Sniping in Titanfall Is A ‘Pretty Different Animal’, No “Quick Scoping” or “No Scoping”

While sniping will still be a viable tactic in Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming sci-fi shooter Titanfall, some of the more popular but quirky techniques practiced in today’s modern shooter games might not be, according to some recent news from the studio.

“Sniping is in the game, but due to how the game plays it’s a pretty different animal than you’ll find in your run of the mill modern military shooter,” writes a Respawn representative who goes by the name “scriptacus” on the official website forums. “Quick scoping and no scoping are ineffective.”

Quick Scoping: Using a game’s built in auto-aim function to fire off a round immediately after or while aiming down sight. No Scoping: Firing off a round without aiming down sight what-so-ever.

It’s not clear if sniper rifles in Titanfall will behave entirely different than what most gamers are used to in titles like Call of Duty or Battlefield, or if certain counter-measures are put in place to keep players from using them in ways the developer did not intend. As it stands, the only footage we’ve seen of the game to-date has featured only automatic or other special Titan weapons.

What sort of “style” of sniping would you like to see in a game like Titanfall?

Titanfall launches on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on March 11.

Thanks Joystiq.

  • mechcell

    I like….

    • DerpSlayer

      Hell yeah.

  • I don’t know what they have in store for quick scoping but no scope would simply mean no hip fire with a sniper rifle. Maybe the rifles have a IFF system in place where enemies must be identified before firing a shot.

    • Or just HORRIBLY inaccurate when going for a hipfire

    • Alvaro Munive

      something like the sniper rifle of bulletstorm?

  • Katana67

    Ugh, I love how sniping in FPS’s has degraded so much that we have games with dedicated anti-quickscoping/no-scoping mechanics. These things should never have been made possible in the first place.

    Even BF, the vaunted lord of sniping in popular FPS’s, has a massive problem. One never really needs to use a bipod when you can just sidestep, hold your breath indefinitely, fire, and then continue sidestepping. I use bipods exclusively and do quite well, but struggle with the sidestep snipers. That, and as a non-sniper, when I am running rounds through a sniper they should NOT be able to return fire. Too many times am I getting the jump on snipers, shooting them in the face/chest only to see the glint and immediately get thwacked. Suppression (from LMGs not other bolt-actions) as well should be debilitating to snipers, they’ve (as usual) nerfed suppression ACROSS THE BOARD rather than in specific instances.

    But it’s plainly visible how flawed the system is, not to mention the overwhelming inclusion of CQC optics for bolt-action rifles. Why is this a thing? No other weapon class has this capability, the bolt-actions have access to ALL of the optics. Sub-6x optics for bolt-actions are rendered even more unnecessary now with the robust Carbine and DMR all-kit classes. If a Recon wants to work in CQC, he/she can use these weapons and DICE need not have CQC optics for bolt-actions.

    Titanfall looks great, and I admire what they’re doing. But it’s sort of silly that it’s come to this. Sorry for the BF indictment, but it sort of underscores everything that’s good and bad about sniping in contemporary FPS’s.

    • T-51B

      I totally agree that you shouldn’t accurately be able to put rounds on target from a mile away while there are bullets entering your flesh.

      • Katana67

        I don’t think snipers should even be able to scope-in when getting shot, and should be forcibly scoped out if they’re already scoped-in.

        I never understood the logic behind this. It used to be a commonplace feature (even as recent as CoD4) where you’d almost lose your entire sight picture with a sniper rifle if you got shot whilst scoped-in.

  • MegaMan3k

    As I said on the Joystiq page:

    For a game like Titanfall, making “quick-scopes” and “no-scopes” ineffective sounds absurd. Titanfall is trying to hearken back to the speed, agility, and manueaverability of Quake and Unreal Tournament. This is like going back to Quake and saying “for the rail gun to be accurate, you must scope in for a full three seconds and be motionless.”

    Sounds to me like there’s a conflict of vision in their department. This sort of move is befitting of Call of Duty or Battlefield, not the game they are presenting Titfanfall to be.

    The designer of a game that has that horrible dead-on-arrival idea of the Smart auto-lock pistol that gets automatic headshots goes on to complain about quick-scoping? Laughable.

    Sadly, I truly do see this as the presentation of an inconsistent vision. This is not good news, regardless of how you traditionally feel about quick scoping.

    • Derek

      Sadly most people here have probably never even played UT or Quake. Gotta love those tweeeeeeners

  • awkenney

    I’d be ok if sniping were unavailable in Titanfall completely. You know for a fact that sniping won’t do anything but cause some players to deviate from the objectives, and sniping is only in the game to appease a broad audience.

    • Ryan ‘Ryman’ Clark

      I partially agree with you, but then again, it’s not entirely fair to players who do utilize the class in the way that it’s intended. A decent sniper can lock down a decent size area or a narrow corridor all by themselves just as effectively as two or three players can with fully-automatic weapons.

      How they handle sniping in this installment will set the tone in future titles.

      • awkenney

        I’d prefer they set the tone towards skill with the mechanics and aim rather than positioning and tactics. “Flow” is simply more engaging and entertaining than restricting flow.

      • DerpSlayer

        Oh stahhp. Sniper dinks and their “check out mai sw33t snipur shot montage bro” mentality ruin MP shooters.

        There’s a particular demographic thats drawn to it (yes, CoD kids) and its refreshing to hear Respawn is seeking to raise the minimum age level of their game by not catering to squeakers. Enough already.

        • lukazo

          personally i think they should allow quick scoping or no scoping but just make it inaccurate as fuck, so only way of getting a petty no scope kill is by being in arms distance away from who ever there trying to kill,


          add in somethign to gain from sniping that benefits team play like you get normal xp for spotting enemies for teamate with your sniper scope but killing them with a sniper only give quarter of xp or more xp for defending objectives, that way it lets people who want to help with snipers help and the kids will grow tired of gaining anything from running around trying to 360 no scope people

    • Katana67

      I doubt I’ll buy Titanfall, so it’s not like I have a particularly vested interest in it.

      However, I’d rather they give snipers a way of advancing an objective rather than writing sniping as a playstyle off entirely. From the very little I know of Titanfall, it seems that area denial will be just as important as area retention. I’d rather they come up with novel and diverse objectives/gametypes which include a multitude of playstyles rather than limiting themselves to the familiar “Conquest-esque” gametypes which do not take into consideration the variety of playstyles available to the player.

      Succinctly, I’d rather them advance their gametypes to include a variety of playstyles into a focused objective (or preferably a variety of objectives) rather than simply scaling back on available playstyles.

      In the same way that I wouldn’t find a shotgun-only game fun, I don’t find a sniper-less shooter fun.

      I’m not sure that they’re including sniping solely for the sake of propriety either, as it’s a well established style of play that gives a bit of added worth to large maps (which seem to be common in Titanfall). Likewise, snipers could be more geared toward anti-materiel (i.e. bringing down Titans) which would justify a fairly cumbersome sniping mechanic which is not ideal for rapidly bringing down infantry.

      I’m also not sure what you mean by “flow”. I’ve heard it used a lot and I’ve never really received a non-vague definition. If by “flow”, you mean uninterrupted and rapid (i.e. mobile) gameplay, I’m not sure how having a robust sniping mechanic would cheapen that. If anything it would make it more challenging and “skill-based”. I’ve never liked games which exalt mobility over strategy, see the most recent CoD releases. Likewise, I don’t think that games like this are in short supply. I find a distinct lack of games which either focus on “positioning and tactics” in the contemporary game landscape, and an even more distinct lack of games which successfully accommodate a variety of playstyles without short-changing the experience.

      There’s a noted backlash against sniping and/or camping in the community, something which I’ve sought to combat for my own part. I’m not asserting that you’re categorically against sniping, or that your disapproval of it in Titanfall is somehow born out of annoyed malice (as is with most folks who outright dislike sniping).

      • awkenney

        This is a matter of fundamental difference of opinion. I prefer games that exalt mobility over strategy. And I think that all of the recent COD titles, with the exception of Ghosts, would be a good representation of what I’m looking for in an FPS game if the maps were greatly simplified, had less firing vectors, and the hit registration worked consistently. I would be extremely pleased if we rolled all the changes back to COD4 or World at War and then start over again from that point, then rather than develop more areas into a map, more perks, more killstreaks, more guns, more metagame, we instead develop more original mechanics.

      • awkenney

        “Flow” is essentially the consistent and constant movement of give-and-take. And if you fail at the mechanics, and your entire team fails at the mechanics, then overall you should be giving ground throughout the entire course of a round. You should not be permitted by the game to reduce the amount of mechanics you need to learn and master in order to succeed. And for many snipers, I feel that this is exactly what is happening – substituting mastery of the mechanics with mastery of tactics.

      • Axe99

        Taking out quick scoping isn’t taking snipers out of the picture, it’s just removing an exploit – there’s no such thing as quick scoping in actual sniping IRL because there’s no handy auto-aim IRL (or KZ:SF, if you’re looking for a game with sniping done right).

        • Katana67

          Right, I’m fine with that. But I was merely voicing my opposition to outright removal of sniping in any context (but specifically in Titanfall). Likewise, I’m more dismayed that “quick-scoping” became such a problem in the first place to warrant dedicated efforts to counter it.

        • Cycovision

          Yeah because in real life soldiers can run on walls and fight 10 foot mechs…oh wait…
          The only place where “Quickscoping” and “no scoping” SHOULD exist is in futuristic FPS. UT did it, Quake did it, it works.
          In a game like Titanfall standing still in order to ADS just to be able to snipe is effectively making it useless, unless they have some ability to kill mechs.

          • Axe99

            As you say, these are video games, and in video games, particularly in fictional universes, you can go for your life :). I personally lean towards sim-style games (although I like all sorts), so quick-scoping for me just feels like an exploit, but it could just as legitimately be viewed as a core gameplay mechanic, and Titanfall is fictional, so on that count you could deffo have it in there. However, it’s hard to argue against the decision to take it out as well – sniping can be good fun playing like an actual sniper as well, perish the thought ;). Part of me laments a whole generation growing up with no idea what sniping actually entails!

    • John Kimble

      No quick scoping or no scoping. Well they lost the entire COD fan base right there.

  • ChrisBChillin

    I like the thought of a game with no quick scoping but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    The way Killzone: Shadowfall handles sniping, where you can only fire while ads, works very well.

    • Robert Wetterauw Jr

      you can still fire offhand,but its not terribly accurate.and what with no aim assist involved,it boils down to ones own hats off to guerrilla for bucking the trends.

  • T-51B

    I noticed that some friends I have had in the past who really sucked would always snipe. Its a fucking crutch for a lot of people.

    • Katana67

      My issue with this is that the majority of people I see aren’t good at sniping. I could care less that they’re sniping, but when they aren’t any good at it they’re just wasted space (just as someone who’s not good in CQC is wasted space and/or a liability even if they’re taking an objective).

      So, in a way, yes it is a “crutch” in that it removes a bit of risk for folks who do not want to fight in CQC (which is debatable, as a sniper can easily draw a lot of attention). But it still requires a player to be good at it nonetheless.

      It’s not a crutch in the sense of “Oh, I suck, I’ll play as a sniper and it’ll automatically make me better because sniping is so easy”.

      • John Kimble

        The same can be said for run and gunners. There is run and gunners who hurt there team far worse then a sniper maybe dying 1 or 2 times a round. There is people that are just plain bad at FPS. I see it daily on BF4. People going 0-15 running and gunning is hurting the team bad. They took 15 tickets away from your team without taking any from the enemy. Sure they can be a big problem, but hey who are we to say what they can play or not. If they are having fun they do not care, so why should we?

        • Katana67


          My issue is that snipers, even if they wanted to, have no means of affecting the objective other than ambient support through getting kills in a lot of games.

          I think the “bad player” argument is often glossed over in favor of vilifying a playstyle/class. Which is detrimental.

          I’m more interested in giving snipers a way of affecting the outcome of the match directly, like through “zone” control (where simply by virtue of being on the battlefield, a player affects ticket count/bleed). Likewise, making long-range sniping as smooth and effective as possible is another way of allowing folks to actually affect the outcome of the battle.

          For instance, in BF4, there have been so many times as a sniper that I’ve watched an enemy player sneak up on one of my team mates and kill them. I try to save them, but more times than not the enemy player is jumping/rubberbanding/sliding around too much for me to even hit him. So, in this particular example, I’d like to see sniper rifles do more damage at range (with the handicap of doing less damage close-up, and the removal of sub-6x optics). Likewise, I’d like to see faster bullet speeds so that I can actually hit people at range (I’m talking beyond 300m) on the move, which is exceedingly difficult in BF4. That and have movement be a bit less janky at range. Similarly, even in next-gen and PC, DICE hasn’t really looked into making their long-distance graphics any better. People still clip through/float on top of surfaces.

          But yes, bad players are everywhere and occupy all playstyles.

          • John Kimble

            The sniper rifles are pretty inconsistent in bF4. I have shot people point blank in the chest which should result in a one shot kill even on normal and they do not die. Any bolt action sniper rifle should be a one shot kill above the waist unless it hits the arms. Sniping is not that easy anyway in BF so it would not ruin the balance since most targets are moving anyway. Shooting someone in the chest or even the stomach and they are still standing is just absurd.

            • Katana67

              In my opinion, sniper rifles should be rendered marginally ineffective inside of 200m (the ranges that ALL of the other weapons excel at).

              The idea of close-range sniping (i.e. inside of 200m) should never have become a thing in video games. My issue isn’t so much with the damage (I enjoy high-damage sniper rifles) as it is with the range in which bolt-actions are effective.

              Whereas other weapons have a high-to-low ranged damage model, I’d like to see bolt-action sniper rifles have a low-to-high ranged damage model. Whereby bolt-actions do maximum damage at range and minimum in CQC.

            • John Kimble

              Well how you fix that is do not allow iron sights or less then 8x scopes for them. Problem solved. Sure you will still get guys using them that way but it will be a lot less then how it is now. It would be so ineffective that they will be forced not to use them. Remember Bad Company 2. If I can remember all sniper rifles came with a high optic scope rendering CQC with sniper rifles useless. Right now you can use iron sights and red dots with sniper rifles. LMFAO. Who in the hell thought that was a great idea.?

            • Katana67

              Yep, I agree. See the post I made below problematizing the state of sniping in BF.

              BFBC2 had red-dots and ACOGs for bolt-actions.


            • John Kimble

              Wow I do not remember them having that. LOL Shows you how much I snipe.

          • John Kimble

            If you play the sniper class right you can help the team at objectives big time. When I snipe I go out of my way to place the spawn beacon in a good hiding spot right next to a objective so my squad can capture or defend the objective if need be.Then I go to my favorite sniping spot. Also I never be the Squad leader if I snipe either.

            I always LOL when I see a sniper 2 or 3 feet away from there spawn beacon laying down. I mean how stupid can these people be really?

          • John Kimble

            right ur gay!

    • John Kimble

      True. There is people who just are not good at running and gunning. I got a friend that plays BF4 with me that all he does is snipe. But he does it right and spots and laser designates targets. Plus he is really good at sniping picking off targets all the time. There is a place for snipers but they must play the class right. Most do not sadly.

  • pot51e

    From the creators of quick-scoping, realization. They deserve a thumbs up for that alone.

  • roland0811

    I would say the sniping in OFP: Dragon Rising but Titanfall looks way too fast paced for any kind of tactical gameplay like DR had. It’s too bad.

    • Pat “Bam Bam” Healy

      Good point. I find this to be very true with Titanfall in particular, it seems as if sniping would be detrimental to the core gameplay experience.


    Well this is gonna be a joy………..too bad no PS4

  • jahladagaming

    LET IT BE TRUE. If sniping is done properly and they add a killcam that was missing during their first hands on gameplays, then this really could be a console selling game (I’m not a PC player, get over it).

  • the specialist

    i would love to see this on snipers.but with large and open maps like battlefield’s,but without the stupid mechanics battlefield has.

  • Kidanny Mendez

    I wonder how it will work. Personally i rather switch to my secondary than try to quickscope and the no scope is just for when the enemy is within melee distance so I don’t really mind.

    • Pat “Bam Bam” Healy

      Agree, If ever I’m required to take a sniping role, this is how I play. I don’t actively seek to quick/no scope, but if survival calls for it I’ll hedge my bet on the best option to stay alive.

      With Titanfall being a new and un-played IP, I’m indifferent to this news, it’s not as if BF/CoD have announced these mechanics being axed. However I would have liked further explanation of an accompanying video explaining the concept fully. As it stands, we all have more questions than answers now.

  • my ideas to balance sniping.

    1. remove the ability to no scope. 2. remove the ability to fire during the transition period between scoped and unscoped. 3. making aiming while scoped slower. 4. remove auto aim. 5. decrease movement speed while having a sniper in your loadout. 6. smaller amount of ammo.

    the problems most people have with snipers are the cod kids that run around a map quick scoping or no scoping. I feel that my six ideas would cause snipers the actually have to use the weapon with skill.

  • Jon Cameron

    The game is clearly futuristic. Why not take a page out of Quake’s book and instead of having sniper rifles, use a railgun instead? Sure, it’s technically “no scoping” when you look at it for what a sniper class does in modern games, but it perfectly fits the type of game Titanfall is supposed to be.

  • Darryl Anderson

    Well arent video games designed for entertainment? Your not buying Titanfall because you heard it MAY not have sniping in it? Then we have “people”(corn c.o.d. players) complaining because they can’t cowardly be cheap with their precious auto aim no scope bullshit. Completely forgetting its not about warfare skills or auto-L”aim”. For you crappy aimers, grab the MDK5SMART PISTOL and continue being the unskilled one. You never learn anything by cheating. I’d mop the floor with any cod no scoper using that MDK5. Fuck wasting your time with learning to be cheap and exploit a game. Its whatever whatever honestly, I use whatever I feel like because I played several hundred hours to get good at fps online. Parkour, including wall running/hanging and of course, Titans!!!! Why are cod fools so scared of my titan? Oh because you cant do a cheap ass . Thats right. Just ranting this isnt towards anyone at all. Im just like, dude, come on! Just enjoy the game for now while its still simple stages because sooner or later your gonna appreciate getting things done. C.o.d. and Battlefield because the arsenal is overkill honestly. I only need one firearm of each type not a massive stupidly confusing armory of shit with little true difference from one another.