all bf games are the same. Fun for 2 days then in the trash.

  • mihail

    sledgehammer games is making a different type of call of duty an action-adventure as activision has for cod 10 or cod 2013 infinity ward is doing it so stop talking nonsence.

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