“That’s Cool” If You Don’t Think Hardline is a True Battlefield Game, Says Visceral GM

Many of you have even said it right here in the comment sections of MP1st: “Hardline isn’t a true Battlefield game.”

Whatever your verdict on the studio’s cops vs. criminals spin-off shooter is, Visceral Games general manager Steve Papoutsis is cool with it, as long as you’ve made up your mind after having played it.

“There are a lot of people questioning whether or not Hardline is a true Battlefield game,” Papoutsis admitted in a video interview with Battlefield YouTube commentators SgtRedPhoenix, Chaboyy, Azzy, and TheTwoScotsmen.

“I could say, ‘Of course it is!’ But, you know what? It doesn’t matter what I say. I think, ultimately, what matters is that people play it,” he continued. “So, days like today [at Gamescom 2014], where we can have gamers actually play it and make up their own mind, that’s what’s most important — to let players decide for themselves.

“When we started working on this game, we had a high degree of respect and reverence for Battlefield. Having played it since the very first Battlefield game, I know how fun it is and I know how much it means to the community, and the last thing I’d ever want to do is be involved in a game that pretended to be Battlefield. So, we’re working really hard to maintain that competitive balance, that great rock-paper-scissors gameplay, that teamwork, that strategy — we’re trying to make sure all that stuff’s in Hardline.”

Battlefield Hardline, officially announced back at E3 2014, certainly takes the series into unexplored territory, moving it away from the tried-and-true military setting its audience has grown accustomed to. It appears that Visceral knew not everyone would welcome the new direction with open arms, and so the studio launched a multiplayer beta the moment the game was unveiled in hopes that some hands-on time with the new concept would do most of the selling.

“We took our first step at E3 when we announced the game, and we didn’t just announce the game and then have everybody go, ‘Ah, pshhh. Bullox! This is crap! Nah, that’s not Battlefield,’ Papoutsis explained. “No. What we did was we announced the game and then we immediately put a beta up live.”

“The reason why did that was so that people could actually play it and make their own decision about it. So, not only was that good for letting people get a chance to play it, but it was good for us ’cause we got to get feedback from people like you guys about maybe what was good, maybe what was bad, maybe what sucked, and we could actually take the time to improve the game through that feedback.”

Feedback thus far has given the studio a lot to work with, which ultimately led to the decision to delay the shooter to early next year. A number of tweaks and improvements have already been made since the first beta came to a close, including changes that would better serve the cops and criminals fantasy.

“So, I’ll throw it back to everybody,” Papoutsis said. “If you don’t think the game is a Battlefield game and you’ve played it, that’s cool. That’s your decision. But, from my perspective, send us some feedback that maybe we can use to make it meet your expectations more because we want to make a great game. But, at the end of the day, we’re excited and passionate about making a Battlefield game and working with [community members] to really listen to the community and try to make sure it lives up to the standards that the fans have of the series.”

Battlefield Hardline will return with a second multiplayer beta on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this January, reportedly, before officially launching some time in February, 2015.

What’s your take on the temporary new direction Battlefield is headed in with Visceral’s release? If you missed it, you can catch our thoughts in our official Battlefield Hardline multiplayer preview.

  • Didn’t they say that already like… 7 times?

    • TOROi3

      its so tiring isnt it?

  • Collision

    That’s right*

  • All I want, and I said this to EA’s CM in Australia, is for Battlefield Hardline to be hyped enough to the point where they can’t afford to not deliver. Raise the bar for them, vote with your wallet, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get the Battlefield game that works on launch and is amazing overall that Battlefield fans need.

    • Just because BF4 didn’t “WORK” on launch that doesn’t mean every single game after it will be “NOT WORKING” on launch …

      • Historically going by DICE’s track record we always start out with something that is very close to a piece of shit, then after a little polish (if we are lucky) we end up with a gem and something very playable. I don’t think BF4 can be saved but hopefully Visceral turn it up a notch and make DICE more aware of what it means to produce a quality game.

        I’m looking forward to seeing how Hardline turns out but haven’t pre-ordered for the first time after the terrible example set by BF4.

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          BF4 is passed the point of saving, it’s been a wreck since launch, and still is for the most part, a wreck. DICE has been making nice strides with CTE, but it’s too little too late, the majority of the players that left still won’t come back, even now. If they had done in the first month or two, it could’ve put BF4 back in everyone’s happy place, now, I think they’re pretty much just stuck with their current playerbase and maybe a little more.

      • Benefit of the doubt should not be given in this day and age of gaming. DICE on every release of a Battlefield title has failed to deliver a working and polished game. Why should I give them anything but my weariness? Seems foolish to think that you could just turn a blind eye to the track record of failed launch, polished game.

  • born2expire

    Wow, good for Visceral Games, they seem to have a really good attitude and I wish them the best of luck. I personally really enjoyed HardLine and they seem to be making the right changes. They seem to have a lot more respect for the BF community than DICE (Sweden) does.

    • pbvider

      Just wait until they will have u money and then we will speak about respect…they have the same attitude just like DICE LA before the release of MOH:W.

  • Dennis aka V Kid Sanchez

    I don’t belive this game was even supposed be a battlefield game I feel like down the line while in development EA said lets put battlefield on the title for it can sale

    • RustyFrags

      What exactly qualifies as a Battlefield game? Everything I’ve seen *and experienced) feels like Battlefield to me. Apparently it also feels like that to the people calling it Battlefield 3.5/4.5.

  • Merffy

    Wasn’t this supposed to be some sort of spin off, anyways?

    • Yeah but apparently Spin offs are supposed to be true battlefield games according to people.

  • “That’s cool” .. it is like they are talking to a 6 year-old boy who did a mistake !!

  • Katana67

    Yeah, to me, it isn’t. Sorry.

    I’m sure it will play well, and the beta was fun. But I just couldn’t care less about the “police/criminal” subject matter.

    I just hope it doesn’t become a norm to piece out BF into various sub-franchises. BF core and some sort of light-hearted sidebar (i.e. Bad Company) was about my limit.

    I loved Bad Company, but even it was never really a “true” BF game to me.

    • Sams0n

      Then don’t buy it. Problem solved on your end. No need to keep crying about it in every Hardline thread.

      • Katana67

        I don’t plan on it, so, I’m covered there. So, no problem at all. Don’t you worry your little head about me!

        Maybe try being less offended about someone saying some very… very… very tame things about an issue. Seems to happen pretty easily with you, so, something to work on. Nobody’s perfect, though, right?

        And I haven’t posted on a Hardline thread in two months. And there’s been at the very least, twelve, Hardline threads in that time (that’s just counting the month of July).

        Get your facts straight.

    • Guest

      Bf3 and bf4 are cod-bad company hybrids to me, haven’t had a proper sequel to bf2 IMO yet

      • Battlefield 2142 was sequel enough to me. It didn’t have the mod community BF2 had, but the base game was far more refined and didn’t take years for Dice to fix, just a few months

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      It seems like a Battlefield expansion to me, honestly, not a full priced game, the core gameplay elements of BF4 are there, and since that’s BF’s current state, I say it’s BF, but I don’t like it anymore. I didn’t really enjoy the beta too much, but it’s beta, I’m sure that’ll get better, it has potential, but my problem is that they’re essentially giving me an expansion pack, and unless the campaign is a good 35+ hours of quality story and gameplay, that won’t change for me.

  • Just saying

    I don’t know what they’re trying to prove here. BF Hardline is in no way near a battlefield game. Battlefield always meant war, like real war not some cops vs criminals thingy that can’t be refered at as war. I think they should’ve made it as a new IP not stick BF on it. To me now, EA is getting like Activision. They make CoD games every year that are exactly the same and we buy it regardless. EA is trying to make shitty BF games every year and expect us to buy this garbage! At least CoD made a name for itself among their fans, BF is still somewhat a new “big” IP that doesn’t have that much of loyal fans to do this shit now! BF name literally shined with BF3 and was smashed by BF4. How hard do you want to smash it?

    • Guest

      To me, The bf franchise has gone downhill starting with BF3, and before that made very poor decisions with the bad company series.

  • MrMultiPlatform

    Nobody said it wasn’t a BF game. People are saying it’s BF3.75

    • jj16802

      I was. it may be similar to Battlefield, but I think the game deserves its own franchise.

      • awkenney

        I’d rather see them scrap Hardline and start working on Bad Company 3. Because that’s already an established franchise that we know works from a gameplay standpoint – if you take the Battlefield name off of the title.

        • Sams0n

          BC3 is DICE’s baby. DICE is working on Battlefront. Instead of no new Battlefield title in 2014/2015, at least we get something.

          And anyway, what’s in a title? Just because it would have Bad Company in the title doesn’t mean it’ll play like BC2. Just like just because Battlefield 3 had BF in the title didn’t mean it played like BF2.

          • mile104mc

            Battlefront could be great. Let’s hope DICE can make it as good as the previous 2.

        • jj16802

          Scrapping an almost finished game does not sit well with me. And besides, this isn’t DICE’s project. It’s Visceral’s. Putting Visceral to make a Bad Company game would be a mistake since they would be the least qualified to know what made the Bad Company games fun.

    • Ryan Schulze

      The major complaint was that it looked like an expansion pack. Nothing new, but skins here. Making it different, actually really, really different, would make people interested. Near zero interest when compared to other products vying for the same original release window was a result of them not differentiating the game enough.

    • Patrick Matthew Barahona

      Plenty of people said that it shouldn’t be a BF game. I’m not one of those guys, but if you claimed nobody said that, then you must not visit this site, YouTube, and other sites often.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      And by people, you mean yourself.
      NEVER, EVER did I read that. And Hardline has literally NOTHING to do with BF3. People ARE saying that it isn’t a true Battlefield game. And well, it is DICE’s IP, and if DICE wanted to put fucking dogs with BB guns and call that game Battlefield, guess what?- IT WOULD BE A BATTLEFIELD. It’s DICE’s game and they do whatever the fuck they want with it.

  • swipe_06

    To be honest, everyone would be better of if it would be bf3.5 or whatever.

    BF3 and BC2 had the biggest sales by far. No one gave a damn about bf before those 2 games, and bf4’s sales aren’t that great either, even if they managed to scam some of us into buying it.

    Some people love bf4 over bf3. I understand that and I don’t want to take away anything from that. The problem isn’t BF4. DICE splits the fanbase every time they release a new battlefield.

    The BF games aren’t similar enough to appeal to the same players. We could argue if its BF or not, but if the CORE GAMEPLAY isn’t the same at all, then they mights as well rename crysis or Killzone and sell it as BF, cause thats what happening.

    This is the main issue with the BF franchise right now. EA has a bunch of BC2 fans, BF3 fans, BF4 fans and the overlap is minimal, and they about to create another one.

    • Guest

      Bc2 and bf3 fans are the target audience, the core bf fanbase has dwindled

      Bf2,2142 and earlier titles were very popular but cod 4 came out and the popularity decreased….

      • swipe_06

        BF2 barely scratched the 2 million mark, but I can agree in some degree, that at that time, this can be counted as successful.

        BF3 surpassed 16 and BC2 sold around 10. BF4 hovers around 10 million again.

        The problem isn’t CoD. The problem is, its always a different game with the same name.

        • Guest

          It’s different because it wants a part of cod’s player base. Bf has began changing since 2008

          • swipe_06

            And they might have managed to grab some of it. But this here provokes my point. You and I have a complitely different opinion how bf should be like.

            • Guest

              To me it should be what made it great(BF1942,BF2,BF2142) not a cod bad company hyrbid.

          • jj16802

            It also changed in terms of map size to probably accommodate console hardware. Notice the difference from BF2 or BF2142 to the first Bad Company.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Battlefield Hardline has potential yes it looks like BF4 but again its using the same engine so how much better is it suppose to look? I just hope the game play is solid and its alot of content and maybe the can use the mafia era for DLC

  • MegaMan3k

    Being a Battlefield game will hold back this game.

  • yoav123

    Battlefield 4 sucked even if it was a true battlefield.if it plays right u can call it even battle of dildos.just make it GOOD.

  • yoav123

    at the end every 1 will understand that MOH 2010 and warfighter are still the best shooters.

  • Titankruger

    I’m going to try the game and judge it for myself. I’m glad they are trying something different and not a bf 5.

  • NuttyTheSquirrel

    The cops vs. robbers thing was an old idea that they had but never executed it. It probably seemed the best thing to do. DICE is busy with other IPs and EA needs to launch a Battlefield game. Since it isn’t DICE that is making it, it seems more than racional to make a spin-off by Visceral.

    The military “space” is DICE’s thing. They are way more informed about it than Visceral. It doesn’t take much to know how a mustang or a suzuki works.

    It’s a new thing and if it succeds it willmake DICE way less pressured and it will give them time to think and work on other IPs. DICE was milking Battlefield and I’m more than sure that there were DICE employees that were tired of doing military stuff. The Mirror’s Edge prequel and Star Wars is certainly fresh air for them.

    I was sceptical until I played the BETA and had more fun than I’ve had with BF4.

  • Jesse

    The Beta was ok but unless they let us play with bots in the multiplayer modes like we could in the Original Battlefield Games before the Bad Company series than I still wouldn’t really call it a true battlefield game.

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  • RustyFrags

    Really failing to see how exactly this “isn’t a Battlefield game” to some fans.

    It has all the fundamentals of a typical Battlefield title; the rationale that because the theme is changing the game can’t be considered part of the series is ludicrous.

    • roepster

      I think it could have easily had a different name than battlefield. Look at plants vs zombies garden warfare. It could have been called battlefield: garden defence or something but it wasn’t. It just doesn’t fit. Bf:hardline is definitely closer than pvz but I think it would have been better to give it a new name. That would have given visceral a better chance at innovating the genre without all the pushback. They are definitely trying hard to appeal to the bf fanbase because it is (or was) big. If they had gone separate, they could have been the medal of honor to bf.

      • PVZ plays a lot more like Team Fortress then Battlefield IMO.

      • RustyFrags

        How exactly is Hardline closer to PvZ, a cartoon arcade game?

        Had Hardline not been labeled a Battlefield title, Visceral would have undergone scrutiny from Battlefield fans and the general gaming community alike.

        • roepster

          Hardline is closer than plants vs zombies is to being a Battlefield game, but both could have been labelled as such.
          My point was that MOH:W could have been a Battlefield title as well, with the similar gamemodes and art style, but different mechanics and features and a full campaign that is different from the Battlefield style. Hardline could have been a standalone title just like Medal of Honor is (was) and sure, people might have criticized the similarities (like they did with MOH) and compared them, but it would give more room for Visceral to make the game they wanted to, instead of a game that played similar to Battlefield with a different setting.
          On a side note, I am definitely impressed with PvZ:GW and how fun that game actually is. It doesn’t take itself so seriously and that is enjoyable.

          • RustyFrags

            Neither MoH or PvZ could have been considered a Battlefield title; they simply don’t have the mechanics or fundamentals. Hardline, however, does.

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  • Oneil Martinez

    I say it’s not battle field.

  • Oneil Martinez

    Now add Isis, Taliban ,Hamas ,North Korea, Iran,al-sha-bob ,Russia , China ,and any other us enemy invading on us soil. that is battlefield. that is were hardline needs to go or some other title will

  • Oneil Martinez


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  • Leon

    I feel sorry for them. Still, I am not planning to buy it.