Sniper Elite V2 – Competitive Multiplayer Only On PC and Other Details

The first details of the multiplayer component of Sniper Elite V2 have finally been revealed by Rebellion games. Sniper Elite V2 will feature both competitive and co-operative modes on PC. However, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will only get the co-op modes.

Last month, the following  2 player online co-op modes have been confirmed via forum post, that all platforms should receive:

  • Kill Tally – As waves of enemies storm in players must race against the clock to eliminate as many as possible in order to achieve the highest possible kill count.
  • Bombing Run – Gamers must escape a scheduled bombing run but the only getaway vehicle is broken. Before the bombs fall, the area must be searched for parts and fuel while remaining unseen.
  • Overwatch – Players combine separate skillsets as a sniper and an operative and work in tandem to take out enemies.
  • Campaign – Fans play through the single-player campaign with a friend

As for competitive multiplayer, the team has recently confirmed that Sniper Elite V2 on PC will have Team Deathmatch with up to 12 players. The developers stated, “we are very proud to finally confirm that the Team Death Match multiplayer, with dedicated server, will be available for the PC version of Sniper Elite V2 at launch. Currently, the intention is to support up to 12 players in competitive multiplayer.”

Unfortunately, PS3 and Xbox 360 players will only have access to the online co-op modes listed above. Rebellion confirmed on Twitter that “Consoles have co-op levels, PC has full TDM [along with co-op].” As for the reason why console players will not get TDM, Rebellion explained, “we only had the power to make that decision on the PC version. We chose to include it.” Rebellion were able to include TDM because the studio is “self-publishing” the PC version, not 505 Games.

Also if you haven’t, the demo is now available on PSN and XBL. Here’s some gameplay footage, although it is from the single-player portion of the game.

Sniper Elite V2 is set to release May 1st in North America for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

  • Ptp18

    wow… thank you for thinking of the PC, i hope this is an on going trend

    • locoelbob

      You want game devs to specifically make console versions worse?

      • Dashrunner92

        No, what their doing is not underpowering the PC version and using the PC to it’s full advantage. It’s not like their not putting TDM on the console version because they want too.

        • Dashrunner92

          they are*

          • Niosus

            You can edit your comments btw 😉

        • locoelbob

          This has nothing to do with “underpowering the PC version” The only limiting factor of consoles is their graphics. The consoles can handle the gameplay of any PC game, albeit with dumbed down graphics. I played the demo for it, and I doubt my Xbox 360 couldn’t handle it. And you don’t see far more technically demanding games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, or The Witcher needing to cut out a third of the game, they just have worse graphics. And the code PC version it already developed, why not just have taken the time to port it over to consoles? Quite frankly, they aren’t putting competitive MP BECAUSE they don’t want do.

  • Guest25

    Well, I guess that’s good news for PC gamers. From what I understand they sometimes get shafted on certain things as far as gaming goes. Good to see some Sniper Elite coverage but SADLY that demo came out of No Where! I just found out about it yesterday. Unfortunately its probably going to he a sleeper. People won’t know what they are missing..

    That being said I’m actually getting this May 1st even with short notice but only because I still own Sniper Elite 1..

    • Paul

      the demo looks fantastic but since co op is a hit and a miss and theres no multiplayer for the console side ill wait till the price comes down to under £20 in a few months as you need to understand that if games like call of duty and fifa didnt have multiplayer aspects the game would be dead in 6 months time

  • Cyborg6971

    Wtf? Why? To not have mp is a huge knock against this game. And my interest in this game was getting high. However after this news, my fever pitch just broke.

    • BECAUSE they know console players arent gonna play it and probably call it sh*t so why should they bother it saves em money this way too 

      • Cyborg6971

         How would it save them money? It alienates a major portion of potential buyers.
        Your statement makes no sense.

        • potential buyers?  potential buyers??? the devs and gamers all know that the multiplayer would be DEAD on consoles mate also yeah it does save em $$$ they dont have to port it from PC and have to wait 2 or 3 more month for the game to come out

          • locoelbob

            There are more people on consoles than there are playing a pc game. The number of people playing MW3 on Xbox 360 alone at one time is almost as much as the total number of people on Steam at one time, and that’s one game for one console system alone. Consoles have a much much bigger player base, so I don’t see how your statement makes any sense. And consoles sure as hell are gonna be shit now, now that there is no competitive MP.

          • Cyborg6971

            Keep on livin the nightmare buddy. Every comment from you is seasoned with retardation. With a dash of insanity.
            And if you think the pc crowd is bigger than the two target audiences on console, thank god your not my broker. Cause you don’t know shit.

        • slydog2358

          Console players aren’t gonna play it. God your stupid. Console player…well players in general have been waiting for this kind of game to come out for a while now. How exactly does it save them money….it just makes players that wish for PVP not want to play because they fucked it up and made PVP for PC only.

      • Trent Lunsford

        dude…i preordered it for ps3..i got my cousin to preorder it,i got 8 of my psn friends to preorder cause i recommended the game to them….they love it, now what was this about you saying console players wouldnt buy?

        • not saying they wouldnt buy it i myself bought it on PS3 also BUT the amount of consoles who will play the MP is little to none probably 

  • meh it doesnt matter to me im buying it for its SP anyways the first one was epic and i was planning on buying for PC then i saw i couldn’t run 🙁 but then i saw that there was a PS3 version 🙂

  • C-love

    ok then note to self… buy this game used for 10$ cuz console gamers dont matter

    • stop complaining! It’s good to see the console gamers get the shaft finally! A good pc port!

      • Cyborg6971

         And at what point in his comment does he complain? I thought gamers were gamers no matter what platform they prefer.

      • Aaron Hughes

        console games get shafted most of the time simply cause pc games are far less hassle to update and add features too

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  • @ locoelbob and @Cyborg6971 you RETARDS! i never said the entire PC crwod was bigger then console players what i meant was the crowd for THIS GAME has a bigger crowd then PC god you dumbfucks considering sniper elite 1 was on PC and  had people playing on it in 2008 3 years AFTER it came out compared to its XBOX version i must say it has a bigger fanbase on PC

    • Cyborg6971

      That still doesn’t answer the question of why your mother let you live in her womb for so long without killing you. I mean honesty I’m sure she had a feeling of dread during the gestation period. And that by the last trimester knew beyond a shadow of doubt that you would one day grow up to disgrace her and her family name, which is ironically Douche.

      Also your reply to me still makes no sense, because the console crowd is bigger and has more potential to sell more units. How on earth did you make it this far? Are you on assisted living? To miss not only one but two huge Target markets is suicide.

      I’ll be watching this game burn slow from my smart phone, and laughing at how ridiculous your claims were.

      • wow so mature 

        • Cyborg6971

          You can’t say shit about maturity mister man. Specially after what you called me and locolebob. My advice is to tuck your tail between your legs, I’m assuming you have a tail based on the evidence of numerous lame and incoherent comments that could only mean your devolved. Lick your wounds and bugger off.

          •  “That still doesn’t answer the question of why your mother let you live
            in her womb for so long without killing you. I mean honesty I’m sure she
            had a feeling of dread during the gestation period. And that by the
            last trimester knew beyond a shadow of doubt that you would one day grow
            up to disgrace her and her family name, which is ironically Douche.” oh yeah thats really a mature thing to say -_- dude plz STFU and stop replying to me.

          • Cyborg6971

            @ Jon no I’m not gonna stop replying to your dumb hick logic comments. Why should I you were the one who replied to me in the first place. With grandiose claims of how the devs know it wouldn’t sell on consoles so why bother with mp in the first place.

            So you stop replying to me with your dipshit prophecy talk about how you know what devs are thinking.

            Ot I played the demo and thought it was fun. The graphics are not great but the core gameplay is there. I’m still disappointed about the lack of mp.

    • Niosus

      @5cb0238bac20db1febe6ba657618a659:disqus , @facebook-100002367454310:disqus 

      Personal insults will not be tolerated here on MP1st. If you want to make a point, do so politely. If you see someone insulting you or anyone else, just click the flag button and we will get immediately notified. DO NOT reply with another insult or your comment will also get removed and you risk getting banned.

      •  *_* you can get banned??? btw sorry for that :/ he was just really pissing me off. wont happen again 🙂

  • Casavult

    Gonna’ be honest. I played the demo and was blown away by this game. The Dev’s have something special here! 🙂

    • Cyborg6971

      I’m gonna dl it now and give it a shot. I believe you.

      • Casavult

        I believe you will love the killcams. It has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen! 🙂

        SE v2 Demo 9/10 for me.

  • H’m

    like the me3 ending fan rage i hope console gamers get angered by this… n voice it so we can get the 12vs mp to ps3 and xbox 360, because this is total bullshit!

  • H’m

    ps… oh i forgot

    “f*******************k you rebellion”

    aaahhhh that feels a lil better, actually nah.. not really

  • Djwille88

    No online MP for consoles…no thanks.  It’s a shame because I enjoyed the hell out of  Sniper Elite 1.  I just can’t bring myself to pay for a single play game only.

    • Casavult

      Regardless of MP or not for consoles, the Singleplayer mission on the Demo was enough for me to decide to buy it when it’s released. I just love the whole bullet ballistics in this game, killcams and much more. Also it’s set in WW2 and it’s 3rd Person which grabs my attention even more. 🙂

      • I hated how in the demo after you kill the first guy, you poke your head ou tto use binoculars, even a tiny bit and enemies ALL THE WAY DOWN THE STREET open fire,  on veteran you can never stay fully concealed

    • Kujcoop

      There is co-op on consoles, but no tdm

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  • Roby

    “Fans play through the single-player campaign with a friend” Single Player? With a friend?

  • calsunlibbies

    @Johnathan Stuff wow what a complete fuckin moron you must be lol! Consoles make ALL the BIG money you fuckin half wit dip shit! Your idiotic comments show you didn’t read the article. Rebelion is SELF PUBLISHING the game and added in tdm. 505 is publishing the console version and it’s been pretty apperent for years that 505 studios is a third rate company with NO buisness making games. Look to supremecy mma as further proof.

  • Rshtv

    its a joke. nearly all games now have online game play. and the first sniper game from rebbelon was online. how much money will they lose because sniper v2 is not online.. . . . ill tell you. ……LOTS

  • Kingofmcr

    no multiplayer on ps3r no sale 

  • CP Spiderman1992

    I wonder if a possible dlc will be in the future to include tdm. You never know.

  • Dwc928s4

    I loved the original xbox game, and played mutliplayer almost every night with firens. I rented the new V2 xbox game to learn it does not have the multiplayer. I will not by the game unless it has multiplayer.

  • martin

    ps3 and xbox dose not have mulitiplayer bullshit big fukin bullshit 🙁
    i bought this game for mulitiplayer. And why pc have fukin mulitiplayer and ps3 or xbox dont////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  • slydog2358

    WTF man ….no Team death match for X-box 360!!!. THat is bullshit. THis would have been one of the best games if you included TDM for 360 but you just had to go and fuck it up.

  • slydog2358

    I should not have to buy a good PC and an X-box 360 and a PS3 just so I can play PVP with all my games and receive the best content per game. THis game no PVP unless you have PC. BattleField 3 …12 vs. 12 on 360 and PS3 but 24 vs 24 on PC. Skyrim….PC has customization features where you can create areas. Not every system has the memory…ram or harddrive in order to do everything but Sniper Elite for 360 and PS3 has no excuse not to be PVP.

  • zakria

    how to play online

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