Star Wars Battlefront II to Have Patches “Every Two Weeks,” DICE Taking a Look Into Progression & “Balance” Credits System

It’s been quite a hectic week at EA when it came to Star Wars Battlefront II — and understandably so. While the publisher pulled back on the game’s loot crate-infused progression system a bit, gamers aren’t quick to forget, and it’s easy to see why.

Having said that, DICE developers are doing an AMA tomorrow evening to try and answer as many questions as they can for gamers, and even before that, more info seems to be being made available. Over on YouTube channel “BattlefrontUpdates,” DICE Associate Design Director Dennis Brannvall shared a few nuggets of info about Battlefront II’s post-launch plans and more.

According to the video, which you can watch above, Dennis Brannvall has been promoted and is now the Design Director of Battlefront II. Why is that important? Well, it seems Brannvall made a few changes (for the better) for the first Battlefront, and they are aiming  to do the same with Battlefront II.

In the video, Brannvall was quoted as saying, “we’re going to take a look into progression and balance the credits system” which should be in line with what fans wanted in the first place. Additionally, Brannvall revealed that there will be “patches” every two weeks, though it wasn’t specified if this was for all platforms, whether these are server-side hotfixes, or full blown balance patches. 

Additionally, the continuous music option is said to be coming “very soon,” and when it comes to customization, a “significant amount” is coming, though it wasn’t specified when and how. 

We’ll be reporting on more info once the AMA is over — regardless if it’s good or bad news. Sta y tuned to our Battlefront II review hitting the site once we’ve gotten enough time with the multiplayer and the other modes.

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  • sircolby45

    I have tried to get into this game playing the Origin Access Trial and I just can’t do it. I am a fairly decent player that usually gets ~1.7 K/D and a very high SPM (I am a very objective focused player) in the Battlefield series. I can not get anywhere close to that in SWBF 2 and I think it is for a few reasons.

    #1 I am just simply not use to the gunplay in the SW series and honestly I am not sure I want to be. I just don’t care for the super slow TTK and it is the same reason that BF1 is my least favorite Battlefield of their entire series and I have played them all. (The random bullet deviation is AWFUL!) This could be something that would improve by unlocking better weapons, but the starting weapons are pretty underwhelming in performance in my experience.

    #2 When I am not fumbling over awkward gunplay I am getting absolutely destroyed by people that have already maxed out all of their star cards.

    #3 I find the matchmaking to be horrible. I am not sure if it is because people are boycotting it or what, but it takes forever to find a match. I often get thrown into lobbies with only a handful of people and then sit there forever waiting for it to fill up.

    #4 I am just not a fan of any kind of performance based in game rewards. This basically causes a blow out to be an even worse blowout. Oh you are already absolutely destroying everyone on the map? Here have an OP Vehicle/Character and go destroy them even worse than you already are. This is the same reason I don’t care for COD and their Killstreak/Pointstreak rewards. IMO the best game is a game that keeps everyone on relatively the same footing and leaves the winner up to skill of the players.