Starhawk Has Officially Launched, All Map Packs Will Be Free

For those of you who have been waiting for Starhawk, wait no further. As of today, Starhawk is in stores all over North America, on the 13th in Europe.

Here’s the official launch trailer

And here’s some good news for those who are going to buy (or still deciding). Remember how Warhawk had a bunch of paid map packs available? Well, according to Dylan Jobe on the PSBlog, these “paid” map packs divided the community up. Well since they have now realized that, the team has decided that all future map packs will be absolutely free of charge. That means you won’t be paying a dime to play any new maps. Though they did confirm that they will have some sort of paid DLC, however they won’t be map related.

The first map pack will be on the swampy world of Cypress. Down below is just some early art work of the planet.

Also for those who were settling for either renting or borrowing the Starhawk there is some bad news. Sony has confirmed a while back that they plan on having an online pass for every first party title, Starhawk is no exception. I can confirm this as well that there is an online pass bundled in every new copy of the game.

  • wow now thats support! they actually care about there fanbase unlike *cough* COD and BATTLEFIELD *cough!!!*

    • Theres a differance between 40(SH), 10 million(BF) & 20million(CoD) in why them making dlc free or not.

      •  uhuh so what if this game got 40 million people playing i bet they still would keep it free also get what else is free? all the uncharted 2 DLC.  hey LARA or fahad you should make a post so people know its all MP dlc anyways.

        • Damnedramb

          then find 40 million ppl to buy it then and find out. my best bet is, they wont.

        • jimmylara

          Sorry I’m a bit confused on the post you want us to make. Are you saying you want me to make a post on UC2 DLC or Starhawk DLC? Not all Starhawk DLC will be free, ONLY the maps and whatever else they may feel. Otherwise there will be premium content not map related.
          I’ll do a post on the UC2 map pack for free though.

          • the UC2 dlc its all free now and since its all multiplayer DLC i thought it was worth a story 🙂

  • Jwm2hot

    Nice..maybe I can get into a match by the weekend……..guess every new game gonna have broken mulitiplayer><

    • Jerry Caroto

      I wouldn’t necessarily say broken, Just not Calibrated yet to run smoothly. There is only so much you can do within the Beta to get the game ready, and while the beta helps there will always be launch tweaks they will have to make on every game to get things up and running smoothly. If  Warhawk is any indication of how well Lightbox does things than I bet things will smoothen out in the next day or so. My advice to anyone buying any game for multiplayer is if you can wait a week to buy it do so and if you want to pre-order and pick it up day 1 than play the single player till things get up and running. You will save yuorself a lot of un needed aggrivation.

    • QwietStorm

      Really? i havent had one problem at all

    • QwietStorm

      Really? i havent had one problem at all

  • Rage5469

    Like..need I say it?

    Twisted Metal?  Worst PS3 launch of a game IMO…I wonder what DLC Starhawk will have?  Buildings.  Paint. Skins. Weapons?

    • jimmylara

      Starhawk had a beta though unlike Twisted Metal. Plus they made sure to crash the servers during the weekend of beta testing so that they can prep for that stuff. Not to mention, Lightbox team is already great when it comes to online. While yeah it’s having issues now, don’t expect it to be as bad as TM (not even remotely close to the same team). They’ll probably have it fixed sometime this week

  • Mdkfdka

    holy shit free map packs? i might just have to get this, if only more developers/publishers did that!

  • Mdkfdka

    holy shit free map packs? i might just have to get this, if only more developers/publishers did that!

  • QwietStorm

    I love the hell out of this game. I really wish more people would support good games, rather than just go with whata popular and hyped up every time.

  • An0n0musx

    What do they mean by an online pass will be needed for every “first party title.”  what is a first party title?

  • DraconiaN

    oh my god !!only the map huhu now all dlc for starhawk for free even the campagn full game is free on ps plus