Steam Box Reveal Next Week? Valve Hints at Hardware Announcement

At this year’s LinuxCon, Valve’s Co-Founder Gabe Newell took the stage to discuss multiple aspects of Steam development on Linux.

Newell has been both a vocal supporter of the open Linux platform and a detractor of Windows 8 citing its closed platform as a deterrent for Valve and game developers.

When it came time to discuss how Steam could improve its functionality and presence in the living room, Newell dropped this interesting tidbit:

“Next week we’re going to be rolling out more information about how we get there and what are the hardware opportunities we see for bringing Linux into the living room,” Newell said.

Source: Ars Technica

Do you think Valve will reveal the Steam Box next week? Or is it something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below.

  • WarBroh

    Can’t wait. Seems like a no-brainer that they co-launch Half Life 3 with Steam-on-Linux aka steambox as a timed-exclusive before they release for PC. We shall see.

    • zacflame

      I don’t think it will release with just HL3.
      I think it will release with all of Valve’s best games (you know the ones) that deserve a “3rd” in a collection called “the 3 box”, oh and probably Left 4 Dead 3 too.

      • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

        HL3 isnt even in development

        • zacflame

          *puts finger on your mouth*

        • Mike Limpus

          Oh good, I’m glad an expert is here.

  • mechcell

    PC > Steam Box > PS4 > Xbone.
    Also Half Life 3 confirmed

    • jaskdavis

      *Xbox One

      • Mr. Thuggins

        Not sure where everybody is getting the “XB” abbreviation/acronym from. I don’t think the 360 was ever called “Xb360”.

        • jaskdavis

          More of a Pun than a mistake 😉

          • Mr. Thuggins

            It’s a stretch, but I’m not going into that because the last time I discussed humor on here, I got yelled at lol.

    • zacflame

      I thought the steam box was better than the average gaming PC.
      Steam Box ≥ PS4 ≥ PC > XBone.

      • Brandon Thomasson

        I guess this is sort of right, I heard that most people have lower level gpu’s and people like me with a 770 or something are in the minority. I know that mine would kill the steam box though

    • CoDforever

      Cant reply to your comment on RAzer article, so i reply here :Yea same for cod if you pre pre order cod you get free fall map free. You dont even have to pre order it, you just have to but the game new, and the map will be free part of an update a couple months post launch. And secondly, it was a pre order bonus BUT IF YOU DONT PRE ORDER IT, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. THE MAPS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE. stfu dont act smart retard

  • jaskdavis


  • jaskdavis

    Oh snap, Windows 8 – 5 days till next week starts = HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!

    • Sgt. Mofo

      -A week from Wednesday will be the 25th
      -Christmas will be exactly 3 months away


      • zacflame


  • jj16802
  • Mr. Thuggins

    Interested to see the specs on this machine and what kind of price point it will come in at.

    • WarBroh

      There will be multiple machines, multiple pricepoints in all likelihood, including guidelines for building your own. And it will run on some debian-ish variant of Linux, in addition to running on Windows if you wish.

      Based on everything I’ve read, Valve wants to make it as flexible and open with as much choice for the end user as possible- a direction all the other companies seem to be heading away from.

      • Mr. Thuggins

        I’m a big supporter of open source software, so that’s good to hear. Also liking the possibility of having more options than a one-size-fits-all, middle of the pack machine.

  • Wrathchildx666x

    I hope it’s not that Piston computer thing like the rumors say

    • Dirtknap

      The Piston was developed by a separate company, Xi3. What was interesting was Valve’s relationship with Xi3, until ol’ Gabe did an about face and disavowed all dealings with them. Despite this, I’m wondering if we’ll see Steambox utilize similar slottable tech for easy upgrades? It would be unlikely now that it would use the actual patented parts used in the Piston given the distance from Xi3.

    • DanDustEmOff

      I thought it looked really good, not very practical but it looked sexy IMO.

  • SamRock

    New Hardware = Upgraded Gravity Gun

    Half Life 3 definitely Confirmed!

  • Michael Wilbanks

    I’m sorry I could not care less… Hmmm lets look at the market. The two biggest console launches to date are coming in 2 months. PC gamers or will very soon be buying new cards for BF4, Watchdogs, and many other games.
    Yea lets release a Linux Box with very little mainstream interest, and no game support into this clusterfuck of a market. I’m sure nothing will go wrong :cough: Ouya “cough:.
    Just release HL3 Gabe before everyone stops giving a shit!